Camote Tops (Camote Fritters)

There they all, all purpley and wonderful. Today's post is a throwback to when I said I was going to do a ten-week series on the Filipino food that was cooked and loved at the orphanage we worked at last year, but then I only got through eight weeks because ... Read More →

Sweet Corn Maja

{First, some sad news. There was a major earthquake in Cebu on Tuesday. While the kids and workers at CSC are safe, there are so many people in this familiar-to-me corner of the Philippines that need help to recover and rebuild. I so appreciate your ... Read More →

Banana Cue

This was one of my craziest and most fun days in the Philippines. And it is without a double THE MOST delicious snack. We made these golden fried brown sugar sticky bananas when my friend Angie was visiting Bjork and me in Cebu. I took advantage of having ... Read More →

Filipino Humba

Ok, so humba. I feel pretty comfortable calling this my favorite Filipino food, although it's a close tie between this and Pancit. It is officially my favorite favorite when it is made in that hot little kitchen half way up a bumpy mountain road by the CSC ... Read More →

The Highlight Reel

Whenever a visitor, staff, child, or adoptive family leaves CSC to go back home, the kids sing a goodbye song and everyone hugs. Like literally, every kid hugs every person. That's 80+ hugs and yet somehow, for me, it went way too fast. In looking back at our ... Read More →

When It’s All Said and Done

What was the best thing about the year? Okay, what!? How am I supposed to answer that? There were so many incredible things about this year that I will always remember with happy feelings. Like riding the motorcycle. Gosh, I loved that little thing. The ... Read More →

The Journey Home

I just ate one of my sister's citrus scones with butter and honey that was in the welcome home basket from my family and I'm wearing a grey hoodie because our house is just a little bit cold. Did you hear that? COLD. Some things about being home are really, ... Read More →

Our Cebu Photo Book

Between packing up our life, playing those last few goofball games with the kids, and sweating myself silly, I somehow found the time to stay up till one in the morning during our last week to make a Shutterfly photo book. So typical. I love Shutterfly, and ... Read More →

Growing Up

When we first came to the Philippines to work at this orphanage one year ago, I was totally enthralled with the babies. And some things do not change, in a year, orrr in a hundred years. I am still totally enthralled with the babies. The other day I was ... Read More →

A Philippines Birthday

Alrighty! As of yesterday, I'm 27 years old. And I have peace like a river in my soul, even though I'm getting wrinkles from laughing so much around these kids. Hallelujah is right. On Saturday, we headed out of town with some friends on the ... Read More →

This Is My Neighborhood

Boys wearing scarves and gloves and stickers on their faces. Kites. All the time. Barbed wire gates, a tangle of electrical lines, and hard working people. ... Read More →

The Market

It's 4am. I'm sitting on a bench in the back of a big white van, smushed up against our house mothers, older kids, wooden crates, woven baskets, and neon plastic buckets. We're making our way downtown into a mass of people, vegetables, and fish. This ... Read More →

This is lunch time.

On today's menu: rice, fish, and rice. Lami kaayo! Thanks to our awesome friends Brad and Kirstin for filming, and if you want to keep up with more fun kid stuff from CSC, you can follow along on Facebook! ... Read More →

When friends come to the Philippines

They dress up as clowns. If they're cool. And my friend Angie is definitely cool. Even in the downtown city market, in the hottest and most bizarre situations, she stays cool. ... Read More →


I'm kind of embarrassed that I titled this post "cute" because cute is a very shallow way to describe these little ones, and all that they are, and all that they represent. There are so many layers to this place and these kids. But gosh, what can I say, ... Read More →

A Million Pictures of My Family

That sure sounds appealing, right? My family was in Cebu this week. Weeeeooo! They braved the 24+ hours of travel to Cebu so they could reconnect with my siblings' biological family, visit the orphanage we're working at, and experience our new normal ... Read More →

24-Hour Vacation

Is it just me or is my helmet always crooked? Last weekend we did a 24-hour vacation/road trip to a little place called Moalboal. On motorcycle. If you really want to get to know your spouse, ride on a small motorcycle in the blazing hot sun with two ... Read More →

Family Vacation

Last week I told you we had been off the grid. But this week, with Bjork's parents still visiting, we were REALLY off the grid. Like, take a ferry to a different island and brave a muddy pot-holed road over the ocean to get to another tiny island and ... Read More →

She’s Leaving

"Teacher Lindsay, is that your laundry?" ... Read More →

Pretty Faces

When you see these faces, you just know. ... Read More →


... Read More →

Chicken Bacon Wild Rice Soup

This morning I got out of bed around 5am. Less because I was up ambitiously early and more because I never really fell asleep. I walked outside and sat on the edge of our second floor apartment in my pajamas. It was still mostly dark and already hot. ... Read More →

Back To It

Well, I am alive. And I am thankful, even though I didn’t say so on this blog exactly on Thanksgiving Day. Last week I made my first and pray-to-God last trip to the hospital here in the Philippines. That sounds more dramatic than it needs to, but ... Read More →

Photos of the City

... Read More →

My Mom

This week I've been neglecting my hot little kitchen because... she came! My mom came! To the Philippines! To spend time with me and Bjork at the school, the shelter, and the beach. It was amazing. ... Read More →

The Dogs

This post could get raw, weepy, and contemplative reeeeal quick. Consider yourselves warned. I’m losing a mind battle with the dogs. I tried to focus myself to write about something else, like the delicious cookies that I’ve been living on for the last two ... Read More →

It’s the Little Things

Like finding a gym. A real, treadmill-elliptical-yoga-room gym. Or getting a table. ... Read More →

This Is Why

Babies are the new thing. ... Read More →

Places, Etc.

Let's have a cupcake together. ... Read More →

Thoughts at Three Months {his and hers}

I can hardly believe it. It's been three months since we boarded a plane in little old Minnesota, sprinted through the Chicago airport with overpacked carry-ons to catch our flight to Seoul, and finally bopped on over to our temporary home for a year: Cebu, ... Read More →

What I Do Here

On Mondays, I ride up to school on the back of moped. I love it. ... Read More →


This weekend we went to the beach and it became my favorite place in the world. I've kind of been overloading you with pictures of kids, snack foods, and dirty crowded streets, but I am dying to show you some more pictures of another side of the ... Read More →

Babies and Things

Happy Monday! Before you throw a pie at my face, there are three reasons this Monday actually is happy. Number one: baby time. It may appear that baby time is little happier for me than it is for cutie pie, but in our hearts we love each other. ... Read More →

Girls at the Mall

Hi there! How was your weekend? Mine was good, as you might have noticed by the jumbo cheeseburger and malt pictured above. The main event of the weekend was Bjork and my - mine's? I's? - first ever outing with kids from the orphanage. We decided ... Read More →

Life This Week

This week the sun's been shining. I've been holding babies and not doing my hair. I've been enjoying this new look and this one too. I've been eating sugar and trying tom kha with coconut milk and monggo beans and ... Read More →

New Routines: Part 2

So this is the point in my life where I share my crazy new habits on the internet. Again. Routine #5: This cereal. All the time, every day. Period. It has real (like, REAL) chocolate inside each little piece and a funny dog on the box. So basically it's ... Read More →

New Routines: Part 1

There's something you should know about me. I love routine and structure and rules and schedules and color-coded charts and all things safe and un-risky. But then I moved to the Philippines. Ha ha. Things in the Philippines operate freely and loosely. ... Read More →

Seeing the City

Sunday grillin. ... Read More →

Skinny Garlic Fried Rice

Remember when I never posted Seoul pictures? We had a great time on our three-day-pre-Philippines-mini-vacation and absolutely loved experiencing Seoul. But then I left my DSLR in my messy suitcase for a year. Woops. One of the best things about our trip ... Read More →

A Day in This Life

5:30 am – Go running. And by running, I mean dodging stray dogs, motorcycles, roosters, trash, and suspicious puddles on the main street through town for about 3 minutes before calling it quits. 6:00 am - Eat breakfast (today I had cold brown rice + cold ... Read More →

Kitchen Nightmares

That right there? That was supposed to be a cake. I ate the hot gooey batter out of the pan with a spoon and really truly loved every bite, but come on. Cake? Not even close. Then there's our frying pan. Buying the one that was less than one dollar was ... Read More →

Small Victories

The sound of our toilet flushing is sweet music to my ears! There are few occasions in a person's life that warrant a photo of a toilet for a post image, and this is one of them. Next up, the fridge. Then, washing machine. And after that, internet. ... Read More →

Home for the Year

This is the view that I’m looking at right now. I have a fan two inches from my face. I just ate a mango and leftover airplane snacks for breakfast. I woke up to at least 100 roosters crowing. My hair is triple the size of my head. I flushed a ... Read More →

Scenes from Seoul

Here I am in Incheon International Airport waiting to board our flight to Cebu and sipping on a Caribou Coffee Iced Mocha. (CARIBOU in Seoul!?!? CARIBOU in Seoul! Weird and wonderful.) I'm excited to share more photos from this amazing city, but for now ... Read More →

Adventures in Seoul

If there's one thing I've learned in the last 5 days of travel, it's that I'm completely addicted to my iPhone. This becomes a major problem, a major crabbiness factor, and a major source of marital stress when my iPhone doesn't have service OR WiFi. And my ... Read More →