24-Hour Vacation

Is it just me or is my helmet always crooked? Last weekend we did a 24-hour vacation/road trip to a little place called Moalboal. On motorcycle. If you really want to get to know your spouse, ride on a small motorcycle in the blazing hot sun with two ... Read More →


Family Vacation

Last week I told you we had been off the grid. But this week, with Bjork's parents still visiting, we were REALLY off the grid. Like, take a ferry to a different island and brave a muddy pot-holed road over the ocean to get to another tiny island and ... Read More →


She’s Leaving

"Teacher Lindsay, is that your laundry?" ... Read More →

CSC kids

Pretty Faces

When you see these faces, you just know. ... Read More →



... Read More →

Chicken Wild Rice Soup

Chicken Bacon Wild Rice Soup

This morning I got out of bed around 5am. Less because I was up ambitiously early and more because I never really fell asleep. I walked outside and sat on the edge of our second floor apartment in my pajamas. It was still mostly dark and already hot. ... Read More →


Back To It

Well, I am alive. And I am thankful, even though I didn’t say so on this blog exactly on Thanksgiving Day. Last week I made my first and pray-to-God last trip to the hospital here in the Philippines. That sounds more dramatic than it needs to, but ... Read More →


Photos of the City

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My Mom

This week I've been neglecting my hot little kitchen because... she came! My mom came! To the Philippines! To spend time with me and Bjork at the school, the shelter, and the beach. It was amazing. ... Read More →


The Dogs

This post could get raw, weepy, and contemplative reeeeal quick. Consider yourselves warned. I’m losing a mind battle with the dogs. I tried to focus myself to write about something else, like the delicious cookies that I’ve been living on for the last two ... Read More →


It’s the Little Things

Like finding a gym. A real, treadmill-elliptical-yoga-room gym. Or getting a table. ... Read More →


This Is Why

Babies are the new thing. ... Read More →


Places, Etc.

Let's have a cupcake together. ... Read More →


Thoughts at Three Months {his and hers}

I can hardly believe it. It's been three months since we boarded a plane in little old Minnesota, sprinted through the Chicago airport with overpacked carry-ons to catch our flight to Seoul, and finally bopped on over to our temporary home for a year: Cebu, ... Read More →


What I Do Here

On Mondays, I ride up to school on the back of moped. I love it. ... Read More →