Lightened Up Curry Egg Salad

Curry Egg Salad

I was putting off posting this because I want to look at those pictures of 10-Minute Peanut Butter Fudge pretty much forever.

Plus I don’t even like eggs. Totally serious.

But somehow in the last seven months I’ve turned into an egg salad eating machine.

The traditional welcome lunch (as in, always do it traditional, not culturally traditional) for visitors or adoptive families at the shelter is egg salad sandwiches with chips and mangoes. Maybe it’s because I’m so exhausted from, like, one minute of work in very hot heat, or maybe it’s because they’re an open invitation for layering salty chips onto my sandwich, but whatever it is, when I have those egg salad sandwiches in front of me I become insanely excited about those gross little things: eggs.

Curry Egg Salad

Good thing I ripped them apart instead of neatly slicing them, right?

Ok, maybe they’re not gross. They’re just kind of a weird food, though. You can eat them hard boiled, soft boiled, fried, scrambled, poached, plus they are essential to recipes like cookies and brownies. Is this a joke?

Not when this sandwich is staring me down from my lunch plate. That is no joking matter, friends.

And guess what? I’m being semi-healthy because I’m only using the egg whites. Hard boiled yolks? I just can’t do it. Plus they’re less healthy, and I never eat unhealthy. Ne-ver.

Curry Egg Salad

The best part about this little ol’ egg salad was all the flavor. A little sweetness from the world’s best mangoes (thank you Cebu), a spice punch from the curry, and the bite from the onions and red peppers – I hardly even knew there was egg in there.

I kept this one pretty light on the mayo because, well, if I’m being honest it’s because I only had Miracle Whip, and it would not have been okay to put more than a few tablespoons of that with my egg salad. But texturally, you really don’t need more than that. You could even go with less. Once you add the mango it gets all smooth and creamy and amazing, like egg salad magic or something.

Curry Egg Salad

Let me read your mind: You don’t like mango in your egg salad. As a person who doesn’t even like eggs to begin with, I get it.

Howeverrrr. I challenge you to rethink that opinion. The sweetness is the perfect contrast for the curry and red pepper and it all just begs for two big slices of soft wheat bread to be smooshed together between.

Finally, please add some cilantro in my honor.

Curry Egg Salad

Aw yeah. I like it.

Curry Egg Salad

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Lightened Up Curry Egg Salad
Serves: 4
  • 8 large eggs
  • 3 tablespoons chopped onion (more or less to taste)
  • 1 red pepper, chopped
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons curry powder
  • ¼ cup light mayo
  • 1 mango, finely diced
  1. Hard boil the eggs by dropping them carefully into a pot of boiling water. Boil for 8 minutes, covered, and allow to cool. Peel the shells off and cut the eggs in half to remove the hardened yolk from the center. Finely chop the whites and set aside.
  2. Chop the red pepper and the onion as finely as you like - I prefer to chop them pretty small. Combine egg whites, vegetables, salt, curry, and mayo in a bowl. Stir until well combined. Season with pepper to taste.
  3. Stir the mango in with the egg salad just before serving.
Add fresh spinach or arugula, herbs, or green onions to your egg salad sandwich. Yum!


Lightened Up Curry Egg Salad Nutrition Information

PS. It’s this guy’s birthday!


I made him donuts this morning and still he said all the kids running up to him with their cards was the highlight of his day. Can you believe that?

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  1. Happy Birthday Bjork!!!!! What a precious picture. How lucky you are to have so much love around you!

  2. I absolutely love love love putting curry in my egg salad. You definitely did read my mind– you lost me at the mangos (and at taking out the yolks, whaaaaat?). I’ll compromise with you, I’ll try it with mango if you don’t judge me for prefering egg yolks ALWAYS be hard boiled.

  3. Eggs are one of my all time favorite things–cheap? protein? endlessless possibility? Yes! Also, no need to sell me on the mango. Mango + curry = magic. Thanks for a simple, yet flavorful recipe!

  4. happy birthday!!!!!

    I am with you on eggs – I sometimes eat them when I get them fresh from my friends happy chickens. :) but… yeah, they are weird, I get it.

    I will definitely try this, the mango sounds strangely GOOD. I will be using the yolks, though… Mmm.

  5. i am SO intrigued by this! mango with eggs? yumm!

  6. That looks so tasty….and fresh too

    Happy birthday to Bjork man!

  7. I love curry. I love egg salad. Why have I never done this? Yum!

  8. I love the colors of this egg salad, the mango lends it the yellow that’s missing from the omitted yolks.

    I grew up with a brother who is severely allergic to eggs, so we never had any at home or in baked goods. I never really acquired a taste for them and find them kind of gross to be brutally honest.

  9. Happy Birthday to Bjork!
    I love egg sandwiches. Usually I use tomato slices with it, so somehow I am open to mango instead. But I’ll have to skip the cilantro 😉

  10. lol I love Miracle Whip for egg salad, chicken salad, tuna salad, potato salad…. I grew up with it, so that is probably why. :) It does give things a tangy flavor I think. I don’t know how else to describe it. ha ha
    I have never tried curry in my egg salad, but I will!
    Happy Birthday to the man in your life. All those cards would be wonderful to get! Very cool.

    • Yes! I love Miracle Whip actually, just wasn’t really sure how I’d feel about putting it in egg salad. That or regular mayo would both be just fine. :)

  11. This looks soooo yummy. I’m cooking for one tonight and might just make this for dinner! I even already have hard boiled eggs cooked and waiting to be mushed together for this! Do you know if magoes are in season in the US right now?

    • I have no idea – I think they import them from South or Central America (that’s totally just a guess) and I’m not sure when those would be in season. We are so lucky to have the best of the best available year-round here! :)

  12. Brilliant recipe – I am always looking for different things to do with eggs as my flock of 11 seem to be in overtime at present, so always a stack of eggs. I will definitely be making this today, but leaving in the yolks….. My daughter would refuse to eat the eggs from our chickens for years, as she said she knew exactly where they came from and couldn’t face eating them!! I converted her….

  13. What an interesting combo! This looks so appealing to me, but that’s how I roll. Avocado works really well with eggs, too, and you often don’t need to add mayo because avocados are so creamy.

    As an aside, egg yolks are extremely healthy. They’ve gotten a bad rap in the media, but the yolks contain all of the nutrition – vitamin D, B12 and other B vitamins, selenium, and especially choline, which is important for our brains. When I was in nutrition school, many of my instructors said that if we weren’t going to eat the eggs, we might as well not consume them at all.

    Thanks for your inventive recipe!

  14. As a person who loves both eggs and mango, there won’t be much convincing needed here. It looks delicious and tangy, plus I probably won’t feel all too guilty after gobbling it up!

  15. Happy B’day to Bjork ! Egg Salad looks so delicious. Nice recipe Lindsey.

  16. This looks like quite the perfect quick and easy lunch. I love eggs – including yolks! – but obviously egg whites are my favorite part. Not gross at all :) I found that mango goes very well with savory dishes. It’s so yummy with chicken or shrimps for instance!

  17. Oh wait, is this Björk birthday?? I first read the article on my phone and the images didn’t load so I though you were talking about a kid at the shelter! haha.
    Happy B-Day Björk!! And…enjoy the donuts!!

  18. yes, my first thought is Mango does not go in egg salad…but it looks amazing!! and I’ll bet it does give a great flavor contrast, can’t wait to try it!!

  19. Yes! Been waiting for the egg salad post for about 5 weeks now. :)

    • Here it is, in all it’s simple glory. :) I may need to do another variation in the near future, or multiple… it’s so adaptable and plus I’m going to go into withdrawal without my weekly egg salad welcome lunches.

  20. So I had a plan for Valentines Day supper. It involved homemade pizza and a lot of herbs. Now, you are making me rethink that plan. Because I have 18 eggs to go through :). Happy Birthday.

  21. I found your blog recently and love your story. It is so great what you and your husband are doing. I can imagine those cuties would be hard to compete with, even with donuts! :) I love egg salad and this is an interesting take on it!

  22. This looks and sounds yum! what a great idea!!!! great combi and all my fav! mangoes, curry, mayo and eggs. thanks for the great idea – for my next canapés when we have guests over! :)

    And happy birthday Bjork!

  23. Here is ONE of MANY articles that your dogmatism won’t allow you to accept, but that are true nonetheless.

    STOP telling people that egg yolks are unhealthy.

  24. Great recipe it is delicious!

  25. YUM! I love egg salad :) Wishing I could have another traditional welcome lunch with you guys! And some egg salad. Looks great though Linds, maybe when I actually have to cook for myself ill try some of these variations :)

  26. Nancy Tillman says:

    Hello Lindsay! What a wonderful experience you and Bjork are having. Lindsey sent me your blog, of Vicki and Larry’s visit. I so enjoyed reading about their time with you. We miss them! Hopefully we will get to see them this June at Lindsey and Andy’s Wedding reception in Alexandria. I am going to try the egg salad, I too, do not like eggs! Especially the yoke! I could also relate with the heart pounding snorkeling experience! Although this past week I snorkeled in Costa Rica, and for the 1st time did it without my heart pounding in my ears! Not bad to only take 56 years to accomplish, so there is hope yet! Have a great life, I’ll follow along. Nancy

  27. It’s the dead of winter in New York right now and I’m jealous of your fresh, sweet mangoes. Although, I still don’t want them in my egg salad. :) I love egg salad but I live with a man who found it gross. So, instead of chopping the hard cooked eggs, I actually grated them. It makes a smooth, creamy texture and is much more pleasing to people who don’t otherwise like it. I think the yolk is so important to the flavor so I use one yolk to every two or three whites. A good compromise between health and flavor. And yes, I totally like curry powder in my eggs salad! :)

  28. Hi, Lindsay, I made this salad over the weekend and it was delicious! Thank you very much for the recipe!

  29. Fabulous, what a weblog it is! This website presents valuable information to us, keep it up.

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