Blogging As A Couple: What It’s Really Like


Over the last 3+ years, Bjork and I have had a really unique opportunity: to build a food blog, together, as married people. Weird, right?

What that really means is that we sit at coffee shops and talk about nutrition plugins, analyze pictures of melty cheese and determine which one makes my nails look better, and eventually get in a tiff about whether or not that recipe really needed the orange honey glaze and then throw food at each other. KIDDING that’s not really what it’s like. Let me set the record straight for ya.

Three goals with this post:

  1. Provide a work distraction for you, cause sometimes… yeah.
  2. Give you some food for thought (like that?) on what blogging as a couple is really like.
  3. Encourage you to go check out some great blogs run by cute couples.

So. Over the last few years Pinch of Yum has grown into a partnership that has brought us all over the map. And by map, I guess I mean the emotional sort, although geographically we’ve had some adventures as well. A little of this, a little of that. Like it goes. The journey was like this –>

Blogging As A Couple

Have you always both been involved with Pinch of Yum?

Not really. I told Bjork one day that maybe I should start a blog because I was worried that my Facebook friends were getting annoyed of me always posting status updates about recipes. And in reality, THEY WERE. Good timing. I was totally out of my league (a blog? what’s that?) but Bjork took me seriously and offered to set me up with a free Tumblr account. And that was the start of Pinch of Yum.

We were just laughing the other day about the fact that when we started, I had wanted Bjork to do all the photography. I didn’t have any experience with photography and Bjork knew the basics of the manual controls, so it just made sense. Except not really, because that would have been really hard to sustain and we probably would have killed each other over caramel drips on upside down apple cake, so off I went on my own. With his help, big time, I was able to learn the photography and editing, and I eventually wrote a book on food photography that has been a huge reason for the growth we’ve seen with monetizing Pinch of Yum AND one of the things I’ve enjoyed most about this journey.

And now for a little cringe-laugh: this picture of us from high school.

Blogging As a Couple

What are your roles?

We’ve traded roles off and on over the last few years, but for the most part this is a mini-breakdown of who does what.

Currently, Me: 30-40 hours/week

  • all cooking, photography, and writing
  • comments and reader emails
  • creating products like ebooks and ecookbooks

Currently, Bjork: 10 hours/week (that’s just for Pinch of Yum – waaay more of his time is spent on Food Blogger Pro)

  • advertising and affiliate marketing
  • hardware and server maintenance
  • my full-time cheerleader, emotional counselor, and dragger away from the computerer. thanks babe. ♥

Blogging As a Couple

How do you communicate about blog stuff?

If we worked in the same space all the time, we would have just spent the last 4 years watching YouTube videos, talking about funny blog comments, and analyzing interesting articles shared on Facebook. So we need some separation. Bjork has an office and I work on the blog from home.

We rarely work in the same physical space, so a lot of our communication happens via email.  We both have personal AND Pinch of Yum email addresses, so typically if I have something I need to ask Bjork about I literally just send him an email to his Pinch of Yum account like I would to a coworker or business partner. He does the same for me, so I often have emails from him asking what I think about a new design change or adding a new type of advertising. Email is great.

But that’s not the only time we talk about things because we, um, live together. So we talk Pinch of Yum during dinner, long walks, and in the car on the way home from the grocery store. Annnd I just made it seem like Bjork goes to the grocery store with me, which makes me a liar.

It’s something that we’ve battled for a long time because we definitely don’t want to spoil our time as a couple, our real life, if you will, with food blog stuff. At the same time, I think we’ve learned to recognize that it’s okay for us to have those Pinch of Yum conversations during our ordinary moments because that’s what we’re interested in and excited about. We are never short on things to talk about, and while we try to keep the blog talk to a minimum during our regular life moments, we also accept and appreciate that it’s normal for couples to talk about shared interests and we are lucky that we have such a strong one.

So basically we are in constant communication – all forms of it – about what’s going on with Pinch of Yum. And we never fight.

Wedding Picture

Wait though, do you really fight?

*hides face in shame* Okay fine yes.

In fact, there may or may not have been a little squabble that just happened as I was writing this post. Life is real, and while thankfully flinging tomatoes at each other isn’t a super common thing for us, we do have our day to day nit-picky disagreements about bloggy things.

While there have been and continue to be blips on the happy radar, just like any business along the road of growth and development, I am 1,000% thankful to have Bjork as the other half of Pinch of Yum. We would NEVER EVER EVER in a million years have gotten to this point without each other. Our partnership running Pinch of Yum only works at full capacity with both of us in the game.

Sometimes people point out (in nice and not-so-nice ways) that “my secret” to the success of Pinch of Yum is Bjork. And you know what? Amen to that. Yes and yes. My food blogging road is made waaayyy better because of his knowledge and expertise. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. That being said, please hear this: as a food blogger, you do not need your spouse or sister or neighbor to be involved in order to make it happen.

Is it helpful? Yes. Is it a prerequisite? No.

The most important thing that I think Bjork has taught me along the food blog road is that I CAN LEARN STUFF. Like HTML (okay, very baby HTML) and photography and SEO and the beast of them all: Photoshop. Things that I would normally rely on him for. So just remember that if you’re doing it alone, you can learn stuff (for free! online! amazing world!), and you can build a team of people who can help you with the stuff that’s still new to you. Go forth and be awesome, food blogger!Blogging As a Couple

How has your relationship changed?

  • We can appreciated each others’ skills more.
  • We’ve learned the power of an I’m-sorry-cookie.
  • We can rely on others once in a while (stubborn much?).
  • We’ve become better communicators.
  • We have and still do try intentionally to enjoy life offline.

Blogging As A Couple

What’s the secret to making it work?

For us, I’d say the secret has been appreciating how incredible it is that we get to work together. It is such a gift. Challenging, yes. But so uniquely special. We get to appreciate and learn about each other in new ways all the time.

And not having kids yet. –> Joking, but not joking: we could never spend as much time working on the blog if we had a few littles under our roof. Someday, though. :) Because babies? their chubby little legs? I die.

To wrap up this little reflection of blogging as a couple, I thought I’d ask some of my favorite couple bloggers to give their two cents on the whole spouse-as-your-business-partner thing.


Couples Blogging

Finding the separation between maintaining our professional work, balancing a blog and living a separate life outside the blog is something we both put emphasis on. Because we both shoot professionally during the day, and blog when we can, it’s easy to forget to make time to just live a normal life that doesn’t involve shooting, cooking or blogging. So we make it a point to set only a certain amount of time to blog and the rest of the time to do things together that’s “offline”. We’re not afraid to log-off for a few days to focus on spending time together and with our close friends and family. Our biggest advice to anyone blogging, whether you do it as an individual or as a group, is to remember to make the time to stop-and-smell-the-roses. And to get off the internet. It’s perfectly ok to log-off. Those dear to you that are close-by deserve just as much attention as your readers and fans.

-Diane and Todd, White On Rice


Couples Blogging

Working together was definitely something that Jeff and I had to adjust to. I’m a very detail oriented person and Jeff is very “fly by the seat of your pants”. For us, communicating HOW we liked to do things was huge. Once we started being open and honest with each other about how we liked things done, life was much easier. I would also say something else we learned is that you have to know when to turn the blog world “off”. Since we work together ALL the time…it’s hard to not talk about blog/work stuff ALL the time. We would find ourselves on dates talking about our next big project. And while I definitely love the fact that we can dream together and talk about projects that we want to team up on…it’s so important that you take time to talk about other hobbies and interests that don’t involve blogging. Otherwise you will find yourself getting super burnt out!

-Jeff and Mandy, House of Rose
Couples Blogging

Developing recipes, cooking and photographing as a couple can be challenging, but it is so rewarding! Alex and I also work together professionally, so we’ve had a lot of practice at working together as a team. A few lessons we’ve learned: find each of your unique strengths and work to maximize them. For example, I’m more drawn to the recipe development, food styling, planning, and writing portions of our blog, whereas Alex is more drawn to the photographing, design, and back-end technology portions of the blog. Instead of performing all these pieces together (which we’ve tried!), each of us takes a lead in a certain area — though that’s not to say that Alex doesn’t write a post now and then, or I take over the camera. A few other tips: affirmation of each other is key! When doing creative work together, it’s often you may not agree with your partner on some aspect. We try to stay very positive and affirming of each other throughout the process, and gently offer constructive criticism or differing opinions. Most importantly, have fun! Working creatively with your significant other is a true a privilege, even though it might be easy to forget when you’re knee-deep in the creative process.

-Alex and Sonja, A Couple Cooks


Couples Blogging

Foster good communication for your relationship as well as your work together. Talk about where you are and where you want to be constantly. And laugh, a lot. Collaborating on Minimalist Baker has arguably been the most wonderful and most difficult things for us as a couple. We must face each other constantly and talk through issues as they arise. Otherwise, we wouldn’t get anything done. But contrary to what you might think, it’s been extremely healthy for us and caused us to be more strategic and efficient communicators. This has benefited both our website and our relationship.

-John and Dana, Minimalist Baker


Couples Blogging

I am a different cook, and a better one, because I work with my visual focused husband. I used to cook in a completely practical way – I just made things healthful and easy. In working with Hugh, I realized how attractive and beautiful food can be. I now think about color and texture and how the colors will look after cooking. It sounds vain for food, but what you see on the plate effects what you think of it on first impression. I want to make beautiful, healthful and tasty food. Hugh helped me complete that circle. I am also a better communicator about what I am thinking or what I want. Because he’s my best friend, I don’t walk on egg shells saying I like or don’t like something. It is good practice for me to be a little more forthright. Business aside, it has been so fun for us. Unexpected, challenging and fun.

-Sara (and Hugh), Sprouted Kitchen


You guys are so awesome! Thanks for giving Bjork and I the opportunity to create and maintain and connect with you in this space. We love you so much in that blogger-reader-emailer-commenter-friend kinda way.

Will you marry us? Wait, that got weird.

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  1. You guys are such an adorable couple! And I love how well you work together. My husband has helped me SO much in my blog and while we aren’t technically in it together, I don’t know what I would do if it weren’t for him when my blog gets hacked (ugh!), goes down, or I need to switch servers. Oh, he’s also ALWAYS willing to go to the grocery store for me, which I am so thankful for :)

  2. Love reading this Lindsay and Bjork! You two always seem to be on top of things and I can tell how much work you both put into Pinch of Yum (and Food Blogger Pro, of course). Photos from your wedding – gorgeous! You two make the whole umbrella thing look great. I just know it will rain on our wedding day. Just the luck I have! I’ll have to buy a cute umbrella beforehand just in case. Though Kevin isn’t officially involved with SBA, he does run emergency trips to the grocery store, listen to me complain about recipe disasters, and puts up with this crazy lifestyle. Not to mention, our extensive collection of food props that overtakes the living room, dining room area and kitchen. Ooops! I can honestly say that I would not have a blog if it were not for Kevin’s support and encouragement. Thanks for this post guys! It has put off work for about 10 minutes. 😉

    • hahaah – thanks Sally! The photos feel so old to me now! The rain on the wedding day thing was actually more like SLEET, so fingers crossed that part doesn’t happen to you guys! I love that Kevin is secretly involved in SBA as well. :) And I sort of, no, TOTALLY, envy his primary job as taste tester.

  3. Wow – such an awesome post and I could never dream of co-blogging with anyone, let alone my spouse. I need to you know, do every single thing myself and do it all my way (the only way…LOL..kidding!) But I’ve often wondered how you two make it seem so easy and this behind the scenes post is really a gem!

  4. Cute post! Josh helps me every step of the way with my blog. Kudos to anyone who does it alone, because some days I can barely make it through the cooking and the eating, forget the photo editing or doing scary computer coding stuff 😉

  5. LOVE this post! My husband is my tech guy. I could barely write on facebook or create a word document when I started my blog. It’s been so much fun learning and creating together. It’s also great to have a “master dishwasher” when the baking days get out of control!!!

  6. Ah, I love this entire post. Seems like a combination of honesty and humor gets you through a lot, too. Even with the squabbles that I’m sure you have sometimes, you two are a great time, and have been very successful!

  7. What a wonderful article and thank you for sharing yet another part of your life with us!!

  8. As new food bloggers (I’m a creative director, my better half is in the medical field) so we are late-night bloggers…really enjoyed reading about the dynamic you guys have developed!

  9. I kind of think anyone who is in a relationship where you blog where you live and live with a partner is almost automatically collaborating with their spouse on a day-to-day basis. My husband will never get ‘official’ credit for blogging with me in the same sense as the couples you have highlighted in your post, but he is my motivator, my second-harshest and more brutally honest critic, my support system and, the very involved father to my child. I could not be as invested in what I am doing if it weren’t for his love and support. So, if it makes any sense, I say he isn’t an ‘official’ part of my blog, but he most certainly is in many, many ways. (hihi, I feel like I’ve just written a Valentine’s Day card! Quick, to my pretty paper!)

  10. Good read! =) great to see another bloggers aspect on this subject!!! thanks for sharing with us!

  11. I loved the pictures in this post! You guys are so cute. I think you make a great team. I wish I had started blogging before I had so many kids so maybe I could have built a bigger following before I literally ran out of time to do anything besides create content. It must also be great (and challenging) to have your husband so involved and able to help in various ways. My husband is a graphic designer but we realized early on that it was better for our relationship if we didn’t work together.

  12. You speak the truth. I feel so incredibly lucky to have Taylor by my side, and as I tell people, even though I’m the one doing the writing and photography and am the main voice/personality behind the blog, without him, the food wouldn’t happen.

  13. Lindsay and Bjork, Thank you both a million times for all the help you give to the rest of us bloggers! Your candidness is so truly appreciated. Many times your posts have given me the encouragement to keep going. You are truly my inspiration. Thank you!

  14. I absolutely adore this post! Like Lindsay said, while I am the “voice” of the blog and do the baking, photography and writing, I probably would have hit blog overload or burnout long ago if not for my husband. He helps with so much of the behind-the-scenes stuff, and is my biggest supporter and cheerleader. While working together all day is different and takes some adjustment, any time there is a “squabble” I just remind myself of how lucky I am.

  15. You are such a lovely, funny and professional couple!

  16. Love these cute photos of you two! Even though my boyfriend and I don’t work together on my food blog, we do both have other blogs in a similar niche and because we both work freelance we’re together all. the. time. But he’s my best critic (in a good way) and helps with inspiration. He’s also not scared to tell me when something doesn’t look great, which friends and readers wouldn’t always do. It’s so great that you two can work together so efficiently – as a couple and as business partners!

  17. This was one of my favorite posts from Pinch of Yum! I love learning from you both and appreciate those moments where you let us hear what goes on behind the scenes. And now we get to see adorable pictures of you! Loved it. I would not have gotten up off my butt to start my blog if it wasn’t for Pinch of Yum and Food Blogger Pro. Thanks for always being inspiring, truthful, kind, and funny.

  18. This was amazing. You are such a cool couple and I love what you do here at POY. Plus that picture of you in high school is ADORABLE :)

  19. As a long-time blogger I’ve read more than my fair share of foodie sites. One of the things that kept me coming back here was the fact that you and Bjork were so open and honest about the food world. That was something I found to be so much different than so many other food bloggers. Food is better when its shared and I feel the best food sites often share some real life too. So, thanks for doing that because not only are the two of you a huge inspiration you show us that there is still live outside of online food photos 😉

  20. This is such an interesting post to read and always so lovely that you are so transparent about blogging as a business!
    I work full time hours on my fashion/lifestyle blog but also hold a part time job whilst the husband has a full time job but also acts as my photographer and web designer on the side. We spent so much of our free time talking about the blog too and came to the same conclusion – it is a joint interest!
    I hope one day we can grow it into something as successful as Pinch Of Yum!


  21. I love this post!! 3 cheers for high school sweethearts :)

    Totally appreciate how helpful and transparent you are about the business of blogging — I always find myself turning to your tutorials as I progress with my blog. Thanks, guys!

    • Yay! HS sweethearts indeed. Thanks for the nice comment Kristen – we’re so glad when we hear that people find the pages and resources helpful. :)

  22. You all are too cute! It so great that you all have a wonderful partnership both on and offline. I think my husband would totally be game for blogging together, but I don’t about what, lol! It was great getting to know you all more through this post. Thanks for sharing!

  23. I love this post! I don’t think I could do what I do if not for my husband’s support and help. He is so helpful and encouraging. It’s always nice to have a partner by your side!

  24. Great post guys! We love following other blogs that share our ideas.
    This keeps us running towards our goal, to develop a great food blog.
    We love your site, keep up with the good work! :)

  25. It’s so inspiring and uplifting that the two of you can work together — and happily too! With how much time, effort, taste buds, and tears that go into a food blog, it’s wonderful that you can share that, both professionally and as a couple, but still make time for other fulfilling aspects of life too. And as readers, we all really really love you too! :)

  26. This was so much fun to read. I do most of the blog things but my husband is always there for support and help when needed. He gets really into it and I love that about him.

  27. Words alone cannot describe the inspiration that Pinch of Yum has been. A few months ago I came across your blog and showed it to my husband Tim. The first thing he said was “We could do that”. So was the start of What the “Forks” for Dinner?. Neither of us had the knowledge of how to set up a blog or the skill set for the photography but we surged ahead. The knowledge we have both gained from Food Blogger Pro has helped us get our blog up and running. We are just over a month old and I am excited by our progress so far. Thank you, thank you , thank you for the inspiration, the guidance, and the wisdom you have shared on your journey!

  28. I’m wondering how you finance yourselves?

  29. You guys are so stinking cute. I loved reading this post. I don’t know what I’d do without my weekly emails/recipe inspo from you guys! Thanks for keeping me giggling/hungry at my desk.

  30. YOU GUYS ARE THE CUTEST! I CAN’T STOP TYPE-YELLING! Love the pics! Love you two.

  31. I love this post! My husband is my number one fan and enthusiastic taste tester/recipe rater, and rocker of babies who wake up in the evening when I’m busy :) LOVE the pic from highschool, you are such a beautiful couple. Keep up the amazing teamwork!

  32. This is such a wonderful and inspirational post for all the blogger couples out there. I just like Averie, can’t imagine working with the hubby on my blog. I have to do everything myself!!

    P.S: you guys are such a cute couple!!

  33. You guys are my favorite foods blogging couple. You two have given me so much inspiration with my blogging.

  34. This was so much fun to read and I loved all of the photos of the two of you! Congratulations on your success!

  35. Lindsay, I love EVERYTHING about this post. I’ve now read it through three times. You and Bjork seem like the perfect couple and those photos are so fun to see. I love how real you are and love your blog. I sure would love to see a post on how you guys met (looks like high school sweethearts), proposal, etc. Do you already have any of those type of posts? :)

  36. I love this post! So funny and so true. My husband and I blog together too and it is so nice to read about your experiences! We are just starting out, but it is so much fun to be doing this together!

  37. What an awesome story! This is what makes your blog stand out!

  38. Thanks so much for this thoughtful post! When I started blogging, I hadn’t met my now-husband yet. I was all about auto settings on my camera and hadn’t really found my voice. At first, Pat had a hard time “sharing” time with my blog and that was definitely stressful. Thankfully, he was able to contribute to my blog by helping me with my photography skills (he’s a photographer)! I think him being able to help out got him more on board with something that takes so much time in addition to my full time job! He sees what the blog has become and I think has a secret pride that my photos are constantly improving!

  39. This reminds me of me & my husband so much. Well, minus the whole he-works-from-the-office part (Jeff & I work together in our living/dining room). So fun hearing other couples who have so much in common with us (and I was even a teacher too!) :)

  40. “Will you marry us?”

    Mandy and I graciously accept. :-)

  41. What an amazing post – It’s so nice to read about the REAL lives of people you follow, makes it seem like you are my neighbours. Keep up the fantastic work

  42. I LOVE this post! My husband, Erez always helps me with the technical stuff and was the one that encouraged me to start my own blog. I feel blessed when I think about it and reading through your post. You seem like the cutest couple! I love the pictures and the fact that you share you life in a such a genuine way to help others. It’s definitely inspiring. Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s amazing.

  43. Thank you for sharing your blogging journey! What a team and a feel good post. As a recipient of both your areas of expertise (yummy and amazing recipes and food blogging pro tips) I cannot tell you how much your work means.

  44. I love this post, and your pics are absolutely adorable. Thanks for the constant tips and tricks, you guys rule!

  45. Thanks for such a lovely post! I have been married to my husband – and best friend – Mark for 33+ years, and does my heart good to see young couples today starting out right. Mark has been such an encouragement to me as I’ve almost given up trying to get my blog off the ground, and it’s his job as a university professor that has allowed me to pursue it in the first place… Yay for awesome husbands!

  46. What a lovely and inspiring post. My boyfriend and I are in the beginning stages of starting a business together and it’s scary- sometimes I worry that we’ll drive each other crazy with all the time spent together! But it’s great to see other couples working so well together, even though there may be the occasional spat :) Keep up the good work, both of you!

  47. You make me smile. And that is all there is to it! I love your candor. I started working with my now husband 4 years ago managing his construction company and we are together 24/7! Most people think we’re crazy! So far he doesn’t mess around with the blog beyond his role as Chief Tasting Officer! He does keep asking me how to monetize it…STRESS.

  48. I love this post so much. My husband and I work on our blog together. He’ll write a post here and there, but I’m the one doing most of the cooking, writing, and photographing since I’m home with the kids (and homeschooling on top of it all). He is the brains behind the operation and I’m just trying to learn from him. He’s the one who just recently got us photoshop and lightroom. He shoots in manual and I’m still stuck in automatic. I’m afraid to learn, because I’m afraid I won’t understand it because I’m not book smart and don’t remember things easily. So I’m working on trying to learn these things. But that’s one of the things we love about doing this together. We’re together, learning as we go, and it’s been fun for all of our kids too! Thanks for this post. I just sent it over to my hubby at work to read :)

    • How fun! Thanks for the comment Chels! And PS. You can learn the manual controls! And my guess is you’ll have so much fun when you do. Start with just the aperture adjustment and then add other controls from there. :)

  49. I wish this was Facebook so I can “like” everything everybody’s said. This blog is lovely, ALL recipes look yummy, and you and hubby look so cute and sweet together. Bookmaking your site.

  50. Lindsay, I really enjoyed reading your blog of how you and Bjork work together. You are an awesome team! I am a new co-blogger with my daughter, who is the architect of the enterprise and it is surprising how much time this blogging consumes, but I am loving it. However, my husband is a great supporter and encourager and it is great to be able to bounce ideas off him. I do the grocery shopping alone though. I love your site and the photographs are beautiful. You are an inspiration!

  51. Hi Lindsay,

    Loved this post. As I started reading, I literally passed through all those moments. How fun, unique and crazy it is to work together on a food blog. I loved you saying “So just remember that if you’re doing it alone you learn stuff for free online” because I am learning everyday new things about food blog for free online. Though I am a newbie in monetizing blog, hope my hard work takes me further like you guys.

  52. This is a fabulous post! I really love reading about how you’ve achieved this/live this day-to-day in a practical sense. I very recently started my blog and all the techy stuff has already been a ‘labour of love’ to say the least! Talk about learning curve! Although we’re not working together on the blog as such, as hubby is a bit too busy with other things at the moment, I really couldn’t have done it without his help and advice at times, especially when I had server problems really early on. Now he keeps telling me that I’ve ‘turned into him’ as I’m sitting there tapping away talking about servers and widgets and plugins and CSS!

  53. I really enjoyed this post. I mainly blog individually, and just ask my boyfriend for help if any technical elements go wrong. However I know of bloggers who get their partners to do their whole design, which is something I definitely don’t want to get into!

  54. What a great post! And a great distraction from the same ole, same ole posts. You’re unique, you’re funny, you’re real and raw…that’s why people (like me) are attracted to you and your lives. Well done – keep up the great content!

  55. How FUN.. I should do a post like this someday.. My husband and I have worked together for 14 years (which STILL amazes us). And we love it.. I refer to him as the “Shipping Department” but he is way more. We work on separate floors in the house, and use chat or email to communicate… or in person can be good too.. wink!

  56. Your post is very sweet and it’s nice to know it’s not all bubblegum ice cream and roses all the time.

  57. This WAS a good work distraction. :) And just all around a wonderful post. You guys are inspirational (and inspirationally energetic and ambitious). I also love how you wrote that having a partner in blogging is helpful but not a prerequisite. I agree that that’s true. …although I wouldn’t have started my blog without my fiancée, Paula, convincing me to start it! But I’d say she’s mostly been instrumental not with the work of blogging itself, but in providing me with 1) someone to cook for, 2) feedback on how my food tastes, and 3) emotional support (especially in times of extreme cooking/photography/blogging frustration!). So we’re not really a full-time blogging team the way you guys are.

    That said, Paula has guest blogged a little over 5% of my recipe posts (even though I’ve still done the photography), and I think that’s been a really nice way of letting her experience firsthand the amount of work & great rewards that come with sharing useful things with other people online, and feeling like this project that I spend so much of my life on is really a shared, team effort. (Not to mention it is awesome for me to have a week off occasionally from having to write a new blog post!)

    For people who are interested in that, I could see people’s significant others/partners starting to write the occasional guest posts as a nice way of gradually making food blogs more collaborative team efforts, especially if they are already seeping into every dinner conversation and your life offline as a couple!

  58. Such a good post guys! I love how open and honest you both are!

    The Macadame. xx

  59. This was such a lovely post, thank you for sharing about your journey together as one power blogging couple. I sometimes wish that my SO would read, let alone participate, in my blog. It’s really inspiring to read about how you two have come together, worked together, and grown closer over something about which you are both so passionate!

    Cheers to you, and here’s to another 3+ years of blogging =)

  60. Love this, everything is so true. My husband and I run my blog together basically the same as you.. he’s the computer guy I am the content generator! But we also run a local gym together and an online fitness studio. We often argue (petty issues) but wouldn’t trade a thing. Is it hard? Very at times. and very easy at others. But worth it.

  61. Awesome insight Lindsay! My husband and I run our YouTube channel together (and our blog) and it is hard work living and working together. What I take most from your post is the need to find the FUN and remember to appreciate it each…and that we need to separate our offices!! LOL. Thanks again…it reminds me that we’re not alone.

  62. Amazing! Thanks for sharing and love all the insight on how you run your amazing blog!

  63. Love this post Lindsay! You two really support each other and I love that. I would have crashed and burned if my Mr. had not been there to help along the way, and the fact that he cooks helps so much! I’m actually the techy one but finding each other’s strengths and weaknesses is so important to make it work.

  64. Just love you two.

  65. Ahhhh so many couples working together! So happy to see we’re not the only wacky ones who love building a business AND life together.

    Off to devour this (and the other couples) site now and bookmark about…oh….67 recipes! *scurries away*

  66. Rachel Erulkar says:

    This is really sweet. I’ve become such a fan of your blog over the last two months. The recipes are always spot on and I love reading what you have to say! Cheers!

  67. I am such a fan of your blog! I love your recipes and the lovely stories behind them. You have gotten me to try new things that I just would not have thought of. Every recipe I have made has been great – love that. In fact – you have me contemplating cauliflower next!

    Keep up the great work!

  68. Always a perfect read with the most gorgeous photos!
    Really inspired myself and my boyfriend to start a blog together as we are always on adventures!
    Don’t ever stop blogging!

    Katy & Nathan x

  69. You two are too cute! Getting a blog up and running (and finally seeing some success thanks in large part to your awesome tips and Food Blogger Pro!) with my fiancee has been an absolute blast :)

    Thanks always for the inspiration!

  70. Lindsay, I LOVE this. I loved seeing your wedding pics, so adorable! A lot of what you said I can totally relate to! Another reason why I love you guys :)

  71. That was one of the cutest posts I have ever read. I almost had tears come to my eyes :) My husband has a blog too, but he writes about our relationship (mattress shopping, folding delicates, cold wars.. I can’t imagine if I had to work with him on a blog.. heh.. would be filled with all sorts of inappropriate things. Kuddos to you and Bjork, and okay I’ll marry you guys :)

  72. I love this! I love hearing personal stories like this and I love that you guys met in HS! I try to involve my husband as much as possible in my blog. Since he works full time now he mainly coaches me on how to plan for larger projects (like an e-cookbook). He will try to find marketing resources for me and will pitch in with recipes. I am so happy that you guys have created such an awesome business! It gives me hope and something to aim for :)

  73. Do you fight over what to write and who should write what? Blogging as a couple is probably like marriage, there has to be division of labor.

    • I write everything for Pinch of Yum, so there’s not much to fight about there. :) I’m just the boss of that part. :) haha. But yes, definitely a division of labor for both sites!

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