This Is Why

Babies are the new thing.

And you guys are so nice.

During these sometimes challenging days of homesickness, wet clothes, and bad hair, I soak up your sweet comments, emails, and messages like a dry sponge.

Sometimes I feel so far away from my old life.

Photos of Crockpot Carnitas suddenly seem so stupid next to photos of these eyes.

I mean, really.

Your interest in what’s happening in this new Filipino life of ours has been a huge encouragement to me.

It reminds me that this is right, this is ok, and that maybe I won’t have any white chicken chili photos ready for Wednesday, but it’s ok. And that it might be better that way, for now.

You guys. I love food. I love photographing runny eggs dripping down the side of a cornbread waffle. I love it so much that it’s giving me goosebumps right now. Crazy much?

I love loving food with you.

And then I also love days like this.

And I remember that this is why I came here.

If you can get past the ever popular hand-on-chin pose, these faces are saying something, and it’s this: thanks for being supportive, for loving these sweet kids with us from half a world away, and for praying for their futures.

Dear family, friends, and readers, thank you.

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  1. Beautiful photos and beautiful children! LOVE the eye photos.

  2. Really beautiful pictures and thanks for the reminder that there’s a life beyond food. It’s a wake up call I need from time to time.

  3. I am so glad you did this post. I think all of your readers love reading posts about your delicious food but what the two of you are doing is SOOOO AMAZING!

  4. This was the sweetest thing ever!

    I want to eat those faces.

    • At one point in this post I wrote something like, “these scrumptious kids”, and then I restrained myself. Glad to see I’m in good company with that one. :)

  5. You are wonderful! I love this post, I am nearly in tears! I love seeing you live into such a beautiful calling.

  6. Sarah Gilbert says:

    Two things that make me come back to your blog:
    1. You are a follower of Jesus
    2. Your food is yummy

    Keep being you and enjoy the moment, those little ones look like fun :)

  7. I think it is so awesome that you and your husband were able to take a chance and spend a year doing something that is so meaningful and will actually change lives. These children are gorgeous! You will never regret this!

  8. These are GORGEOUS photos Lindsay, I love your recipes, but I love hearing about your life (and the precious bebes) right now.

  9. Tissue please! These are the sweetest little kiddos you get to spend your days with, I love seeing your posts about life abroad just as much as your food ones! Cheers from the West Coast 😉

  10. Exactly!!! This is why! Love you, Loo! You and Bjork are doing what matters, truly matters, right now! Love this post (ok, how can you not love these photos of cute kids?!?!). :)

  11. Such a beautiful post! The work and sacrifices that you are making everyday are such an inspiration. The lives you are touching and helping is such a wonderful mark on your soul. xx

  12. Awwww! That was a very touching post… you’re doing great things! Keep it up and hang in there! :) :)

  13. I love this post- what fantastic photos and a good reminder that there are things outside of us that are pretty darn special and important!

  14. they are simply adorable. you’re doing a wonderful thing out there.

  15. Reeza Goorts says:

    And thank you for all that you do! These children need wonderful people in their lives like you. Such a wonderful gift<3

  16. What you and your husband are doing takes a lot of strength and courage. Definitely admirable! Perhaps you should bring one of those beautiful little babies home with you! :) You’re on an amazing journey, always remember that.

    On a different note, we’ll be trying your “healthy” pumpkin & bacon pasta this coming week! Yummmmmy!

  17. Love you Linds. This made me cry and I miss you so much right now. Wish I could send an e-hug.

  18. I agree with Kristin! Thanks Lindsay for all that you and Bjork do and reminding us what is really important. Love you! Dad

  19. You are incredibly inspirational Lindsey! I truly enjoyed this post and am a huge fan of your blog!

  20. You gave me goosebumps! Thank you for doing such an amazing thing and sharing it with us!

  21. I admire you and your husband for uprooting yourselves and working in a place that is not necessarily comfortable for you. It’s an incredibly difficult thing to do. Although you are the same person who left, you will come back fundamentally changed (in a good way). I absolutely love reading your posts, whether they are yummy recipes or pictures of (your) children.

  22. I love food, too, but I would give a great deal to be there next to you, and be one of the reflections in those eyes!

  23. This is a beautiful post. Thanks so much for sharing.

  24. Absolutely beautiful photos: will come back to scroll again :) !

  25. The kids are the reason I go to work because it is so rewarding to walk down the hall at school and get the smile or just the eye contact, the hug or to see the light come on when I help with a math problem or just help them with something that seems trivial to me but it isn’t to them.

    What you are doing may not seem like much now but those kids will remember you for a long, long time. You are make a great deal of difference in their lives.

  26. love these photos. thanks for sharing!

  27. You are so blessed, enjoy these moments; there is ALWAYS food, but the time with these sweet little ones won’t be forever. Thanks so much for sharing! I’m in tears and wish I could hold each of them and love on them!!

  28. Your welcome…there is life outside of food and you and Bjorn are doing great work.

  29. oh my gosh those faces! those eyes. The work you are doing and sharing with us is priceless….continued prayers

  30. Jen @ Jen's Favorite Cookies says:

    Having a relationship with a child is a priceless thing. You always receive so much more than you give. I guarantee your heart will ache for these little ones long after you have left their daily lives! Gorgeous photos!

  31. Dearest Lindsay,
    You are unbelievable. These children are so fortunate you have found them. You are spreading the word about them in such a sweet, unassuming way, people cannot help but get caught up with you.
    You sound just like a typical, guilt-ridden mom! The children are so important to you, you feel like apologizing for your love of food and food photography! Makes me smile and tear up all at the same time.
    Rock on, dear Lindsay, please keep doing what you do. You’ll be back home before you know it and you will have beautiful, life-lasting memories you probably wouldn’t trade for anything.
    Thank you for the lovely photos –food, places, and babies!

  32. Awesome photos! They are just too cute!

  33. Hi Lindsay,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now and have been meaning to say hello. This post inspired me!

    My husband and I lived in West Africa for about a year and a half… I can totally sympathize with your complaints about sweaty t-shirts, frizzy hair, melting food, fans that just can’t move fast enough, and so many things/systems that just don’t work. Being there was an incredibly challenging experience in a lot of ways, but now that it’s over and I’m looking back on it (we left about six months ago), I’m so proud of us for doing it. I like to think that we made a little bit of difference while we were there, but the experience certainly changed me forever. There are so many things that I’ve learned not to take for granted anymore…

    So hang in there! And don’t be afraid to do what you need to do to stay sane. Little things can make all the difference, as I’m sure you’ve already discovered. And don’t forget that you’ve got a lot of supporters out here. In any case, I look forward to following your adventures (and your cooking!) here on the site.


    • This is so encouraging! Thanks so much, Paige. What an amazing experience you must have had in West Africa! What were you doing there? Teaching? Ministry? Working with kids or adults? I’d love to hear more about it! It’s really good for me to think about how my perspective will change once we come home… and trying to appreciate the good – no, amazing – things about being here while also dealing with the challenges. Thanks again for getting in touch! :)

      • Hi Lindsay,

        My husband had a job there with the UN (working on environmental issues), and I was starting a fledgling freelance writing career… so nothing quite as open-hearted as what you and Bjork are doing! We got involved with some local NGOs, though, and tried to help out where we could.

        Looking back, I think the things I miss most are the slower pace of life, the tight-knit expat community, and being surrounded by so many interesting things to write about. And the mangos… oh, the mangos. Plus, I was *never* cold! That was a gift as well.

        Take care and best of luck!

  34. Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing your life with all of us out here. If you ever end up working with schools that are interested in sustainability or youth voice please share with them the school I work with in Vermont called the Sustainability Academy at Lawrence Barnes and the Sustainable Schools Project.

  35. You are doing an awesome wonderful thing! Love the photos and hearing about your work here…if ever you need any info on the Philippine or anything at just drop me a line! I know I live in a different city but all the same :)

  36. What a beautifully written post! I love the pictures of these adorable kids with wisdom in their eyes and smiles across their lips. I’m sure it helps keep things in prospecitve!

  37. What precious children!! Thank you for answering the call to serve.

  38. dear, sweet, precious kids… thanks for sharing the photos… thanks for sharing your lives with us via the web… MORE importantly, thanks for investing your lives in those beautiful children…

  39. These photos are incredible. I love all your posts, Lindsay, but this is my very favorite.

  40. Lindsay, scrolling through these photos is “brutiful,” as Glennon from Momastery would call the precious alchemy of brutal and beautiful that happens in us when we open our hearts to love. I literally ache for these babies. I want to bring them Home, with a capital H, whether that means to my arms or to their own waiting forever family.
    Thank you is such a flimsy phrase for the gratitude I feel for what you are doing. Please know that you are so deeply loved, respected, and missed.

  41. And, one more thing… You’ve changed my whole way of thinking about “problems.” I now ask myself, “Is this a first world or a third world problem?” Voila! Instant perspective. :)

  42. Sarah Johnston says:

    You are an amazing person, Lindsay, and I admire you. The photos of children are powerful. You are making a difference…

  43. Lizabeth K. says:

    This is beautiful! I LOVE food, but I can’t say it’s ever given me goosebumps. Your pictures and stories of your time, though… have affected me in more ways then what I make for supper. :)

  44. Needed this reminder today. Because you know what? The internet will survive if I don’t get that applesauce post up till next week. Today my family, my neighbors, my church community are more important. And I won’t trade precious moments with them for the best photo of applesauce in the world.

  45. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve never commented before, but I have made several delicious recipes from your site. I love them because they are all attainable for my lack luster kitchen skills!

    But this post. It’s moving and wonderful and heartbreaking. I want to sweep up all those children and love them. Thank you for loving them. You are giving them your most precious gift.

  46. What gorgeous little faces! Too sweet and innocent. Love what you are doing for them!

  47. hi! i stumbled upon your website late last year and i now check your posts as much as i can :) i’m a filipina and i just wanted to say that i think what your doing for these kids is pretty amazing!

  48. Yes i do :) i live in manila.

  49. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos. I am in awe of the generous information you share on your website and how your profits go to support the orphanage. No wonder God is blessing you! You give! Give! and Give! May these children be blessed with love and support!

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