15 Ways To Avoid Blogger Burnout

15 Ways to Avoid Blogger Burnout

Six months. That’s how long it’s been since I left my first dream job as a fourth grade teacher to pursue my second dream job of being a full-time food blogger, spending my days working on that one little hobby food blog that I started almost five years ago when I had no idea that blogging was even a real thing.

LIFE why you be so crazy?

As you might have picked up on, I’ve really loved blogging and setting my own schedule and working on projects that I value and that I can get lost in for hours. I can’t say it enough – I am just so thankful for this weirdly awesome “job” that is basically me working on things I love (OH HAYYY CHOCOLATE) all day every day.

The flip side of that is pretty predictable – I’ve also really, really missed teaching. And my teaching people. No matter how much I love my yoga pants and baking gingerbread muffins at 11am on a Tuesday, I still frequently get the compulsion to drive back over to school and just hang out on the playground with the kids. I’m sure I wouldn’t get arrested or anything.


Blogging has been a weird and completely unexpected journey for me – I started as a part-timer with nothing more than a little heart that loved all things FOOD and now I am a full-time blogger and business owner. Through those almost five years of blogging I’ve had lots of ups and downs. <– understatement of my life.

Last year around this wintery-holiday time, I wrote a soppy post about how tired I was and how much I wanted to live a more restful and peaceful life. I was burned out. To a crispity crisp. Like, charred.

Today, as I look back on that post, I am amazed at how far I’ve come. I’m reading books. Getting outside. Dating my husband. Listening to podcasts. Exercising and sleeping. I have learned a lot in the last four and half years – and in the last year as I’ve attempted to bounce back from a major low point of exhaustion – about developing habits that help keep my mind a healthy little machine, clicking along up there, creating, dreaming, thriving, and freeing me from those nagging Blogging Blues.

If you’re not familiar with the Blogging Blues, they would be the constant self-doubt, the workaholic mentality, the feeling like nothing is ever ever ever enough, the piercing competitive streaks, the fresh anxiety before hitting publish, and the general ickyness that comes focusing on your own work all the time, putting it out there, on the internet, to strangers, day after day. Yeah. That stuff is real.

So here’s a list of fifteen things that have helped me avoid blogger burnout over the last five years, both as a full-time blogger and as a nights-and-weekends blogger. Not surprisingly, these are also things that I see in the bloggers that I respect and admire the most for their ability to stay not only sane but creative and thriving in the big blog world.

Boom! Have at it, you healthy bloggers of the world.

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