Milk and Honey Iced Coffee

Milk and Honey Iced Coffee and a giveaway for a beautiful Nespresso VertuoLine System | pinchofyum.comThis deliciously milky sweet iced coffee and giveaway brought to you by Nespresso. Scroll to the end of the post to pick an entry option so you can WIN one!

Milk and Honey Iced Coffee: oh, you sweet, roasty, light, milky perfection.

No, wait, just reread that one more time. The fact that I can use all those describing words together to try to transfer this heavenly drink through the computer and into your mouth is proof that there is a magic trick involved here.

That magic trick has a name called Nespresso VertuoLine System. It takes that small space on my kitchen counter and creates a kind of homemade coffee shop fairy tale where *poof* I’m sitting out on the deck with a cute mug of iced coffee complete with striped paper straw and bonus –> I am still wearing my ratty high school hoodie and yogies and my hair is in a bedhead braid. Coffee shop in the house, yo.

Milk and Honey Iced Coffee and a giveaway for a beautiful Nespresso VertuoLine System |

The story of coffee in my life started back in high school. I know, shame on my 18-year-old self for drinking caffeine. I think I was tricking myself into being ready for college, where I would go on to be a “coffee” drinker slash champion guzzler of candy flavored creamers. Gah.

Then came married life – with two coffee drinkers in the fam, we got a single serve coffee maker with the little capsules and buttons and all that sparkly jazz. It was fun, but then it quit working and it took up a lot of space and created unnecessary waste (honestly, why has someone not come up with a recyclable single serve coffee capsule yet?) and so, long story short, we parted ways and haven’t looked back.

Currently we’re in Phase: French Press. Yummy yum yum. We love the French press and it’s used every morning in our house for the two rounds of daily coffee. Bjork is the champion coffee grinder and water steeper, so he and the French press have something special going on. I just reap the roasty-delicious-warmth-in-a-mug-yes-I-CAN-get-out-of-bed benefits and I do. not. complain.

Milk and Honey Iced Coffee and a giveaway for a beautiful Nespresso VertuoLine System |

In the last two years, I’ve really had two defining coffee experiences that have led us to this newest coffee phase that includes that wonderful thing called Iced Espresso Drinks.

First, when we were in the Philippines, for the life of me, I could not drink hot coffee. I’d wake up and step out of our intensely air conditioned bedroom only to be hit by a wall of smothering, honestly not to be dramatic but I’m totally serious almost nauseating heat. I think this started a trend for me to move away from coffee. Sadness on multiple levels, I know. I just couldn’t do it anymore. My love for all things coffee revived once we got back to the ice land of Minnesota, but I feel like it never fully recovered. Like, coffee. Okay sure meh.

Secondly, just not that long ago when we went on vacation with Bjork’s family, I decided to order an Americano during one of our must-have coffee stops. HELLO AMAZING this is the kind of coffee I’ve been dreaming about all my life but I just never knew this was it. And so it began: my ❤ journey with espresso. I like it and I want it and I need more of it on all of the days.

Milk and Honey Iced Coffee and a giveaway for a beautiful Nespresso VertuoLine System |

Conveniently, this was also about the time that we got the chance to try out a Nespresso VertuoLine System, which, uhh yahh, makes espresso. Annnnd makes you feel like you might be living in the future thanks to the one button phenomenon. It’s the single serving capsule thing all over again, but with extremely delicious coffee that even gets a little frothy on top. F-r-o-t-h-y. It’s creamy + rich + yummy to begin with, and then you go and add that milk and honey, shake it up with some ice, and plunk a cute little straw in that mason jar.

Put on your happy pants, frands. This is the oh my simplest wonderful thing of summer.

Milk and Honey Iced Coffee |

(And yes I did pack the Nespresso up and bring it to the cabin with me this week. with the straws, obvi.)

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Milk and Honey Iced Coffee
Serves: 1
  • 1 Nespresso Altissio capsule
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • ¼ cup skim or almond milk
  • ¼ cup half and half
  • ¼ teaspoon vanilla
  • 6-8 ice cubes
  1. Brew the Altissio using a Nespresso VertuoLine System. It should make about ¼ cup of espresso. Stir the honey into the hot espresso to dissolve. Add the milk, cream, and vanilla and stir to combine.
  2. Place the ice cubes in a shaker and pour the coffee and milk mixture over the ice. Cover and shake for 20 seconds. Pour into a glass with the ice cubes. Serve immediately.
I've tried using vanilla beans but they were sort of clumpy. I preferred the vanilla extract in this recipe.

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  1. Is I sit here drinking my hot cup of coffee, I am hankering for this iced beauty.
    Actually, I used to be a coffee HATAH until I got married, and my husband coaxed me into drinking it. Now, I get a headache without it. Coffee problems.
    I have yet to try espresso, so thanks for this fab giveaway! Pinning!

    • I agree wonderful giveaway and yes like you I need my cup of Joe every morning but I haven’t experienced the headaches. I started needing the coffee after our first girl was born. She was super colicky and didn’t sleep more than two hours until six months. Yeah it was rough but the coffee got me through.

    • I tried the nepresso in paris and omg i would love to win one, they are awesome…brings back awesome memories of my trip!

  2. I love iced coffee! Just did a coffee post yesterday! Your coffee is gorgeous! Pinned :)

  3. Love your relationship with coffee story! :)
    I’ve totally got the love/hate deal with coffee going on. I love chai tea too much.

    I’ve never tried a Nespresso machine but it sounds amazing!!

  4. I’m a latte girl through and through. I never loved coffee, so my husband makes us espresso drinks every morning and I do not complain. :)

  5. I am sitting with my steaming cup of coffee at our family’s cottage and yet I can almost taste the concoction you’ve described. yum! Thanks for hosting a giveaway, Lindsey!

  6. Such a neat flavour for iced coffee!! This looks great!

  7. Love the photos! So pretty.

  8. I used to drink sweet vanilla iced coffee all the time! Now I’ve switched to cold icey icey americano. I’ve tried Nespresso to make iced americano before, and it was awesome!

  9. Kristina G. says:

    I drink iced coffee every afternoon and this looks like a fantastic new way to make it!!

  10. Wishing I could ditch my Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee for this! I love anything with espresso – yum! Happy Friday! :)

  11. iced coffee is my favorite!

  12. Haha… you sound like me. We brought our Keurig and Vitamix on our beach vacation with us. There are just some things, you can’t live without! 😉

  13. Anna Ming says:

    I spent some time in the Dominican Republic this summer and now I’ll always have a soft spot for their coffee, which they take black and VERY sweet (though my doñas always swore they only added UN POQUITO de azúcar haha…) (I think “un poquito” was actually like 25 teaspoons hahaha). But I also love simple black coffee, hot. And cappuccinos. And frappuccinos… xD

  14. Hey Lindsay, you can buy a reusable single serve coffee filter

    Even better than recyclable! It allows you to grind your coffee fresh, no plastic taste, and it’s good for the environment. YAY!!!

    • I was hoping someone would have mentioned this already! Love my ekobrew cup and I buy a bag of grinds and it lasts great! Also good for hot teas, just buy your own tea bags, or looseleaf and steep.

      Also, I have been learning that Keurig is incredible for sending out replacement machines when your goes kaput. A girl at work bought one at a YARD SALE and it didn’t work, naturally. They called the company and they sent them a BRAND NEW one! We had a similar issue with the one at the office. We just had to send the cup corral back to them. So nice.

      This does look super yummy, though, bee tee dubs. Loving your blog! :)

      • Hi Sarah! The ecobrew cup is fantastic. We have two so there is always a clean one ready to fill. I agree the Keurig is so convenient, and thank you for the info on getting it replaced if it breaks. Good to know!

      • I should have called! Ours struggled off and on again for a few years and so we eventually just called it quits. And as for the ekobrew, we actually had one, but I never could ever get the coffee to taste that good when using it. Maybe I was grinding the coffee beans wrong or soemthing.

  15. I’m definitely a coffee girl! I tend to prefer iced in the summer, but you can find me sipping on it on the coldest day in January:) Pinning this to try later today!

  16. Lauren M. says:

    My husband and I are Starkbucks junkies. I love me a Cafe Misto!

  17. I have seriously never drank coffee, but this sounded good. 😀

  18. I love iced coffee in the summer! The photos look great!

  19. Megan Marlowe says:

    Being are retired barista, espresso runs through my veins. I love an iced Americano!

  20. I love flavored lattes, hot in the winter and iced in the summer. I can’t do coffee unless it has a flavor shot! My husband, on the other hand, is a “coffee snob” and can’t stand when I put anything in my coffee.

  21. Christine says:

    Yummmmm! Love this

  22. Well GOOD MORNING to you too! This sounds like absolute milky perfection 😉 PINNED

  23. We have friends with this same machine. It is awesome!! I make cold coffee with coconut milk, maple syrup and a few ice cubes thrown into the blender with my cup of joe. Yum!

  24. This coffee sounds amazing! I can’t wake up without some iced coffee in the morning – not a huge fan of hot coffee! The striped pink paper straws are obviously necessary to make it taste better. :)

  25. Lauren M says:

    This sounds delicious…I love a good iced coffee drink and am looking forward to trying this out.

  26. When a girl lives 35 minutes/miles from the nearest Starbucks or any other coffee shoppe, this machine might be a life-saver, especially when we get back in the field for harvest! LOVE flavored coffee!

  27. Kimmiecb says:

    I like French Vanilla flavored coffee…but need to try iced coffee!

  28. I love caramel macchiatos!

  29. I’ve debated forever if I wanted to get a Nespresso Machine. I’ve been addicted to espresso since I visited Italy in 2010 and when I look at how much I’ve spent on lattes throughout the years…wowzers :-/

  30. I love coffee! Especially iced coffee drinks. Can’t wait to try this recipe!

  31. I love vanilla or caramel ice coffee!!!

  32. Thai iced coffee!

  33. Yum! I love honey in my iced coffee.

  34. I LOVE that you packed your Nespresso! I ask my husband EVERY TIME we travel if we should pack it, and he thinks I’m kidding. I’m not. Espresso has my heart, but I also have a French Press, and Moka. Generally I drink it black I’ve never thought of adding honey, hmmmmm….

  35. Lattes are my favorite!

  36. Well, I am going to have to find some appropriately striped straws for my next iced coffee adventure!

  37. Kristine Fletcher says:

    I love an iced americano with whole milk, no sweetener!


  39. I have seen reusable tub things for that one particular brand of waste-making coffee machine. They DO exist. Where to find them? I don’t know. I’ve only seen them in the most random spots of big box stores. Endcaps and at the registers and such.

    But this… THIS! I WANT THIIIIIIS. I’m the only one in my house who drinks coffee. I have an espresso machine (that is really big and clunky and I haven’t quite figured out exactly how to make GOOD espresso with it) and a regular drip coffee maker and I really just want to condense the whole dang system. Enter the Nespresso. Hello, Lover. Come live at my house.

  40. I started drinking coffee when I was…. 13! I know, it’s pretty crazy. I’ve gone through some extreme levels of addiction, but for the past few months I’ve been in a take it or leave it sort of mode, maybe this will bring me back into the fold

  41. Wow, this looks delicious! I would love to win!

  42. P.S. My favorite coffee drink in summer is a Caribou coffee cooler!

  43. I’m drinking an iced coffe right now, but am definitely going to try to this recipe. It looks delicious!

  44. If you love espresso, you’ve gotta try Moka pot! We used to be french press OB-SESSED until we tried Moka. Never looking back….

  45. I really hope I win! I’ve had my Keurig for years and would love to try a new system with more options and frothy deliciousness!

  46. I love me an iced coffee! With almond milk :)

  47. My favourite coffee bevvy is just straight up unadulterated coffee. Any flavour. Love it.
    But I used to have a milk steamer and I would steam/froth up some milk and honey for my coffee and it was fantastic!

    (Also, reusable single serve cups do exist. I have one!)

  48. Im sipping some french press right now…but a good iced soy latte is so nice on a hot summer afternoon!

  49. Love iced coffee especially! My problem is only when I have more that two cups a day. Wheee!

  50. Melissa M says:

    A iced vanilla latte!

  51. Heather F says:

    Iced coffee for life!! I’m not usually picky about what kind, if it’s coffee and it’s cold, I’m in!!

  52. iced coffee with vanilla almond milk or a soy iced latte!

  53. I love iced coffee and I love this blog!! :)

  54. We are aeropress users in this household but this coffee addict could always use another means to coffee!! Looks delicious.

  55. Iced coffee is the best! I first discovered its wonders in, who would’ve guessed, McDonalds! Since then I’ve been making coffee concentrate with my french press, but it’s a bit of a pain and it takes a loooooong time. This sounds like a great device to feed my iced coffee addiction!

  56. I love a good cafe au lait or cafe mocha!

  57. Grande Non-Fat Peppermit Latte

  58. I need a go-to iced coffee recipe and this looks perfect. Thanks!

  59. So glad you discovered the Americano. It truly is divine!

  60. My fave coffee drink is an iced Americano with half-and-half and stevia.

  61. Black coffee…nothing fancy:)

  62. Lindsey, Bjork , Nespresso machines, and Pinch of Yum are the coolest combo ever in life.

  63. I just switched over to tea. Darn it.

  64. I love coffee. Mostly, I drink it black. Sometimes with a touch of half and half. But if ordering something fancy, a latte, no foam.

  65. I love a good cup of coffee with cream in it the best – like the coffee from Starbuck’s.

  66. My favorite is a sugar free white chocolate Americano with cream. This drink looks amazing too!!! Beautiful pictures and description.

  67. I looooooooove my nespresso. I went back and forth between getting it or a full-on espresso maker where you have to grind your own beans and I’m SO glad I went with the nespresso. It’s so convenient and I honestly can’t taste a difference between their espresso pods and fresh ground beans.

  68. Nespresso machines are a work of art. I have one, and it’s the best thing ever. It’s funny that you post this right now. I was cleaning a cabinet and saw our shaker and thought – why do I still have this? We never use it. Well, now you just gave me a reason to bust it out!

  69. Since moving to such a hot place in the summer, iced coffee has become my favorite afternoon drink. Thanks for this yummy spin on it!

  70. Just black.

  71. Amber Danneman says:

    Looks so refreshing!!

  72. A vanilla latte from Dunkin Donuts. Nothing beats it!

  73. Americano is awesome!

  74. Favorite coffee drink is iced coffee!

  75. Josephine says:

    love a good iced coffee, never thought of using honey in my coffee will have to try

  76. I love coffee, this is a great recipe to keep

  77. I am also an espresso lover, though I haven’t tried making an iced coffee using espresso yet – good idea! Since it’s less volume, it’s easier to cool down quickly! So smart :)

  78. I LOVE iced coffee! This looks so easy and refreshing! At the coffeehouse though, I always order the same thing- cappuccino! The foam makes me happy :)

  79. My friend has one of these machines and loves it. Iced coffee…mmmmmmmm.

  80. I <3 Iced Coffee + Vanilla :) Will have to try!

  81. – I had my first Americano two days ago, because this coffee shop we visited doesn’t make regular coffee after 12 noon. wow, thank you for that! Okay, wow, I think I’m hooked. I take my coffee black, no creamer no frills (no dairy in my life).

    Yea, and my 18 y/o soon to be college student is slowing developing her coffee tasting buds.. light coffee.

  82. Iced coffee.

  83. I used to be soo into any kind of iced coffee with a lot of sugar- specially dulce de leche.. But lately I’m so into a good cappuccino in a big cup!

  84. I was never a coffee drinker until my husband introduced me to deliciously sweet coffee drinks at a game night before we were dating. Which translates to Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappucino being my favorite coffee drink today, 7 years later :)

  85. My favorite coffee drink is a breve. So rich and delicious!

  86. Iced coffee!

  87. Mary in Scottsdale says:

    Vanilla Latte – YUM…………… This recipe sounds SO good – must try!

  88. Can’t live without my espresso!

  89. Rebecca H. says:

    I’ve been making homemade vanilla creamer lately and that is making my coffee my favorite at home!

  90. I drink iced coffee all year long; absolutely love it! I would LOVE this machine 😀 Consider today’s post pinned!

  91. Yes! Honey in coffee is SO GOOD. I echo your heat-induced move away from coffee….the same happened when I was at an orphanage in Thailand. It was just too hot for my Minnesota-girl blood. My go-to is a latte. No syrup, just a nice frothy, milky top and smooth, smokey espresso. Perfection.

  92. I love me some iced coffee. I really don´t know what else to say, ha 😉 I have a Nespresso Citiz but right now I am totally into cold-brewed coffee thanks to my French Press. It´s pure bliss!

  93. Valerie B. says:

    Flavored with some mocha and cream.

  94. I just returned from a trip to Europe and totally know what you mean about truly experiencing coffee. I liked coffee before with all the syrups, bells, whistles, etc. But now I really like just good espresso with a splash of milk. I have been looking at the Nespresso machines since I came home, would love to win this one!

  95. I use a Senseo coffee maker and make it double-strength, then add ice, fat-free half & half, and sweetener — makes wonderful iced coffee!

  96. Stephanie K says:

    Love an iced macchiato or latte

  97. i love nutella lattes :)

  98. This sounds delicious! I love some iced coffee, especially in the summer seeing as how I live in the heat of MS. I’m partial to iced coffee with just a splash of milk and a packet of stevia or Splenda (Type 1 Diabetes here, so have to use sugar sparingly), however, when it gets cold outside I’m all about some hot lattes! My favorite local coffee shop makes a Sugar-free caramel latte that is ah-mazing. I’m definitely a coffee fan, and seeing as how I’m finishing up my college career, it definitely runs in my veins. I jokingly tell my friends “The college student can live by coffee alone.” Ha!

  99. Yum! I keep a squeeze bottle of honey syrup in my refrigerator to add to iced coffee. I’m following on Pinterest now!

  100. I love black coffee pour-overs, and was wondering any suggestions for home-brew alternatives to Nespresso machine espresso? I do have a Keurig…

  101. I am partial to mochas. I make them at home using the giant tins of Starbucks powdered Hot Cocoa mix sold seasonally at Costco.

  102. I am currently in the French Press phase and I also started the coffee addiction around 18; both good and bad that I might move into the espresso phase as well….:) Thanks for the giveaway I am following on pinterest!

  103. Iced coffee with cream and sugar

  104. My favorite coffee drink is a latte, every time – just a normal latte, nothing crazy or fancy. Runner up is a flat white – aka a latte with slightly different proportions.

  105. Stardancer says:

    My gateway coffee-drug was Starbucks Mocha Frappucinos, which were pretty new when I was in middle school. My best friend and I would get dropped off at a Barnes & Noble, hit up the cafe, and then read the fantasy novels for hours.

    The more coffee I drink, the more I’ve moved away from the must-have-chocolate. In fact, my drink of choice these days is usually just…coffee. Good tasty coffee with sugar and cream.

    I would LOVE to win this Nespresso. I’m picturing the look on my espresso-loving husband’s face…

  106. iced coffee with a shot of espresso and some white chocolate mocha syrup! Oh..and cream. :)

  107. Americano

  108. Hannah Elizabeth says:

    I don’t currently drink that much coffee (I can’t drink a lot all at once because too much too quickly gives me a headache and keeps me up at night, lol!) but I’m always down for trying pretty much anything with coffee, as I love the flavor!! Usually, if I have coffee, I go for a plain ol’ classic mocha. 😉

  109. Karen Robert says:

    Love your blog! This recipe looks yummy, but I would have to leave out the ½ & ½ and use milk. I thought I’d mention that they make “K” cup style reusable cups that work great in our machine. Bought them, of all places, at the dollar store. It’s a mesh basket shaped like a K cup with a hinged plastic lid. You take your coffee scoop and fill the cup to the top of the mesh. The key is you must tamp down the coffee (like you would when making espresso in a regular espresso machine) before closing the lid. I just press it down with the bottom of the coffee scoop. Close the lid, pop it into the machine, press the cup button and voila! If you don’t compress the coffee, then I found that the water goes through too quickly and you’ll get a weak cup.

  110. This coffee sounds yummy!!!
    Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway~

  111. Ohhh I love this! I’ve never had espresso before so this would be a great treat! :-)

  112. I love soy lattes! Yummy!

  113. This looks tasty! I am loving ice coffee this summer, with some ice cream on top :)!

  114. That would go so well on my counter :)
    We are too big coffee and lattes drinkers!
    Thanks guys!

  115. As a child, I would sneak sips of my mother’s coffee. I love coffee with nutty flavors!

  116. morgan moore says:

    looks delicious! i love plain old lattes!

  117. Iced coffee

  118. My favorite coffee drink is a true macchiato–so good!

  119. I have always wanted to try a Nespresso!!! This post has triggered my ice coffee goodness craving!

  120. Amy Rosborough says:

    I love iced coffee with hazelnut and a splash of cream! :)

  121. Joey Patterson says:

    We have a Nespresso machine at work, and I love it! I’d LOVE to have one at home, but just having moved to a new apartment in DC there is NO room in the budget.

    This looks divine!

  122. I love iced coffee too! Even more than regular coffee :)

  123. My favorite coffee drink is hot, french press coffee (black) with a dash of cinnamon. YUM!


  124. Margaret says:

    Favorite coffee drink is iced coffee, hands down regardless of weather

  125. Corisa Jubinsky says:

    honestly the same way about espresso! .. I love a dirty chai! got to try ! :)

  126. I’m not a coffee gal but maybe this system would convert me… thanks for the giveaway!

  127. Neat machine! We still have the Le Cube

  128. Oh my goodnes…. we had a nespresso machine in our room on our honeymoon and it was I would die to have my own!

  129. I love an iced latte made with just a tiny bit of cream and maple syrup!

  130. I tried coffee before around the end of high school while doing crash course studying for exams. It didn’t work! It made me sleepy! Now I’m just a tea sipper. Do you still like me? 😉

  131. Favorite coffee, anything with froth or foam!

  132. This iced coffee looks so good. I also can’t drink hot coffee in the stifling heat of a Florida summer so I will wait until the sun goes down to have an evening cup.

  133. Yum! Looks amazing!

  134. I love iced coffee! My favorite is mint iced coffee or hazelnut iced coffee! Found some amazing recipes on Pinterest!

  135. And just last week I was wondering how one might sweeten iced coffee while not using refined sugar. Answers to my prayers!!

  136. Mmmm, ice coffee is an excellent summer deck drink in the evening.

  137. mmmm….I’m smelling the aroma of fresh brewed coffee and keeping my fingers crossed that a beautiful little Nespresso machine will be gracing my counter top one day :)

  138. So yummy! My tummy will only allow me to drink iced coffee 😉

  139. Mmmm looks so deliciously refreshing, perfect for a hot summer day!

  140. kristin M says:

    I’d love to give this a try. being part Colombian, espresso is in my veins.

  141. I love a drink similar to this called the “Bee’s Knees” at a local coffee shop.

  142. This look like pure deliciousness! I love my coffee, and can’t wait to try this

  143. Teri Kubo says:

    Café Mocha.

  144. Samantha says:

    Love drinking iced coffee in the summer. Doing the pioneer woman cold press with heavy cream and a touch of vanilla syrup right now :)

  145. I love iced coffee & can’t wait to try this!

  146. Yum! I’m addicted to coffee, I wish I could make my own at home :)

  147. yummy!!! got to try this

  148. I love the idea of *good* espresso at home. Yum!

    I’m always a little suspicious of home espresso makers. A while back I owned an espresso maker sold by a major coffee brand (that will remain unnamed), and it made the worst espresso ever, took up waaay to much counter space, and made a giant mess to boot.

    So, I’m kinda excited to heat the Nespresso thing really works!

  149. I love chai tea

  150. I love homemade iced coffee with milk and chocolate – but I definitely have to try it with honey and vanilla. YUM!

  151. I absolutely love all things coffee. Hot coffee, iced coffee, lattes, espresso, you name it I’ll drink it! Gotta have my life juice! I have a little Bella single serve coffee maker but I typically make it to a coffee shop before or during my work day. I would LOVE to have this nespresso machine in the pleasure of my own home for some delicious coffee goodness!!

  152. Hazelnut lattes are my favorite! Although I am excited to try your drink recipe too!

  153. I love all things coffee- hot, iced, frothy, foamy, straight up black or with lots of yummy flavors and whipped cream! Love the blog and have been an avid follower all year!

  154. Currently I’m drinking cold brewed iced coffee with almond milk everyday. It’s so good!

  155. Michelle says:

    This is similar to my go-to recipe whenever making ice coffee as well. So easy, and so much better than the store bought ones! Perfect to keep in the fridge in this summer heat, and add some ice cubes when you’re craving some refreshments.

  156. Megan Hilby says:

    I love iced coffee and this one sounds perfect!

  157. Stephanie says:

    Ooo…I want one of these so badly! Used to work at a coffee shop, sealing my addiction to espresso, but alas, as a stay at home momma currently I can no longer afford the habit.

  158. I love a simple Latte.

  159. My husband loves coffee

  160. Caramel macchiato is probably my absolute favorite. Always have mine with two shots of espresso and soy milk! Yumm :)

  161. Love iced coffee!! This sounds delish!!

  162. Latte! But I love it all :)

  163. Yum! I love Iced coffee!

  164. I love a killer latte, and anything with nutmeg, or chocolate, or hazelnut… well that takes it over the top! This – trying it with honey – this hasn’t occurred to me yet and I can’t WAIT to give it a try!

  165. Yum! An iced latte sound perfect right now!

  166. So fancy! Never tried french press before. shame on me! Love the lighting in your photos. So beautiful!

  167. Iced cappuccino…yummers!!

  168. Erin Elizabeth says:

    Black coffee, skim milk, and a dash of cinnamon!

  169. Jess Giah says:

    Americano with a shot of coconut!

  170. Courtney says:

    This looks incredible! I’ve been considering cheating on my Keurig for a Nespresso for a while now. I love drip but espresso really takes your mornings to a whole new level!!

    • Courtney says:

      Oops, forgot to say my go-to drink is an Americano as well :) Just a slash of cream and I’m a happy girl!

  171. Yum, I’m an iced latte drinker all summer!!

  172. That looks great! I love iced coffee but can’t stand it any other way. I like to blend a cup of chilled coffee with 1/2 a banana, ice, almond milk and vanilla protein powder!

  173. Whitney S. says:

    I love a good pour over!

  174. chau taylor says:

    sweet. i have raw honey i was given as a gift to try

  175. Iced cafe mocha is my favorite…no whipped cream. Yum!

  176. Basically throw any Starbucks coffee drink over ice and I am in heaven, but I am partial to an Iced Venti Nonfat Caramel Macchiato.

  177. Iced coffee with almond milk!

  178. My very favorite espresso drink is a peppermint white mocha. So refreshing!

  179. Iced coffee from a French press!

  180. Um, Yum!!!

  181. I’m partial to mochas!

  182. This machine was a lifesaver when I was doing my senior nursing capstone in the ICU and had to do 12 hour shifts overnight after being awake all day in classes. One of the doctors had bought a machine for the ICU floor and it was truly amazing!

    • You medical professionals are amazing. I have three in my family and I know how intense both the school and the day to day job can be. Thank you for your hard work!

  183. I would be downing about 5 cappuccinos a day if I had this machine. It is on my wish list.

  184. I love extra creamy. very sweet iced vanilla coffee…super yummy :)

  185. I LOVE lattes. I like coffee anything really, but lattes hold a special place in my heart! Lots of creamy milk and dark espresso. Thank you for the recipe!

  186. Patricia Bowman says:

    I fell in love with Espresso on a three week trip to Italy last year. For the first week I asked for American coffee for breakfast every morning at breakfast. Then we started stopping at gas station/deli/coffee bar places during the day and I totally got hooked on espresso! Then I couldn’t go back to “American” coffee. This recipe looks amazing, and I would love a Nespresso machine. Glad to hear the coffee that comes with is is good. I order my coffee from Black Coffee in Missoula, Montana because it is out of this world! But I would be up for trying the coffee that comes with the Nespresso machine.

  187. I love chocolate raspberry iced coffee. With lots of real whipped cream!

  188. Cheryl Keeney says:

    I was recently dx’d with a dairy allergy and had to give up my morning Starbucks home brew with heavy cream. I tried many variations of dairy free milk and none of them worked. To me they just ruined the flavor of the coffee. I then realized I probably needed to make some espresso and just add that to my milk…I then thought I needed a french press. I finally discovered something that worked. I reversed the process by heating soy milk and adding instant coffee to it. At least it fills my craving, although not the same wonderful flavor as brewed coffee.

  189. anything with the word coffee and iced- my jam!

  190. favorite coffee drink- plain black coffee.
    The earthy, delicious kind that could be mistaken for a mud milkshake.

    I also like americanos (s.p.?).

    Third place would be a really really really good, frothy, unsweetened latte.

    But it has to be good, wholesome and not sweet.

  191. Oh dear, that is awesome! I love me an iced decaf caramel macchiato…

  192. I’m all about plain dark coffee! For a treat I will get a mocha. Yum!

  193. Elise Gahan says:

    I LOVE when I go to my friend’s house for little coffee dates because she has a Nespreso!! I want one so so bad so I can make them on my own! But for a treat I love a cappuccino!

  194. I love straight up cold brew in the afternoons and straight up strong black coffee in the morning! So simple but it makes me come alive haha!

  195. My favorite coffee drink is an iced black raspberry latte from Aroma Joe’s! I’d love to be able to try to recreate it with a Nespresso brewer!

  196. my favorite drink is an americano! this looks delicious.

  197. I love ice coffee! I really love iced caramel macchiato (sp?) but it’s not good for me. Wah.

  198. Rachel M. says:

    Oh my. I am such a caffeine addict. I love my iced coffee in the summer and lattes/cappuccinos in the winter. Sadly, I usually just have regular coffee to save money. This would be so perfect!

  199. I CANNOT wait to try this. I love this blog and I love coffee! The only thing that could make this better would be a puppy!

  200. I love a carmel iced coffee.

  201. Mocha–hot or cold–ranks as my fav!

  202. This looks delicious. Would have saved me $4 if I made it at home vs going to Starbucks.

  203. I LOVE all coffee. I have sampled the nespresso at a store before and it was great! I would love to own one someday.

  204. My favorite coffee drink would have to be a quad espresso shot iced soy latte, I lived on those when I was a coffee monkey and had to open at 5AM.

  205. I love ice coffee in the summer and a good Americano in the colder months

  206. My favorite coffee drink has to be the vanilla frappuccino’s. Oh how i love those. I have one every afternoon. I could drink them all the time if it wasn’t for the calories

  207. Hello!! I have two favorite iced coffee drinks! I love straight iced coffee with cream and raw sugar (I adore the crunchy nuggets that slip through the straw!) and an iced mocha, because really, who doesn’t love chocolate milk with a coffee kick? :-)

  208. I usually drink my coffee with half and half, but honey sounds yummy. Thanks for the tip and the chance to win!

  209. Vanilla Latte with 2% milk!

  210. Donna Lanier says:

    I have followed your blog for two or three years now and always enjoy checking in to see what you and Bjork are doing. It has been very interesting to follow your journeys in your married life, your ministry (in the Philippines), and in your cooking. I have come to really admire your commitment to those things you value: faith, family, and food! Keep the good recipes coming.

  211. Starbuck’s Iced Vanilla Chai Latte. Every.Day.

  212. Rich Elam says:

    I have been drinking iced coffee for more than 25 years. I am always looking for new and interesting recipes. I will definitely give this recipe a try.


  213. My favorite summertime drink is an iced Americano and when it is cooler I like a rich, robust brewed coffee. When I am feeling needy, I add half and half.

  214. Adriana A. says:

    I love white chocolate mocha lattes!!!

  215. Southern pecan coffee with an obscene amount of warmed cream.

  216. I’m generally just a coffee with cream kinda girl. But man, this looks tasty! I wanna try it!

  217. I like the caffeinated kind. That’s as specific as I get :)

  218. I love Thai iced coffee!

  219. I love iced coffee and would love to try the Nespresso!

  220. Iced hazelnut latte. Forever.

  221. When I can drink coffee again, this is going to the top of my list. I LOVE iced coffee.

  222. Iced coffee. Yum!

  223. I’m a simple kind of girl…I just like an iced coffee with a little half and half! I know, cheap date!

  224. I LOVE my nespresso and have been eyeing this new one! My favorite coffee drink is an iced latte with my homemade caramel vanilla bean syrup.

  225. That iced coffee looks divine! I looooove a good iced coffee…nice and strong, but creamy, sweet, and ice cold!

  226. i love coffee … and a peppermint latte hot or cold is always great!

  227. I love my iced lattes!

  228. I love coffee just about any way, but mocha frappes are my favorite treat.

  229. I love using my Aeropress and a frother from IKEA to make a vanilla latte! Yum!

  230. i love me a super strong brew with just a squirt of non-fat milk and a pinch of date-palm jaggery..the combo of the earthiness of the jaggery and coffee is divine.In fact at home coffee is always mixed with jaggery before brewing…such fond childhood memories..yep..childhood..being a South Indian, coffee was never and still isn’t kept away from kids!

  231. I love a good latte. Skim milk, no sugar.

  232. Love all drinks and foods coffee!!

  233. Looks delicious…love Americanos!

  234. Shannon Sprau says:

    Milk and Honey Iced Coffee of course!

  235. Favorite coffee? That’s like asking me my favorite child, hehe. No seriously. Depends on the day, the weather, my mood. Right now though I’m drinking some Kona…which is usually my default coffee when I am not in the mood for anything “special>”

  236. Well, first it has to be caribou coffee…the rest is details :) Probably a white chocolate mocha!

  237. definitely an iced espresso kinda girl….. also digging the cold brew :)

  238. This looks lush.

  239. Love expresso – hot or cold!

  240. My favorite coffee drink is black coffee! Besides that, I like a chocolate, blueberry, coffee frappe during the summer- so good! Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity as well!

  241. Love your blog & your recipes !! Coffee lover here; any kind is good! Drinking iced now . Have been dying to own a Nespresso ! Thanks for this opportunity !!

  242. I went to the Nespresso cafe in NYC and I had french macarons and a delicious latte from one of those machines. Loved it there!

  243. nicoleroannef says:

    I love a really well made latte

  244. LOVE iced coffe. oh, and hot coffee. latte – Love it all!
    Thanks for the lovely recipe and giveaway!

  245. This looks so yummy and decadent!! Can’t wait to try the recipe!

  246. Erin Lerner says:

    I’ve been loving my Keurig lately! It makes good and cheap coffee but this espresso machine would be heavenly! Thanks!

  247. Debra Mcnaul says:

    I hope to win this beautiful Nespresso machine for my Army ranger son CPT MCNAUL! He makes his morning coffee with a chemex – I know he’d like the convenience of pushing a button to get a great cup of coffee instead. He also likes to serve ice cream with coffee poured over top -so this recipe will be a winner for sure! ……… Fingers crossed

  248. My favorite drink? Homemade iced coffee – which oddly doesn’t sound as delicious now that I’ve seen this! – it’s just your regular old kona blend with sf vanilla and honey, soy milk to taste!

  249. I love all manner of coffee drinks. Right now I’m crazy for iced coffee treats!
    Dreaming of a Nespresso system like that!

  250. my favorite coffee drink currently is anything cold/iced/frapped! So this looks amazing! Thanks for the chance(s) to win too! your blog is the best!

  251. My favorite coffee is a pumpkin spiced latte :)

  252. I don’t know if this counts or not, but you can’t beat a Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino from Starbucks in the summer!

  253. Favorite coffee: a well-made mug (hot or cold, but *always* strong) with just enough cream to make it that just-right khaki color. It’s the ritual of preparing the perfect cup that’s almost as sweet as sitting back and sipping the result. It really is the little things!

  254. I love coffee! Like you, I’ve tried many varieties and machines. I’m currently loving my daughter’s Keurig. It came home with her for the summer. Not sure she’s getting it back. Lol!

  255. Monica Fugitt says:

    This looks delicious! I have a serious addiction to coffee!

  256. My favorite iced coffee is Thai Iced Coffee and my favorite hot coffee is cappuccino! And I love you all!

  257. I love love love iced coffee but the only way I get it at home is buying the pre made stuff at the store – usually pretty yuck! Can’t wait to try your method at home!

  258. Kimberly Tapia says:

    I drink plain black coffee. I never, ever add anything to it… I know, I know… I’m so darn boring :( haha.

    This recipe might make me change my mind!

  259. I’ve always been jealous of the Nespresso machine my husband has in his office. I too am a lover of the Americano.

  260. I love iced coffee drinks and love honey, so this will be a natural fit for me. Can’t wait to try this!

  261. I pretty much love any kind of coffee (its genetic, just ask my mom), but go to drink is usually a latte.

  262. I’m a coffee fiend, along with the hubs!! He’s the French press guy in the house too :) man, I want this nespresso machine badly now!!

  263. Oops, my favorite coffee drink is an americano!

  264. I love a simple home-brewed cappuccino with vanilla almond milk and cinnamon :)

  265. iced coffee with a little sweet

  266. I love coffee so many ways, so I would love this machine. Lately I have been mixing coffee with ice and chocolate milk.

  267. I think I just found my new favorite coffee drink :-)

  268. I love half caff right now due to the pregnancy, so I am rarely drinking black coffee anymore and this recipe looks great!

  269. I just made this! So delicious! Except I really had to force myself to take my time and sip it. It’s so tasty I easily could have chugged it in less than a minute.

  270. I love iced coffee!

  271. Favorite coffee drink is espresso, honey or maple syrup, and cream. Thank you for the contest! :)

  272. My favorite coffee is iced coffee lightly sweetened with agave nectar and milk!

  273. Love iced coffee! Never tried adding honey to it. I have to try it!

  274. Lauren M. says:

    My favorite coffee drink is a pumpkin or gingerbread latte w/skim milk! It doesn’t even need to be fall either…it’s a year -round fav!

  275. Jodi Fortner says:

    So relieved to learn I’m not the only crazy person lugging my Kuerig along on vacation. Yea!
    In the summer I love iced coffee too. International Delight makes several flavors of iced coffee (in the dairy case); I buy the Mocha Light. It’s relatively low in calories, gets frothy when it’s shaked, is quick and easy and is really refreshing.
    When I’m out I get a Starbucks “special” (of my own design!) — I order two shots of expresso over a large cup of ice, then add my own creamer and sweetener at the service bar. Starbucks would charge me about double for it if I ordered it as an iced coffee.
    Lindsay, I love reading your blog because you write so vividly and expressively. It reads happy! Your food looks beautiful and the recipes are concise and appealing. Also, your openness and information about running a blog and the money that can be earned is EYE OPENING!! I’m now very much more aware about where and what I click. Keep up the good work! ;D
    p.s. We made your recipe for bakery style blueberry scones and they are fabulous! Very, very close to Starbucks’ — we love saving two bucks a pop, plus we get all those lucious, oozing warm berries in our own.

  276. Maghan Goodsell says:

    I love white chocolate mochas but lately have been obsessed with chai tea lattes. MMMMMM. Cannot wait to try this recipe out!

  277. I am a total coffee addict.. That iced coffee is calling my name!! it is so delicious.. I absolutely love it..

  278. My favorite coffee drink is the one I don’t have to make myself….:) barring that, I am definitely a bigger fan of espresso than drip coffee. Less likely to get a headache afterward. I also love a dirty chai for when I can’t choose between coffee or tea!

  279. LOVE iced coffee. Currently buying in grocery stores. Going to try this recipe with machine!

  280. Iced lattes!!

  281. As I am reading this post, I am enjoying an iced latte. So good! Perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

  282. Iced Coffee, what would I do without you? It’s what keeps me from being an ogre every morning. Thanks for the recipe! I do love the Nespresso. They are so much better than the keurig. They produce a much better crema, and their recycling program is wonderful. Most people don’t realize the K cups on the keurig aren’t recyclable . Nespresso has a much smaller ecological footprint.

  283. I LOVE espresso and milk… this seems right up my alley!

  284. I love plain iced coffee, but do think that it is sometimes too watered down, I would love to try this with espresso instead!

  285. My favorite coffee drink is a latte (or a mocha if I’m in a sugary mood). But REALLY my favorite coffee drink is any one that involves being with a good friend! You can’t beat that in my book!

  286. My favorite coffee is any kind of iced coffee. Lately it’s been a venti iced skinny caramel macchiatto from Starbucks, or I buy cold brew coffee and do about 4 ounces of that with 8 ounces of milk over ice if I’m making it at home.

  287. I’m definitely the latte/cappuccino bucket, but this iced coffee looks fantastic!

  288. I’m a fanatic for iced coffee! Even if it’s cold and rainy I still go for my iced. I have a cold brew glass with built in filter that I use. Fill with water, add ground coffee, and refrigerate overnight. A sleep well knowing I’ll wake up to yummy delicious iced coffee.

  289. I love French press coffee!

  290. Recently sampled coffee made on the Nespresso, so yum. Iced coffee…even better!

  291. Looks so good! I am off coffee at the moment, but love to make iced tea with coconut milk and honey. Great hot or iced!

  292. I love any kind of coffee! Black, iced, latte — I don’t discriminate!

  293. Megan Contino says:

    Love my old Nespresso machine but have my eye on the newer model! Usually make hot drinks but can’t wait to try this recipe.

  294. Hi! I found your blog via another link to your post about your monthly income. Your transparency about how this happens is so great and helpful and . . . . well, just lovely! I’m excited to read more about your year abroad doing His work. Neat stuff! I don’t drink coffee. Never have but I love the smell and the flavour of it in desserts. I’m afraid I have to sweeten it up and that would just start a very bad sugary habit that I may never want to end. *sigh* I’d also be bouncing off the walls. I tried two cups one night way back in the day at uni thinking I’d be clever and stay up all night. Oh I did. Stay up all night that is, and all day the following and ugh I just felt so horrible. My coffee drinking came to a screeching halt. The iced coffee still tempts me now and again.

  295. I love me some plain nonfat lattes…but I’m definitely into the double shots on ice during the summer. Yum!

  296. Love a good latte…caramel or vanilla, even better!

    I’m not in love with iced coffee, but this I sure could do. LOVE espresso…milk & honey, too. Oh yes, please!

  297. Gina Guthrie says:

    I love a good vanilla latte.

  298. I always drink black drip coffee, but I fell in love with Espresso when I traveled to Italy this summer!

  299. caramel lattes are my fave!

  300. Love the idea of adding honey to iced coffee!

  301. I love a good vanilla latte. I must say, this post made me nostalgic for the days before children. No more lazy mornings here anymore!

    • also, I spent a summer in Cebu City with the Navigators. Love me some banana cue, but I never got up my nerve to try the balut!

  302. Jenny H. says:

    Living in FL where it’s already about 100 degrees outside by 8am – iced coffee is a must!

  303. Jessie Squires says:

    I actually love and prefer iced coffee! With a little sweetener, sometimes some chocolate sauce, and soy milk. I haven’t tried it with honey but this recipe sounds delish!

  304. I love black coffee, but I also like a hot mocha drink every so often :)

  305. Alyssa H. says:

    I LOVE the vanilla latte from Peace Coffee!

  306. Ummm…coffee addict, me? Not at all. Hubby just gave me a ‘talking to’ regarding the number of pods I have drank since Thursday evening…20. Now 24 since we had that talk late yesterday afternoon. Thank goodness I get free coffee at work! Any kind of coffee…any time of day, but most definitely iced after 3 p.m.

  307. I just had a lavender latter which was so amazing! Seriously check out J Arthurs coffee shop in Roseville MN.

  308. I’m just a simple plain iced coffee girl. Milk AND sugar, please. Same with my hot coffee. Nothing fancy. But BUT, my boyfriend’s dad got THIS VERY NESPRESSO MACHINE for Father’s Day this year and I was lucky enough to try it out last time we visited. This thing makes the espresso of my dreams! Even my boyfriend who hates coffee luuuuuurves this espresso. And the magical milk frother that they used alongside? It’s magical. I’m not sure if it’s included with this system, but a contraption that can make sweet, warm, frothy, foamy milk for cappuccinos AND stay cool to the touch is nothing short of witchcraft.

  309. I drink my coffee black on a daily basis, but I do love iced coffee (black or with milk & stevia) and pumpkin spice lattes in the fall.

  310. I just love espresso! My favorite coffee drink is a pumpkin spice latte..but for the rest of the year I prefer a cappuccino (and still secretly yearn for fall to hurry on up)

  311. Lately I’ve been drinking bulletproof coffee, love it.

  312. Jessica C. says:

    Love nespresso and look forward to trying this yummy summer drink!

  313. Coffee with mint syrup ice cubes and coconut milk.

  314. An almond milk latte, with hazelnut if I’m feeling indulgent.

  315. Stephanie says:

    I’m an coffeeholic but I haven’t really gotten into iced coffee yet somehow. This sounds delicious!!

  316. I love your blog and would love to upgrade from a French press to a nespresso machine!

  317. I love coffee! My go-to drink is a good old latte, but now you’ve got me wondering about the iced coffee with honey!

  318. SUCH a great giveaway!

  319. Jeannette says:

    I only drink iced coffee all year round!

  320. Iced tea! Green tea :)

  321. I love coffee! I drink it black, but this sounds delicious!

  322. Min Park says:

    I love drinking iced coffee drink of any sort!!!

  323. Jacqueline says:

    I love your blog. I have always wanted a nespresso

  324. Looks like I just found a new way to drink coffee! Thanks!

  325. I’ve been drinking coffee since 7th grade! I can’t believe my parents allowed it but I added lots of milk and sugar. Trying to stay away from sugar and just doing almond or soy milk, hadn’t thought of adding honey though! Sounds yummy!

  326. Iced coffee, in all forms

  327. I love your post about your Nespresso. You guys are so cute. I have a daughter about your age (you look like her age anyway) and I miss her, she lives 3000 miles away and so is my 3 year old grand.

    ok, coming back to coffee, my favorite coffee drink in cold weather is a cappuccino on the dry side in a nice big ceramic coffee mug or bowl. It just doesn’t taste the same in a paper cut.
    On hot weather it’s a ice latte plain unless I remember to put my liquid stevia in my purse.

    If I am at home I make my own ice latte with my french press, I add vanilla stevia and coconut milk or if I find a good milk from a neighbor farmer I put cow’s milk in it served in a tall glass with a plastic straw. ( I have to invest in some cute straws like yours. How about that for specifics (smile).

  328. SmittyGal says:

    We love making iced white chocolate mocha’s! Starbucks got nothin’ on us LOL.

    This recipe though we will have to try, it sounds delish!

  329. There is noting better to me than a iced Cuban Coffee in the late afternoon.

  330. I love iced coffee or the frapuccino style from starbucks :)

  331. what a great idea to use honey. i’m trying to cut back on sugar, and honey sounds like the perfect sugar substitite for espresso. looks sooo good!

  332. always willing to try something new. thanks for chance to win .

  333. I love me some White Chocolate Mochas!!! This sounds amazing!!!

  334. I take the leftover fresh coffee from my husband’s carafe of Kona blend, refrigerate overnight and ice it in the morning. I have yet to find a creamer to replace Coffeemate French Vanilla. But I’m trying!

  335. Jacqueline says:

    I thought about this all day. Just got home. I think I’ll try to make the strongest coffee with my keurig and see how it turns out. I’ve been looking at the Nespresso machines. I love your writings. I miss stories from the Phillipines. I follow you on FB and Twitter….and receive your emails. Just love your recipes.

  336. Shoshana says:

    My guilty pleasure is an iced skinny mocha at Starbucks. I usually treat myself to one on long car trips 😉

  337. Melanie A says:

    I love a hot Americano in the winter and a regular iced coffee with milk in the summer. What a great way to start the day!

  338. My daughter and I in the summer make ice vanilla coffee with almond milk – that is my favorite!

  339. Jacqueline says:

    Tried with really strong coffee. It was yummy. 5 stars. I know the Nespresso machine would take this over the top. Making for me and co-worker this morning.

  340. Love your ideas for giving up sugar, and your blog is very inspirational to me as I am testing out the world of blogging!

  341. This post brings back memories of many happy days sipping café con leche in Spain!

  342. allisonemme says:

    ahhh I’ve been hankering for a machine JUST like this one. I love espresso over ice with just a splash of cream (and a tiny drizzle of caramel if I really need a pick-me-up!)

  343. Leah Schaab says:

    At my old job there was a nespresso machine and every afternoon it called my name. Would love to make this drink it looks sooooo yummy for a hot afternoon drink!

  344. love your blog and coffee.

  345. I go through phases where coffee is concerned, but lately my favorite has been plain coffee with a bit of milk and sugar–this has only been compounded by the AeroPress we just bought, along with coffee from Moustache Coffee Club. GUH. Fresh (seriously, it’s in your hands within 4 days of roasting), light-roasted coffee beans pushed through that magical contraption…

    It’s love. Soooo much love. Now I need coffee, and I’m at work. :'(

  346. Luuuuuurve espresso! :)

  347. My favorite coffee drink is a straight up breve latte. I love the extra richness of the half and half and I rarely have them… so it’s a treat!

  348. My favorite is Madras filter coffee. Oh so good!

  349. I loved iced coffee in the summer time! It’s the perfect drink to wake up with or refresh yourself. I usually use agave nectar to sweeten my coffee, but homey adds just something special. I love the Nespresso machines! I want to eventually get the one that comes with the milk frother as I need milk (or cream) in my coffee!

  350. I love coffee in all its forms… but my all-time favorite is vietnamese coffee (with condensed milk in it). mmmmmmm

  351. Michelle says:

    Iced black with a bit of sugar 😀 I know what you mean when you say nauseating heat :<

  352. Caramel iced coffee from Starbucks is my absolute favorite!

  353. Hi! The Altissio capsule doesn’t fit in the OriginalLine machine (which is the one I have). Is there any capsule on the original line that I can replace this one with and still make this recipe? Thanks!

  354. I would DIE to own one of these. I have been eyeing it up and so close to buying the husband one for Father’s Day (but really for me because i only drink iced coffees, lattes, tea’s of any kind :) )!!!!

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