Sweet Zucchini Pancakes

Pancakes with Syrup | pinchofyum.com

Good Morning. I have a dilemma with pancakes: I love to eat them.

What’s better, or worse, is that I love to eat them in stacks of four, glazed with melted butter and swimming in maple syrup.

And 1,000 calories later, I’m feeling really good in a bad kind of way.

Sweet Zucchini Pancakes with Butter and Fork | pinchofyum.com

Because of my extreme love for pancakes, especially the extra sweet and high-calorie variety (think chocolate chip and peanut butter), I recently went through a brief pancake withdrawal. I stopped making pancakes because there was a high likelihood/certainty that I would eat myself into a pancake coma.

And we all know what happens when you go into a pancake coma. Or at least I do.

But as you can see, times have changed. I have a new pancake strategy that allows me to enjoy pancakes, and still have room for lunch and dinner. And my skinny jeans.

The very sneaky trick: smother my pancake with (a reasonable amount of) cottage cheese and fresh berries. A drizzle of honey makes it officially the best way to enjoy pancakes without all the calories. And I don’t feel like I cheated myself by only eating one.

Ok, maybe I had two. But I feel no shame!

Strawberries and Cottage Cheese on Sweet Zucchini Pancakes

On the other hand, let’s be honest: I was raised on chocolate chip pancakes, butter, and syrup (thanks, mom) and I will always hold that near and dear to my heart. So if you find me with a plateful of pancakes – butter, syrup and all – cut me some slack. It’s my heritage.

Oh yeah. In case you didn’t notice, these sweet zucchini pancakes have vegetables in them, so that cancels out all butter. Obvs.

Sweet Zucchini Pancakes being cut | pinchofyum.com

Per the request of some comments, I have removed this recipe in order to direct you to the updated (and much improved) Zucchini Pancakes recipe!

Click here for the new Zucchini Pancakes recipe post.


Sweet Zucchini Pancakes Stack with Butter | pinchofyum.com

Light, sweet, perfectly golden… I love these almost as much as the lemon pancakes.

How do you top your pancakes?

Syrup? Berries? Peanut Butter? …Hot Fudge Sauce? All are welcome.

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  1. Caroline C. says:

    I would love to try these pancakes, but the recipe calls for 1 grated zucchini, approximately how much is that in a cup measure? I have a huge one sitting on my counter that I need to use.

  2. I loved these. Thank s for the recipe :)

  3. I’m totally going to make these in the summer. :)

  4. instead of yogurt I had buttermilk so I used that which made the batter just the right consistency. Also I took the grated zucchini and placed it in a few paper towels and squeezed out the excess water to balance the buttermilk. My 3yr old LOVED them and we didn’t have to use any syrup just fresh strawberries :)

  5. Mhammm looks so good so yummy, thank you for shared

    kisses and blessings!!

  6. I am thinking of making these with a leftover half of a very large zucchini and wondered if you could estimate of much grated zucchini you used in cups?

  7. Oops, should’ve read the comments first!

  8. I love the idea of these…brilliant use!

  9. I want to make these SOOO bad.. only a few questions about changing a couple ingredients but I wanted your input prior to doing so… with the flour, would it work if I changed the flour to some gluten free/brown rice flour??? Also; what are some good alternatives for replacing the butter, or does the butter NEED to be in there??? I have a very sensitive stomach & digestion so I was curious about replacing that.. Thanks a bunch and these look SO tasty.. cant wait to try!!!

    **zuchinni is one of my favorites!!! along with pancakes.. what a great mix**

    • It’s probably good to have a little fat in there to keep them from drying out. Do you have a substitute that you typically use for butter? I’d just use whatever you usually do in place of butter. And I don’t have much experience with gluten free flours, but I’d just follow the typical rules for substituting those flours as you would in any other recipe. :) Good luck!

  10. Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race says:

    These look terrific and will certainly be on the menu for next week.

    Another option for you could be the carrot cake waffles I posted today (Jan 11) and make them as pancakes if no waffle maker.

  11. Nicole J. says:

    I don’t understand what went wrong. I followed the instructions exactly and the pancakes were a mess. They tasted just fine, but I had a hard time flipping them in the pan. I had to use two spatulas, flipping these small pancakes over. Halfway through I poured the rest of the batter in the pan and baked it at 350F for about 10 minutes. The problems was that they were just so sticky and flimsy. Is this how it’s supposed to work? And I didn’t add that much water because I read through your instructions.

    • rhonda r says:

      I was having the same problem, and was reading comments here to figure out what I was doing wrong…I tried adding just a bit more flour and it made a WORLD of difference!

      • Thanks for the comment Rhonda! I should really remake these and rewrite the recipe. :) They were really amazing, but it seems like a might have been a little generous with my milk measuring….

  12. Im going to try them tomorrow. Im starving!

  13. I tried these this morning and flavor was great, but I also had problems turning them and getting them to cook right. They turned out more like fritters than pancakes. I added a bit more flour to the second batch and it helped a bit – I also turned down the temp to 300, as the first batch got really brown on one side. Definitely dry the zucchini (mine was pretty wet and I didn’t drain it), I used full-fat yogurt, but doubt that would be such a problem. I did not add milk or water to the batter, as it was already very wet. Would like to try these again but am a bit scared to.

  14. Kellie Anderson says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for this post I love these pancakes and so did my kids. I love zucchini and I am always looking for fun recipes and this one is a keeper!

  15. I wish I had read the comments first! I just spent almost two hours making, trying to save, and then re-making a new breakfast after completely failing. Would you consider removing this original recipe and replacing with your updated so that others won’t have the same experience? I followed the recipe exactly, and the results were sadly inedible.

  16. Yes!!! I agree! PLEASE remove this recipe, especially since you have replaced it with the other zucchini pancake recipe. I haven’t tried any of your other recipes yet, but you do not want this recipe hurting your website.

  17. I loved the original recipe and was upset when I went to make it and it had been changed. Wish it was still here so I could go to my board and make it.

    • Sorry about that, Verlene! The comments were overwhelmingly in favor of removing it and replacing with this newer one. The recipes are similar, but this one seems to be better and it has been tested more, so I hope this one can work for you too!

      • No it doesn’t work for me. Fortunately my daughter wrote down the old recipe and sent it to me. In the future if a recipe is changed it would be nice to have the original somewhere where it can be accessed. Disappointed that Pinterest doesn’t have this.

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