Spicy Shrimp with Orange Brown Butter Sauce + Vacation Pics

Orange Brown Butter Shrimp - a 15 minute, 6 ingredient meal that's nice enough for company! | pinchofyum.com

First things first: IT’S FRIDAY.

Do you love Fridays or what?! Gee whiz gosh golly gee, I can’t get enough of them. I still work all weekend (bloggity blogga), but Friday nights are always my most favorite time of the whole week. I have always loved the feeling of working really hard all week and then Friday night knocking on my door and being released from the daily grind for two whole days. Better yet, there’s the anticipation of getting 8-200 hours of sleep. It’s not my best quality, but I have a little bit of a selfish time-hog mentality about Fridays – if we’re hanging out on Friday night or Saturday morning before 11am, you are probably my favorite person in the world. Fridays are my least favorite night to socialize like a normal person, unless you count books and TV and pizzas and stretchy pants as socializing. Sometimes I wonder-worry: what is going to happen when we have little people in our family and I can’t be a time-hog anymore? Oh, no. But oh, yes. Babies. ❤

Anyways. Friiiday, Friiiday, gotta get down on Friday.

Also gotta get down with this orange brown butter sauce. Here’s the deal: we ate something like this on vacation, and now I’ve recreated a really simple at-home version, and now I’m going to show you the rest of our vacation pics. Fridays are just a little more buttery and a little more fun.

Orange Brown Butter Shrimp - a 15 minute , 6 ingredient meal that's nice enough for company! | pinchofyum.com

The first part of our Arizona trip was spent and my Grandparent’s house, and the second relaxation destination was Montelucia Resort and Spa. Pictures of part one can be found right on over here.

After a few days at each of these places, we hopped on over to our final resting place. Er, wait. You know what I mean.

Royal Palms Resort and Spa

We spent the last part of our vacation at the idyllic Royal Palms. This place was a garden paradise. Exhibit A: one of the private patios in our suite, complete with fountain, lounge chairs, and stunning greenery and flowery all around.

Royal Palms Hotel

The resort has a boutique feel to it because of all the unique details used to decorate and create the vibe of the hotel. There were lots of great textures, like reclaimed wood and tarnished bronze and wrought iron and marble.

Plus, you guys. The flowers, trees, and natural beauty of the place was just out of this world. It’s a small resort so you always kind of feel like you’re walking through the secret garden and you never really know where you’re going to end up, but it wouldn’t even matter if you got lost forever because it’s so incredibly beautiful.

Royal Palms Hotel

I tried not to obsess but I definitely obsessed.

Royal Palms Hotel

There was, naturally, a lot of this going on, including unpictured cheese plates and cucumber waters, especially since this great patio was connected to the suite that we stayed in. HELLO.

Royal Palms Resort and Spa

Our gorgeous suite really felt like some kind of secret garden hideaway, with all the doors, arches, windows, vines, and flowers. And it was tucked back off the main flowery path just enough to feel extremely private and quiet. I like quiet. A lot.

And the resort restaurant – T.Cook’s. Get a load of this —> Parsnip Agnolotti with Lobster and Orange Brown Butter Sauce. That, my friends, was otherworldly.

Royal Palms Hotel

And this is the part where I ate all the apple fritters. Oh my gosh. Fancy restaurant APPLE FRITTERS. I have a thing for fried food dipped in sauce.

Royal Palms Hotel

I think our dinner was something like 300 hours long. On purpose. It’s so nice to just sit, and talk, and eat, and talk, and eat… The ambiance of this place made you want to just curl up and live at your little table. Outdoor patio with the mountain in the background, little lights strung around, a crackling fireplace, and FOOD. I think that’s all you really need to live, right?

Royal Palms Hotel

What a great place to stay. Thank you for showing us a great time, Royal Palms!

(PS. This hippity hop hotel has a really fun Instagram account with lots more pictures of the resort – check it out! but beware. It will make you seriously contemplate booking a ticket to Arizona, like, now).

Royal Palms Hotel

Back to real life and food. Here’s this barely spicy shrimp, drenched in that finger licking good orange brown butter sauce, and a free pass to do whatever you want tonight because, like we talked about, FRIDAY.

Orange Brown Butter Shrimp - a 15 minute, 6 ingredient meal that's nice enough for company! | pinchofyum.com

4.8 from 4 reviews
Orange Brown Butter Shrimp
Serves: 8
  • ½ cup butter
  • 1 teaspoon fresh thyme
  • zest of one orange
  • 2 teaspoons minced garlic
  • 2 lbs. raw shrimp
  • ½ teaspoon chili powder
  • salt and pepper to taste
  1. Heat the butter in a medium skillet over low heat. When the butter is melted, add the thyme leaves. Stir and simmer, keeping the heat low (it burns easily), for 5 minutes or until the butter reaches a golden brown color. Remove from heat and stir in the zest. Pour the butter into a small bowl and let it rest for a few minutes.
  2. In the same skillet, with a light coating of the butter remaining, add the garlic and saute for 1 minute. Add the raw shrimp and the chili powder; shake or toss in the pan for 3-5 minutes or until the shrimp is no longer translucent. Serve with the butter and pasta, grains, rice, or a salad.
I used salted butter - it was very salty but I loved it. If you want to control the saltiness, choose unsalted butter and add salt to taste.

Nutrition Butter Shrimp

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  1. Brown Butter intimidates me, but this sounds delicious!!

  2. I love that this must taste super-complicated, but it’s so clearly incredibly easy!

    You may or may not have convinced me to actually cook shrimp…we’ll see how squicked out I get at the grocery store, I guess. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Brown Butter makes EVERYTHING Better! This sounds like another winner that will be loved by both me and my husband.
    PS I haven’t even clicked the instagram link and I’m already on the resort’s website mentally planning a trip 😉

  4. this resort looks really adorable..brown butter, yum yum yum.

  5. Your vacation looks amazing!! That resort is so pretty. And the sauce on this shrimp – yum! Anything with brown butter is sure to be amazing!! Oh and I have the same worry as you do about what happens to the lazy-me-time once babies are involved…

  6. You two make me smile! I love the pictures of your vacation, they are so needed and I’m thrilled you found time in your busy schedule for some R&R! HAPPY FRIDAY… glad to know someone else enjoys them doing exactly what I like to do. We must be friends in some virtual kind of way! :)

  7. I wish my boyfriend liked shrimp… this looks amazing. Or, I could just make it and eat it all myself!

  8. Yay Friday! :)

  9. OH my GOODness! Want. Stat.

  10. I love shrimp cooked like this! So much flavor! I love the idea of the bright orange sauce – perfect on top of some salad. Yum. Definitely want to make this soon!

  11. I am the same way on Friday nights and the rest of the weekend. I can’t wait to get home on Fridays and veg out on the couch, then sleep in on Saturday. Fridays are the worst night for leaving the house; it’s all about the comfy pants on the couch!

  12. I am not sure I should have looked at your vacation pictures when I myself am not lounging around—-in the sun—I have to add that part. Apple fritters in a fancy restaurant—you’re killing me here. Laughing. Hey the shrimp look excellent—-and exotic and with some snap. Great.

  13. Can’t believe you were in Phoenix! I’ve been living out here this winter and I have to say, it’s definitely the best place to spend the winter – I can see why your grandparents love it! Doubt I’d be saying that during the heat of the summer, though 😉

  14. This dish looks great, as does the vacay. Sometimes I forget what a floral paradise I live in here in Costa Rica. I’m sure it’ll hit me like a tons of bricks when we fly to the Midwest this summer and won’t have a mango tree in the front yard. Can’t wait to try the shrimp. My husband always picks up my favorite dinner items (like shrimp!) when he’s got a meeting at dinnertime and I’ve got to cook for myself. I’ll be trying this next week for sure!

  15. Aw you’re vacationing like RIGHT BY ME! I’m so happy to hear good things about T Cooks- I’ve been debating trying them out for awhile and maybe I will actually give them a shot this year!

  16. That looks like an amazing resort. I am so ready for a vacation and warm weather. Your tank top photos are making me jealous.

  17. I was so excited to comment, I started typing it up in the ‘name’ field. lol oh well. Saved myself from having a super long name. That is seriously some sexy looking shrimp right there. A lot of butter, I would feel guilty eating it but it looks so good!

  18. The resort looks amazing and so does that dinner you had there, how relaxing! I’m from Phoenix now living in Denver and I have to say seeing that resort makes me want to take a little vacation back to AZ. This shrimp you made looks fantastic! My husband and I are shrimp fanatics and will definitely be making this soon!

  19. Dinner tonight is a vegan version of this with veggies and vegan butter, yum! Looking forward to orange, garlic, and thyme, yum!

  20. This looks really relaxing and in line with how easy it is o make the shrimp!

  21. Wow I love your vacation pics!! You look so beautiful and yes mouth watering shrimps!

  22. Aww Lindsay, I look forward to Friday nights just as much as you for a very similar reason… They’re always my girls-night-in nights with my lil’ pup. Just us two girls. SO fun! (My guy has a “guy’s night” every Friday where he and his friends get together to play card and board games. I get to stay home, catch up on TV shows, and pig out on junk food. Love.)

    And this shrimp… Gosh darn it, why am I allergic?? Brown butter. Oh my goodness. If it wouldn’t make me so sick, I’d eat 3 servings just for all of those incredible flavors!

  23. That is such a nice resort and area of town! love your spicy shrimp!

  24. I came over specifically for some conversational/reader engagement blog writing inspiration and quickly found myself wrapped up in your life. My first thought was haha sleep, and all of these great things you speak of that are possible without children. Then it was those two really need a baby – which admittedly is a little odd to think about people that you don’t know.

    Anyways, as always, looks yummy and you have me hooked on your fun little life.

  25. Orange brown butter sauce…YES! Why have I never thought of this?! Must try!

  26. Oh my gosh, I want this. Right now. There is no limit whatsoever on how much seafood I can eat.

    This is the first time I’m commenting, but your blog is just so inspirational that I can’t even find words for it! I’m totally hooked! I live in Finland and I’ve only just started food blogging but maaan, your recipes! I love everything exotic, spicy and different and your recipes have inspired me so much. I actually have a list of your recipes I’m gonna try at some point and it’s L-O-N-G. Clearly the best recipes are always on foreign web sites 😉

    And Arizona… <3 I lived in the States for a while and was lucky enough to get the chance to visit Arizona, (Sedona), and after seeing these pics, I'm so ready to go back right now 😀

  27. This looks and sounds so incredible – I think I need to make this for a date night since my babies don’t appreciate shrimp and I would not be able to handle complaints around this :)

  28. Apple fritters …. mmmm! I’m totally with you on the Friday night thing. Except I secretly like to be unsociable on Saturday nights too! (Did I just admit that?) The shrimp looks incredible and will go on my ‘food to cook when hubby isn’t home’ Pinterest board (which I haven’t started yet but just thought of now) because very sadly (annoyingly?) he can’t eat shrimp. 😉

  29. Did you say brown butter? YUM!! Can’t wait to try it.

    I am glad you and your hubby had a great relaxing vacation. :) Are those the best!!

  30. Ohh…this looks so good, I like the idea of orange in it. Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation in AZ. Good to get away and relax. :)

  31. This shrimp looks delish! Pinned! But onto your vaca pics!! Gorgeous! It looks like a relaxing paradise!

    Oh and I do consider reading, eating take-out and watching TV a Friday night well spent! Where would I be without my evening stretchy pants? Ahhhh. I can feel the relaxation already!

  32. Can I just say I love your blog? The recipes, photos, writing…sometimes I feel like I’m just hanging out with a good friend when I read your blog (which is such a great feeling). Definitely doesn’t hurt that you are a Twin Cities girl, either-I’m in SLP. Thanks for doing what you do!

  33. Jennifer says:

    I absolutely LOVE your recipes – thank you! Made your cinnamon swirl bread yesterday and have hoarded the last few perfect chocolate chip cookies for a snack later! I definitely NEED to make these shrimp tonight but I have one eensy little question. Do you remove the butter sauce from the skillet before you sauté the shrimp or sauté them in the butter? Really don’t want to mess these up – looks like a perfect dinner idea!

  34. ok, this recipe sounds AMAZING, and I LOVE all the absolutely adorable vacation photos!! I’m definitely keeping this post in mind when making plans for our vacation, because it looks so amazing!

  35. Lindsay, that place looks totally amazing! I want to go there, like immediately. And I would eat and eat and gain like 84390 pounds. But that’s fine because I’d be so gosh darn happy skipping throughout the secret gardens it would be worth it.
    So let’s talk brown butter and how it makes everything taste faaaabbbbulous. I may have to hunt for shrimp … pretty sure Ohio isn’t the place to buy that right now! :)

  36. I am in love with the Sweet and the Savory and this recipe is just that. I will be putting this on regular rotation in the Wood household.


  37. This looks easy enough that I might even make it! Now I’m hungry here at midnight…..thanks Lindsay.

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  40. Hi, I found this on Pinterest and had saved it for a while. I am not a shrimp person. But my family loves shrimp and I thought this would be a great change to the traditional shrimp cocktail. It smelled so good I decided to try it with my family. You have made a shrimp lover out of me. I will definitely make this again and eat it again! Thanks.

  41. oops, didn’t see I could rate it, so here you go.

  42. Haha! I feel the exact same way about Friday nights! Your recipe looks delish, but I am still dying laughing about your Friday nights descriptions. I totally get it!!!

  43. Chelsea Gottshall says:

    I just made this and OH MY GOD it was good. And so incredibly easy. I am still teaching myself to cook, and it was a perfect thing to boost my confidence in the kitchen. Your recipes are amazing, really.

  44. Hi Lindsay, I’m planning to give this recipe a try tonight. My family loves cajun shrimp, so I was just wondering how you thought this recipe would taste if I used cajun seasoning instead of chili powder. Thanks!

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