Crockpot Sweet Potato Lentils

Crockpot Sweet Potato Lentils

How about I throw some things in the crockpot and make a recipe with it? Sounds about right these days.

By the way, what is this recipe? I know. It’s a little obscure. It’s soup meets stew meets dhal meets can’t spend more than 5 minutes making dinner. But I even though I made it on a whim, it turned out to be like, really good. It’s basically spiced sweet potatoes and baby red lentils, simmered together and creamified with coconut milk to make an almost-soup that goes perfectly over warm naan. Which I ate so I have none left for my picture.

I bought a jumbo bag of masoor dal (aka cutie pie little red lentils) at the international food store 6 months ago, and good thing I did because thing lentils never go bad. Well, they probably do at some point, buuuut do they really?

I first met/fell in love with little red lentils when we were in the Philippines. Less because Filipinos eat so many lentils (although monggos, yes. and rightly so.) and more because I happened to see them being sold in a health food store in the Philippines, and like a toddler who is attracted to a shiny light, I found myself magnetizing over to the lentils after going a few too many months without my beloved Indian food. It’s extremely likely that I am the only shopper to ever buy lentils from that store.

Crockpot Sweet Potato Lentils - Pinch of Yum

So I ♥ lentils, and you already knew it, and now you know it more.

You. Have you ever made lentils? I’ve been nicely yelling at you to TRY LENTILS for the last few, um, years? But seriously. Try them. I mean, buy them and make them. Not a health food store person? Doesn’t matter. They usually have bags of them in the dry rice and beans section of any average grocery store.

Just give me five more seconds to brag them up: they’re so easy to make and they cost, like, three and a half cents. And they have loads of nutrients and they taste amazingggg and in this case, they give you another reason to eat sweet potatoes and coconut milk. Something about fall, I guess.

Crockpot Sweet Potato Lentils - Pinch of Yum

My hope for you —> that you make this on a chilly and busy September night when you have 2,438,904 other things to do, and the fact that the crockpot is awesome gives you thirty extra minutes to spend with your family. Ideally that would happen in a large comfy chair with a good book and a blanket, or also acceptable would be taking a walk to the lake and laying in the cool grass to watch planes take off and early night stars come out – that’s what we did, for real. This rare picture perfect relaxing moment brought to you by Crockpot Sweet Potato Lentils.

And then in the end, you’ll gather around a warm table and enjoy a healthy and supergood meal together. I seriously feel so happy imagining all those things.

Crockpot Sweet Potato Lentils - Pinch of Yum


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Crockpot Sweet Potato Lentils
Serves: 6-8
  • 3 large sweet potatoes, diced (about 6 cups)
  • 3 cups vegetable broth
  • 1 onion, minced
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 teaspoon each ground coriander, garam masala, and chili powder
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1½ cups uncooked red lentils (masoor dal)
  • 1 can coconut milk
  • 1 cup water
  1. Place the sweet potatoes, vegetable broth, onion, garlic, and spices in a crockpot. Cook on high for 3 hours, until vegetables are soft.
  2. Add the lentils and stir once. Replace the lid and cook on high for an additional 1½ hours.
  3. Stir in the coconut milk and as much water as needed to get the right consistency.


Nutrition Sweet Potato Lentils

Crockpot sweet potato lentils - a healthy and warm superfood with creamy coconut milk |
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  1. I never would have thought to combine the two. I love sweet potatoes so I can’t imagine why I wouldn’t enjoy this dish. And the simplicity of the crockpot adds a few points. Yum!

  2. I LOVE lentils, but my family does not. Such a bummer because I never get to make them, but seeing as i would probably eat this all myself anyway, I guess that is a good thing! They look awesome!

  3. I LOVE lentils! They are sooo god as a base for so many things, but sadly my boyfriend is still on the fence about them, wwhhat?! Maybe this will change his mind.

  4. I made red lentils once and didn’t care for the texture. I thought they were kind of… gritty? Is this how they’re supposed to be or did I do it wrong?

  5. Lindsay, I have been stalking your blog for about a year and have absolutely loved it! From your incredible recipes to your heartwarming stories of international travel, you truly have a perfect blog. I have finally gotten around to starting my own blog (not food), and I have even more respect for you because I realize how complicated it is to make a blog great! Anyway, just wanted to say hello (finally) and thanks!

  6. I really like lentils, but don’t eat them often enough. I have several bags waiting to be cooked. Thanks for the recipe!

  7. I love sweet potatoes, and I don’t cook with lentils often enough. My hubby grew up in Nepal, so he lovesss lentils. Looks like a dinner we will both <3

  8. Lindsay,

    Sounds amazing! Do you have any suggestions for what could serve as a replacement for the coconut milk? We have a coconut allergy in the Hicks house…

  9. Lentils are my favorite! I love it because it is hearty and satisfying and creamy! :)

  10. Oh what a comforting stew! Love the use of the sweet potato with the garam masala, coriander & chili-I feel I can almost smell it wafting through the screen.
    From all the Filipino dishes you have posted, seems like Filipino cuisine shares a lot of characteristics of Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine .

  11. This looks perfect! Do you think you could add the lentils during the first step and let it all cook for the entirety of the time? I prefer crockpot recipes where I can be away during the evening and then come home to something hot- which normally means I don’t get the opportunity to get to the middle step! Thanks!

    • I’m going to try this. I’ll put everything in, except the coconut milk and water and set it to simmer for the day on low. I be the lentils will be a bit mushier than how they look above, but I bet it will be just as tasty.

      I’ll serve it over steamed baby kale.

  12. im little biased when it comes to these red lentils just because they cook so quickly :) love everything in this crockpot.

  13. Why yes, I have made and eaten many, many lentils–they are the best! I love the idea of combining red lentils with sweet potato and spices to make one huge comforting bowl of creamy curried goodness. So perfect for the cooler weather!

  14. Yum! I’ve never cooked with lentils before, but this opened my eyes to a whole new world!

  15. You guys seriously have the best lentil recipes ever! Love this!

  16. I love lentils! And something in particular about lentils with sweet potatoes. Unfortunately baby boy has a legume allergy, so I won’t be making this for family dinner anytime soon … but maybe for my coworker lunch share! :)

  17. Totally, absolutely, completely, with-a-doubt putting this on my meal plan for next week…it looks SO. GOOD!

  18. red lentils, sweet potatoes and coconut milk – yum! And personally, I really love my crock pot for things like this – I’d love to snuggle up to a bowl of this.

  19. Ok, a) your sense of humor is ridiculously funny. And b) this looks amazing! Loooove lentils and sweet potatoes!

  20. This looks so good and such a simple pantry staple dish – almost. I’ve never seen anything like those lovely red lentils. The ones I can buy locally are boring beige. Will they work for this recipe, just not such a lovely orange result… Or must I track down the red somewhere?

  21. I can’t get enough sweet potatoes and love that you whipped this up in the slow cooker!

  22. I could totally faceplant myself in this!

  23. Lindsay I have been toying around with the idea of making your thai red curry lentils but I think I will be making this one first although with butternut squash.

  24. I am bookmarking this to make THIS week!

  25. Hi Lindsay and Bjork,
    I happened to recently stop over at POY and I haven’t left your blog since. Every free minute I get before work, after work, before bed etc I open up POY and browse through. You blog is so colorful, fun, informative and ofcourse the recipes are so inspirational. I just had to pen down my thoughts.
    Masoor Dal is a staple in my pantry and we eats lentils a lot too (I guess most Indians do) :-)
    I too live in Minneapolis, and I hope to meet you someday.


  26. I usually don’t like lentils…. but you had me at sweet potato!

  27. I love lentils! I just posted a recipe on my blog for a butternut squash red lentil soup. Delish! I plan to try this thanks! And also a big thank you for your blogging tips. We are going to try them out!

  28. Definitely going to have to try this one! Sounds so delicious that I want to eat it right now!

  29. Oh, Lindsay and her lentils.:) I love anything crockpot and lentils but I noticed by the # of Pins, my readers not so much…Weeeeiiiird.

  30. Could you put everything in the pot in the morning, heat it on low all day, and eat it at 5? Because that would be perfect for us working parents.

  31. Can you make this without the crockpot?

  32. Made this tonight and loved it. I was afraid it would be too sweet, but the lentils balanced it out. Mine turned out a little darker- ie a non appetizing brown color… My partner didn’t love the texture, but lentils are lentils. Spices were perfect. I cooked it in a rice cooker/crockpot which usually retains more water. But after three hours on high, it really needed more liquid. This is one of those recipes that probably won’t work on 6-8 hours on low because of the mush factor.

  33. Wish I could give you 10 stars on this one. It was so delicious and soooo easy. The ultimate in comfort food. My husband loved it too. The spices were amazing. And lots of leftovers. I will definitely make this again :)

  34. Tried this recipe and it was great!!!! Using the crock pot really helped make sure it came out well!

  35. Hi,
    What if you don’t have a crockpot? Can you just make it in a regular pot?

    • Yes! A big pot with a lid would be able to do the same thing. Just be flexible with the recipe, add or subtract liquid as needed, and obviously the cooking times will be different. You can easily simmer like you would cook in a crcokpot, just keep it on low heat and covered tightly.

  36. I was fan of lentils anyway and sweet poatates and but this recipe was amazing literally is sooooo easy and great for the kids and me easy to store and microwave the amazing creamy coconut with the earthy garam masala (think I spelt that?) it’s genius Lindsey x

  37. I am on my third time making this. The first time I made it was because I was looking for a way to cook lentils for my 1 yr old. Now I am making it every other week and freezing for myself. It has a comfort food feeling! I doubled the recipe this time and added half sweet potatoes and half butternut squash (was out of potatoes!). Fantastic recipe!

  38. Sounds great. I want to try it. Is there any reason you couldn’t do it in 15 minutes in a pressure cooker?

  39. This sounds so good! Did you peel the potatoes first?

  40. Made this today and it was delicious!!! i didn’t have ground coriander, so i used 2 teaspoons or cumin and added some parsley as well….. definitely recommend this!!

    • Thanks Olga!

      • i finally went through with the idea to start a blog where i post the recipes i try out.
        Would you mind if i post this on my blog? . i will use the pictures that i took myself and credit you for the recipe. Check out my blog to see how i have done the 2 recipe that i have posted so far.

  41. Made this while visiting my family. – everyone loved it (and my mom is not one to use these spices on a regular basis)! I cooked the onion and garlic for a couple of minutes before adding them; just a personal preference. I also used light coconut milk (to save on some of the fat and calories) and it tasted great. Thanks for a tasty, nutritious, easy meal! I’m also a lentil lover! Thanks again.

  42. I saw this recipe at 2 am yesterday, and at 11 pm last night it was cooling – while my husband and I scraped the slow cooker with spoons to get every bit of yumminess off before it went into the sink! So delicious, I can’t wait to feed it to our toddler for dinner.
    Thank you! :)

  43. Made it with my new slow cooker. I put all the ingredients in at once and left for 2 hours on high and then overnight on low. I used half fat coconut milk. Really nice, thank you :)

  44. Super yum! Thank you very much for this delicious recipe. I threw everything into the crockpot not having read the recipe all the way through when finally I went to make it. The leftovers are making a great breakfast, LOL, thank you. A definite keeper. Why this iPad won’t let me give it five stars, I don’t know….

    • Other people have said the same thing about the five star problem. I’ll try to connect with our tech guy (er, Bjork) and see if there’s anything that can be done. Thank you!

  45. This looks amazing!! What’s the serving size for this yumminess?

    • Hi Teresa, it’s been a while so I can’t say for sure. Usually I don’t specfy serving size since I just kind of divide it out into the appropriate number of containers. Sorry I can’t be more helpful!

  46. I saw a Jane Fonda interview years ago, and she said sweet potatoes were her go to snack. Now love her or hate her you’ve got to admit, she looks great!!This recipe sounds like someting I could eat…and love.

  47. Just stumbled across this and made it for dinner. Very well received by all. I did make it on the stove because I happened to have baked sweet potatoes ready to go. Just add them to the broth once it got to a boil, added spices, then the lentils. It took about 20 mins for them to get soft and then I added the coconut milk. From there, I let it simmer another 20 mins or so. It was great and super easy. I do love lentils for their ease.
    Can’t wait to taste again tomorrow after the flavors soak in.

  48. We made this a few weeks ago, and it is really delicious!! Part of the leftovers got misplaced but were still good over 2 weeks later–maybe that’s because of the coconut? Anyway, I was glad not to waste any of this tasty food! I included a link to your recipe in my four-week menu.

  49. I made this in the crockpot yesterday amidst a very busy day of cleaning, laundry, working, errands, and taking care of an ever-impatient 9-month-old. I added some cardamon and turmeric since I like those additional spices in my Indian dishes, and I also added a rinsed can of chickpeas at the beginning and a chopped head of cauliflower and some frozen peas when I added the lentils (I always love to overdose on veggies…). I served it with some whole wheat naan, and it was TREMENDOUS. Seriously, seriously good. I believe I wrote “Deeeeeeelicious” on the recipe card. It was great, and is undoubtedly making it into our regular rotation. Thank you SO much for posting!

  50. Rosemary says:

    Very nice! I used the same ingredient proportions but did it on the stove top and added a bit of cilantro to the end.

  51. A friend recommended this recipe to me, and the color of the lentils and the sweet potatoes drew me in. I’ve never made lentils before tonight, but now I’m never going back. I used the stovetop adaptation that another commenter posted because I mistimed my evening. This recipe was GREAT! The spices and the coconut milk really kick it to be a punch of yum. Next time I’ll eat it with some cilantro and naan.

    Thanks for sharing!

  52. Think chana dal would work? It’s what I have on hand this month.

  53. Danelle says:

    Lindsay, this recipe is amazing! I have to cook on weekends for the whole week, and was so happy when I found your blog and lots of your wonderful crockpot ideas. I didn’t have sweet potatoes, so tried this recipe with butternut squash and some fresh chillies. This dish is only supposed to be eaten later this week, but my husband (who is not a big lentil-eater by the way), was hanging around that pot all day and later begged me to have some. I had to stop him from finishing it all :)

  54. Lindsay, I tried this recipe, but I obviously did something wrong.
    Before I added the lentils, I still had lots of broth left, like I soup.
    I added brown lentils. I know, not the one you said and also the coconut milk.

    We ate it as a soup but it did not look at all like yours.
    Is the broth supposed to evaporate?


    • I think it’s probably because of using the brown lentils. The little red lentils are known for creating almost a gravy like consistency whereas the brown lentils cook more like regular beans, so it would be make sense that there would be soupy broth leftover. I would use less broth next time if you’re going to do it with the brown lentils again. You can always add more liquid, so starting with less might help you have more control over the liquid amounts.

  55. Hi! Gotta love those little red things! I just became a vegan last December and I’ve fallen in love with a lot of new things, but lentils top the list. I love this recipe but did it a little differently. I cooked the yams for only two hours and then added the lentils and cooked them for only a 1/2 hours — so I can still pick up chunks of potato with a fork and the lentils haven’t cooked to mush. I’d love it mushy too, but my husband likes chunky. This didn’t affect the yummy flavor though. I like the idea of serving it on top of something brilliant green, so tonight it will be on spinach. Yum. Thank you SO much!

  56. Do you use the yellow sweet potatoes or the orange yams?

  57. Sweet potato and red lentils! Two of my favorite things. I’ve tried a bunch of recipes with these two, but this is by far our family’s favorite! Yum! This will definitely be on our regular meal rotation now.

  58. This looks delicious!

    Do you know about how many cups this makes? I want to make it for a get-together, and I’m trying to figure out how much to cook for it.


  59. Lindsey! I love this recipe. I’m curious how you came up with the total fat being 11.5 g per serving. The only thing with much fat is the coconut milk all of my cans say 14 g for the whole can. Just curious if I’m missing something (and hoping it’s actually lower so I can feel better about eating this delicious soup! I also substitute light coconut milk and it’s still creamy and wonderful – just an FYI.


    • Hey Katy! That’s a really good question – I think it must be an error. I used Calorie Count for this label – you could use that to cross check what I have and you should be able to see each item and how much it’s adding to the overall totals.

  60. I tried this out for lunch today and it’s absolutely delicious. Based on the ingredients I had on hand I did make a few changes mainly using regular brown lentil instead of red ( and excluding the onions because I don’t like them). There was a lot of broth left over so mine came out more of a soup/ stew hybrid. But it was still delicious- and I took it as an excuse to eat a little more bread.

    I will be making this again at some point using red lentils as the recipe calls for.

    Thanks for posting this!

  61. Made yesterday. Absolutely delicious! I used light coconut milk which worked great. Please bring us more slow cooker recipes, esp vegan ones like this. We eat vege/vegan about four nights a week now and this is perfect! Thank you!

  62. bostoncandylady says:

    I wanted to chime in and say that my boyfriend said this is his favorite of the lentil dishes I make- which are many!

  63. I was looking for a vegan recipe to try when my niece visits and came across this one. I love sweet potatoes and lentils so why not? I made it yesterday and found it made my house smell delicious. Then I couldn’t figure out what to make with it, or exactly what it was for (breakfast, lunch, dinner snack?)…until I went back and re-read the article and now it makes more sense with the naan! Thank you!

  64. I made this the other night and am drooling thinking about it now. I have a newborn, a three year old, and a spouse who works overnights, so I decided to hunt down some slow cooker recipes to try and make my hectic life easier. Well, I was super impressed with how wonderfully this turned outing my Instant Pot! I made two changes: first, I wasn’t paying attention during prep and cut up my large sweet potatoes without measuring them. I ended up with eleven cups worth, so I had to double the recipe (darn :) ). I guess I had really really large sweet potatoes. Second, I added half the amount of coconut milk because my dear spouse “hates” coconut. In my case, that was one can. I can’t imagine how awesome this would be with the full amount, but I’m thrilled to report that both my hubby and my three year old devoured this with some freshly shelled peas and a salad. We had enough for at least five more meals that I froze for later consumption.

    Thanks for a great recipe–I’m really looking forward to getting to know your site!

    • Thanks for your feedback Kelly! Glad you liked it.

    • Heather! says:

      How did it do having been frozen? Just curious because I made it yesterday and have a good bit left over. I was considering freezing it, but am wondering about how it might affect the texture. Thanks!

  65. Made this today and love it! It’s very flavorful and delicious – given how few ingredients there are, I wasn’t expecting it to be so great. It was also extremely easy; I prepped it in about 10 minutes and then went out on a long bike ride. When I got back, I added the lentils. I found they only needed about an hour to cook, but my slow cooker may run a bit hot on high.

    I also stirred in some baby spinach when I added the coconut milk, and then let it simmer for a few minutes before serving. Absolutely a 5 start recipe.

  66. This looks so great! I don’t have a crock pot though…could this be done using regular pot?

  67. Hey! Just had to stop by to let you know I made this yesterday, and it is fantastically filling on the first hard frost day. Especially when your building has no heat. On a Monday.

    But man, this super thick stew/soup rocks! I even puréed some of the mix before I added the lentils and coconut milk for some super smoothness.

    Filling and subtle, this is the stuff that won’t let you down. Thanks!

  68. Do you have to sail the lentils overnight first?

  69. Soak…

  70. This looks awesome and having just been vegan for about two months it is always great to find new recipes! I’m also new to cooking so forgive my question as it may seem silly! Do I add the coconut milk with the lentils or just before serving? Thanks in advance and love love this blog!!

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