Easy Turkey Pho

This Easy Turkey Pho recipe is LIGHT and so flavorful. All familiar ingredients that can be bought at a mainstream grocery store. Perfect for leftover turkey! | pinchofyum.com

Nothing fancy to see here, kids!

Nothing fancy at all.

Just an extremely flavorful (understatement of the century) Easy Turkey Pho that starts with a turkey-based broth with heaps upon heaps upon heaps of steamy rice noodles and every possible topping in the universe including but not limited to a heavy handed dousing of sriracha even if that’s not totally authentic. Also: me slurping the noodles up like a child because my fine motor skills actually BECOME those of a child when I have chopsticks in my hand. But come ON. I’d rather not do this right now.

What I do want to do is tell you how important it is for your tastebuds that you resourcefully use the leftover turkey and the turkey carc*** (terrible, terrible world that shall not be named on this blog) and make these epic noodle bowls that are kinda sorta some variation of pho.

I make no claims to authenticity here, guys.

I’ve had pho like three times in my life, and one of the times was when I made it myself. 😳 Sooo the only authority I speak with here is that of a person who loves easy – repeat: EASY – recipes that taste 100% amayyyyyzing. And this is that.

I’m keeping today’s post short because it’s sort of unexpected –> I just found myself feeling inspired to make a turkey in order to have the leftovers to make the turkey pho which we devoured in three and a half bites ALL BEFORE THANKSGIVING EVEN HAPPENED // so logical –> and I normally don’t post on Tuesdays, but I really needed you to see this before you throw away the turkey you-know-what after T-giving dinner.

Don’t do it! Don’t throw it away. Intervene NOW.

So should you make this and slurp it up while sitting around in your cozies over the weekend? Let’s just say I feel really good when I think about us doing that. 💙

This Easy Turkey Pho recipe is LIGHT and so flavorful. All familiar ingredients that can be bought at a mainstream grocery store. Perfect for leftover turkey! | pinchofyum.comRead More →

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