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You Don’t Know Until You Know

Those little feet ‼️For about three weeks in June (where did that month go?), Bjork and I had a house full of little friends, little hands, little feet.What?! I know. IT WAS A BIG DEAL. And I'm not even being sarcastic.I alluded to our new guests a ... Read More →

homemade baked beans-1

Homemade Brown Sugar Baked Beans

Well, lookee here!This pot o glory is the new-to-me wonder known as HOMEMADE BAKED BEANS. They are saucy, semi-creamy, brown sugar sweet + smoky bacon salty, and deliciously comforting. Just five basic ingredients at work here: bacon, onions, navy beans, ... Read More →

Cabin Granola-1-3

Coconut Pecan Cabin Granola

It's July 3rd! Almost July 4th! 🇺🇸WHAT IN THE WORLD. I have no idea when or where that happened or, um, better question - what I was doing while it was happening? - but psh. No time for that on this Friday before the 4th. Here I am! Granola in hand, cabin ... Read More →


How to Hide an Image in a WordPress Post

Really? This again? 😱Yes. I know. This again.Let's just get it out of the way right now - this one does not apply to my food-only readers.Dear food-only readers, my 90%, this is the moment where you get dismissed from class a little bit ... Read More →

New Orleans-16

New Orleans in the Summer

Home again, home again!It's been five days since we've completed the trip loop - Minneapolis to New Orleans to Minneapolis again - and I have to say, even though people warned us ("New Orleans in the summer?!"), NOLA was an amazingly rich experience. Even ... Read More →

Brazilian Burrito Bowls-1-3

Spicy Brazilian Burrito Bowls

💯💯💯💯💯The end. And thanks for coming mmkkay baiyyyy!Kidding. I should - WILL - stop obsessively eating this beautiful bowl of fried plantains, black beans, seasoned rice, and garlic cilantro lime slaw for at least two seconds so I can share the spicy, ... Read More →

Bai5 Jam-1-2

Triple Berry Refrigerator Jam

This post is sponsored by our friends at Bai5! We absolutely love their naturally sweetened, antioxidant-infused, yummy, fun drinks. Carry on and drink Bai!Voila!And just like that, there is homemade jam in my refrigerator.Happy times, happy ... Read More →

Dark Chocolate Coconut Truffles-5

Naturally Sweet Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites

Hey my sweet, sweet friends!I'm talking to the coconut bites, actually. These are my sweetest, most wonderful friends, especially when trying to cut back on the refined sugar sweets and still trying to LOVE LIFE. ♡But I'm also talking to you, because ... Read More →

Vegetarian Pad Tha-2-2

Rainbow Vegetarian Pad Thai with Peanuts and Basil

Once again, NOODLES.Here we are again, just me and my big bowl-o-noodles... and a few veggies, and a lot of sauce, and a handful of fresh basil and cilantro....  a fork, a hungry mouth, a heart-eyes emoji... ugh. This reunion with me and cooking could not ... Read More →

May picture

May Traffic and Income Report – $24,946.00

Hey there friends!Bjork here, checking in for the monthly traffic and income report on Pinch of Yum.We started doing these reports over three years ago when we were making less than $30/month from this blog. At that time, food blogging for us (mostly ... Read More →

Nespresso Giveaway

Nespresso Giveaway

Dear friends and blogiverse!I'm just popping in for, like, two seconds today to let you know about a flash giveaway for a Nespresso VertuoLine!Yes, indeed. The Nespresso of summer is back.We first got our Nespresso last summer and I was immediately ... Read More →

Creamy Vodka Steak Pasta-1

4 Ingredient Creamy Vodka Steak Pasta

Al-right-al-right-al-right, now ladies. YEAH! 🎶Let's make some steak. This recipe goes out to all the guys who like steak, to all the ladies who like 4 ingredient recipes (PS. why am I even using the word "ladies" right now? dislike), and to my girl Sage, ... Read More →