Sun Dried Tomato Chicken Florentine Pasta

Tracking PixelSun Dried Tomato Chicken Florentine Pasta - this stuff is OMG good! An easy 30 minute meal that my whole family absolutely loved! | pinchofyum.comToday’s post is sponsored by DeLallo! They make the most delicious sun dried tomatoes which you’ll see pictured here 👆🏽 swimming in a luscious cream sauce. Don’t mind if they do.


GAH! Lover. This stuff is yummy. 💋😍

I have some truths to tell you today. The first truth is that this pasta rocked our world. Like, five times last week. Okay FINE 700 times or something but I wasn’t even counting and neither should you, so just … yeah.

The second truth is that sometimes, when you’re a food blogger and food lover, you want to be creative and fitspo and so you make things like sweet potato noodles with cashew sauce (for the record, also delicious). But then sometimes you still need to make Pasta with a capital P, because under all those fitspo vibes, you’re still mostly a real person who knows in her heart of foodie hearts that real pasta is lyfe.

Like this Creamy Sun Dried Tomato Chicken Pasta with Spinach.

Am I being basic here? Maybe. And maybe I like everything about this kind of basic deliciousness.

This pasta = the moment when everyone in your family falls in love with you for cooking something seemingly-fancy 💅🏽 and reminds you of how good a nice big pot-o-comfort-food pasta really is. No unnecessary ingredients. No excessive toppings – HOLD ME BACK. No veggies masquerading as noodles (of which I am a fan, but STILL just give it a rest already).

Just simple, comforting, creamy pasta with sun dried tomato cream sauce that helps people like me win at life.

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