Honey Glazed Crockpot Chicken Adobo

Honey Glazed Crockpot Chicken Adobo - simple pantry ingredients, hardly any hands-on time, 200 calories. | http://pinchofyum.com

I’m asking myself if the current time of 6:12 am is too early to think about Honey Glazed Crockpot Chicken Adobo.

Nope. NO way.

I mean, it was not that long ago that I was literally WIDE AWAKE at 6am – miracle – not just writing about Honey Glazed Crockpot Chicken Adobo but actually making my whole house smell like this perfect combination of roasted garlic and peppery chicken and honey soy sauce glaze. I set my alarm early, in order to start the crockpot, in order to get our lunch ready for friends (does anyone else have this where they find themselves thinking about and preparing things for lunch at 6am?)

But in truly beautiful crockpot form, I went back to bed and awoke a few hours later only to be welcomed in the face by the honey soy garlic chicken smell. Cooked, on it’s own, just like that.

*happy dance*

Honey Glazed Crockpot Chicken Adobo - simple pantry ingredients, hardly any hands-on time, 200 calories. | http://pinchofyum.com

Okay, so no. True Filipino chicken adobo doesn’t have a glaze. That would definitely be the American glazey sauce lover in me coming through in this recipe.

Normal chicken adobo has more like a broth sauce. It’s runny and you just kind of sop it over your chicken and rice and it’s delicious. But honey? With the salty tang of the adobo sauce? Thickened up a bit in a glaze? As if I could resist. That just needed to happen for me.

The bonus about a sweet honey glaze is that it sticks all over the chicken, so you have this sauciness that not only helps your chicken stay nice and juicy and packed with flavor, but it also get in there with your rice and if I may get serious for a moment, this glaze and rice were meant for each other. The whole combo, the chicken, the glaze, and the rice: it’s a flavor-texture combo that’s basically impossible to stop eating.

PS. Squeeze a lime over the top, because you just should. Tangitty zippidy rah rah roo.

Honey Glazed Crockpot Chicken Adobo - simple pantry ingredients, hardly any hands-on time, 200 calories. | http://pinchofyum.com

If you were to forego the glaze, I wouldn’t understand you at all. Honestly.

But I would be able to confirm that you’ll still get some awesome shredded chicken out of the deal, like so.

Honey Glazed Crockpot Chicken Adobo - simple pantry ingredients, hardly any hands-on time, 200 calories. | http://pinchofyum.com

Okay! Enough for today.

Just as a parting thought, I recently read a really great post by blogger Jenna –> Eat Live Run about slowing down. Like sloooowwwwwwwing down. I’m looking at you, distracted multi-tasking self.

If you’re a food blogger, regular blogger, non-blogger, over-scheduled student, completely exhausted parent (I don’t know, but I know.). If you’re self employed and super driven, passionate about your work, prone to taking on too many extra commitments. If you’re just a person of an American mindset. All of us, let’s take a rest this week.

And I hear Honey Glazed Crockpot Chicken Adobo is a good place to start for a rest. Cause, you know, the crockpot.

Honey Glazed Crockpot Chicken Adobo - simple pantry ingredients, hardly any hands-on time, 200 calories. | http://pinchofyum.com

4.8 from 12 reviews
Honey Glazed Crockpot Chicken Adobo
Serves: 12
  • 3 lbs. or more boneless skinless chicken thighs
  • 1 cup soy sauce (Silver Swan is the Filipino brand I use)
  • ½ cup white cane vinegar
  • 8-10 cloves garlic, peeled and smashed
  • 3 bay leaves
  • ½ teaspoon whole black peppercorns
  • ¼ cup + 2 tablespoons honey
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch
  • lime or calamansi for topping
  • rice for serving
  1. Place the chicken, soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, bay leaves, peppercorns, and 2 tablespoons honey in a large plastic ziplock style bag (or divide between two bags). Store in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight to let the chicken marinate.
  2. Pour the ingredients in the bag directly into the crockpot. Cook on high for 3-4 hours or until the chicken is cooked. Remove the chicken, shred with two forks, and set aside.
  3. Drain the sauce to remove bay leaves, peppercorns, and garlic. Transfer to a saucepan, stir in ¼ cup honey, and bring to a low simmer. Whisk the cornstarch with ¼ cup water and pour into the warm sauce. Simmer until thickened slightly into a glaze. Serve as an additional topping for the chicken.
  4. Top the chicken with a squeeze of lime juice if you want, fresh herbs if you want (I like cilantro even though that's not really Filipino) and serve the whole thing over steaming hot white rice.
I do not recommend using boneless skinless chicken breasts for this recipe because they will be too dry. I've made chicken adobo many times and it's always always always best when I use chicken that is either dark meat (like thighs) or has some fat on it (like skin).

Since I didn't even come close to using all the glaze, I adjusted the soy sauce to ½ cup for the information on the nutrition label.

3 lbs. or more boneless skinless chicken thighs 1 cup soy sauce (Silver Swan is the Filipino brand I use) 1/2 cup white cane vinegar 8-10 cloves garlic, peeled and smashed 3 bay leaves 1/2 teaspoon whole black peppercorns 1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons honey 2 tablespoons cornstarch


Honey Glazed Crockpot Chicken Adobo - simple pantry ingredients, hardly any hands-on time, 200 calories.
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  1. Love the crockpot, love this honey glazed chicken adobo and I love the idea of slowing down a bit! Good thing the crockpot will help with that! :)

  2. This looks rocking! Another beautiful crock pot chicken recipe to try. Yum.

  3. Oh my goodness. My mouth is watering and it’s only 9 am. I need to make this ASAP.

  4. Can you tell me what white cane vinegar is? Is it that different from distilled white vinegar? Thanks! Looks delicious!

  5. This looks great! I’m going to try this as one of those freezer crock pot meals where I’ll freeze the marinade bag and thaw later when I’m ready to make it.

    Same question as above – what is white cane vinegar?

  6. Such a good tip to not use chicken breasts- they don’t do well in the ole’ crock pot! In other news, this looks amazing and I think that sauce would even be good on a piece of fish!

  7. I’m glad that I have all the ingredients for this because it looks like the perfect weeknight meal!

  8. The first thing I thought when I saw the first image is “Is 11:00 a.m. too early for this??” But if 6:00 a.m. isn’t then I am ALL ABOUT this right now! :)

  9. I love chicken adobo! It is a treat in our family and I don’t make it often because it is so high in sodium! I’ve started supplementing some of the soy sauce for Worcestershire sauce because it is much lower in sodium.

  10. This makes my mouth water just looking at it! Thanks!

  11. Ok, I LOVED your other recipe for crockpot chicken adobo, so I know I’m going to love this one too! Pinned! :)

    • Thanks Christina! I was just thinking about that one. I ALMOST made this one pork again because I adore pork but I thought I better be fair and switch it up with chicken. :)

  12. I’m making this ASAP. Did you put the crockpot in low or high?

  13. Jordan @ TheFitchen says:

    A) This looks amazing. We were just talking about how we need to finally open and use our crock pot this morning. I can’t think of a better reason than to try this amazingness. B) Thank you for linking to Eat, Live, Run’s post. That was exactly what I needed to read today.

  14. Yum, this looks amazing! I love to use my crockpot, and this looks like a great weeknight meal! Thank you for sharing…

  15. This sounds amazing!

    But I don’t know what “white cane vinegar” is and was wondering if that was supposed to be ” white CIDER vinegar” instead?

    Thanks for sharing!

    • No, white cane vinegar is the kind I buy from a Filipino store. But I think you can really get away with any kind of white vinegar. :) Only the chicken adobo experts would be able to tell!

  16. I don’t make chicken adobo very often, only when I’m not in the mood to cook. I consider this dish for the lazy bones like making meat loaf, to simple, no challenge. Besides, it’s salty, hence, I add a little water but your addition of honey is good for making it into sandwiches the next day when the sauce has jelled. I guess the soupy version of Filipino Adobo from Cebu differs from the ones up North in the Tagalog region. We use cilantro in Manila but it’s not desired by most.—jean

    • All the Filipinos I met were just dumbfounded by cilantro. It was extremely hard to find in grocery stores and everyone who tried it said it made them sick!!! Glad to hear that I’m not the only one using cilantro for this! Thanks for the comment Jean!

  17. We just bought a huge container of local honey–you better believe I’m gonna try this one out!! Pinned!

  18. This looks absolutely amazing- I could eat the whole plate for sure. Printing this one off for later this week.

  19. Love that you are trying to focus on slowing down, but you’re still thinking of lunch at 6am :) A girl after my own heart!

  20. I need to use my crock pot more! This would be great with a side of broccoli.

  21. So I’m completely drooling right now, after I’ve had dinner and dessert and a glass of wine and everything. I LOVE the pork adobo recipe you have, but the honey? OVERTHETOP!

  22. You’re not alone, Lindsay. I am one of those 6 am people, thinking about getting meals started. …and I love the crockpot for that too. This recipe looks great – my guys at home will love this.

  23. Wow! I already had dinner but looking at these pictures I getting hungry again.

  24. Amen. We all move way too fast. And you are very right – crockpots are genius for helping to slow way down AND eliminate dishes (which you know us non-dishwasher-owners avoid as much as possible). Looking forward to trying this! But would never dream of skipping the glaze – yum!

    • Oh man. The crockpot saved me in the Philippines. I just sent another blogger your blog/name the other day…. she’s contemplating a move to SE Asia! Hope you’re doing well!

  25. Its not often a savoury recipe grabs me quite like this – amazing!

  26. I do not think its strange thinking of lunch at 6 am. Especially if it is THIS! Holy yum!

  27. Chicken adobo is the best! Love that you can just throw this in the slow cooker too! PINNED!

  28. I have never made an adobo but I am going to have to make this one, it looks ao good. Then you say take a rest, how can I take a rest when I have got to make this immediately!! I don’t have a crockpot (what is a crockpot?) so could I just slow cook this at a low temperature?

    • WHAT IS A CROCKPOT? Well, I guess that’s the brand but it’s what I call just a slow cooker. Like a big covered pot that you plug in that cooks stuff all day long for you.

  29. Yes, yes, and YES!! You had me at crockpot – but then the glaze had my mouth watering, and I SUPER need to slow down. I tend to take on too many projects, yet can’t seem to say ‘no’ – so I’m up until wee hours of the night trying to jam everything into one day. I need to slow down. I needed to read this. I need to make Honey Glazed Crockpot Chicken Adobo.

  30. I love one pot meals, particularly ones that don’t require a trip to the grocery. Ditto about using chicken thighs in the crock pot – makes all the difference and you get a more flavorful and not-dry meat. Thanks for sharing!

  31. I’m feeling guilty about how much I’ve slowed down lately, maybe I’ve slowed down too much…. and I need this delicious crockpot chicken to help me rev back up!

  32. OMG I am soooooo going to make this!!!

  33. I’m totally crushing on this, Lindsay. I love chicken adobo!! This is the perfect meal for us during the week. When I’m swamped with dirty dishes and food props and want nothing to do with actually making a meal. Crockpots are a lifesaver.

  34. Can’t wait to try this, it looks beyond amazing!!

  35. As always, looks incredible. Thoughts on whether I could switch pork for chicken? I got a roast I need to use up :)

  36. Chicken adobo – my favorite food ever! And this new recipe seems to be very special. Thanks for sharing the ingredients and the process here. I’d love to try this.

  37. I made this last night. I was a little frightened at first, because my boyfriend originally proclaimed “I do not like chicken adobo!” when I told him I was making it. He was formerly in the Coast Guard, and apparently on one of his trips to the Middle East the boat cook (chef? I don’t know.) decided that Chicken Adobo would be an excellent meal to make once a week. Needless to say, he didn’t know what he was doing, because after eat this Chicken Adobo my boyfriend now says he likes it. 😉

  38. My mom turned me on to your blog when I spoke to her about starting my own, and I think you and Bjork are awesome! Thanks for all the tips and Filipino recipes. I’m going to try the crockpot chicken adobo next week. My mother-in-law is Filipino and makes the most amazing chicken pork adobo but doesn’t use recipes, and it’s hard for her to explain exactly what she’s doing. So far, I’ve had her teach me to make pansit, lumpia, and tacino, but I haven’t tried adobo yet.

  39. What a fabulous adobo dish! I don’t have a slowcooker, but could easily adapt this for the stovetop. The flavors sounds awesome, and Yes – I totally agree with the lime comment. :) Thanks for sharing such a great dish!

  40. I made this tonight, and it was delicious! I had never heard of chicken adobo. But I ended up with quite a bit extra sauce/glaze. Should I have cooked it down more, or do you have some left over? Thanks.

  41. Hello from Germany.
    I have been to the Philippines once and I was intrigued by its cuisine, even if a lot of people think it’s awful.
    Just one question – if I use pork, will the cooking time take longer?
    I’m planning to go back to the PH next year. Any suggestions?


    • No, I don’t think the cook time would be any different. But it depends more on the size/amount of the pork that you’re using. I have another recipe for pork adobo here: http://pinchofyum.com/crockpot-pork-adobo-with-black-beans And as for recommendations, our three favorite places in the Visayas region were Alegre Resort in Sogod, Asian Belgian Resort in Moalboal (loved that area for waterfalls and coastal exploring… great for snorkeling and diving), and Panglao Beach Resort in Bohol. Bohol was just hit with a massive earthquake :( so I’m not sure what that would be like. But truly a stunning place to visit.

  42. Chicken adobo in the crock pot is the best thing to come home to. Thanks for posting such lovely photos of this delicious dish!

  43. Thanks a lot. I have Bohol in my list. I checked CNN and BBC after reading your reply and I feel extremely sad for the people in this region. My heart goes out to them.

    By the way, I made this adobo dish today with pork and it was amazing! Thank you. I think I will be making this again on the weekend because I have a small party.

  44. Hi! Can you cook this on low and if so, for how long? I am afraid that when I get home at 4:30 waiting 4 hours to eat is going to be too long for us. Thanks! I am newer at using my crock pot. :)

    • Hi Megan! I think you could put it right awway at 4:30 on high, and it’d probably be done by 7. Chicken cooks pretty fast in the crockpot and I find the crockpot in general to be pretty forgiving with times. That being said, I just don’t want to tell you to put it on low all day because the chicken tends to dry out after such a long time. If you bought chicken with skin, I think it would stay more moist if you had to leave it in all day.

  45. Lindsay! I made this dish according to your recipe this past weekend. It was delicious! The meat falls apart beautifully after slow-cooking, and that sauce recipe you gave is just perfect :)

  46. Lindsay, this is awesome!
    We posted a classic Filipino Adobo recipe on our blog (it was my first time, it was delicious) but it never occurred to us to crock-pot it so it’s ready when we get home.
    We really enjoy your recipes from the Philippines, keep them coming please!

  47. Now this looks beautiful!

  48. Came across your website from a fellow pinner and I am now a fan! Absolutely love this recipe and will be trying it tomorrow night. Since I am just cooking for two, what are your feelings on cutting this recipe in half? Will it throw off the taste? If not, If I freeze the leftover shredded chicken, will it be soggy? I am a beginner with this cooking thing, so forgive me if my questions sound silly……

  49. This looks and sounds so yummy! I’m new to using chicken things, but excited to try them out. Do you recommend trimming off the fat before cooking? Or is it better to leave it for additional flavor, etc?

  50. oops. That was supposed to say chicken thighs, not things.

  51. A little late to the party… Looks delicious but can I make it in the oven in a 13×9 dish, do you think? Also, can you solve a debate that the food I make in a crockpot doesn’t come out well because I have a 1970’s ceramic barrel style crockpot? My husband says not to spend the money on a new crockpot but I think it might make all the difference. Hence the oven question :)

  52. I am so happy to have found your blog. Thank you for making the recipes easy to print – amazing how many others don’t. I can’t wait to try this.

    A tip for not drying out chicken breasts in the crock pot – use frozen ones. Works like a charm for me.


  53. I think you are my new favorite blog!! I am pinning everything! I have a 9 y.o. daughter who is a foodie like me and ever since she was a baby she has been exposed to all kinds of different ethnic foods! She loves Thai food and Korean but we dont really have a place to try Filipino so I will just have to make it for her! Thanks for sharing!

  54. Lindsay,

    This sounds wonderful! But I have a question… Can you help me adapt it to only include SCD-Legal foods? Specific Carbohydrate Diet (I have Crohn’s disease).

    I can use almost all of the ingredients, just not the soy sauce, cornstarch, or rice.

    This sounds DREAMY! I really want to make it right now. Suggestions about what I could sub the soy sauce for??


    • I believe they make gluten free soy sauce, would that meet your needs? I haven’t tried it myself but seems like a good option for people who can’t do soy sauce! As for the rice, could you do something like quinoa, since it’s a seed?

  55. pinterest obsessed led me to your site. now, obsessed with your recipes. love it!

  56. Hmmmm, made this tonight absolutely according to recipe and it was fine, but salty. I was hoping for more depth of flavor, and the lime juice did help, but in the end it was just… salty.

  57. I am literally about to start on my Beef Adobo ( I know not as traditional :-)) and realized I need a refresher on how to make it! I spent a year in the Philippines 13 years ago and it used to be my favourite thing to eat so I thought it’s about time I introduce my kids to something special. Thank you for the recipe!
    PS. When are they going to make calamansi available to us? Seriously! The best citrus fruit ever, it would be pure brilliance in Margarita. :-)

  58. I made this for dinner last night mad it was SO good! Whole family loved it and asked that I make it again! My only complaint was that it was a little high in sodium…..I think next time I will try with low sodium soya sauce.

  59. We had this tonight and it was delish!!! My husband and 8 year-old daughter loved it! I am definitely adding this to my rotation! Thank you so much for sharing this!

    Oh, and I could not find White Cane Vinegar, so I used Rice Vinegar (unsweetened) and added about 2 spoonfuls of Brown Sugar into the mix. I don’t know how it was SUPPOSED to taste, but this way really worked. :) And we also used the low sodium soy sauce, except… only about 3/4 cup (because that’s all I had).

    Again, we loved it!!

  60. Do you think if the sauce was increased you could add veggies and rice to make this like a stir-fry?? DESPERATELY looking for stir-fry sauces that aren’t strong with Asian flavors, well, or garlic… Any other suggestions! Thanks!

  61. Made this over the weekend and it was delicious! My family hates dark meat so I used 3lbs of chicken breast. I kept it from drying drying out by browning the breasts lightly with an egg and a few tbsp cornstarch in a saucepan before transferring to the crockpot. Added a bit of time and calories to the recipe, but the chicken was moist and the flavor was perfect!

  62. This looks amazing! I just threw everything into a bag to marinate and realized I totally messed up! I added ALL of the honey right now instead of waiting to add the 1/4 cup during the thickening process. Did I ruin it?!!? AH!

  63. Thanks for all of these wonderful Filipino recipes on your blog! I just returned from Manila where I spent 6 weeks serving at a birthing center. The food that was cooked for me was so yummy and the Philippines will always have a special place in my heart too :)

    • Thanks Sarah! What an incredible adventure you must have had in that amazingly loud, crazy, fun, beautiful place. :) I’ve heard Cebu is pretty tame compared to Manila so I can only imagine your stories. I hope you enjoy the recipes!

  64. Can you cook this at the low setting for longer? Just wondering, if I should turn it on before work at a lower setting or will it overcook?

  65. Saw this recipe on Pinterest and got interested. I will try this version of chicken adobo in a crockpot. I actually haven’t thought it’s even possible to cook adobo in a crockpot, lol! Anyway, thanks for the idea!

  66. Why is this recipe called “Adobo” when there is no Adobo chilies or sauce in the ingredient list? I was expecting to see that in the Ingredient list and was surprised when it wasn’t there. I wanted to make sure they weren’t mistakenly left off the list. Thanks!

  67. Karin Baumgardner says:

    Made this and it is simply scrumptious! I am wondering, could we somehow change this up enough to make it a Mexican Taco filling? I see you have a pork one with black beans… perhaps something with a real adobo sauce and some tomato? We want to make it for about 15-20 servings for a party. Kids eating too so not too hot! Any suggestions welcome!!

    • Good question, Karin! To give this more of a “Mexican” twist, I would decrease the amount of honey and maybe use some salsa instead… I think you could definitely add in black beans (like in the pork carnitas recipe you mentioned). Try using some “not-spicy” Mexican spices like cumin, oregano, or coriander. The adobo recipe serves 12 people, so you could probably make 1.5 the recipe (or double it if you want leftovers!) in order to feed 15-20. Good luck! :)

  68. Could I change the cooking time to 8 hours if I placed it on low? Trying to find something to cook during work. Thanks!

  69. Joan McCallum says:

    Rather than use cornstarch I pour sauce into pan on med high and boil to reduce which not only thickens but also creates a nice sticky sauce…also use rice malt in preference to honey thus creating a healthier dish.

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