Puppy Sophie



But first, can I just say it’s been a long time! Like, wowza. I feel a little rusty sitting here typing this out. After, what, ten days? of much needed R-E-S-T (more on that later), I am back today because I had to introduce you to sweet little Sophie girl!

The Sophie Facts:

  • She is a Keeshond puppy.
  • She was a Christmas surprise that we got for Bjork’s parents.
  • I bolded that because I know you’re all thinking she’s ours. She’s not. But I think we’re her godparents or something?
  • We picked her up a few days before Christmas.
  • For five days she slept in our room (yes, we’re those people), played in our backyard, had little accidents on our carpet, woke us up early, took us for snowy “walks”, chewed on our nicely wrapped presents, and enjoyed lots of snuggly naps on the couch (because yes, we’re those people.)
  • We brought her to her real mom and dad on Christmas morning with a big velvet red bow around her neck, obvi.
  • She is a complete fluff ball of sweet, calm, loving energy.
  • If she can be with you for 24 hours a day, in your arms, she’ll be happy.
  • She totally melts me.

Puppy Sophie






I hope you’ve all been able to rest and relax on this Christmas break as much as I have. It was very much needed and I’m both thankful for the rest and excited to be back in action. It’s all thanks to the puppy therapy, definitely.

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  1. What a cutie! I love these types of dogs along with Samoyeds and Huskies.

  2. Oh my goodness those eyes, she is absolutely adorable, how could you bear to part with her?

  3. Too sweet! What a cute little ball of fluff! And that video is precious. Best Christmas gift ever? Quite possibly! Hope you and Bjork had a great Christmas, Lindsay!

  4. Oh my gooooood she’s GORGEOUS!! So fluffy!

  5. Very sweet and cuddly and fluffy.

  6. Pretty dog!

  7. I love her!!! She is absolutely sweet and beautiful. I really like her eyes and the expression of her face!!! Cuuuuutee :-)

  8. My heart is exploding – this is the SWEETEST video Lindsay!!!!

  9. Oh my goodness, I want one!!

  10. GAH! That puff of fur! She is SO SO cute. I could not give her away…you are one strong lady! Love love love that video!

  11. TOTALLY MELTING MY HEART!!! I am a huge dog lady, if you haven’t noticed. Those eyes! That fur! Oh she is the cutest, you guys. :)

  12. So I definitely fell for thinking you got the puppy at first :) She’s a little fluffball of cute! Also, major hearts for Bjork’s parents’ reaction in the video.

  13. 1) Hi. I’ve missed you.
    2) I’m glad that you are getting to spend your winter break doing things like puppy-gifting and spending time with the world’s cutest Swedish people.
    3) I’m so glad the adorable puffball isn’t yours. They shed like crazy.
    4) Eight days left… I hope you enjoy them!
    5) I got boots!!! (I know you are doing a “squee” and a happy dance for me right now.)
    6) Remember those pizza breads that you gave me a long while back…? I just found a few leftover frozen ones, popped them in the oven… and they are STILL fabulous!
    7) I got a boatload of good chocolate from my students… You know where my “secret” stash is and mi casa es su casa… May that thought ease you gently back into school. :)

  14. One more thing… I seriously hope “new sweatshirt” was on the list of gifts you got for Bjork. That’s one sad lookin’ hoodie. (Why do men hold onto clothes for so long? I don’t know. Kevin finally wore through a shirt he’d been wearing for the 22 years since we started dating.)

  15. Oh my gosh – she is so beautiful! What a sweet surprise :) We have a finnish lapphund which is really quite similar to a keeshond and I just love him to bits – you can see him on my blog if you like as I have him in almost all my posts!

    Merry Christmas.x


  16. What a little cutie!! Such a little fluff ball … I just want to snuggle her. Gah. My husband wants a dog and I said no, and I am having a hard time keeping my resolve!

  17. That puppy is soooo cute! I cannot wait to get a dog

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  18. Adorable! I would have to get another one for myself.

  19. OMG I’m in love. I was playing the video and John came in and said, “Oh isn’t that sweet,” and I said, “wait til you see who it is?” LOL

    He awwww’d.

    We’re definitely dog people too. Charlie is between my chair and my feet as I type.

  20. Thanks for putting a smile on my face! What an adorable puppy and such a sweet video. Can’t wait to hear more from you soon!

  21. So cute!! We are going to start looking at dogs for us soon. I know nothing about dog breeds my husband on the other hand took one look at these pictures and was like “oh a Keeshond”

  22. OMG! That is the cutest puppy ever! I would definitely want joint custody or something and sign myself up for babysitting duty : )

  23. I really thought she was yours until I read the bold part. In that first picture, she looks like she wants to convince you to be her mommy. So cute.

  24. So adorable! Love all the pictures. We have a puppy right now and whoa….they are a ton of work. They’re cuteness definitely helps. :)

  25. awwww, my heart is melting. The cutest puppy I’ve ever seen.

  26. Sophia is honestly melting my heart!! So cute!! :)
    Needed this cuteness in my day. Thank you!

  27. Cannot. Even. Handle. The Cuteness. Congrats, godmother! :)

  28. She is soooo adorable! I’m kind of in love with her :) That is seriously the sweetest Christmas present ever!!

  29. Sophie is soo adorable. I loved the video and your MIL’s (I think) reaction, too precious.

  30. I. Can’t. Even. Deal.

    She’s amazing.

    And big whopping yay for rest. Well-needed and deserved, Lindsay. :)

  31. I can’t even handle the cuteness! I wouldn’t have been able to give her away.

    That was such a sweet idea and I loved their reactions. Those Minnesota accents are the best! 😉

  32. Sophie is a-dog-able!!! My dog’s name is Sophie (I know, it’s common) and she is a cuddler. We often call her a professional cuddler, a cuddle-aholic and a real-life stuffed animal.

    That must have been hard to hand her over… but she’ll have a happy family!


  33. Sarah Johnston says:

    Such a cute puppy, Lindsay. I am sure it was hard to give her up…but this cold weather makes it easier NOT to go out!
    I brought Rosie to the dog park today, and we were the only ones there…call me crazy! My dog needs to RUN, and I need fresh air. Besides, I used hand and toe warmers which are sweet:)
    We also still have 6 more days off! I love it!

  34. Oh my goodness she is beautiful! I want her!!!

    She would make the perfect girlfriend for my big fluff ball Mr. Chow. He looks almost like a golden version of her :)

  35. Aww Lindsay, you and Bjork are just the sweetest people ever! What a precious puppy, gift, and video too. You must have made their entire Christmas — and their next 14 years too!

    Good for you for taking a break from blogging! You definitely deserve it, after all of the hard work you do for recipe testing, photographing, and on Food Blogger Pro. (On top of your school job too… You’re superwoman!) :)

  36. CUTE!!! She’s SO FLUFFY!!

    Looks like you guys (and your parents) had an amazing Christmas!

    Love Bjork’s sweater, by the way… I have one just like it 😉

  37. She is adorable!!! :) what a fuzzball!

  38. So freaking adorable! I want one!! What a nice surprise.

  39. If Bjork is interested, I can save some sweatshirts for hand-me-downs. Cute puppy. Erica made me look at the pics, which is surprising because I am the one that wants a dog, not her. We can’t get someone to watch our kids, so finding someone to watch a dog would be impossible!

  40. The look on his dad’s face when he took that puppy in his arms…hearted MELTED. That’s a man who needed a dog. (I can tell – my dad is the same type of guy.) What a sweet, sweet gift.

    Happy New Year!

  41. That puppy is unbelievably cute!!!
    The best part is Bjork’s parent’s reaction, though. They melt my heart. :)

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  44. Theresa R says:

    Cute pup. Petfinders. I do love your blog. The pumpkin muffins made today. Delicious.

  45. Lindsay,
    Oh my goodness! I’ve never known anyone else with a Keeshond. When I saw these pictures of Sophie I thought “that’s my Harley!” I even showed my husband the pictures because she looks just like our dog.

    They are such loving, family dogs. You are in for a real treat. Enjoy your newest family member :)


  46. haha, I totally read that backwards that she was your Christmas present. Hopefully you get to watch her now and again. They are such loving dogs.

  47. So I don’t really know why I’m just now watching this but that was the sweetest thing ever! I want another puppy!

    Also your in laws have the cutest Minnisota accents that I have ever heard! It sounds so homey and happy and jolly! Love it!

  48. Just found your blog and I’m loving it.I grew up with Keeshond’s and have one now. No one ever knows what I’m talking about when I mention what kind of dog I have. They are the sweetest dogs. She is so cute.

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