This is lunch time.

On today’s menu: rice, fish, and rice. Lami kaayo!

Thanks to our awesome friends Brad and Kirstin for filming, and if you want to keep up with more fun kid stuff from CSC, you can follow along on Facebook!

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    Archie Jones

    Reminds me of the years I spent living in a children’s home in the US. Dad built a table for us all (8-10 at any given time). Some of my fondest memories were at the table with all the kids. Thanks for posting.

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    Melissa R

    I love it! I just found your site and it’s a big extra bonus for me to learn that you are in Cebu! I lived there for over a year as a missionary and there is a special place in my heart for Filipinos – especially the sweet kids there. Hearing just a little Cebuano in the background of that video is like music to my ears.

    Thanks for sharing your passions, I’ll be back to visit often.

    Ayo Ayo!

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    Fish, rice, green veg, corn, watermelon and guyabano (soursop)? Yum. I’d consider that a sumptuous meal by lower middle-class Filipino standards (the class to which I belong).

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    I heard one of the aunties inviting someone to eat. I used to live in manila, and there is one filipino custom that really fascinates me. That is, filipinos always invite visitors to eat. It doesn’t matter how poor they are, the host always invites the visitors to eat, even if the food is limited for the family.

    When i heard the auntie said the magic word, my heart warms up. Suddenly, i remember the life i had in manila.