Five Ingredient Simple Green Pasta Salad

Five Ingredient Simple Green Pasta Salad - basil, olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice flavor this fresh, yummy, simple summer dish! | #pasta #salad #healthy #recipeToday’s green pasta party and $300 giveaway – woot woot! – is sponsored by Oliviers and Co., makers of olive oil, vinegar, and most importantly, that heavenly basil spread.

Sometimes I need, want, just completely love green foods. This is one of those major big times since I’m still coming down from two weeks of vacation where, for me, green foods take a back seat to grilled pork and freshly caught and fried Walleye tacos. So I’m ready, guys. Bring me the green things!

This pasta salad contains 1-2-3-4-5 fresh, healthy ingredients assuming that olive oil and salt don’t count towards my total cause you’re nice like that. Can we just make those freebies? Five is such a nice number for my bouncy grocery store mind.

Five Ingredient Simple Green Pasta Salad - fresh, healthy, simple! | #recipe #fresh #healthy #vegetarian

Favorite thing about simple recipes (hi, five ingredient green pasta salad): the higher the quality of the ingredients, the fewer ingredients you really need because the flavor of even just one ingredient is so over-the-moon-delicious. This pasta salad, which – side note – would be perfect warmed up for dinner OR eaten cold for lunch as I can assure you from experiencing both! features a few of those high quality ingredients alongside a few grocery store basics.

I have always had this thing about high quality olive oil – if I’m going to use the really good stuff, I want to TASTE it. So in this here salad, I took some Oliviers and Co. olive oil and drizzled it over the top, cold, pure, right on the greens, just before diving in so I could really fully taste and appreciate the joy. As in j to the o to the y.

Oliviers and Co. olive oil and balsamic - so pretty! |

It’s tempting for an ingredient and flavor obsessed girl like me to make this a one-million-foods-in-a-bowl-party, but there’s no need to get wild and crayzee with the food shenanigans. This is food minimalism at its best: just really high quality, delicious vegetables and herbs in a big bowl of summer freshness drizzled with beautiful olive oil that has flavor you can taste.

Five Ingredient Simple Green Pasta Salad - basil, olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice flavor this fresh, yummy, simple summer dish! | #pasta #salad #healthy #recipe

PS. Me = dipping my face in that bowl. You = wondering if I’m serious. I am.

You know those nibbly little pasta tubes? Yes – THOSE ones. Bring them on.

This pasta salad fiesta starts with the baby pasta tubulars getting tossed up with green beans which are obviously cut in a copycat shape of pasta tubes because matchy-matchy is funnnn. The green continues with some chopped up spinach, a handful of Parmesan, and then the best thing happens: Oliviers & Co. basilic – basil and olive oil spread comes a’calling.

Five Ingredient Green Pasta Salad using Oliviers and Co. gorgeous olive oil products! |

This is where Oliviers and Co. gives us a hand: this company makes what is considered some of the world’s best olive oil, probably because they are involved in every step of the olive oil process, from overseeing family farms throughout Europe, to the mills, bottling facilities, and ultimately to its boutiques. We’re talking about grove-to-table products here. Two thumbs up!

And one of their most wonderful olive oil products (which I got to sample and then: true story: I had to email them and ask for another jar for this here recipe partnership because the first one was gone in about 2 hours) is the Oliviers & Co. basilic basil and olive oil spread that I’m using as a sort of dressing in this recipe. In addition to using it for this salad, I’ve also shmeared it all over my poached egg and avocado toasts on several occasions – which reminds me, would it be weird to have that for both breakfast and lunch today? – and put it on, wait for it, PIZZA. The fact that it’s not traditional pesto (no nuts, no garlic, nothing besides basil and the most pure, beautiful olive oil) makes it extremely versatile. And yummy. *licks fingers*

Five Ingredient Simple Green Pasta Salad - basil, olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice flavor this fresh, yummy, simple summer dish! | #pasta #salad #healthy #recipe

Alright, I think it’s time for me to leave you and the five ingredient green pasta salad alone for a little while. It’s fantastically, wonderfully simple. If you don’t make this or your own local summertime variation of it within 24 hours, you are a food criminal and your punishment involves lunch at my house where we sit outside and drink Pellegrino and eat this salad with an extra scoop of Parmesan. Mmk?

Five Ingredient Simple Green Pasta Salad - basil, olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice flavor this fresh, yummy, simple summer dish! | #pasta #salad #healthy #recipe

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Five Ingredient Simple Green Pasta Salad
Serves: 4
The Essentials:
The Extras:
  1. Toss the cooked pasta with a little olive oil to prevent it from sticking (and to make it extra yummy). Heat a little bit of olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add the green beans and the garlic cloves (if using, which I recommend because it’s delicious) and saute quickly just until the garlic is fragrant and the green beans turn bright green and tender. Toss the green beans and garlic with the pasta. Place in the fridge to cool for 15-20 minutes otherwise you’ll wilt the spinach.
  2. When the pasta is cool, add the spinach, basil and olive oil spread, Parmesan, and salt. Toss, taste, and adjust as necessary. I like to serve each individual portion with a drizzle of the O&Co. olive oil and a splash of balsamic if you like a little tang in there.
I’ve also added bacon, tomatoes, chickpeas, fresh basil leaves, and other ingredients to jazz this up and use up whatever ingredients I have on hand - customize away! Also, for my vegheads out there, just replace or omit the Parmesan with a vegetarian-approved cheese.

Oliviers and Co. Giveaway

{This giveaway is now closed.}


Annnnd that’s a wrap! Thanks for checking in on the green pasta salad today, you most awesome readers and food lovers. I hope your first week of August has been fab and I hope your weekend includes some really really good food. XO

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  1. I too love green food, nothing like a pop of green for a meal. Makes you think you’re eating so healthy, which of course with this easy peasy recipe…….duh Laura, you are!! yay.

    I’m a sucker for high-end olive oil too. You nailed it, higher quality ingredients make such a difference. Too bad for my waist line that I just discovered high-end butter….oh my!

    But I’ll just eat this salad for the next few meals and be ok. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!!!

  2. I always feel so healthy when eating a meal that has a ton of green in it! This salad looks so good! And those olive oil bottles? Beautiful packaging! I’ll definitely have to try the basil infused, there’s nothing like high end olive oil to take a dish to the next level.

  3. Loving all that green!! So yummy!

  4. Beautiful recipe! I too am a bit of a good olive oil snob – I have a friend who brings me home made olive oil from Liguria – I am spoiled! Would love to try the Persiani olive oil.

  5. I love meals like this – easy, delicious, and healthy! A perfect weekend dinner when you are on a time crunch. Gorgeous as always, Lindsay! Almost Friday. :)

  6. I want to try the spread you used in your recipe and the aged apple balsamic. The salad looks delicious!

  7. I love that this is basically 2 parts vegetables to 1 part pasta — that’s my favorite kind of pasta salad! I’d love to get my hands on that olive & basil oil. I’m a total sucker for flavored olive oils and somehow haven’t discovered a basil flavored one yet, yum!

  8. I want to try to clementine and cinnamon spread because I just woke up with the worlds largest sweet tooth and that sounds like the perfect cure! I’m going to be craving sugar all day, I can see it coming.

  9. I’d love to try the Olive & Lemon Oil. I think it would be great on fish! Oh, and the beautiful olive wood accessories are gorgeous!

  10. Julie @ Dish With Fresh 5 says:

    Looks yummy Lindsay! It’s so true, by picking 5 seasonally fresh, high quality ingredients, you can create a delicious healthy 5 star dish.

  11. I’d like to try the white truffle oil! Yum!

  12. This looks so beautiful and refreshing. Now technically I count ten ingredients (cause I count the ingredients within ingredients i.e. pasta, cheese ) but that is just me being particular :)
    It still is such a great, less processed dish. We need more of these.

  13. Heavenly!! There’s an O&Co next to my hair dresser in Boston and I could legit spend all day in there! Let’s just say I have a plethora of olive oil in my pantry!

  14. I would love to try the mandarin oil & pomegranate or white wine vinegar with honey & ginger.

  15. The mint olive oil looks amazing! I love mint and I”m trying to find new ways to incorporate it into my cooking.

  16. looks yummy. I’d love to try the basil olive oil!

  17. I love this super healthy green twist on traditional summer time pasta salads!! PINNED =)

  18. I’ve been to a couple olive oil and vinegar stores where you can go around and taste each item before they bottle it up for you to purchase. I could spend more time there than at all the other stores we went to… COMBINED! Yum yummmm. The White Wine Vinegar with Honey & Ginger sounds the most intriguing to me… maybe on an asian salad?

  19. I love lemon so the lemon oil looks good. And all of the paired oil/vinegar flavor combos! I’d love to try using them with different salads.

  20. would love, love, love to try OLIVE & BASIL OIL! lemon would be amazing for salads and chicken as well. so many options! this looks delicious!


  21. I think the basil spread looks amazing, but I would probably try one of the balsamics because I am crazy about balsamic! :) This recipe looks amazing!

  22. Donese Mabry says:

    I have a sweet tooth, and it’s very hard to find healthy sweets, so the Tortas Sweet Olive Oil Crackers caught my eye. Healthy and SWEET! Can’t beat that!

  23. This dish is so super gorgeous! As much as I’d love to try the basil and olive oil spread… They have a peri peri sauce, something I’ve come to love in South Africa, and I’d definitely like to get my hands on it!

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  27. Joey Patterson says:

    Where do I begin?! I LOVE great olive oil anyway (you can probably find me tasting every single one at any tasting store I happen to walk past). Let’s see….

    The Peri Peri sauce sounds amazing – I’ve only had it in restaurants and I’d really enjoy taking that for a spin in the kitchen, but the thing that caught my eye first was the Pesto Ai Peperoni – Bell Peppers and Ricotta?! Count me in!!! If this is a common thing that I’ve somehow missed out on, I need to re-evaluate where I shop….

  28. I like to feel fancy at times so I’d totally go for there white truffle oil. What’s not not love about pouring mushroom flavor on things? Good sponsor here Lindsay! I like the idea of simple pesto with only basil and quality olive oil, seems very versatile.

  29. This looks fantastic! I’d love to try this basil and olive oil spread!

  30. Simple pasta is my favorite type of pasta and this looks very yummy!

  31. The cherry and chipotle barbecue sauce sounds divine!

  32. I’m a teeeeny bit obsessed with olive oils. My dad works for a little olive oil company here in CA, and I have learned so much about olive oil everywhere. I’m super excited to try the grand crus. ALL OF THEM. Ahem.

  33. I’m a total pasta salad freak! But I always throw in wasyyyyy too many ingredients, love that this is only five!!

  34. that pasta shape is fun!!

  35. Sundried tomato and basil pesto….yum!

    Can’t wait to look around on their site more. Thanks for the great lead on new products.

    Also, making this tonight. My family loves a good pasta salad.

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  37. That pasta looks amazing. I would love to try the Pesto Ai Peperoni – Bell Pepper & Ricotta Cheese.

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  39. What the heck…I’m very intrigued to try the Wild Poppy Vinegar —

    Your posts are always wonderful and YUM, yum, yummy, too!

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  41. I really love your photos! I’m slowly trying to learn from your book 😀

  42. Emily Petersen says:

    That Basilic needs to be in my mouth. NOW.

    This looks delicious. I’d definitely want to add a little protein because I’m a carnivore, but I love veggies…especially the green variety! Can’t wait to make this!!

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  45. I’ve had a similar version with peas instead of green beans and I have never scarfed down a salad so fast. I like the addition of the baby pasta though – can’t wait to try!!

  46. I would love to try the Raspberry Wine Vinegar! On a salad with goat cheese? Deglazed over ice cream? So many possibilities. Yummmmm.

  47. I would so love to try that basilic! I make something similar but I would love to order it in the fall and winter when basil is not necessarily in season.

  48. Oh wow – I love everything about this – wait – thats a lie – am not crazy about pasta (yeah, you wanna hit me over the head with a bottle of that olive oil right?) but other than that – i adore this salad and that “basilic basil and olive oil spread” oh my goodness – I might have totally abused Oliviers & Co’s generosity (and killed any future dealings with them) by requesting not 2 but 4 of them delightful tubs! But am also intrigued by their dark and light truffle oils – I’ve never ever cooked with truffle oils before and would Lurrrve to experiment.

  49. The recipe looks great. I will try it this weekend! The spreads look wonderful – especially the Blackcurrent Mint Jam. I would love to hear your recipes for this ingredient.

  50. Id love to try the Blackcurrent and Mint jam, looks delicious…I wouldn’t mind using the Olive Wood Salad servers either – they are beautiful!

  51. melissa herrmann says:

    I would LOVE to try their balsamic condiment with vanilla! Sounds amazing. what a great giveaway!

  52. Ok…I’ve been following you all for a while now and have pinned several recipes and filed some in my personal stash to try “one day”. My husband and I have JUST finished building our dream home and I just had a baby last December. So, we’ve been busy. :) Buuuuut, when you put the contest in there and it was for such a fantastic company with causes and ingredients I believe in – I had to do what you said. I went to Olivier & Co. At first I liked the Set of Four Seasons Fruit Spreads (because I’m an artist and a writer and the season evoke something complete in me full of color and taste and a year of holidays…) but I’m going to have to settle on the Organic Ratatouille. One: because my husband and I are now committing to eating better now that the C-R-A-Z-Y schedule has begun to wind down. Two: Because I love all things French and was just saying I’d like to learn how to make a good ratatouille. And Three: Because as a bonus – it was on sale. Which is our budget right about now.
    Thanks for all your hard work to bring us culinary inspiration and the how-to to make it happen! ~Marissa

  53. Dora Evans says:

    I read this right before my lunch break and started drooling:

    a) Because I love anything pasta
    b) Balsamic Vinegar is my favorite thing in the world
    c) Green beans

    I would definitely want to try the wild pepper balsamic vinegar condiment!

  54. I would love to try their Bourbon, Maple & Chipotle Barbecue Sauce. That would be good on some chicken with a bacon wrapped around it. Yumm.

  55. Jennifer G says:

    I’m obsessed with a good balsamic, so I’d happily reach for some of their Cherry Balsamic Vinegar. And the Green Lemon Oil & Mango Meli-Melo sounds too intriguing to pass up. Thanks for hosting the giveaway, Lindsay!

  56. Julie Siegmund says:

    This recipe looks delicious (and simple)! Thanks for sharing as this certainly fits my simple requirements for summer dinners these days. With two teenages who love pasta, we are trying new recipes and this one may be a hit. Oliviers & Co.’s Basil & Parmesan Pesto or the Salad Seasoning looks delicious…and like toppings for pizza and romaine thrown on the grill!

  57. The salad looks so delicious.

    I have having trouble narrowing it down because of the a products sound fantastic. I think I am slightly partial to the Cherry and Chipotle BBQ sauce.

  58. I do love my olive oil, have cooked with it for years, learning from the world’s best Italian cook-my mom-and, being Italian, well, I guess it’s my birthright! I also love all things organic so for that reason, I would love to try the Organic Persiani Olive Oil. By the way, your recipe looks delizioso and so does the Olivier & Co site. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! I’ve been trying your recipes for a few months now and can’t wait to try this latest one. I hang my head in shame to admit that I recently made a pasta salad where the only green in it was celery.

  59. I want to try the olive & garlic oil on some nice crusty bread!

  60. Lindsay this is a gorgeous looking pasta salad!! Wow I am loving this store and since I have never tried cooking with truffle oil, I would love to do that if I win!!

  61. Who can choose! Between the beautiful oils, balsamic vinegars and oh…olive tapenade!!!!! Maybe one of each with some crusty sour dough bread!

  62. I love the look of your salad~ I will try with GF pasta and vegan cheese :) I signed up for the newsletter and I would love to try some of the olives – especially the Traditional Black Olive Tapenade. Have a lovely day!

  63. Minnebelle says:


  64. Belinda Berryhill says:

    Well, I’m a huge Olive oil fan and love finishing oils. I’d probably start by buying the Olive oil and balsamic cruet set. Then buy up as many of the wonderful olive oils they have, as I possibly can. 😀

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  66. The photos of your salad are wonderful. I want to eat this salad right from the screen.

    The item that most appealed to me would have to be the Black Olive and Walnut Tapenade which I would probably eat with a spoon right from the jar. But the olive oils all look wonderful too.

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter to win this very generous giveaway

  67. Great recipe! It looks and sounds delicious. I joined the email list and would love to try Pesto Alla Genovese – Basil & Parmesan PESTO ALLA GENOVESE – BASIL & PARMESAN. Of course I would love to try their olive oils. Gotta love a great olive oil!

  68. that olive oil sounds amazing!

  69. Tammy Zak Brace says:

    Thrilled I found your blog and cannot wait to try this recipe. My husband is the experienced chef/cook in our house….so when I find recipes like this for when it’s my turn to make dinner (which is not very often) it excites me!
    I love the Olive Wood Salt Cellar …..leaving the oils and vinegar to my husband, he loves good oils. As a matter of fact think I am going to order that item right now for him for Christmas.
    Keep up the good work!!

  70. Oh, my! What would I NOT like to try?! But, if I had to choose something to try first…I think it would be the basil oil. :)

  71. The salad sounds and looks delicious! I love that you love trying different tastes! I never would have thought of green beans and spinach. Can’t wait to try this. I would like to sample the Everyday Olive Oil and the Pesto. I am on a pesto kick!

  72. i’ve been looking for a new brand of good olive oil! These sound fantastic – I’m a sucker for the classic but wild poppy vinegar? tangerine & chili jam? tomato and lemon w/ almonds? you’re speakin my love language <3 Thanks for the opportunity!

  73. This salad looks so delicious! I am dying to try Olivers & Co. Black Olive and Caper tapenade! Yum!

  74. I must own The Pesto ai Peperoni ! Are you kidding me?!? You had me a bell pepper and ricotta!

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  76. Brooke W. says:

    I would love to try the reserve sherry vinegar. I can’t find any good sherry vinegar in the small town I live in.

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    the pasta looks very refreshing! I love all things green.

  81. Everything on your site and Oliviers and Co looks amazing. I would love to try their garlic, basil or truffle infused olive oils, the Bell Pepper and Ricotta Cheese Pesto sounds delicious and the Parmigiano Reggiano and Truffle Cream sounds exquisitely decadent. There are so many good things I don’t know how to pick one!

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    I could add many more to the list of things that are tempting me.
    Can’t wait to make that green salad!

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  86. Kimberly G says:

    This looks so tasty! I like to make a different pasta, quinoa, or couscous salad each week for work lunches, and this is going to be my recipe soon…just need to get some of that yummy basilic basil and olive oil spread!

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    Also, I am dying to try their truffle oils! The balsamic vinegar with the black truffle juice is calling my name! So is the red chilli penne… I feel a recipe coming on with these two ingredients. Yum.

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    Everything on the Oliviers and Co. website looks amazing!!! In addition to the oils and vinegars, I would love to try the cherry chipotle bbq sauce or the maple & lemon mustard! Yum!

  93. I want to try EVERYTHING! I had never heard of this company before and their
    website it amazing. A bottle of Fontana San Giovanni Olive Oil would be awesome,
    some of their Premium Balsmic Vinger de Moderna, a jar of their Basilic, a jar of
    the Pistacio spread, and I could go on and on. even if I don’t win, I am definitely
    becoming a customer.

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    This sister team is seriously tempted to be certifiable food criminals…I mean, dinner with LINDSAY?!?!?! How much more fun could you get?! That would be like a super-awesome wish-come-true, lol!! And all we have to do is resist the temptation to make a single dish for 24 hours??? Yep. Totally. In. 😉

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