Flax and Blueberry Vanilla Overnight Oats

Flax and Blueberry Vanilla Overnight Oats - I can't think of a quick and easy breakfast that I love more. | pinchofyum.com

Coffee + cream, vanilla overnight oats, an XL juicy red grapefruit, slippers and sweats for just ten more minutes, and it’s a happy Monday for this teacher.

But before I launch into telling you every little detail of my most obsessive breakfast to date, I need to tell you about something Pinch-of-Yum-related that’s coming soon! Drumroll? No? Okay, it’s cool.

Its a…

eCookbook Announcement

with lotsa recipes and bonus resources to make eating well the best it can be! Healthy, delicious, and weeknight do-able. YES! YAY! I’m so excited.

The emphasis of the cookbook is whole foods and mouth-loving flavors teaming up to make practical, approachable recipes. And bonus for recipes being both healthy and totally craveable. I mean like good, real foods that taste awesome and can be made without pulling your hair out. That is this. This is awesome. And awesome is us.

Which reminds me.

VIP Team

I would love to have your input on things like recipes and design and allow you the chance to see some of the behind-the-scenes stuff that’s been happening with this thing already, so I’ve created a Pinch of Yum VIP Team group on Facebook! My thought is that this is a place where we can be all like let’s-add-more-garlic-to-that-sauce-because-garlic-rocks-and-ew-stop-using-so-much-cabbage-I-mean-who-even-likes-that-and-does-anyone-even-eat-meat-anymore-and-my-kids-are-loving-pomegranates-right-now-and-quinoa-is-so-last-year and all that other important work.

I would be so happy to see your virtual face there!

If you want in with the group –>

Search for Pinch of Yum VIP Team on Facebook and request to join the group!

I’ll approve you, we’ll be friends, it’ll be the bomb dot com.

K, enough about superdelicious healthy recipes in an eCookbook that I can’t stop thinking about and that I will share with you just as soon as possible. Promise.

Flax and Blueberry Vanilla Overnight Oats - I can't think of a quick and easy breakfast that I love more. | pinchofyum.com

These overnight oats are yet another thing I can’t stop thinking about. I’ve always been the kind of person who is already scheming about breakfast before even getting into bed for the night. So when I know that I’ve prepped some overnight oats for myself, let’s just say the dreaming starts just after dinnertime and basically catapaults me out of bed at 6am. Bjork is rolling his eyes right now. But mentally, believe it or not, I AM catapaulting.

Flax and Blueberry Vanilla Overnight Oats - I can't think of a quick and easy breakfast that I love more. | pinchofyum.com

Nothing sends me into the kitchen at neck-breaking 6am speeds like this creamy, vanilla-y, wholesome and filling cup of overnight oats with juicy plump blueberries and nutty flax. And I swear to you that I am exercising all my willpower right now not to get up, go to the kitchen, and prepare tomorrow’s batch. IT’S THAT GOOD.

Flax and Blueberry Vanilla Overnight Oats - I can't think of a quick and easy breakfast that I love more. | pinchofyum.com

I’ll be straight with you here: overnight oats are like, kinda old news. I mean, people were really into this whole thing like, what? 8 years ago? but I’m notoriously late to the game, just like usual (remember Pinterest?) and now that I’m here, I am determined to make up for lost time. Ten reasons why these are great:

  1. Can be made ahead.
  2. Eat-able on the go.
  3. Mix and match-able.
  4. Healthy and filling.
  5. Brown sugar is yummy.
  6. Husband approves.
  7. Save money on husband’s coffee shop breakfast habit.
  8. Use money to buy mass quantities of oats. Which is still saving money because oats cost one penny.
  9. Tastes like something from the clouds.

Do you really need a recipe for this? Probably no, because most people know how to put yogurt, water, and oats together in a dish. But I do need the recipe, otherwise it’s going to tick me off that this post has no recipe box in it. Just deal with me, okay?

Kthanks. ♥

Flax and Blueberry Vanilla Overnight Oats - I can't think of a quick and easy breakfast that I love more. | pinchofyum.com

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Flax and Blueberry Vanilla Overnight Oats
Serves: 1
  • ½ cup rolled oats OR quick oats
  • ⅔ cup water
  • ½ cup lowfat vanilla yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon flaxmeal
  • 1 baby pinch of salt
  • blueberries, pecans, brown sugar, and other goodies for topping
  1. In an individual food storage container, add the ingredients in the order listed (except for toppings). Do not stir. Refrigerate overnight.
  2. In the morning, stir up the mixture; it should be thick and the oats should be completely soft. Add the toppings of your choice. Repeat forever.
The different varieties of oats affect the texture, so if you like a thicker, chewier texture go for rolled oats and if you prefer something softer and creamier, go for quick cooking oats.

Nutrition Oats

PS. Psst, food loving friend! Remember you were going to join that group and become a behind the scenes co-planner with me?

Just didn’t want you get distracted there.

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  1. Looking forward to the new cook book. Sounds very yum. And I really really really need to get into the overnight oats.

  2. Super excited for the new cookbook Lindsay! And these oats definitely look da bomb! I eat microwaved oatmeal for breakfast every single day of life, and I need a little bit of a change…like this!
    Blueberries and vanilla? Yep, that’s happening!

    • Same. Microwaved is so great, but sometimes it’s just too much warm, too much mushy, and you need something different, cool, creamy, and wonderful. :)

  3. Love these oats! Gorgeous photos, as usual.

  4. I LOVE overnight oats – and it is so much fun to see all the different varities you can make! Your version looks amazing! What a great combo of flavors! And I’d love to be a part of your VIP group! https://www.facebook.com/ChezCateyLou

  5. Perfect breakfast!! Love!!

  6. I am the exact same way with my breakfast planning! I’ll lie in bed debating “Toast? We do have that fresh bread. Or oatmeal? It’s so hearty!” Now I can rest peacefully and dream of overnight creamy oaty overnight goodness. (which confession–I have never made. Talk about late to the game!).

  7. I am eating overnight oats with blueberries as I am typing this…and regretting not adding the nuts here. Congrats on the book :)

  8. Yay! Another ebook! You guys work so dang hard :)

    I dream up my breakfast just as I’m falling asleep, too. Now I’m dreaming of this!

  9. Looking forward to the new cookbook, Lindsay! That’s great!

    In our house we absolutely love, love overnight oats. Looking at this makes me want to make some of tomorrow – yum!

  10. I am very keen to join! Anything to connect with like minded food obsessed people; those topic have to be discussed.
    Over night oats are so similar to a Aussie fave, bircher muesli. They creamy and sweet like pudding for breakfast ( big thumbs up)

  11. I’m totally the same, I am ALWAYS thinking of breakfast when I go to bed! These overnight oats look so wonderful, I’ve never added flax to mine and it’s a great fibrous addition!

  12. Congratulations on the new cookbook!! Yay!!!!

    I {heart} overnight oats. I love them, and more importantly, so do my kids. I love being able to give them something healthy and delicious in the mornings before school – so they stay full and are able to focus on their classes.

    Your recipe is totally different than what I make!! I’m gonna try it! :) I LOVE blueberries – they make me think of summer. I had almost forgotten about it – we are totally covered in snow!

  13. Congrats on the new cookbook… How exciting! The overnight oats look aaaaamazing! I also love that little blue bowl :)

  14. So excited for the new ecookbook Lindsay! These photos are gorgeous, I love overnight oats and can’t wait to try this version :)

  15. excited for the new cookbook! love the oatmeal idea… sounds much better than my regular microwaved oats =)

  16. This sounds delicious – I bet even my kids would willingly eat it! And I definitely need something to help catapult me out of bed in the morning. 😉

  17. Oh man, I have about a pound of flax seeds in my pantry that is begging to be used. Looks like I know what I’m having for breakfast this week! Thanks for sharing.

  18. You are like an e-cookbook goddess! I’m going to need to get over my fear and dip my toes in the water sooner rather then later! The overnight oats look amazing! We eat a lot and I mean a lot of oatmeal and this would be a nice change up especially when it warms up a bit!

  19. Agreed, overnight oats are the greatest thing that ever happened! Even on days I can sleep in a bit, I just need that extra push, ‘breakfast is already made’ to get me moving.

  20. Silly question: you say to combine all the ingredients but then specifically tell us “not to stir” before placing in fridge overnite…..dont the oats on the very bottom stay dry since they werent in contact with any wet stuff overnite??

  21. I love eating oatmeal in the winter, and had no idea you could soak it overnight so that it’s super simple to make when you wake up. #lovinit

  22. Hi Lindsay,
    A — This looks amazing! I think my kiddos would love it too. COOKBOOK!!! So excited.

    B– I tried to add the recipe to my ziplist & it keeps adding Not found Error 404.

    Anyhow. Yum!

  23. I love my morning oats with blueberries and flax. This is right up my alley and so excited to hear more about your new ecookbook!

  24. I’m obviously even later to the game than you with regards to the overnight oats because I definitely needed to see the recipe for this! They sound wonderful … and I really love your photos with the blueberries and pecan combo!

  25. Me+This forever and for always.

  26. Oatmeal is my jam in the winter. This version looks amazing. I love vanilla anything. Your new facebook group sounds like good times.

  27. Beautiful photos as always.

  28. Um… these oats are totally da bomb {dot} com! Truth be told, I’m totally late to the overnight oats dealio too. But its ok, because like you I’m about to catch up and in a big way with this bad boy recipe.

    Super pumped for the cookbook Lindsay, bet that was something you totally thought would never happen before. Annnd.. bamm … dreams coming true… cookbook by Pinch of Yum here we come.

  29. Jamie Winkelman says:

    So, not trying to be persnickety or anything. Honestly. But, my husband and I have been doing overnight oats since we married last year (it means we don’t cook in the morning, since we both love our sleep and have to rush out to work all too quickly). However, we’ve been doing it the Cooks Illustrated way, which means soaking a half cup of the steel-cut oats overnight in one and a half cups of just-boiled water on the stove; nothing else to it. This method seems not to use heat of any kind. Just layered in containers and put straight in the fridge. Am I reading this right? Because, if I am…then we don’t have to boil any water! What have we been doing wrong this whole time?!?!?! :-)

    • I definitely didn’t boil my water. I didn’t follow any recipe, so not sure if this is “technically” the right way… but I just kinda put together what I thought would work and it tasted great! :) Texture was great too!

      • Jamie Winkelman says:

        The hubs and I are intrigued. We’ll try it for Sunday morning breakfast so we can try it without actually rushing off to work (we’d be rushing off to church instead, but this is not as difficult as going to work can get). We get bored boiling water every night for our CI-method overnight oats. Bor-ing. We do usually hype up our Saturdays: bacon, eggs, pretty much anything that once walked…and maybe a German pancake once in a while, as they’re so undemanding. 😉 Thanks for following up on my question!

        • Curious if this worked on your steel cut oats? Not boiling water first I mean?

          • I’m interested in learning if steel cut oats worked well without boiling water as well. Did it?

          • I tried with the steel cut oats. It was “edible” I suppose, but definitely not softened. I suspect steel cut oats need a bit of boiling first or soaking in the just boiled water. I haven’t tried again since, but maybe I should do some experimenting!

          • Yes, steel cut oats are really tough and require a much longer time to cook – they don’t soak up water the same way. I’m not sure how you would even do overnight oats if using steel cut… maybe google it?

  30. I was late to the overnight oats club too but these look so so good!

  31. I can’t live without my morning oats and this recepie looks so tasty! Thank you for sharing it and can’t wait for the new cookbook!

  32. LOVE this! I’m always a fan of anything that can be made ahead or eaten on the go. This is perfect for me! Beautiful photos, of course. Pinned. OH and looking forward to the cookbook!

    Have a lovely week. :)

  33. This looks extremely healthy. I love oats.

  34. Lizabeth K. says:

    Yum! I love overnight oats. I don’t usually add flax, but I’ll have to give it a shot. Have you tried adding chia seeds to them? They add to the texture (almost like tapioca? But that sounds kind of gross).

    I love having breakfast figured out before I roll out of bed. I have this cooking as we speak: http://www.budgetbytes.com/2011/09/baked-pumpkin-pie-oatmeal/ and it’s SO good, even if it isn’t fall and I’m eating pumpkin. There’s a banana one, too, that tastes like banana bread.

  35. I love packing breakfasts like this up and taking them to work! Delicious! :)

  36. Breakfast is definitely the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning. Loving that this is make-ahead!

  37. I am still warming up to the idea of oats for breakfast– somehow the mushy part throws me off. Instead I bake oatmeal cookies and load them with sugar and then I am happy…which, yes, throws off the health benefits!!

    Sounds fun to join your facebook group. I am WAY behind on all things Facebook so I can relate to your late start with things like Pinterest. I thought it (facebook) would be a waste of my time but I’ve learned a lot through Food Bloggers groups and other newly made friends. Looking forward to your group too!

  38. Do you eat the oatmeal warm or cold?

  39. Don’t feel about being late to the whole overnight oats game… I still haven’t tried it yet! Ahhh I’m really late! And congrats on the new upcoming cookbook! Can’t wait to check it out :)

  40. I loved this idea! I made last night with Greek Vanilla yogurt since that is what I had. I didn’t think it tasted very good so need to try again with regular yogurt.

  41. That is such a great idea to add flax into your oatmeal! I will have to put it in my Hawiian Oatmeal! Thanks!

  42. I didn’t have regular yogurt, I only had greek in my fridge. I didn’t feel like trying to thin it out to add. So instead, I added 1/2 cup of cottage cheese to the mix. The result is quite nice!

  43. I am also the kind of person who think about breakfast from the previous night:) Congratulations on a new cookbook. I am looking forward to having it and trying out the recipes.

    I would also love to see a post about the steps you tae in order to prepare and publish an e-cookbook.

    Thank you!

  44. Overnight oats, I’ve been reading about them for a long time, but haven’t tried them yet. *sigh*
    I wish I’d known about these when my kids were little and I struggled to get them to eat brekkie! This sounds like something they would have gobbled up!

    Off to put together some overnight oats!

  45. I’m late to the “Overnight Oats” bandwagon too. But I’ll jump right on with you! I’ve been meaning to try them for sooooo long. I was surprised they are cold though. Do you microwave or keep them cold?
    I might wait until the snow melts… :)

  46. I was so late to this party too! I love using small mason jars with the white screw on lids! Chia seeds are pretty cool in overnight oats and I’m sure everyone was eating those without me as well :)

  47. Just want to say that I absolutely LOVE that you put a Nutrition Facts label on all your recipes!! How do you know what to put on them?!

  48. Cannot wait to try this! I have never heard of overnight oats, I live under a rock 😉
    Btw, love your photography. Serious talent. Glad I stumbled upon your blog.

  49. Hey Lindsay! I was wondering if you could use almond or regular milk in place of water in this recipe? Also, would it make sense to pre soak steel cut oats before you make this recipe, just so that they soften up? I wasn’t sure if I should or not, because they’re the only oats I have on hand.

  50. I just tried this and am obsessed! I’ve seen this around for a few years but never got around to trying it until now. It’s definitely my new daily breakfast! Looking forward to other recipes from you!

  51. Just found this and it looks great. I only have plain yogurt in the fridge…could I use that to replace the vanilla yogurt? Thanks.

  52. I just made this with plain yogurt too. I stirred in a little vanilla extract and a packet of Splenda into it to make up for the fact that it wasn’t the vanilla yogurt the recipe called for.
    Hopefully that will work.

  53. This might be a dumb question…do you heat it up in the microwave in the morning or eat it cold?

  54. Hey, i was wondering if greek yogurt was used instead of low fat yogurt would it turn out the same?

  55. Does the calorie count include the toppings? I’m assuming it doesn’t so you would have to add on more calories for the blueberry, brown sugar and pecans.

  56. This is my new favourite breakfast!!

  57. I’m currently eating this for breakfast, and it is SO delicious! I’ve been kind of scarred from overnight oats (not sure what I didn’t like about that recipe), but this recipe is amazing! And it honestly looks like I could stretch this out to two servings, because I have so much left and I’m full!

  58. Hello! A little late to the game here, I found your recipe on Pinterest. Do you know if I could make a weeks worth of these at a time and leave in the fridge? Or do you think they would get too soggy?

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