Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites

Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites: cute little truffles that only require four ingredients. 130 calories of natural sweetness! | pinchofyum.com

I’ll just lay it all out there: I have fork-rolling-chocolate problems. And I die for dark chocolate.

So what that means is that even though I need chocolate daily, I typically avoid rolling things in chocolate with forks. But then Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites came waltzing right in and got me all mixed up.

These are one of those sweet, perfect, cutesy things that I like to keep in a little tupperware container hidden on the back shelf of the fridge for just the perfect small after dinner snack (aka breakfast). And even though my rolling skills are nonexistent, I’m developing what some might call a habit. A little habit filled with moist, dense, naturally sweetened coconut glory and coated/dipped/dunked to the depths in dark chocolate.

Looks like I’ll need to take my fork rolling skills a little more seriously.

Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites: cute little truffles that only require four ingredients. 130 calories of natural sweetness! | pinchofyum.com

Bjork rarely doesn’t like the stuff I make but this was one of those rare times. I believe his exact words were, “Dark chocolate just doesn’t do it for me.”

Bjorkkkk. Sad story.

I didn’t get defensive or self-conscious (me? never). I just took his half eaten one and the rest of the batch that were sitting on the pan and put them in a little container labeled “Lindsay.” Well, I labeled it in my head. Because even though I like to make food that he loves, sometimes a girl needs her own personal stash of dark chocolate coconut sweetness just waiting for her in that cold, cold fridge.

Speaking of cold.

Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites: cute little truffles that only require four ingredients. 130 calories of natural sweetness! | pinchofyum.com

It’s not cold here. At all. Pinky promise, cross my heart, don’t question me on it.

For this recipe you should use dessicated coconut. That’s different from shredded sweetened coconut – it’s more like dried, finely shredded coconut meat that is not sweet. That’s okay because it’s still yummy, especially pulsed through your blender a few times to make a thick, sticky sort of powder. You’ll add some natural sweetness to the coconut filling from the ingredient of your choice: honey or maple syrup.

Big decision right there. Spend a minute thinking about that please.

Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites: cute little truffles that only require four ingredients. 130 calories of natural sweetness! | pinchofyum.com

The first time I made these, it was a total fail. I ended up literally just mixing all the coconut in with all the melted chocolate and pressing it into a pan. When all else fails, press it into a pan and call it bars. That’s my thinking.

But the second time I was a little more careful and a little more patient and this:

I used coconut oil

You must use coconut oil. Coconut oil does this magic thing that regular oil does not do. It hardens. Like, it becomes firm. So when I rolled/squeezed/awkwardly formed these little coconut balls and then refrigerated them for 15 minutes, they became hard! I could have picked one up and thrown it across the room right into Bjork’s mouth (sans the dark chocolate) and it would have held together. If you don’t use coconut oil, you’re going to end up with a flaky, coconutty mess on your hands.

Even when you do use coconut oil, it’s a little tricky. Just be okay with your hands smelling like coconut for a while and a few oddly shaped balls at first.

You will reap yummy rewards.

Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites: cute little truffles that only require four ingredients. 130 calories of natural sweetness! | pinchofyum.com

So what did you decide? Honey or maple syrup?

I’ll just tell you right now: I loved them both, and they are both really different. The maple syrup tastes like, uhh, maple syrup. And the honey taste something like honey. Whoa. That’s deep. But I was actually really surprised how much the flavors of these sweeteners came through in the finished product. Each gorgeous little bite-sized ball tasted like straight up almond joy with either a slight honey or maple leaning.

I couldn’t decide which I liked better so I made two batches and just kept them both in the fridge. Both labeled with my name.

And I will do the same thing again next week and for all time.

Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites: cute little truffles that only require four ingredients. 130 calories of natural sweetness! | pinchofyum.com

You’re missing out, Bjork.

4.9 from 30 reviews
Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites
Serves: 18
  • 2 cups dessicated coconut
  • 4 tablespoons honey or maple syrup
  • 5 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 4 ounces dark chocolate for melting (i.e. chocolate chips)
  1. Pulse the coconut in a blender or food processor until the texture becomes like thick flour. Transfer to a bowl and add the honey or maple syrup, coconut oil, and vanilla. Stir until a thick paste forms.
  2. Using your hands, squeeze the mixture into about 18 small balls. I found that rolling was difficult because they weren't sticky enough, but I was able to shape them into balls by first squeezing them in my palm a few times (you'll get some oil on your hands), and then gently shaping it from an oval into a round ball. Place the coconut balls in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes or until firm. I could tell that mine were ready because there was a small white ring of solidified coconut oil around the base of each ball.
  3. Melt the chocolate slowly and gently until smooth and spreadable. We don't have a microwave, so I had the best results melting this in a stainless steel bowl placed in a hot oven for about 10 minutes.
  4. Lay out a sheet of wax paper. Using two forks, roll each coconut ball in the chocolate until completely covered. Scoop the ball out with the fork and let the extra chocolate drip off the fork. Gently nudge the chocolate covered ball onto wax paper and chill until the chocolate has hardened. Store in the refrigerator.
It's very important to use coconut oil because other oils won't harden like coconut oil, and that hardening is what holds the shape together.


Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites - These dark chocolate coconut bites look like cute truffles and require just four ingredients. 130 calories of natural sweetness.
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  1. Wow! These look awesome! I love coconut and dark chocolate and the are no-bake? YES!
    I can not believe Bjork doe snot like dark chocolate! Stuff is so good!

  2. I think I will be making these for my Mom-in-law. She loves Almond Joys. I’m also thinking that maybe I’ll skip both the honey and the maple syrup and try agave – then I won’t have to decide! Crazy Bjork. Better for you though. . . .

  3. I need to make these for my friends who need to be gluten and dairy free. They would love them.

  4. They’re like little Mounds Bar balls and so perfect! I could use a dozen :)

  5. OH MY WORD! These sound incredible – I’m all over the dark chocolate!

  6. Cathy E says:

    OH. MY. GOODNESS. For me there is nothing quite like dark chocolate. And then combining with coconut! Unfortunately my husband likes dark chocolate too, so I will have to share mine when I make these. Or not!

  7. Oh. My. Goodness. These look like the perfect bite of a tropical, summer treat! Dark chocolate + Coconut = Dessert Addiction :)

  8. These look crazy good! Coconut oil is brilliant! :)

  9. Those look so delicious! I really want to make them myself. I agree with you that it’s hard dipping things in chocolate while making them look pretty, but the end result is worth it. I don’t think my hubby would like these either. That means more for me!

    Confession: My husband doesn’t like most things with chocolate in them. I’ll add chocolate to certain desserts so I can have them all for myself.

  10. Holy damn these look good! I’m pretty sure that I could eat these all day long every single day. If you see me getting a little larger around the middle you’ll know why :)

  11. These look amazing, Lindsay! And yes, Bjork is missing out big time!!! Dark chocolate and coconut, are you kidding me?! I have been baking a lot with chocolate and coconut lately too. Latest creation – protein chia macaroons, double chocolate protein cookies and chocolate almond drops.
    Beautiful shots! I need to find time to do action shots and the ingredients. My kids…please grow up faster! Just kidding.:) There is time and place for everything in life.

  12. I am so there :)

  13. Oh my wow, these look incredible. I’ll take all the ones Bjork doesn’t want!

  14. Fork rolling and I don’t get along. Let’s just leave it at that.

    I love mounds bars and these are JUST everything about them. Dark chocolate and coconut. SWOON! <3 <3

  15. My husband would LOVE these. Dark chocolate rocks!

  16. You crack me up! (“after dinner snack…aka” hahaha)
    I’m not into dark chocolate at all, but I love coconut. Maybe milk chocolate would work, too?

  17. I love these almond joy style treats! I have a serious chocolate issue too – I made vegan chocolate truffles last week and they lasted one day. :)

  18. Can I use freshly grated coconut rather than the dessicated coconut?

    • You could try! Some other recipes I saw didn’t mention using dessicated coconut, but I did try the regular shredded sweetened stuff and found it was really hard to work with. I think the key with whatever kind you use is putting it in the blender to make more like a thick flour.

  19. Tim is a milk chocolate lover through and through. I make fun of him and tell him that he’s not a true chocolate lover. It doesn’t seem to bother him much. Don’t get me wrong. I love my snickers and m&ms, but…I’ll leave it at that ;). I don’t label my “secret” stash, but that’s where I keep my precious treats. I never really cared much for coconut until recently. However, I do feel that 2 cups of coconut is a lil’ much. Do you think I can add maybe like 1 cup or so? Although I’m sure it’s called “Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites” for a reason haha. I would def try making it with maple syrup first!

    • Do you mean take out 1 cup of coconut? If you use less coconut be sure to adjust the oil and sweetener amounts because otherwise it will be too wet. Also, you’ll just get less chocolate balls out of it if you use less.

    • Min, I wonder if you could substitute 1 cup of coconut for 1 cup of almond flour to make them less coconuty for you…

  20. They are like little balls of healthy Almond Joys without the almonds! They look spectacular since one of my favorite combinations is chocolate and coconut.

    • Yes! I actually made them with whole almonds on top, too, but I liked them better without. But I thought it might be good next time to crush some almonds and mix them in with the coconut… :)

      • what a great idea to add a whole almond on top! if you don’t have a microwave, try boiling water on the stove, adding a metal bowl to sit on top of that to melt your chocolate. just don’t let even the smallest drop of water get into the chocolate or it will seize and your chocolate will be ruined.

  21. Oh, my! You have opened up a whole new world to me! I love coconut and dark chocolate. No one in my family likes coconut. So, having these little gems in the refrigerator will be that little treat all for me. Thanks!

  22. If I labeled everything my husband didn’t like, I could fill 100 fridges. But dark chocolate anything, he’s in

  23. Wow – those look amazing. I have family in from out of town this weekend – these look like a perfect treat to have around the house for my guests to snack on!

  24. Wow, these look AMAZING!! I’m putting some coconut on my grocery list now so I can try this! Thank you! :)

  25. I love the combination of dark chocolate and coconut! Would you recommend agave nector instead of honey or maple syrup?

  26. YES! These look incredible. I love almond joy bars and dark chocolate is my favorite. I’m the only one in the family who feels this way so they would be ALL mine! Mwaha ha ha.

  27. If Bjork doesn’t like these, you can always put these in a container for me :)

  28. looks amazing! My husband would inhale these :)

  29. Kathy Ziegenmier says:

    I have never heard of and have no idea where I would find dessicated chocolate? Can you use shredded in a “pinch”? Pun intended:-)

    • ahahah! :) I think you could try, especially if you have a good food processor that would really shred it well. The most important thing is to be able to get it into a more sticky powder-like form, because it’s hard to make the big shreds of coconut stick together (at least in my experience). I think it tastes better packed into a tight little ball like that.

    • She means desiccated coconut not chocolate. :)

  30. These would make a perfect birthday treat for little ol’ me today. (Alas, I am too stuffed with leftovers from last night’s “birthday eve” dinner at India Palace to eat any dessert.) Since you’re almost home, please note that belated birthday treats are totally acceptable and that I might use corn syrup in place of the other sweetener and a drop of almond extract might be divine…

  31. i totally need to make these, stat. coconut is my love and my husband wouldn’t touch these. all for me!!! (could be dangerous!) :)

  32. I am curious how “Bjorkkkk” with four k’s is pronounced… but that’s beside the point. These photos are great. Seems like you did something different with the curves in PS?… or maybe the lighting was just different that day. I like it.

    • Thanks! Not sure… I was working so fast that day because we were in the middle of packing and moving. :) Maybe I should work that fast more often?!

  33. Yum! Dark chocolate all the way for me. I made something similar today but totally did not do the fork rolling thing- yours looks beautiful. If you have “fork rolling problems” I must have a fork rolling disease! Haha.

  34. I love how this is such an easy but fab looking dessert to make. Plus is has coconut in it. Might try it out at my girly weekend I have planned soon.

  35. Looks yummy! Can not wait to try! Cheers..

  36. These look so tasty! They remind me of an almond joy a little minus the almond. I wish I had a few of these right now!

  37. Yum! Gotta ask…, will you be taking the table back to Minnesota? I remember when you found it.

    • Yep! Sitting in my MN living room now and looking at it :) just the boards, though. Bjork will reassemble them into some kind of board/table top.

  38. OMG…these sound awesome! Coconut and dark chocolate is one of my fav combos! Pinned! :-)

  39. Ohhhhhhhh my goodness Lindsay!! It’s a good thing you labeled your container (even in your head) because otherwise I’d hop on a plane to the Philippines right this very second to eat the entire batch! I love dark chocolate. Love love love. I always keep at least 3-4 different types in my pantry, and the best part is that my guy doesn’t like it either! I never have to worry about my chocolate stash or desserts going missing. (But when I visit my parents, I have some serious competition from my mom…)

  40. Wow…a daily need for chocolate?! What a sweet tooth you got there. I totally want to try this. They look amazing. It’s funny how taste buds change as we get older. As a kid, I used to think Almond Joy was the most disgusting thing ever. I used to give it away whenever I got them trick-or-treating. I hated the coconuts in the chocolate. But now, I love them!

  41. “aka breakfast” haha! I’m the same way, I love eating a naughty breakfast every now and then…like when last night’s leftovers are too good to wait until lunch :)

  42. I adore dark chocolate, too. The darker, the yummier, I say. I’ve made this kind of recipe before with shredded coconut and it worked out really well, as you mentioned the coconut oil really is the lynchpin in the whole operation. Adding peppermint extract to both the coconut mixture and the chocolate takes these to a whole other level, too…

  43. Well, these chocolate coconut candies are just brilliant! So simple and I know they are beyond delicious. Giving these a try, stat.

  44. Oh that looks lovely! Can’t wait to try it :)

  45. These look amazing, but I am having a hard time finding that kind of coconut.

    I don’t see at the two Grocery Stores I’ve been to.

    • Hmm, maybe you could try an Asian grocery? or a specialty health food store? if that doesn’t work I know you can order it online! And another option is using regular shredded coconut :) although I haven’t done that so I’m not sure how well it holds up. Good luck!

  46. Great entry, Lindsay :-) love your sense of humour. will be trying these out for my boyfriends birthday

  47. These look great going to try them soon. I have found it very easy to dip if you remove the middle tines on the fork. If you have only good flat where go to a dollar store and buy one you don’t mind breaking the tines off of. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  48. oh my! Drool! What is wrong with Bjork? I think his taste buds should be checked. I mean, you could make them with milk chocolate for him? But then he might accidentally eat your dark chocolate ones in the fridge, and I definitely don’t want that happening! :)

  49. christina says:

    i have a question for you – i really want to get on the coconut oil train but the 2 kids i’ve tried (i don’t remember both but one was the regular whole foods brand) taste terrible to me – like soap or something. have you had an experience like this, or can you recommend a certain brand? i’d love to try these but the last 2 desserts i tried to make with coconut oil i had to throw out due to the aftertaste of it… maybe it’s just my problem?

    • The kind that I used was purchased in the Philippines (where I was living at the time I posted this) and I don’t remember the brand, but it was definitely made in the Philippines. It looked like a regular vegetable oil. The coconut oil I’ve seen it the states is already solid, so I’m not sure if it’s a different kind of oil or has different properties because of the climate or what. How much was used in your other desserts? Do you think even just a few tablespoons would throw the taste off too much?

      • The solid white (more pure) coconut oil is better than the liquidity. I buy Spectrum brand from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods here in California. I also buy Punja’s coconut oil from Fiji Islands whenever I can find some–I stock up. I use coconut oil for cooking my veggies as well, and for my hair-face-body to keep my 57 year old body soft and pretty. The chocolate balls are just so bomb my granddaughter says (lol!)

  50. Absolutely loved these, glad I found this recipe! I might try using silicone ice cube trays to mould these as well. I’m looking forward to making these again and perhaps adding half a strawberry in the middle and rolling the chocolate in chopped or ground hazelnuts. Being a candida sufferer too, substituting in agave and cacao/carob would make these a pretty beneficial treat. Cheers!

  51. Colleen B. says:

    These turned out delicious! Just the right amount of sweet. They didn’t look as pretty as yours and were a bit messy to make with all that oil, but yum, totally worth it! I used regular shredded organic unsweetened coconut flakes and threw them in the food processor to get them chopped up! Thanks for sharing this great little snack!

  52. Made them and love them!! Ugh I shouldn’t have, now I keep pacing back and forth to the fridge!

  53. I live in italy and have no idea where to get coconet oil from , I think there is a very good chance I may cry hahaha I want to make these, they look and sound amazing :)

  54. Oh dear, I need an edit button….coconet!!

    • Patti, do you have access to any kind of specialty food store? I am able to find coconut oil here in the States in the organic/healthy section of our local grocery store and then also at a specialty health food store. In the Philippines they sold the coconut oil with the other oils. Good luck – I hope you can find some! It’s great stuff!

      • We can get coconut oil in the baking isle of the grocery store here in Tennessee. It’s usually next to the shortening. The kind I buy is called “LouAna pure coconut oil”. I read through these comments and someone posted that their coconut oil “tasted like soap”. It made me wonder if they had actually gotten coconut oil or non food grade coconut butter. Non food grade Coconut butter is meant to be used as hand cream or an ingredient in a cosmetic and usually has a fragrance added.

        Also, I was wondering if you could use light corn syrup instead of the honey or maple syrup and use coconut extract instead of the vanilla?
        Thank you. :)

  55. It calls for a teaspoon of vanilla, and then there is no mention of it in the directions. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  56. Made these today, had to add a little more honey and oil to get them to stick together than the recipe asked for but these were lush, 19 made and 10 left and they’ve only been made an hour! oops!!

  57. Lindsay I absolutely adore your blog! I love that you love food, photography, health, dark chocolate and most importantly JESUS, just like me ๐Ÿ˜‰ Can’t wait to read more posts! These look great by the way. Dark chocolate and coconut is a perfect combo.

  58. They sound wonderful!
    I need to make these on my next grocery run!
    Just an idea though, I wonder how good they would taste with crushed almonds sprinkled over before the chocolate hardens, Or just mixed in for that fun extra crunch!

    • I just made them and decided I’m going to roast some almonds and do this with them next time I make them. I just felt like it was missing that little something.

  59. I made these little bites and LOVED them! I had to use agave because there was only a sad drop of maple syrup left in the fridge. Thank you for sharing, Lindsay!

    (Blogged about them here: http://www.wingitvegan.com/2013/09/dark-chocolate-coconut-bites.html)

  60. Whoa. I didn’t mean for the link to be in all caps. Sorry about that!

  61. I just made these; they are delicious. I used the coconut found on this page as it was the only thing my local grocer had that wasn’t sweetened. It also was only $3.99:


    My only problem is that I didn’t find a single pass through the chocolate to be a proper chocolate to coconut mixture (with about 3/4 Tablespoon balls). So I let them set in the fridge after the first chocolate covering until hard and then rolled them again. Not only did it give them a great chocolate to coconut ratio but they also were prettier as the coating was smoother and shinier.

  62. Hi..I love both dark choc and coconut a lot, I think I would try some with white choc too :) thanks for the recipe..just one question regarding the coconut oil, in Malta you won’t find coconut oil as in recipes..is it the one you find in health shops? The one used for aromatherapy and that stuff? Excuse my ignorance but I’m lost! Thanks :)

  63. Moondragon007 says:

    I wonder, can you use already ground-up coconut flour in these? I bought a bag to experiment with.

  64. i’m assuming the vanilla goes in the coconut and not the chocolate.? Also, i wonder if a little scoop would work instead of the rolling.

  65. What do you do with the vanilla?!

  66. I have the solid coconut oil, which tastes lovely. Should I melt it first, then measure the 5 Tblsp or measure it in the solid state. ( Also, would I be able to make these with the coconut oil in the solid state?)

    I’m off to the store to buy some wax paper, the only ingredient I don’t have in the house! Then I plan to spend the afternoon, making and testing these little treats!

  67. These are so yummy! They are mounds candy gone all natural! I have a couple tips to share and added chia seeds to the coconut mixture to act as a bit of an added binding agent as well as for nutritional value. After I mixed the coconut mixture I immediately stuck it in the frig to cool. Did this mainly because I needed to run a quick errand that couldn’t wait. When I came back to them the mixture was nice and cold. I think another big thing to help keep everything cold while rolling them into the balls was I would scrap the parts that were sticking to my hands to not waste it and then I would wash my hands in cold water to keep my hands from getting to warm causing the mixture to stick to me. I put the balls in the frig to continue getting cold and covered in the dark chocolate like you said. Sooo devilishly delish! Thank you for this recipe! You have a new regular follower!

  68. I am super excited to try these because coconut and dark chocolate are probably my most favorite foods ever!!

    Am I missing a joke in this post? Because Bjork is a girl, not a guy.

  69. I feel like we could already be BFF’s because I would also like to live off of salted dark chocolate. ๐Ÿ˜€ AND, my husband would not eat these either! It’s because of the coconut though, not the chocolate. I’m not sure I would get along well with a chocolate hater.

    I’ll definitely try this recipe though, at least I know me and the kids will eat and love them :)

  70. For dried coconut and coconut oil, try tropicaltraditions.com/
    The coconut products come from the Philippines. Excellent products.

  71. I love dark chocolate and coconut. I will be trying this for sure. I make dark chocolate covered cherries for my husband which I do not like; so, this will be my treat. Thanks for sharing!

  72. Is 116 calories for one ball? So is the serving size ONLY one?! :( These look awesome! Can’t wait to try!!

  73. I was making these and could not get them into balls. I squeezed and squeezed. So I ended up into bars. They are setting now before I do the chocolate. Any suggestions for next time??

  74. Ok, this was a partial pinterest fail for me as far as looks goes!! The coconut wouldn’t hold together so I have shapes like rocks with ears. The chocolate wouldn’t get thin enough, so my first two are deliciously chocolate and the other 16 have chocolate hats. But I will say, for taste, they are AWESOME!!! So, I will continue to make them and try to figure out how have them not look like a two year old made them. Delicious! And yes, I had them for my “after dinner snack” this morning!

    • Marianne says:

      I stopped adding sugar to my diet, so I had to be a little creative with this recipe. I use the 2 cups of desicated coconut, 6 T of melted coconut oil, 3T heavy cream and a generous t of vanilla. I mix it all up really well, then I roll them right away before chilling. It’s a kind of squeeze-press-turn action that keeps getting better each time I make them. My first few tries were bad looking although tasty!
      I then take one 70% and 85% dark chocolate cars (Lindts are my favorite) whack them with a wooden spoon while still in their wrappers, and then put the pieces into a small glass bowl and microwave on high. I don’t time it, I just watch and stir until its all melted.
      The rolling into the chocolate takes practice too. I drop one in at a time, roll it around, lift it on the fork so it’s against the edge of the bowl, and tap it to get the extra chocolate off. Then lay it on wax paper, chill for about a hour (if you can wait that long!)
      The only down side is that no matter how much you chill it, you will still get chocolate on your fingers! Commercially prepared ones use some kind of coating to prevent that.
      I also leave them in the fridge since I used cream in the recipe.
      Hope this is helpful!

  75. What did you try to make these with before? Normal oil?
    I’m wondering if they can be made with butter, I’m not a big fan of coconut oil

  76. Victoria Shanley says:

    AND……When they are too wet, Ahhhhh NBD I just used a spoon and instead of a ball they were more like a Turtle…. :)

    Either way they were Great……

  77. Looks great! I think I’ll have to use semisweet instead though. I have been making little peanut butter balls with coconut flour and honey and rolling them in the melted chocolate with the fork, my fingers…anything that will work. Can’t wait to try these.

  78. Oh Man. I made these dark chocolate coconut bites, the triple chocolate truffles, inner goddess truffles and the ones named “party ball” something…all today. My hands are permanetly stained from coco. Not really. We decided to make them for Christmas presents. We may need a plan b, cause they’re going to be long gone by the time Christmas rolls around. Thanks for the recipes, they are all amazing. I love your website. You are my “what-the-heck-am-i-going-to-make-for-suppers-this-week”/”let’s-try-something-new-and-tasty-just-for-fun” go-to website chick. Keep up the awesomeness.

  79. How long do these last for? Can I make them a head of time?

  80. My dear ! Your have the greatest writing skills…so much so that I now read your blog out loud at bed time for the gasman. (Im married to the gasman so it’s all good). Thanks for the recipe and the giggle, it’s going to get done this week. Been a long time since I made these and thank goodness for the coconut oil, I don’t remember what my mom used but I remembering it being damned difficult. Again thank you and the gasman thanks you as well cause we both like dark chocolate. Merry Christmas from my home to yours and a very Happy New Year to you and your family. Looking forward to many new delicious recipes in 2015!!

  81. They weren’t sticking together for me at first either, so I put the coconut mixture in the fridge for about 15 minutes before I started rolling again and it worked lke a dream! The warmth of your hands softens the coconut oil again just enough to shape into balls.

  82. If you have a food processor, just add the syrup/honey, vanilla & oil to the coconut & process until mixed. The mixture is well-combined & very easy to handle to form the balls. Not sure if this would work in a blender.

  83. Lucia Lowry says:

    I assume that the 5 Tbsp of coconut oil are measured in melted form? or solid form?

  84. I made these with white chocolate, which was also a great combination. I failed at making balls, though, so they turned out a bit more like little pyramids! Great recipe!

  85. Excellent. I’m making them football shape for playoffs

  86. shaunnieb says:

    these look so delish, can’t wait to try them for ‘party ball’ themed Super Bowl party this weekend….but I have never heard of desiccated coconut, where do I find that? need brick -and-morter store….thanks!

  87. Thank you for this recipe!!! I made these and put an almond in the middle of each ball – they’re so incredible & guilt-free. I brought them to church today & they were a huge hit.

  88. I made these yesterday. They are SO easy to make and absolutely delicious. They taste just like Mounds and are crazy good.

  89. Oh.My.Goodness.
    These are incredible! I was a bit scared to try these but… let me tell ya I had no reason to be scared. Quick easy and delish! Just what I was looking for! Thanks for the recipe!!

  90. Stephany says:

    I made these. These are a great! I have a friend who can’t have refined sugars, gluten, or dairy (I KNOW!) and other sweets I’ve tried with those restrictions haven’t been that great, but these are perfect. I used the Pasha brand of chocolate chips (peanut, nuts, dairy, soy, eggs, wheat, and gluten free) and the coconut was by Let’s Doโ€ฆOrganic, reduced fat unsweetened finely shredded coconut. I wasn’t worried about the reduced fat, it was just what they had, and I think it might have worked out better then something else. It’s so light and dry it really soaked up the moisture and there was no puddling of oil. I didn’t melt the oil though either, just solid form and used my hands to mix. Thanks for sharing!

  91. I made these today. I ended up only using half the amount of coconut oil (because I ran out) and they still tasted great. I also used baker’s unsweetened chocolate, which was a bit overkill on it being not sweet. The coconut and honey balanced it out though. I sprinkled powdered sugar on top. They ended up looking and tasting great! Thanks for the recipe. My husband was impressed and thought they were delicious!

  92. I made these this afternoon and just tried them and OMG! They are amazing!! I used finely shredded coconut and coconut oil, and skipped everything else and just added 2 tbsp of regular sugar… and they are still great!!

    I am going to try and make them the same way but adding chocolate to the mixture and see how they turn out! :)

  93. These are so yummy! I actually added a tablespoon of chia seeds and flaxseed to the mixture. Wrapped an almond around it, and after I dipped it in the dark chocolate I sprinkle some salted pumpkin seeds for a healthier way to snack on these. Now I won’t feel guilty for loving almond joys so much! Haha

  94. Did you measure the coconut before or after the food processor?

  95. i wonder…think I’ll try ginger syrup in some of the recipe. might be good.

  96. 5 stars from a family made up of a vegetarian, non-sugar eater, semi-paleo eater and a banter (low carb, high fat)!

    I needed to use organic dark chocolate, and naturally it doesn’t melt as well as melting chocolate. I just added a bit of coconut oil and it smoothed out perfectly for anyone else who has the same problem :)

  97. It’s amazing how well dark chocolate and coconut go together. And yes, coconut oil adds a fantastic touch to the recipe. Thx for sharing.

  98. Thanks for the recipe
    I may try it with the caramelised coconut spread (tastes kinda like toasted coconut caramels goodness) instead of the honey/maple syrup to sweeten.

  99. Hello :) I made these just last week. They were good, sweetened them with honey as maple syrup is quite expensive here where I live. The only problem I had was that since I used really dark chocolate and I think I should’ve used a little bit more than 120 g – more like about 150 or even 200, because I covered the first 8 quite generously and then the rest was coated really poorly.

  100. I love dark chocolate and coconut! Thank you for the recipe! I loved reading your post…you have a great sense of humor. I was giggling as I read it. Thanks for the laugh as well :)

  101. Sorry, apparently I sort of deleted a little bit of my comment – since I used really dark chocolate – 75 %, it didn’t melt as smoothly as chocolate melts. Now when I returned to comment on it, I see a comment about the exact same problem – only the person above me was smart enough to add some coconut oil. I am not used to melting chocolate and I was glad I didn’t burn it. Maybe you could write it in the recipe, for people like me (silly, and unequipped). Here in the Czech republic (prague) and probably in other central european countries too, not all supermarkets carry chocolate chips, so many people would use regular chocolate that comes in bar form instead.

  102. What about using corn syrup in place of the maple or honey? Anyone try that?

  103. Angie Barrett says:

    I loved them!! Absolutely delicious! Thank you!
    I am making them with the left overs of my desiccated coconut after I make my coconut milk. I make my coconut milk in my Thermomix and then dry the leftovers in my dehydrator and then used the dry coconut flakes to make these amazing chocolate coconut balls. Yum!
    I am using the coconut flakes all the way and I’m not waisting a bit!
    Thank you for sharing the recipe!

  104. Could I substitute coconut butter for the oil or not? They are delicious but just curious.

  105. Sorry this might sound like a silly question but when you mix the coconut oil in is the coconut oil softened like oil before mixing in or is it hard like straight out of the jar?

    • Not a dumb question, Louise. When you are mixing in the oil, it should be softened. It will harden again as the coconut balls are chilled.

      • Do you mean the coconut oil is melted? Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š

        • Hi, Elaine! It can be melted – basically it needs to be soft enough to be incorporated into the rest of the coconut mixture.

          • Great, thank you! One more thought; when reading a recipe that must be divided into small portions, I always wonder how to accomplish that task in the best and most accurate manner (I am an accountant, so accuracy runs in my blood, LOL). My thought is to weigh the entire recipe, then divide by 18 to come up with the number of ounce(s) that one piece should weigh. All 18 don’t need to be weighed, as I imagine I would “get the idea” of what size one piece would weigh in my hand and what it should look like after I have weighed the first two or three pieces. Thank you again!

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