Healthy Sweet Potato Skins

Healthy Sweet Potato Skins recipe: stuffed with a creamy spinach filling and covered with melted cheese. A must-try for sweet potato lovers! |

These sweet potato skins! They’re baaaaack!

These little guys were my first “viral” recipe originally published in October of 2011 – and today, April 25th, 2015, I’m bringing them back to life and dying with food happiness all over again. It’s the circle of food life.

These healthy sweet potato skins are one of my all-time blog favorites – and they’re a reader favorite, too!

They’re stuffed with a creamy sweet potato shallot filling with spinach and chickpeas to bump up the yummy health factor and then they are topped with a tiny bit of melty cheese and baked to sweet potato skin perfection.

Yeah – theeeeese are goooood.

In case you love throwbacks, this is how they looked originally:

Healthy Sweet Potato Skins

Do you know that I’ve actually never done this until now? Today is the first time I’m going back to an older post and re-shooting the pictures and re-sharing it fresh on the blog.

I am doing this because a) it’s nice to update the images for a recipe with something that’s more “now”, and b) it’s also really awesome to get some of my all-time favorite and most popular posts back to the front of the blog, and c) it gives me an excuse to make an old favorite again. I mean, come on. If nothing else, there’s that.

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