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  1. I definitely did not know when the Super Bowl was either. Literally thought it was in early January and kept wondering why people were still posting Game day food. Whoops!
    This is skinny?! For real! You are genius Lindsay, even if it was accidental! I am a total seafood fanatic, so I love that spin on the traditional spinach and artichoke dip goin’ on here! I need a mini crockpot in my life yesterday.

  2. I only knew about the super bowl when the news covered who got the prime time ads. I live in Australia , so only about two years ago did I know this was a super important event to Americans.
    Haha love when recipes are accidentally “skinny”. Crab dip is always a winner when you have guest about and OMG that crock pot is cute as! What brand is it?

  3. My superbowl awareness has been heightened this year, living in the tri-state area (Connecticut) and being surrounded by constant hype, but I will still be spending 99% of our party eating, as opposed to watching the game! Thanks for another great use for the mini crock pot 🙂 Mine will be filled with bacon wrapped, manchego stuffed dates, but this recipe is going on the “to make” list.

  4. Can I ask why you don’t have a TV? We don’t either and it is such a rare thing to not own that I just had to ask. I love your blog. As a former twin city dweller I can relate to so much of what you write about (we’re some of your Eastern neighbors just across the border now). Thanks for your daily inspiration!

    • Bjork actually grew up without a TV, and neither of us owned one when we got married, and from then on we just never bought one. At the time we had NO money for a TV, and now it’s kind of just become our thing. 🙂 We might get one eventually… it would be nice to have people over to watch live TV events. Thanks for the nice comment Mindy!

    • I kept the mini crockpot on low for a few hours, but even on low it gets pretty warm, so after a while I just unplugged it and it stayed warm for easily another hour or two. I would definitely serve it warm, but it doesn’t need to be piping hot. It actually creamifies/thickens really nicely when it’s not so hot.

  5. Mmm this sounds AMAZING! I love crab and cheese, what a winning combination! I doubt we will watch the Superbowl either. I didn’t know when it was or who the teams were until yesterday 😉 Not my thing. I didn’t own a TV for 10 years and then I met my husband who thought that was weird. We watch a decent amount now, but I liked not having a TV it “forced” me to do creative things.

    • Good call. The original recipe from my neighbor/a magazine called for half and half, or heavy cream, I can’t remember. I think it was half and half. I did add a little bit to my leftovers just because… well, I love cream. 🙂 haha. But honestly, it still tasted extremely creamy and yum with just the milk!

  6. We’ll have the game on the TV “just because”, but I think the thing we’re truly excited about is the food. My boyfriend is from Maryland, so any and all recipes that contain crab are a total MUST. The fact that this is skinny is blowing my mind!

  7. You cannot escape Super Bowl madness here in Denver! Go Broncos! It will be yet another day that I love this time zone (and yes, Peyton Manning and the team!) as we’ll watch the game at 4:30, be done by 7:30 or 8 and still get the kids in bed at an ok hour for a Sunday night. Pinning this crock pot recipe.

  8. Amazing! I just made crab & artichoke wontons for a Super Bowl snack appetizer post a couple of days ago. I used a crab & artichoke dip from Whole Foods — if only you had posted this a week sooner I would have made this and used this for the wonton filling! In any case, what a coincidence! Next time I made the wontons, or want to enjoy cheesy, crabby goodness, I’m going to use this recipe. Thanks!

  9. I never used to even watch the superbowl – it bored me to death. I grew up around it but never understood what the fuss was about. But my boyfriend and his family are crazy crazy fans. I’m expecting they’ll be getting me a jersey soon haah. We’re cooking up lots of delicious food on Sunday and I’m most excited for that and all the hilarious ads!

    But this dip looks so amazing Lindsay! We’ll have to add this to our menu 🙂