Announcing: The Everyday Healthy eCookbook Presale

Announcing…Everyday HealthyThe Everyday Healthy eCookbook!

Remember when you were in elementary school and you brought treats for the class on your birthday? That’s what is happening on Pinch of Yum today!

Aw yeah, it’s my birthday – wait wait, my GOLDEN birthday! And I am so excited that this is also the day we’ve chosen to announce and pre-sale the newest Pinch of Yum eBook! Kinda like treats for the class, except an ebook for the blog. And here it is!

Everyday Healthy is a comprehensive cooking and meal planning resource to help you make healthy family dinners that are both approachable and delicious.

Everyday Healthy Complete Package

Regularly eating good, wholesome foods is an upward spiral that has the potential to positively affect everything about your life; you eat better, and as a result you feel better, you look better, and your body sustains you better.

In the Everyday Healthy eCookbook, you will find 40+ healthy recipes that put this theory into practice. This eCookbook highlights whole foods and fresh flavors in recipes all within the 200-400 calorie range. You don’t have to be a super fancy healthy foodie to make these work for you and your family. Many of the ingredients used in these recipes might even be on your grocery list already. My hope is that these recipes, tools, and resources help to make healthy eating a really enjoyable part of your everyday routine.

Recipes from Everyday Healthy eCookbook

I have always loved cooking, and my favorite kind of recipes to make are simple family favorites that feature feel-good healthy ingredients and taste YUM YUM YUM amazing – and this book is the definition of that.

Over the last few years I have come to really believe in Everyday Healthy as a lifestyle, and I know that you do too because that’s what you’re sharing with me on the blog. This balanced approach that many of us are striving for means eating more veggies, more whole grains, some lean meats, and less processed food every day – and to have it prepared in approachable ways that make you say wowza! This resource will help inspire you to make Everyday Healthy food happen in the most practical and (obvi) delicious way possible.


What’s Included?

There are several parts to this whole Everyday Healthy recipe and meal planning system, which is a new thing for Pinch of Yum eBooks. Here’s what you’ll get with the Everyday Healthy Complete Package:

1. The eCookbook

Everyday Healthy eCookbook
This is the Everyday Healthy eCookbook: 42 healthy recipes, featuring 7 blog favorites, with an ingredient guide to help you get familiar with all the ingredients, and a product guide detailing my favorite brands (a vegetarian option will be available).
The recipes are categorized in 6 chapters: Soups, Salads, Meatless, Chicken, Slow Cooker, and Favorites.

2. The Nutrition and Adaptations eGuide

Everyday Healthy Nutrition This is the Everyday Healthy Nutrition eGuide: nutrition facts for all recipes, as well as gluten free, vegetarian, dairy free adaptations for all recipes, including recommendations for alternative products.

3. The Meal Planning System

Everyday Healthy Meal PlanningThis is the Everyday Healthy Meal Planning Package: 9 pages of printable meal planning PDFs, 4 pages of printable recipe labels for the magnetic calendar system, 3-step instructions for setting up a colorful, organized meal planning calendar system, and tips for meal planning success so that your life can look like Pinterest.

Joking, but seriously, I am in awe at how cool this whole meal planning calendar system turned out to be. I am not a crafty person, and just look at all the crafty-organization going on here. Yeee!

Everyday Healthy Meal Planning System


How can I get it?

The official launch of Everyday Healthy is still two weeks away, but you can click here to order your Everyday Healthy Complete Package as a part of our Early Bird Sale, meaning that you’ll get it for almost 50% off the regular price.

Everyday Healthy is now available for sale. Click here to check it out.

Thank you

Thank you so much for your role in making Pinch of Yum a fun place! Whether you’re someone who just reads the posts, someone who comments and emails, or someone who buys the book, I am so appreciative of your engagement with what’s going on here! Thank you for making the process of food blogging an engaging and rewarding adventure.

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    It’s pros good you can’t hear me sing that.
    Congrats on the new ecookbook girl! This looks phenom! I love all the additions like the nutrition guide and the meal planner (!!!) I need that in my life.
    Another great ebook! I still love my Tasty Food Photography!

  2. Happy Golden Birthday!!!

    {you do know what happens right after your golden birthday….right??!!….maybe the most exciting milestone of all =)

    Love this book! Can’t wait to buy. You can’t beat 10 bucks!!!

    And kids aren’t really allowed to bring treats to class anymore in NYS, crazy….well, they have to be healthy treats. Like carrot sticks or it’s a no-go. So maybe we’ll have to use the book for that as well. They’ll be tasty, that’s for sure!!

    Congrats on your newest endeavor =)

    • I know – my students aren’t allowed to bring treats either. Not even healthy ones. It’s “a distraction”, which, it is, but I miss the old days. :)

  3. Awesome job, Lindsay! Cannot wait to order!

  4. Happy birthday lady!!!!!! What a delicious ebook!!!

  5. Happy Birthday! This new e-cookbook looks great…I love that you’ve included nutrition info!

  6. Great work! I got my copy and can’t wait to look at it. It’s been great to be a part of your Facebook VIP group and watch it come together. So happy to support what you do!

  7. Happy Birthday!!! Congrats on the ebook!! Such an awesome idea!

  8. Congratulations on the milestone and on the release of this beauty! Packed to the gills with goodies, I love it!

  9. Jenn Joss says:

    Happy Birthday! My daughter’s birthday is today as well! The book looks beautiful.

  10. happy Golden birthday and this is a great way to kickstart your day :) the book looks awesome.

  11. This so cool and so gorgeous! Congrats and happy birthday!!

  12. So proud of and excited for you, lady. I can’t wait to get my mitts on this. :)

  13. Happy Birthday! So very excited for you about your ecookbook. Can’t wait to enjoy it!

  14. Happy happy happy birthday!!! What a perfect way to celebrate with your eCookbook…cannot wait to check it out!

  15. Happy Birthday Lindsay!!! The cookbook looks amazing. Can’t wait to try out all the recipes!!

  16. YAY! I’ve been eagerly awaiting this!! So exciting, can’t wait to purchase it, your recipes are always so great!

  17. This is amazing!! I’m so excited for you, and for the book and for the meal planning system!! So much excitement!

    Happy birthday!

    • Thanks Renee! The meal planning system turned out really well. and it was by some struck of luck, seriously, because I am not crafty at all. But it’s really cool – I think you guys are going to like it. :)

  18. Julie {} says:

    Happy Birthday Lindsay or shall I say fellow Taurus :) ….
    Congrats on another ebook!! I too am working on my first ebook. So fun but lots of work!

    • It sure is a lot of work, and you don’t even know how much until you get into it! Keep up the good work on yours! :) The end is all worth it.

  19. I wish I could see the table of contents for recipe names. :(

  20. Congrats on the b-day and the book!! I love Tasty Food Photography and can’t wait to purchase this awesome looking ecookbook. Love the added meal planning. Are you planning on offering affiliate opportunities? If so, I definitely want to get in on them! 😉

  21. Lindsey, happy birthday!!! I am so impressed with this ebook. It’s such going to be a great resource for everyone who buys it! Can’t wait to see it up close.

  22. Hi Lindsay,

    Happy Birthday! I’ll be ordering you cookbook! But, can I just say the think I am most excited about is the World Vision “sponsor a child” button on your blog! I am now a child ambassador with WV and if you ever have anyone with questions or who wants to know more about sponsorship, send them my way!

    Have a great day!

    • Thanks for checking out the eCookbook Barb! :) I had lunch with my mom today and she told me how much she enjoyed the weekend at the cabin. Thanks for being so hospitable! And I’m not sure if the WV thing was our doing or if it was backfill for an ad space, but regardless, I love WV and think it’s so great that you’re a child ambassador! What a great organization to support. :)

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDSAY!!! You deserve the best, happiest, yummiest, most fun day ever! You work so hard and care so much about everything you do — teaching, blogging, photographing, reaching out to the children of Cebu — so it’s time that we celebrate YOU! Your eCookbook package is the most awesome gift you could ever give us as readers on your birthday, and I’m SO proud of you for finishing this! I only have a small idea of how much cilantro, garlic cloves, and taste testing went into it, but based on that alone, you deserve over a million sales of your cookbook. Wishing you the happiest of successes!

    • Um, okay, you are the nicest person on the planet earth. Are you on Twitter? I wanted to tweet at you this morning but couldn’t find you. I’m going to go look for you now. Thank YOU for your role in polishing my English language skills. You rock!

  24. Happy Birthday Lindsay!!! I am so excited to check out this new book. Have an awesome day! :)

  25. Where can I get the magnetic meal planning board to go along with this ebook set?

  26. Wait.. so that means you are 28? You are so young and so successful already! You are such an inspiration!
    I am still working on Tasty Food Photography but this ebook might be next!

    Congrats and Happy birthday to you!!!

    Enjoy YOUR day!

    • Thanks Melanie! 28 indeed – I feel like I’ve been thinking so much about being 28 that I’ve actually just been 28 for the whole last year already, but looking forward to being my favorite number in age “for real”. :)

  27. Happy birthday! You are a blogging machine! Best of luck with the book.

  28. Happy Birthday, Lindsay! May your day be great and your tummy be full!

  29. Happy (Golden!) Birthday Lindsay!! And I’m definitely grabbing a copy. Right up my alley. It looks beautiful; I’m a huge fan of all your eCookbooks/photo books!! Congratulations to you both, I can only imagine how much work went into this masterpiece!

  30. Congrats Lindsay for all the hard work! You both inspire me to work harder and achieve my dreams! Looking forward to buying this ebook! And a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  31. Happy Birthday!! The new Ebook looks awesome!!!

  32. Happy Happy Birthday!! This cookbook looks great and I love that you added meal planning.

  33. I have just started following your site a week or two ago and I’m in love! I’ve made a few of the recipes and they turned out really well ( I already have plans to make more). I love that I don’t have to alter my entire grocery list or spend lots of money to make your healthy delicious meals. I definitely want this book!

  34. Happy birthday and congratulations! I can’t wait to get my hands on the book, it looks beyond amazing

  35. Eeeeee! I just pre-ordered, and I can’t wait to get my paws on this – it looks awesome. And I LOVE that you’ve included a meal planning system. So excited! 😉 A very happy birthday to you!

  36. Jamie Ross says:

    How exciting!! Happy Birthday to you dear friend! I hope you’ve had a lovely day with your sweet hubby :)! I will need to order the meal planning package. It looks amazing. You are amazing!! :)

  37. Lindsay, this is so awesome! I can’t wait to dig into this e-book. I’ve been trying to lose a couple of pounds and this is great motivation to find something new. Plus I love organizing and lists, so I’m drooling over the planning part. Thank you for this! Happy Birthday, too!!!

  38. That cookbook sounds awesome! And happy birthday too :)

  39. Jessica Ford says:

    I’m a day behind, but I hope you had a fabulous birthday! Congrats on the eCookbook! I think I’ll have to get it!

  40. Happy birthday and congratulations, your book looks absolutely wonderful!

  41. Congrats on the new eBook, Lindsay! Love the menu planning addition! And happy belated. :)

  42. Happy Birthday!! I hope it was a superb day, and you filled it with lots of family, friends, fun and of course, food :)

  43. Sadly, this was not a win for us. We have many Pinch of Yum favorites and this was the first one that has ever disappointed. Not sure what it was? The mushrooms just didn’t seem to go with the sauce and the sauce just tasted off. Followed the directions, but maybe just wasn’t for us.

    • Hi Amy, I think this comment was meant for the poblano and mushroom recipe? Anyways, sorry to hear that it wasn’t a win! It’s definitely a little more out-of-the-box recipe.

  44. Happy Birthday, Lindsay!! Such a lovely idea for an ecookbook! Love your story, your personality, your blog. Keep it going!

  45. Christina says:

    I am SO excited for this!! Thank you so much! I love all your recipes!!

  46. I’m a little late, but happy birthday! This looks amazingly cool and crafty, I’m not sure how you do it all!

    Speaking of birthday treats, our kids are still allowed to bring birthday snacks, as long as they are … wait for it … STORE BOUGHT. No homemade snacks in Florida. You know, my house might have cat hair or something equally unhealthy. But, prepackaged goodies full of chemicals and processed sugar, that’s fine! No, I’m not bitter than I’m not allowed to send in homemade goodies, it just leaves more for me to eat at home.

    Thanks for all of your great ideas.

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