Sage in October

Okay, I really do have recipes going on in my life. And they will make it to the blog, super soonish. Pinky promise. But if we can just be honest with ourselves, is anyone in the world really lacking for recipe ideas right now? errr, uhmm, file under ... Read More →

Our First Ever Tasty Food Photography Workshop

Seriously pinch me. Our first ever Tasty Food Photography workshop has come and gone in about three little winks of an eye. On Friday night, as I was "getting ready for bed" aka nervously running through all possible scenarios and details and mishaps and ... Read More →

Sage in August

SAAAAGE! ♡ In a few days, it's going to be September. Say wha? This is both NOT OKAY and also the best thing ever because fall is amazing and I love it. But we've still got time before September hits and I'm taking full advantage of it by sneaking in ... Read More →

Up North: Ten Days at the Cabin

One picture of food. Just one. That's all! WHAT IS HAPPENING. Last week Bjork and I returned from a ten-day family vacation UP NORTH (where I only took one picture of food). If you're from Minnesota, I know you speak my language: when I say we were up ... Read More →

For the First Time Ever

Out of office! And for good reason. 💙 For eleven years now, we've been going to a cabin with my family and spend the better part of ten summer days boating, eating lunch on the dock, reading, and picking wild blueberries so we can make blueberry pancakes ... Read More →

You Don’t Know Until You Know

Those little feet ‼️ For about three weeks in June (where did that month go?), Bjork and I had a house full of little friends, little hands, little feet. What?! I know. IT WAS A BIG DEAL. And I'm not even being sarcastic. I alluded to our new guests a ... Read More →

Homemade Brown Sugar Baked Beans

Well, lookee here! This pot o glory is the new-to-me wonder known as HOMEMADE BAKED BEANS. They are saucy, semi-creamy, brown sugar sweet + smoky bacon salty, and deliciously comforting. Just five basic ingredients at work here: bacon, onions, navy beans, ... Read More →

New Orleans in the Summer

Home again, home again! It's been five days since we've completed the trip loop - Minneapolis to New Orleans to Minneapolis again - and I have to say, even though people warned us ("New Orleans in the summer?!"), NOLA was an amazingly rich experience. Even ... Read More →

Sage in May

Blogging is so weird. I woke up this morning and knew that I had to write a post, because it's Wednesday and I post on Wednesdays. ROUTINE! And my life existence could be summed up as coffee, spicy food, and predictable routines. Just how I like it. But ... Read More →

Introducing Sage

Alright everybody, it's time. I'd like to introduce you to our newest Pinch of Yum family member, our little one, our fur baby, our precious girl Sage. ... Read More →

Getting To Know Each Other {Reader Survey}

Sweet friends! I'm just popping in today for two seconds with something new because I ♡ you (too much? too soon?) and I want to make Pinch of Yum the most awesom-est place possible for you. Would you take five minutes, or uhh 2m 37s, if you're speedy ... Read More →

California Road Trip: Ten Must-See Places on Highway One

Today's post is sponsored by NatureBox, makers of delicious snacks that are a road tripper's best friend. Hi friends! We're hooooome! Said with a long Minnesota o. This little post today is going to include a quick trip recap of the California road trip, ... Read More →

24 Healthy Groceries You Need To Try From Target

Doing something different today, guys! Today we are talking food products, grocery shopping, healthier eating, and Target. I love where this is going already. A few disclaimers: This is a total nerd superfan (not sponsored or affiliated) post. In ... Read More →

Ten Awesome Things To Do In Charleston

You knew it was coming, right? A bombardment of photos and food talk from our recent trip to Charleston? Buckle up, friends, because Charleston took us by storm. There are two things I'm going to do in this post: the first is share my ten favorite things ... Read More →

Ski Trip: Park City, Utah

This post is sponsored by the lovely Park City Chamber of Commerce/Convention & Visitors Bureau. Thanks to our seriously awesome new friends there who showed us a fun time in Park City and helped us break out of the bloggy computer rut to be true outdoor ... Read More →

Kitchen Remodel: The Final Reveal

Hallooooo, kitchen remodel post! After months of dreaming and pinning ideas // months of pretending to be an adult picking out things like countertops and faucets // months of cooking everything in a toaster and eating at a folding table in the basement ... Read More →

The Failed Recipes of 2014

Here she be! The Last Post of 2014. And what better way to wrap up the year than to share my worst failed recipes from the last 12 months? Brilliant, I know. This year I've found myself cooking in some really weird situations. Like, REALLY weird. From ... Read More →

And Just Like That: Christmas 2014

And just like that, Christmas be gone. How did that just happen? I blinked and allthethingshappened and now it's December 27th and Christmas is nothing more than a crumb left on my sweater. Although both the crumb and the sweater might be a little ... Read More →

How To Host A Holiday Cookie Baking Party

Last weekend I hosted a cookie baking party. Wait, let me say that again. I HOSTED A COOKIE BAKING PARTY! Like the real, true, responsible adult that I am trying to be. I planned, invited, prepped, hosted, and managed six people baking holiday cookies ... Read More →

15 Ways To Avoid Blogger Burnout

Six months. That's how long it's been since I left my first dream job as a fourth grade teacher to pursue my second dream job of being a full-time food blogger, spending my days working on that one little hobby food blog that I started almost five years ago ... Read More →

Photo Gift Guide with Pinhole Press

  Today's post is me showing you all the sweet, thoughtful, and unique real life gifts that I made for the people I love this year, sponsored by the creatives at Pinhole Press! A little secret for all the Santas out there - if you want to make me cry ... Read More →

Ten Ways To Build Your Blog While Traveling

Home again, home again, jiggity jog! Wowsa - these last few weeks have been quite the ride. From conferences to video work to photography workshops, from the West Coast to the South to more of the Midwest - we've gotten AROUND, yo. It's been really awesome ... Read More →

West Coast Road Trip

Pickies! This post is for the people who like the pictures. And not so much on the words because, well, there's a small tsunami of picturemania coming at your eyeballs right now. Words - no. If you dare to hop in the virtual backseat of the rented Prius to ... Read More →

Girls’ Trip to Aspen and The Little Nell + $300 Giveaway

Oh hayyyy web frands! Today is the day I've been looking forward to all week - the one where we're going to talk about the girls' trip and then give away some travel cash for you to use towards YOUR OWN TRIP at the end of the post. You down widdat? I have ... Read More →

Life At The Cabin

Two whole weeks! Lucky us. Every year for the last ten (whoa!), my family has been going up to a cabin in Wisconsin for a few weeks in the summer. It's a VRBO rental property so technically it's not "ours", but when you go to the same place every year for ... Read More →

Our Life Without Sugar

There's something I haven't been telling you. For the last 60 days, Bjork and I have taken on the challenge to live without refined sugar. And it is TOTALLY a weird person thing to say and do, and I know you're thinking the same thing right now, since ... Read More →

The Cabin at Lake Pepin

This post is sponsored by Wyndham Vacation Rentals. It is written by me (hi!). It includes my family's pictures and stories and vacation rental experiences. Ready set go! So Happy Fourth of July! We just got back from a great 4-day vacation to the ... Read More →

Yum Sweet Home: Etsy Favorites

Yum Sweet Home update today! I've been so excited to make the house pretty and warm and cozy since we moved in in November, but as I may have mentioned a few million times, these last few months have been, oh, how can I say it? Chaotic and unorganized. ... Read More →

Emerald Isle Vacation Pictures

Family vacation pictures! ❤ This could get both really awesome/scary depending on your interest in looking at other people's family vacation pictures, so either grab a coffee and sit down (yay!), or run away. Run for your life. Because I am a person of the ... Read More →

On Full Time Blogging: The End of a Chapter

This is the post where I make the big announcement: I'm leaving my job as a teacher and I'm going to blog full time. In my mind, this post was going to be a really nice reflection on my years as a teacher and a really boom-pow exciting segue into the ... Read More →

California Meets Minnesota

For the last five days, I've been ice-jumping, photographing, and eating my way around the state of Minnesota with our California friends! Let's introduce --> Brad and Kirstin are friends that we met in Cebu (yeah, like Cebu City in the Philippines) ... Read More →

10 Meals You Should Make for Your Friends with New Babies

Babies, Babies, Everywhere! I'm seeing babies in my newsfeed and on blogs and in real life like it's crazy baby town right now, because it IS crazy baby town. And I LOVE IT. ♥ Now here comes the part where I talk about how much I like kids and you go, ... Read More →

Spicy Shrimp with Orange Brown Butter Sauce + Vacation Pics

First things first: IT'S FRIDAY. Do you love Fridays or what?! Gee whiz gosh golly gee, I can't get enough of them. I still work all weekend (bloggity blogga), but Friday nights are always my most favorite time of the whole week. I have always loved the ... Read More →

Yum Sweet Home: Homebuying Moments + Pictures

Hey guys! Today I am blogging on behalf of Trulia, but the views expressed here are ours, the stories are ours, the photos of my house are... obviously, ours. To learn more, visit the Trulia website. So let's start from the beginning - in November, we ... Read More →

Blogging As A Couple: What It’s Really Like

Over the last 3+ years, Bjork and I have had a really unique opportunity: to build a food blog, together, as married people. Weird, right? What that really means is that we sit at coffee shops and talk about nutrition plugins, analyze pictures of melty ... Read More →

Ten Fun Things

Hey guys! It's a random Tuesday. I'm sippin' on some coffee and eating a leftover blueberry scone in my, um, nicest outfit (hahah), at home. Minnesota is bone-chillingly cold and our district has canceled school again. How about ten fun things to keep me ... Read More →

Weekend Trip to Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.! What a place. I spent last weekend bebopping around this richly historical city with my mom and my sisters. G to the irls' trip! So there's kind of a story to this trip. A while back I told you about this book I read that really moved and ... Read More →

On Burnout and Peace

This image from Pocket Fuel basically sums it up. In the last few weeks, I've had quite a few readers ask for advice on how to overcome discouragement and burnout as a blogger. It must be the season for that because throughout the last few weeks of 2013, ... Read More →

Puppy Sophie

THIS IS SOPHIE! But first, can I just say it's been a long time! Like, wowza. I feel a little rusty sitting here typing this out. After, what, ten days? of much needed R-E-S-T (more on that later), I am back today because I had to introduce you to sweet ... Read More →

Holiday Gift Guide: Cozy Gifts for Book Lovers

This Holiday Gift Guide is sponsored by The Honest Company. And please note that I use all of the products listed below, and please note that they are things that I find cute, lovable, useful, crush-worthy, delicious, and very giftable. And please note ... Read More →

Holiday Gift Guide: Pretty Gifts for Fashion Lovers

This Holiday Gift Guide is sponsored by the Honest Company. And please note that I use all of the products listed below, and please note that they are things that I find cute, lovable, useful, crush-worthy, delicious, and very giftable. And please note ... Read More →

Holiday Gift Guide: Fun Gifts for Foodies

This Holiday Gift Guide is sponsored by The Honest Company. And please note that I use all of the products listed below, and please note that they are things that I find cute, lovable, useful, crush-worthy, delicious, and very giftable. And please note that ... Read More →

Yum Sweet Home: Before Pictures

1. We have a house. WE HAVE A HOUSE! 2. Our house has an old front door. ... Read More →

10 Days to Montana and Back

Ten days, one SUV, four adults, one baby, one dog. Nine hundred million gas station and fast food stops, two hotels, three thousand miles, one overstuffed car topped covered with bungee cords and a ripped plastic tarp. Four days of BFF-couples woodsy cabin ... Read More →

10 Things I ♥ This Friday

Clarity, the magazine As of last week when the first issue came out, I'm now a recipe and food photography magazine contributor! Yep. CLARITY is a new digital bi-monthly lifestyle magazine for photographers that will include a section in each issue by my very ... Read More →