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Meal Planning Changed My Life

After my second daughter was born, I found myself really struggling with something that I normally love: making dinner.

That 4-5pm hour was just wrecking me. Everyone was hungry, and I was trying to keep the toddler happy, and nurse the baby, and get work done, and get our dog to stop barking, and just be a human and breathe for a second… and then, oh yeah, make dinner.

Making even the most basic meals felt so overwhelming.

Some of that was just a result of our season of life, and I knew that some of it would get better with time (it did). But I also knew that I just wasn’t organized in the way I wanted to be.

I wanted to figure out a way to trade the feeling of stress and overwhelm at dinnertime for one of organization and excitement, and ultimately end up with something on the table that I’d really, actually look forward to eating (no offense, chicken nuggets).

This is when meal planning started to really click for me. I bought a cheap little white board for my fridge and started getting consistent about listing out my meals for the week, making grocery lists, prepping certain things ahead of time, and sticking (loosely, but still sticking) to my plan.

And the beauty of this method is that it works. It really works. After doing this for the last two years, I feel so much more organized and prepared.

I *actually enjoy* what I’m eating, and I feel good about what I’m feeding my kids (most nights, at least!). I feel like myself in the kitchen again.

The one thing I have found challenging with this method is that it can take a lot of time upfront. I’m the primary cook in our family, so doing the research, picking the recipes, and making and shopping for the grocery lists (in addition to the actual cooking) was taking up a lot of time and creating a huge mental load for me each week.

That’s where these meal plans come in.

This winter, let me do the work for you

Every week for 10 weeks, I’ll send you a meal plan that includes:

  • five dinner recipes,
  • a pick-and-choose grocery list,
  • a list of prep steps if you want to work ahead a bit.

All you have to do each week is open your email. You’ll be ready to hit the ground running with cooking for the week!

I pulled each set of weekly recipes for these meal plans from our most popular fan-favorite recipes on Pinch of Yum – I selected the ones that are my favorite deep winter comfort foods and early spring energizers! As I spent the time building each week, I thought about what would be timely, what recipes would go together, and, bottom line, what I would personally want to eat in a week.

Since I’m using our most popular recipes to build these plans, you’ll see that every single recipe included in the plan has a 4.7 star rating or higher.

How It Works

Your one-time fee of $39 covers 10 weeks of easy, delicious meal plans.

Purchase your meal plan here. Registration is now closed.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. Register for the Winter Meal Plans before January 17. Get ready for deliciousness.
  2. On January 19, you’ll receive the Week 1 Meal Plan. This can be downloaded and printed directly from the email, or it can be accessed digitally. All meal plan PDFs are yours to keep and all links will stay active, so nothing will go away.
  3. Every Thursday morning is when you can expect to see your weekly meal plans drop into your inbox (January 19-March 23). Cook all five recipes or just pick and choose the ones that are right for you that week!

What’s Included In Each Week’s Meal Plan

We want these meal plans to work with you, and for you. They’ve got everything you need – from what to make, what to buy, and how to make happen.

Weekly Menu

A list of five delicious dinners that will get dinner on the table quickly and easily. Each weekly menu is finely tuned to the season, so you’re eating the freshest produce and getting all the season’s happiest vibes.

Grocery List

TWO thorough pick-and-choose grocery lists to get you everything you’ll need for the week, sorted either by category or recipe (if you’re not making all five), all check-able to account for everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Prep Steps

An agenda of items to prep for your weekly menu to make cooking a breeze. Take one hour on the weekend to chop your veg, whisk your sauce, or mix your sauces, and you’re ready to take on the week.

Day In The Life: Meal Plans

If you choose to register for our meal plans, here’s a little glimpse into what a typical week might look like this fall:

  • Thursday: Receive menu for the week with five recipes, the full grocery list for all recipes, and prep steps.
  • Saturday: Grocery shopping time! Before you go, check off what ingredients you already have, and get all the rest.
  • Sunday: Take an hour and use the prep steps to prep your veggies, sauces, dressings, grains, etc. Store them in the fridge for the week ahead.
  • Monday-Friday: Cook! Use your prepped ingredients from your weekend prep to get dinner on the table fast.

I Want In! How Do I Get These Meal Plans?

All you need to do is register for the meal plans before January 17 by clicking the link below!

Click here to purchase. Registration is now closed.

By purchasing, you’ll secure your spot and receive your first of 10 weekly meal plans starting on January 19.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these new recipes or existing recipes?

All recipes in the meal plans are existing blog recipes, all with a 4.7-star or higher rating. We chose the best of the best, tried-and-true recipes that we get excited about eating each week.

What does the recipe-type breakdown look like each week?

Generally each week has 2-3 vegetarian recipes and 2-3 “meat” (chicken, fish, pork, and beef) recipes.

Do I have to make all five meals every week?

Not at all. There is a grocery list included that’s sorted by recipe, so you can quickly and easily cross out any of the recipes/ingredients you’re not needing that week.

How much does an average week of groceries cost?

It’s almost impossible to estimate this because it will depend on where you live, how much you already have stocked in your kitchen, and where you shop.

That being said, this week I ordered all the groceries for week one (not including what I already had in my pantry – spices, condiments, etc.) and came in at around $80.

Can you share a sample recipe list?

Here’s the menu for one of the weeks from this winter, as an example!

  • Ancho Turkey Chili – 4.8 stars
  • Ginger Peanut Chicken – 4.8 stars
  • Brussels Sprouts Tacos – 4.7 stars
  • Creamy Red Pepper Pasta with Blistered Tomatoes – 4.9 stars
  • Perfect Baked Salmon with Lentils – 4.7 stars

Do these meals follow a specific diet?

These meal plans include all kinds of recipes and the recipes are not specific to any diet. We recommend having our swaps and substitutions guide on hand if you need to make accommodations for your personal diet!

How many servings does each meal provide?

On average, each dinner is 4-6 servings. If you need to scale up, you can head to the recipe here on the site and scale it in the recipe card (just be sure to adjust your grocery list too!).

What are the recipes like? Healthy, indulgent, kid-friendly, etc.?

The recipes I included are recipes that I like to eat throughout the week, that are a great mix of healthy, comforting, quick and easy but elevated, etc. While not created for kids, most are doable for families depending on your family’s preferences.

How long does it take to cook each meal?

While each meal is different, after doing the prep steps included in the meal plans, each meal takes under one hour from pulling out ingredients to getting it on the table, but many are about 30 minutes.

Do ingredients overlap week-to-week?

We did our best to choose recipes with similar ingredients, but also don’t want it to feel like you’re eating similar dinners every night of the week. You’ll see some overlap to help eliminate as much food waste as best we can!

Will ingredients in the meal plans be hard to find?

You may see a few ingredients that you might not normally have in your pantry/fridge (gochujang, burrata, curry paste, etc.) but most/all ingredients should be easy to find at your local grocery store.

Can I sign up for just one week at a time?

This is a delicious 10-week package deal! At this time, we are only selling this as a complete Meal Plan set.

When will I receive my meal plan each week?

Every Thursday morning.

Is this digital or will it be printable?

Both! Every meal plan will be on the site for digital use, as well as a printable PDF.

Do recipes repeat throughout the meal plans?

Nope! Every week contains a new set of five recipes, no repeats.

How can I gift this to a friend?

How sweet of you! It’s pretty simple to do this – just enter your friend’s email at checkout when you purchase the meal plans.

What Fall Meal Plan Participants Have To Say

I’m not one to comment on things or send emails but THANK YOU so much for the fall meal plans. I have a 2 year old and am diving headfirst back into my busy consulting job, and the cognitive load the meal plans have released is beyond measure. 10 mins to order groceries and $80 CAD. No joke. I’ve made a couple no big deal ingredient subs for husband’s allergies and we have a couple new house faves from week 1. You have my business on these forever.


Just wanted to tell you how much my family and I are LOVING THIS MEAL PLAN! We have four kids and my husband and I both work full time, and we were definitely in a rut on dinners. The meal plan has made us look forward to cooking and eating every night this week!


All I have to say is THANK YOU. My husband and I both work full time and are in school at night. This past week has been the first week in a year where we have eaten dinner every night, not only lived on tuna, and have enjoyed food. This meal prep is life changing.


I love to cook and have always enjoyed meal planning. I have never been interested in a service like this in the past as I never though I’d enjoy a premade plan. I cannot believe how much time and mental capacity this has freed up for me! Thank you so much for providing this service! I sincerely hope that you will consider doing a winter, spring & summer plan as well!


It’s been an absolute game changer for my family. Even as an all veggie family, we’ve been able to modify almost every recipe in a delicious veggie way. The brain space freed up by having a meal plan AND a grocery list is just something I don’t want to live without ever again. Can’t thank you and your team enough!


I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed these meal plan recipes. I look forward to Thursday mornings to see what’s in store for next week. I adore these meal plans because they’ve filled our home with delicious home cooked meals, my 4 year old and toddler have enjoyed a healthy variety of foods, the meal plans have simplified my grocery shopping and even reduced our food waste.