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Exciting day! As of this very minute, the newly updated version of my ebook, Tasty Food Photography, is ready for the world!

As a little bit of background on the ebook, I first published Tasty Food Photography in 2012 as a way to share practical tips and tricks for taking better food photos. The ebook was geared towards food bloggers who wanted to improve their food photos as a means to increase reader engagement and bring some new energy into their blog. You can read more of the full story on how food photography has impacted the growth of Pinch of Yum on this page.

Then to Now

I really believe that photography is an incredible tool that can have a profound impact on the life of a blog or website.


…which is why today I am sososo excited to present you with the new and improved version of Tasty Food Photography. The book is loaded to the brim with the latest tips and tricks that I’ve used to improve my own food photography over the last three+ years.

Table of Contents framed

In a nutshell for you blog post skimmers like myself, the two biggest changes in the new version of Tasty Food Photography are:

  • updated design, with an emphasis on example photos

  • more content, with an emphasis on the topic of lighting

In addition to getting a subtle ebook facelift and having at least three pictures included on almost every page, the new version of Tasty Food Photography now has more than 60 total pages – that’s about 15 more than the original version.

And before you bang your head on the table for dread of reading a 60 page food photography book (blehh), please hear me: what I’ve really tried to do with Tasty Food Photography is keep it manageable and engaging for readers. I didn’t want to add 15 pages to the book to weigh it down with lots of words that would make you want to hide in the refrigerator and eat cookie dough balls. Although I do love cookie dough balls. I wanted to truly add 15 pages of solid, relevant, and practical content in a format that was almost readable at a glance.

Ultimately I want you to be able to look, learn, and apply small changes to your photography in the most streamlined way possible, and I did my best to make that possible with the updates that I made to the ebook.

So what are these extra 15 pages all about? Well, a lot of things, but mostly lighting. Because I think lighting is really important and I am constantly learning new things about working with light in food photography. Here’s a peek at a few of the new pages on different tips and tricks for lighting.

New Lighting Pages

And besides lighting, there are a few other new pages as well.

New Other Pages

These are the specific pages that you’ll see added to the new Tasty Food Photography:

  • iPhone editing apps for food photos (1 new page)
  • setting up a reflector (2 new pages)
  • lighting set ups (5 new pages)
  • softening the light (3 new pages)
  • creating emotions and telling stories (3 new pages)
  • things I wish I would have known (1 new page)

Along with the 15 new pages, all the pages that were in the older version of the book will still be there, too.

Regular book pages

Which reminds me of something really important:

If you have already purchased Tasty Food Photography, send me an email at lindsay @ pinchofyum [dot] com for your free copy of the updated version.


Please include your first and last name – the one you used to order the original ebook, not your other five names. I’ll read your email, double check for your invoice on eJunkie, and then issue you a free download with a big ol’ smile on my face.

Tasty Food Photography

The Giveaway This giveaway is now closed.

In addition to releasing the book today, I am also giving away a copy of the book along with a food blog prop kit that will be shipped to the winner! Yep, I just said FOOD BLOG PROP KIT. I’m so weirdly excited about this, even though I don’t get to keep it. The prop kit is full of unique, fun, photo worthy props that I’ve picked out from all my favorite prop hot-spots.

What’s included? Okay, I’ll try to keep it brief, but so far there’s a few cute antique bowls that happen to be that perfect trendy shade of blue, an adorable vintage floral plate, a few cozy casseroles, a tin jar, and some fun silverware including the coolest looking tarnished spoons, tiny wooden spoons, and ice cream sundae spoons. There’s a few basic whites, like small and medium plates and two little baby ramekins, and a nice round cutting board with light wood. Plus those red baskets (basically I’m giving you an excuse to make French fries, okay?), some basic white, colored, and textured cloths, and some fun colored glasses and mason jars.

And because prop shopping for others is quickly becoming my new favorite hobby, I’m not making any promises that I won’t add anything else to the bunch in the next seven days. Weee!

Tasty Food Photography

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  1. I’ve been so thrilled with the concept of Tasty Food Photography since the first go-round, but didn’t justify purchasing it just because I was a little unsure about the functionality on my own blog. That being said, I’d LOVE to learn now. And I think your photography is some of the more brilliant (read: vibrant, creative, stunning) out there. God has seriously given you some talent.

  2. Jennifer C. says:

    I like to document the food I make by taking pictures of it, but they usually turn out ugly :( so I want to learn how to make them look good!

  3. The prop kit looks absolutely fabulous, and I welcome any excuse to make french fries!!

  4. This is awesome Lindsay! I cannot wait to get the updated version! So fun!

  5. I use my plain old white dishes for every photo. The prop kit would certainly make things interesting!

  6. Your new ebook looks like it will have some amazing tips.

  7. I love that you will be talking about lighting, my number 1 issue. Those props are awesome!

  8. I’ve just launched my food blog and your site is such an inspiration to me! I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to food photography and don’t have many props (just finished university so I hardly have any money), so this giveaway looks awesome 😀

  9. Thanks so much for this fab opportunity. You rock.

  10. I am most interested in the lighting aspects, something I have never quite been able to master in photogaphy

  11. Thanks so much for this opportunity! Improving my photography is one of the primary goals I have for my blog right now, so the book and props would come in handy!

  12. I’m interested in Tasty Food Photography because tasty food is FUN!! 😀 Your photography is a huge reason why I instantly became a Pinch of Yum “regular” last year after I found you through a link on the Kitchn. And hurray for free props! This is such a generous giveaway, haha how exciting!!

  13. I’m new to blogging and photography! I’ve self taught myself thus far (I only started in May!), so I have a lot of learning to do. I love your blog and really admire your photography skills. This is a great giveaway!

  14. I bought Tasty Food Photography a while ago. I loved your pictures Lindsay and I also saw Tara from Noshing with the Nolands used your book. With such great photos on both sites, I wanted in too. I love your book and can’t wait to see the updates.

  15. I have a food blog and need some serious help with my photography skills :) Okay, mostly I need to learn more about lighting and styling! Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity :)

  16. congrats on the little revamp of an already fab ebook! I dont think I have a copy of it yet? I know I have access to your other site but I need to see this baby :)

  17. This is so wonderful, Lindsay! Thank you soo much for all your hard work and your generosity in freely sharing all that your tips and tricks ;). Lighting sure is everything so I’m excited to learn more about it. I like cookie dough balls also 😉

  18. Can’t wait to check it out.

  19. I have heard a lot about your book from other bloggers and would really love to improve my food photography tips :)

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  21. What a great giveaway. I just started my blog and your pictures are a constant inspiration. I would love to improve my photography skills!

  22. This is so wonderful of you. I’ve been going back and forth about starting my own food blog and seeing this makes me just want to go for it :)

  23. I am a food blogger and am always looking to learn more to improve my food photography for my posts. :) Winning this would be awesome! Thank you for the opportunity.

  24. i want to learn how to make my food pictures look better!

  25. I have learned SO MUCH from you– learning more could only make everything that much better!

  26. I’m all about those food props!! They are GORGEOUS!!!

  27. I am interested in the book because I have a blog. However, I have also heard a lot of great things about the book. From my experience with foodbloggerpro I know it will be a valuable resource. Thanks. :)

  28. I’m so excited about this update! Your ebook has transformed how I take and edit my blog photos. Can’t wait to check out all the new content!

  29. I’m just starting my food blog, so this is a perfect giveaway for me! :)

  30. Thanks for the opportunity! Can’t wait to read your update. I am most interested in the lighting aspect. I totally agree, lighting can make or break a picture :)

  31. I have a simple camera and a simple blog for cooking, but I would love to improve the quality of my photos on the site.

  32. OMG I am so ridiculously excited about this giveaway – more than any other giveaway I’ve entered!! I loved the first Tasty Food Photography, one of the best investments I ever made. I would love love LOVE the updated book and the food blog props?!?! GAH! Food props are one of my weaknesses and I have been dying to get my hands on some antique-y dishes…

  33. I’m beginning to get into food blogging and would love this starter kit!

  34. My boyfriend takes 98% of the pictures right now and I know 0% about what he’s doing. He’s constantly learning and getting better and I’d like to keep up (or at least know how to take a semi-decent picture)

  35. Awesome giveaway! I love all the food props and they would be perfect to use with the updated version of your book.

  36. This is awesome, Lindsay! I can’t tell you how much your first version helped with my photography. I just emailed you – can’t wait to see all the updates!

  37. You take such beautiful pictures! I would love to learn a few of your tricks :)

  38. OMG! Love all those props. I’m super excited about the new edition of your book (and getting to host a giveaway on my blog!). The last edition of Tasty Food helped me out so much–I now have six photos accepted on foodgawker : ). I’m still totally lacking in the props department, though!

  39. Jennifer C says:

    My sister and law and I keep talking about dipping our foot into food blogging….this would be a great reference.

  40. I have yet to take the time to seriously learn about taking food photos. I have a great camera so my goal this summer is to learn a little more about it. Your book sounds incredible helpful and the photos on your blog are proof of your expertise! I am so going to purchase the book :)

  41. Hey I simply your food photography, it’s really beautiful, I hope if i can win this book.

  42. This is amazing!

  43. awesome…looks like a great book!

  44. Because I know what a difference good pictures can make….I just need to figure out how to do it!

  45. I’m starting my own food blog but I feel like i’m being held back by my terrible pictures. I need to learn more about photography

  46. Jessica says:

    I am only a teenager and my dream in life is to be a food photographer. The book & props kit would take me one step closer to my dream career! I am dying to know how to improve my photos and the combinations of these two are perfect!

  47. Love the idea of a blog prop giveaway! And I agree, shopping for that stuff is half the fun :)

  48. Oh my goodness this is fantastic! I love the food props and I really want to work more on my food photography!

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  54. Chelsea says:

    I love documenting and taking pictures of the foods that I cook, but they always don’t turn out well. This would be a great way to learn how to take better pictures!

  55. Hi Lindsay! I’ve been reading pinch of yum drooling over your food and photos and really hope someday I can take food pictures are pretty as yours! The items you picked out in the prop give away are lovely, just like the items you described looking for on food blogger pro. I’d love to improve my food pictures with these beautiful props!

  56. Heather says:

    I’m interested in this book because I love to take photos of food while eating out and traveling, but the photos always turn out horribly. I need some guidance!

  57. Getting creative and eating awesome food after?!
    Nothing better.

  58. That prop set looks like the exact right thing to jumpstart my food photography, love it!!

  59. kristina says:

    I am interested because I’ve always shied away from food photography, but this is the year to tackle things that frighten me!

  60. I am so excited about this giveaway! I’m going to buy the book whether or not I win, but I would LOVE the props! I just started my own food blog in February and I just invested in my first fancy camera, but I need to know how to use it! This will be an incredible resource to refer to while I improve my photo skills (Sally’s Baking Addiction swears by it!). Thanks for the giveaway!

  61. What an awesome give-away. Would love to read your books and learn some tops for food photography!!

  62. Heather Millett says:

    I am interested in Taste Food Photography because I love to document all of my yummy creations and am always looking for new tips and pointers.

  63. I’m interested because it ROCKS! I could look at beautiful food images all day long.

  64. Would love to get my hands on the book to learn as much as I can about fighting Minnesota’s waning light on winter evenings….AND I’m always a sucker for food props, so here’s my comment entry :)

  65. P.S. Where did you find your giveaway plugin / widgit?

  66. So excited! I just purchased the ebook and am looking forward to trying out your tips!

  67. Ahhh!!! A food blog prop set is the most amazing giveaway I’ve seen in a long time!!

    Congrats on getting your new version out!

  68. I already own the book and I can’t recommend it enough. The prop kit would be a huge bonus!!

  69. This is so great! I love taking pictures of the things that I eat, and I would love to figure out how to make them even better!

  70. I have always been in love with photography but only took a few classes in high school. I took a beginner’s class after college and got back into it. Now with my blog, my SD card is full of ONLY food pictures, but I love it and want to learn more!

  71. awesome!!!!!

  72. I feel like my photography is at a standstill. Same props. Same positions. Same lighting. I need more ideas. I need more knowledge. I BARELY know how to work my DSLR – it’s really a joke and I’m just fakin’ it till I make it… so it would be great to have some tips from an awesome photographer like yourself!

  73. How exciting! I would love love love to win this!

  74. I definitely need help in this catagory!

  75. What a fun giveaway! Sign me up :)

  76. I need to get this E-Book. My photos still need lots of help. Your site has really helped me out!

  77. Oh man I’ve been wanting the book, now with a revised version I want it even more! Need to improve my styling and lighting skills.

  78. I have been taking pictures of my food LONG before the blogging started, but I would love to improve, as it is something that I am truly passionate about

  79. AWESOME giveaway. I’m just getting started with my own food blog (focused on gluten-free living) and need all the tips I can get. Congrats on the launch of the updated ebook :)

  80. oh man, my props are nonexistent and my photography skills are basic at best.

  81. Victoria R. says:

    Tasty Food Photography sounds like the perfect thing for me to invest in! I am 23 years old and contemplating my next step in life but have had a tremendously growing passion for food + photography. The Food Photography Prop Kit would be the perfect addition to help me further dive in!
    So inspired by your blog each day. You make it look fun and effortless to the readers. Thank you for your positive, bubbly posts!..and delicious ideas :)

  82. I’m sure the new pages are a great addition – your passion for photography is so evident to your readers! :)

  83. mihaela says:

    I’m interested in Tasty Food Photography because I’m new to blogging and photography and i want tasty photos with food and i m very passionate about it

  84. Alicia H. says:

    It is always nice to know how to make food look good. It’s more impressive to your friends.

  85. I would love to read your book! I adore the photos on your blog, and I am excited to learn more about what goes on behind-the-scenes :)

  86. vaishali says:

    I love taking pictures of food I cook plus I love my slr and have never really gotten around to use it fully.

  87. If the food looks good, it probably tastes better!

  88. you take such beautiful photos… no wonder your book looks so amazing!

  89. I would love a copy of this e-book. My husband and I are just starting to work on a food blog together and this would help us out a lot!

  90. Elisa E says:

    I love looking at your yummy food photos and would like to get better at taking them my self!

  91. I have been wanting to purchase the e-book but just havent gotten around to it! I think now its time!!!

  92. I’m interested because I have a food blog and can always used more tips to improve my photography!

  93. I would love the book, and have spent some time looking at your choice of camera and images. Thanks for sharing the nuts and bolts of blogging for money. you are my goal.

  94. Oh how I’ve been dying to buy this book for ages! And I’d DIE of excitement if I won that blog prop kit. Everything looks so gorgeous! 😀

  95. I blog recipes from time to time and would love to learn your fabulous tricks. :)

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  97. Margot C says:

    I should buy this! I’m getting up my courage to start a food blog and my phonographs are just sad, I’m telling ya!

  98. I’d love to learn more about how to improve the photography on my site. Your e-book looks wonderful!

  99. Can’t wait to read the book! I’ve been taking crappy pictures of food for so long now, I’m excited to step up my game :)

  100. I have a blog where I feature food and other DIY adventures (yes, food is definitely a DIY adventure), and I would really love to learn to take better food photos!

  101. Thank you so much for always sharing your tips and being so open with your information. Since I have had my blog, I have spent the last year and a half trying to figure things out. You make it so much easier for us, less than perfect photography/computer types. A millions thanks. You are a true inspiration.

  102. Excited for this! I love food photography because I like to eat, and it’s like making my meal last forever (and hopefully way prettier than I remember it ;).

  103. I’d love to improve my photography skills!

  104. I’d like tasty food because I know nothing about photography and I’m thinking of starting a blog that would include yummy baked goodness!

  105. I love to cook and am very visual, so photographing tasty food is a hobby of mine. I’m still learning and want to learn more! I love this blog!

  106. I am a pro photographer but haven’t dipped my toes into food photography yet. I would love to learn more (since I LOVE FOOD) and hopefully launch myself into future jobs!

  107. I just took your advice and purchased a Canon Rebel and it is on it’s way to my house tonight! I’m super poor now because I just emptied my account for the camera and would DIE for a copy of your book!

  108. I just started photographing my meals for my blog and would LOVE to have this book to help me along the way! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  109. I would love to win so I can improve my own food photos.

  110. I’m interested in food photography as it combines my two favourite passions. I come from a long line of photographers and cooking is my saviour (I’m Celiac!). I am also a student of your course and LOVE your photos :)

  111. Kathy D. says:

    Oh my gosh, what a fun giveaway!! Thank you for the opportunity. :)

  112. I am obsessed with food photography and always want to learn more so I would love to win your book! And the props kit – swoon!!

  113. I would love to win your book. I think your photos are fantastic. Every one of them.

  114. I’ve been working with a point and shoot for several years now, but in a few months I’m going to purchase my first DSLR. I will need to learn a lot more about food photography to put my camera to good use.

  115. Naomi Murray says:

    It looks like a great way for me to learn food photography! :) Thanks for a great giveaway! Love your blog! :)

  116. The topics covered in the book seem to answer many of my food photography questions. Can’t wait to improve the photos on my blog!

  117. I write a small food blog – I would love to be able to take better pictures of all the goodies I make!

    Samantha D

  118. Hurray! I’ve been waiting eagerly for the new version of Tasty Food Photography. I already have this amazing resource, but would love the Food Blog Prop Kit!

    If I won, I’d give my copy of the book to another lucky PoY reader.

  119. I am lucky enough to get to read food blogs everyday as part of my job- learning tips and tricks to photograph food on the caliber of some of the blogs that I read would be AMAZING!

  120. I’ve been doing my own thing when it comes to taking photos and editing them. I want to improve my skills, but not to gain fame or monetary reasons.

  121. alyssa t says:

    I’m excited to learn about food photography. I’ve had a blog for years, and my biggest challenge is photography. I’m sure with this book my photography will improve remarkably.

  122. christina says:

    would love to win so that I could work on lighting issues!

  123. I’m interested in Tasty Food Photography because you have a knack for making typically unappealing dishes into masterpieces!

  124. I love that you’re utilizing the ebook format as the venue for discussing online and digital food photography and blogging! I think it’s a great way to create a dialogue between distinct but undoubtably connected media, which is a critical component of the the food blogosphere. Cannot wait to check out the ebook!

  125. As a health and fitness blogger I get lots od traffic from recipes but I don’t post them enough. Why? Because my photography is aweful! I scour the web and I’m slowly getting better but it would be even better if I had one go to source for all my questions.

  126. Stephanie says:

    I am just getting started on my food blog. I took photography classes in high school (ages ago) but do not have much experience in food photography at all. I’ve been researching different camera setups and am trying to figure out exactly what I need to get things started, so this would be perfect for me!

  127. Being the wife of a medical student, I find food a delicious diversion while he studies the day away. It’s great to be able to bake things that he loves, but I also like sharing my recipes with others. I’m hoping/trying/trial & error-ing my way to becoming a better photographer and am looking forward to any insight you’re willing to share!

  128. I can’t help laughing at the energy and excitement that is coming through in your post today. My guess is that you have finally fully re-integrated into life back in MN. One of my weak areas in photographing my creations whether cooking, knitting, or sewing. I would love to win your eBook!

  129. First I want to say I love your blog. You do a fantastic job. I just started my blog so I need all the help I can get and I know your book will help me tremendously.

  130. Erin R. says:

    Ooh, how exciting! I’m terrible at photography but really love it and would like to learn how to do it well.

  131. What an amazing resource! I love the prop kit too!

  132. Lindsay! I’ve been following your blog (and loving it) for quite a while now and I think I’ve finally mustered up enough inspiration to start my own, now that I’m a fresh college grad. I actually just tweeted you the other day about starting my own food blog! This giveaway would be such an amazing resource for me. Invaluable, really.

    Maybe my page isn’t loading right or something, but am I missing how to enter the giveaway? You mention 7 days… is the giveaway next week?


    P.S. I was always so encouraged and uplifted reading about yours and Bjork’s heart for obeying Jesus’ call on your lives in serving the children of Cebu.

    • Hi Erin! There should be a little Rafflecopter widget that comes up right under the props pictures. That will be the place where you can sign in and enter the giveaway. And thank you for your nice comment!

  133. What a fun giveaway. I need the ebook, but I want the gratin dish. :)

  134. Gina Guthrie says:

    I love photographing food and I would love to know the best ways to do it. Love the set!!!

  135. Amber P. says:

    I’d love to revive my old food blog, and having a great book of photography tips would really inspire me and help improve my pics. I’m really excited about the book!

  136. awww….. goodness sure would love to win this prize ! Thanks and have a lovely day!! Angie

  137. Amazing giveaway! I am just starting a blog, and hit the wall with the design, so I just decided I am going to need help, but can afford very little. A few are out there that are affordable ( not in the 1000-3000+ range). Hope to be up in a couple months. Your ebook sounds excellent and I love the props! Love your site too!

  138. Monique says:

    Wow, what a prize! That kit looks amazing….and I’ll love the idea of making fries and calling it work! :)

  139. I’m interested because I love photography and as a food blogger, it’s basically my job to be good at it!

  140. One of my summer goals is to improve my food photography. I have gotten as far as I can on my own, and I am ready to take the next step!

  141. Juliana says:

    I’ve always loved photography, and I recently started cooking and baking a lot more than I used to…it didn’t take long for the two to combine :)

  142. Lindsay, your blog has been such a blessing to me. I so appreciate the way you’ve been so open about how you got started and how you are continuing to grow. I want to improve my photography skills to improve my own blog and to hopefully inspire others the way that you have inspired me.

  143. Linsday, I’ve just discovered your blog and I love it. The pics are fab and I’d love a copy of your book to improve my photos.

  144. It simply looks awesome!

  145. OMG I totally need that book. Right now, I am only working with the iPhone 5. And I could totally use the tips on taking better photos with it. I can’t afford to invest in a fancy DSLR camera at the moment, so I’m just using what I got. And I have been wanting to learn to utilize what I got to the max, and take the best photos I possibly can.

  146. I would love to win this. Thanks for the chance!

  147. i love food photography and would be interested in learning more about the in’s and out’s of great photos!

  148. Excited to see all the tips specific to food photography!

  149. Ooh, how exciting! I recently came across your blog and I’m finding it so helpful with my own blog! Thank you for being a great teacher and sharing all that you have learned along the way when it comes to blogging and food photography! I hope I win the ebook, but if not, I plan to purchase it :)

  150. Katie K says:

    My sweet husband just bought me a new camera, but I’m not getting great results out of it just yet. We tried photographing a dinner we made the other day, and the photos turned out terrible — and lighting was the main culprit. I’d love to read what you have to say about how I can make my lighting better!

    • Did you see the side-by-side muffin shot at the beginning of this post? Same lens for both. The only difference is that I actually learned how to use it! I know the same will be true for you! :)

  151. Many of us new or older food blogger get nervous about photogrsphing our food. I have so much yo learn. Thank you for this giveaway. Love getting your blog post through email & learning many new tips about food blogging!

  152. That looks amazing and immensely helpful!

  153. I am new to your site and will be purchasing your new book. Can’t wait to learn how to improve my food photography! Thanks for the great giveaway as well.

  154. Laura F. says:

    I just signed up for Bluehost through your webpage, I would love to get some tips to help get me going! Your book looks awesome!

  155. I’m a fellow Minnesotan and I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now. I have been contemplating purchasing the book to help me with my pics and now you’ve pushed me over the edge – very excited to check it out. Thanks!

  156. Laura Wood says:

    For years now I’ve been wanting to dive head first into the food blog hemisphere and start my own food blog but I’ve always been intimidated. I’ve always been obsessed with food photography and am dying to start learning all the tricks of the trade on how to take awesomesauce food photos.

  157. I am always looking for tips on lighting my photographs since I get no direct sunlight in my home!

  158. I loved your first book and can’t wait to get into the new version! And those props! Awesome!

  159. My husband and I both work in the food industry and being a blog stalker myself I would love to learn the tricks of the trade.

  160. This looks so helpful! I’m new to food photography but have so much fun doing it!

  161. I would love to improve my food photography skills for my blog and magazine articles.

  162. That prop kit looks great!

  163. Oooh, I so need this book! My pictures on my blog need some serious help!

  164. I have a new blog and I’m always looking to learn and improve. I could totally use this book!

  165. i have heard such great things about your book- the update has inspired me to purchase it. even though i can’t afford to update my camera now, i am sure your book will teach me how to make use of props, lighting, etc. to make my photos better with the camera i have now. thanks for the giveaway :)

  166. Great giveaway!! I am always looking for ways to improve my cookie photos.

  167. I’m a new food blogger, and I am absolutely inspired by your food photography. I’m learning something every day as I cook more, and take more pictures. It would be great to get your tips and tricks. I especially want to know about what you wish you would have known earlier. Also, I own white plates for props…I’d love to get a kick-start on cuter looking props and be inspired to start my own collection!

  168. My food photography sucks! I need help!

  169. Would love to learn some tips about lighting and that prop kit is a genius idea to go along with the book. Just discovered your blog last week and am loving it!

  170. I love the lighting in the food photos on your blog. I am assuming you use natural light in most of them. I am excited to see what techniques you use for your set up and I would love to win the book as well as the props! I am thinking of starting a blog in the near future. Thank you!

  171. I just got a DSLR and I would love to learn better techniques with food!

  172. Well, I’m not a food blogger, but I love photography and try to make the food look pretty now and then just for the sake of an appealing image :) So yeah, I’m interested in your ebook because I’m looking for ways of improving the lighting AND the prop part (it always seems to slip through my fingers). And you always do it so well, I wanna’ learn! :)

  173. I am just getting ready to launch my food blog, so of course I am doing a lot of research and practicing how to take good photographs. This book and prop kit would really help me with the whole process. Thank you for all you do to help out fellow bloggers, your blog has been a fantastic resource for me as I build my own blog. :) You are awesome!

  174. This looks awesome…I desperately need to learn to take better food photos!

  175. What a fun selection of props!

  176. I plan on creating my own food blog one day (and hopefully opening up a store when I retire) and I’d love to learn how to take better pictures of my creations. Thanks!

  177. Melissa says:

    I love working on my food photography skills, there is so much to learn. As for props, there are never enough and always too many at the same time :)

  178. I’ve already learned so much from all that you and Bjork have shared on Pinch of Yum. I often find myself referencing your blog posts for photography ideas. You are so talented as a photographer, I’m sure I would learn so much more from reading your e-book. Thanks for offering the chance to win a copy with this giveaway!

  179. Yay congrat’s on writing the updated version! Sounds like you made some amazing changes, can’t wait to get the eBook!!!! I’ve been dying to buy it so I’m glad I just saw your post :)

    Also, ah-mazing food blog kit! LOVE it!!

  180. Cannot wait to see the updated version!! Maybe some day my pictures will be as pretty as yours 😉

  181. Well, i already have your eBook but I want me some props! greedy pig that I am! :)

  182. Ohhhhh! That cutting board and the dishes sitting on too are soooo pretty! I have no plain white plates to take pictures on – i will be green with envy for whoever wins! And Wow, all those updates make me want your eBook really bad! Perhaps I will break down and splurge :)

  183. I just ordered your ebook and I am so excited! I would love to win the props. Good luck to everyone!

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  185. Oh mannn….I would just LOVE to get my hands on this ebook and prop kit. :) What a great idea! My plain white wedding gift dishes are getting lots of good use lately, but a little something more exciting would be a wonderful addition to my photography. Thanks so much for doing this!

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  190. Courtney says:

    I’m starting a cooking blog shortly, and I think it would be a wonderful resource to have and learn from!

  191. I love baking and lately I’ve been wishing I could take better pictures of my creations. :-)

  192. Because I realize how much good food photography helps with the success of a food blog and I’m always looking for information and resources to improve my photography.

  193. I reaaalllyy need to learn how to take better pictures!

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  196. What an awesome giveaway! I’m still a beginner when it comes to food photography. Sometimes I end up with great results, and other times not so much. I could use a guide on how to get consistent results all the time. And that food photography props kit looks awesome! I have a few items for staging photos, but not nearly as much as I would like.

  197. Awesome giveaway for those of us trying to improve our blog photography. Thanks!

  198. I want my photos to be just like yours :). I really need more help. White balance is a problem for me and well, quit frankly, other things too. Love the props!

  199. I could always use more help on my food photography….it’s slowly getting better. Plus I’m severely lacking in props!

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  202. Ashlee Aleshire-Ash says:

    I’ve been considering starting a food blog (to the point that I even have a mock-site made up!) but one of my biggest concerns about having one is the photography (not to mention, I only have one kind of plate/bowl/etc! Yay for just starting out in life XD). I think that Tasty Food Photography would help give me ideas to be confident in taking pictures of my recipes and push me into finally taking the leap into food blogging.

  203. i think that the blogger food prop kit sounds totally incredible! how fun!

  204. Lindsay, I loved version 1 of your ebook, and I’m looking forward to this update version! You’ve done a great job and I love what you and Bjork are doing at Pinch Of Yum. Keep it up!

  205. Just bought it! Yay!!

  206. Becca Entenberg says:

    I want to learn how to become an awesome food photographer!

  207. I’m interested in Tasty Food Photography because I started my own blog recently, writing about the ups and downs when suffering from fructose malabsorption and developing my own fructose free recipes. I have a lot to learn, also in terms of photography.

  208. Carol S. says:

    I would love this – My husband and I are working on a cookbook with pictures for his family featuring all of his grandmother’s recipes. She’s recently passed and this would be great to help us finish that project.

  209. Love the giveaway! I’m definitely looking to improve my food photography, so Tasty Food is right up my alley!

  210. Christine says:

    I seriously Need this book! I am starting a web based catering buisness and my photos look horrible! I need to learn how to improve them!!

  211. I’m a novice/new food blogger and am interested in making my food pictures look better. Actually I still cannot afford a DSLR camera yet but plan on absorbing as much food photography tips as possible so that when I finally can afford a better camera than my ohone camera, I can apply them!

  212. Your book would be such a great help in improving my photography skills! I’d love to have a copy :)

  213. I’m working on starting a food blog and need to learn better picture skills!

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    Thanks for this contest. I love your new ebook. I’m interested in it because I love baking and cooking, and am considering starting my own food blog.

  215. Sheelagh says:

    Oh my goodness — this is the best giveaway ever!! I definitely need to learn more about editing food photos! And currently almost all my photos are taken on either a white plate, a white bowl or a white mug haha so a food prop package created by you would be a dream come true!

  216. Mamie Brouwer says:

    Learning more to make my food photography better is something that I can really use. With a small townhouse kitchen and limited space for props and equipment, ending up with a photo that looks as good as it tastes is very difficult. I can use all the ideas I can get. Thanks for offering a truly useful giveaway.

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    you have now a new fan from Germany! Your blog is fabulous! I am also a food lover & blogger, and beginner in the food photography. So I would be vry happy to win your book to improve my photography skills.

    Delicious greetings from Germany!


  226. Hey Lindsay, I’ve been thinking about buying your book for a few weeks. So excited to see an improvement in my photos. I’ve been playing around and doing some research but now it’s time to get serious- (In a fun sort of way!) I’m buying the book now :)

  227. Your photography is so amazing and there is so, so much I keep learning about how to make food look its best! The food prop kit is AMAZING.

  228. I have benefitted so much from Food Blogger Pro that I can only imagine how much better my blog will be if I also have this book. I still have so much to learn, but every little bit of new knowledge helps me tremendously.

  229. I would love to improve my photography and learn more about staging!
    Beth @ The First Year Blog

  230. YAYAYAY CONGRATULATIONS!!! That’s SO exciting; I’m really happy for you!! And lighting is one of the hardest concepts to master in food photography (especially with the constantly changing weather — arg!), so focusing on that would be amazing. I hope you sell lots more updated copies!!

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  232. Zoe Rose says:

    Wow weeeee this is an amazing giveaway!!!! I would love to win and make my photos look foodalicious x

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  237. I’m excited about your photography tips! I’m working on improving my photos and looking at adding a food section to what I do! Thank you for the chance, I’m ordering the book today.

  238. The food photography on my website is #1 on the list of things I want to improve. I would love to win a free copy of Tasty Food Photography for this reason, and that food photography prop kit looks pretty amazing too!

  239. I am interested in this ebook because cooking delicious food and photography are my two favorite things to do. I am 14 years old and I have been dreaming about starting a food blog for awhile now. Lindsay, I love everything you do and you are always inspiring me. Thanks so much!

  240. Gorgeous props and I look forward to reading the ebook! I just started my blog in October and still have tons of room for improvement.

  241. Hi Lindsay!
    I’m still fairly new to using a DSLR camera and setting up food photo shots and I think your book would be a great tool for me to use! If I don’t win it, I’m definitely buying it!

  242. I just bought my first DSLR to use for food photography on my 2 blogs that I’m still learning how to use. This would help me so much!

  243. I used to not care about my food photos, but since I have a new camera and have started learning as much as I can it has made a HUGE difference in my work.

  244. A big part of my blog is food-based and I have been working on my photography- this would be a huge help!

  245. Kristin says:

    Oh man, I have gone back and forth for months on whether I should start blogging again! I feel so behind now and this would be an awesome jump start!

  246. I know I have so much to still learn about photography, and this would be such a perfect tool to work from! I’d LOVE to win!!

  247. I’m broadening my photography skills and being able to take beautiful pictures of all the yummy baking and cooking that I can do at home will help my family with recipe collections and give me the daily practice that i would love!

  248. gabrielle says:

    I’ve had your book on my “to buy” list for weeks and this offer pushed me right over the edge- thanks for the nudge! :)

  249. This book would be AMAZING! I have such a passion for photography but need to learn the “how-to” tricks on my own schedule, this would be perfect! Another note… Pinch of Yum is a lovely blog, your writing is so fun to read and I love the monthly income reports – so helpful!

  250. I’m in love with baking, I would love to make my photography better- I’m thinking of starting a blog as well. :) Thanks for the awesome e-book and the giveaway! <3

  251. Lesa W. says:

    I love to cook and have always wanted I take photos of my completed dishes. I have a new DSLR camera and I would love to have your new book to help me take better photos of my foods.

  252. This is a wonderful idea. I hate that my pictures turn out grey.

  253. The prop kit looks great! It’s just what a need to spice things up with my food photos :).

  254. would love, love, love the prop kit for my upcoming food blog!!!

  255. I like to cook and am just learning photography! I’m hoping to combine my two loves :)

  256. I totally know what you mean about lighting. I have a shadow every time I try to take a picture in my kitchen. I find myself walking around the house with a plate of food trying to find the best light. Ha ha ha. I guess I need a lamp!

  257. I am new to baking and need tips on picture taking for my web site. I would love your book to help me enhance my pictures. Thank you.

  258. I need serious help with my food photography!!

  259. Lauren Beach says:

    I am interested because I am thinking about starting my own blog.

  260. I believe in sharing good food, and the way I share (portray the image of the food) is very important to convince my readers that what I’m saying is really true – eg. the food tastes really great.

  261. Rachel Weidt says:

    I am a current student at the University of Minnesota and I love taking food photos an posting them on my Facebook to show my friends and other college students the joys and benefits of cooking and hopefully inspire them to get into the kitchen.

  262. Beth Bray says:

    I try to post recipes on my blog every week. I’d love to learn how to make pictures more pin worthy.

  263. Hi Lindsay – I’m a member of Food Blogger Pro – just wondering if this book covers different information or is it similar info covered in the videos that are part of FBP? Thanks!

  264. vscharp says:

    I am trying to learn how to start a blog about my juicing and raw food diet. I have a nice camera, but don’t really know what I’m doing. I just found your blog and love it and I especially love the photography!!! Can you teach me how? I am going to order your book. Thanks for sharing!

  265. Heather Taylor says:

    I’ve always had a bit of a knack for photography, but I love continuing to learn and hone my skills. Plus, I love to cook and bake :) I have kind of slacked on blogging, but want to really get involved with it on the steady.

  266. Kelly D. says:

    I’ve been contemplating starting a blog…this would be just the motivation I need!

  267. what a fun giveaway…and shopping for food props and that is part of the giveaway. I am so stoked!

  268. Sara Hazeldine says:

    I’d LOVE to win those props!

  269. i would love to start my own food blog!

  270. With one click of a lens, it delightful to capture a “bite” of decadent dish!

  271. Always looking for new props, thanks!

  272. I would love to check out your e-book! I could use a lot of direction in food photography. And the props would be fun!!

  273. Camille says:

    Wow, love the idea of a prop kit. Beautiful stuff!

  274. Love your work, Lindsay! Thanks for sharing your tips & tricks with the rest of us!!!


  275. I’m so excited about your book and the chance to learn about food photography for my own food blog. Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  276. Kimberly says:

    Yay for give-aways! It looks like you had fun looking for some pretty cute props.

  277. I have had a blog for a few years now and have started working with a prominent food blogger/recipe creator and need to step up my game with taking pics of my creations (_tonja_ on Instagram too)… bought the original ebook and it gave me so many helpful tips. Can’t wait to see more on lighting because that is my BIGGEST issue in my house! I want to drive me traffic to my site and more followers on Instagram!

  278. Hi Lindsay,

    I love your blog and has been lurking through your posts for a while now :) There is a lot of great tips on food photography and tons of links that I have also found to be extremely useful, so a big thanks from me since it has been a tremendous help for my own blog. You would not believe how newbie I am to the world of photography and I need all the help I can get, haha. Cheers and keep up the good work.

  279. Hi Lindsay,

    I really enjoy reading your blog especially the income reports every month :)

    Your blog has inspired me to think of starting a food blog…..

    Just curious , when are you releasing the income report for the previous month ? :)

    And did you announce the winner for the giveaway??

  280. Oh!!! Thanks . I just scrolled back and forth the entire page and missed to notice the rafflecopter.

    Actually, I am totally new to rafflecopter . ( You should be thinking that I must from stone age :) )

    Your food photography was too good that it made me to make my first ever entry to a giveaway in a blog.

    Thanks for taking time to reply.

  281. Hi Lindsay,

    The book does not talk about what kind of metering mode you use to take photos. Do you use mostly spot metering vs. evaluative, center-weighted, etc?


    • Good question! Center weighted, although usually I focus and then shift the camera slightly so that the focal point ends up being in the bottom third of the photo (vertically). I will add a note to that on one for the next round of updates. Thanks!

  282. michele says:

    Hi Lindsay,
    I took a photography class many years ago but I’m pretty much a beginner – do you think this course would be too difficult for me?

    Also, what are the equipment/technology requirements? I have an automatic camera but plan on getting a DSLR soon. I only have the oldest version of photoshop, ‘elements’ I think it’s called. Would that work? I use Pixlr too.

    This looks awesome, thanks!

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