Peach Green Smoothie

Peach Green Smoothie

Hey yo.

Big question today: Do you guys like drinking green things? Much like the chicken skin, green smoothies are a love-hate kinda food for me where mostly I love it and I only really hate it because of the name. I mean, who really craves something called a GREEN smoothie? Blehbeddebleh.

Okay, I mock, but I do crave green smoothies. I especially craved green smoothies this week after an extended weekend of pizza-scotcheroo-Chex Mix-pizza-burger-pizza eating while on vacation in the Wisconsin Dells. So as you take in this classy quad-photo of the healthy peach green smoothie ingredients, just remember that you know the truth about the REAL me: that as a 27 year old without kids, I vacation in the Wisconsin Dells. Heyyy.

Peach Green Smoothie

Here’s what I learned this week about green smoothies. They can be delicious… without any yogurt. Let me guess. You’re thinking, why would you want yogurt with your green smoothie to begin with? I don’t know, I’ve always included yogurt or at the very least, a banana, in my green smoothies, because something about drinking a smoothie base made from just spinach and ice and water makes me throw up a little bit in my mouth. And now you can judge me a second time for being just a fake green smoothie drinker. I never said green JUICE, okay?

How-ev-er. Frozen peaches in a blender are completely and utterly beautiful. They create a perfect slushy-sweet kind of base for adding spinach, and what you’re left with in the end is less heavy creamy smoothie, and more smoothie juice that’s just a tiny bit creamy. I copied my mother-in-law who made this for us at brunch and added a fresh peach to the mix. The peel from the fresh peach adds little polka dots of color (oh hey FUN) and keeps the texture interesting.

Peach Green Smoothie

This is reallyreally easy to make, SUPER healthy (like, everything in it is good for you and one big glass only has 100 calories) and that fresh ginger in there will 1) make your hands smell good and 2) make your tastebuds happy. Wowzer. My mouth just loves these Peach Green Smoothies, and my pizza-loving alter ego is proud of this thing I’m working on called balance. Wins for everyone!

On an unrelated note, I’m trying a new background fer my fotos. It’s not really obvious or anything, right?

…just kidding. It’s a total change. What do you think – does it look clean and nice? or does it hurt your eyes? I kind of like it until I start missing my old scratched graffitied wood boards. I mean, I still have them, they’re just sitting in the other room, but you know what I’m saying.Peach Green Smoothie

Hey? Make it a green smoothie day. Or bookmark for Monday after your weekend of summer vacation eating. I totally support you either way.

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Peach Green Smoothie
Serves: 2
  • 2 cups frozen peaches
  • 2 handfuls of spinach
  • 1 fresh peach, pitted and chopped (optional)
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tablespoon peeled, minced or grated fresh ginger
  • 1 tablespoon honey + more to taste
  1. Blend the frozen peaches, spinach, peach, water, and ginger until very smooth and homogenous in color. Add ¼ cup water if needed to keep the mixture moving smoothly through the blender.
  2. Add the honey, blend, and taste. Adjust as necessary (add more ginger, more honey, more water, etc). Serve immediately.



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  1. So many things! I like the white background – it’s very clean and bright, but I would still keep the wood background in the mix. You know – change it up sometimes. Nothing wrong with some variety! Also – love that somehow you can get away with talking about throwing up in your mouth and still pull of a post that makes people want to try the recipe. That’s talent.
    And, hey – vacation is vacation. Who cares where. My husband and I celebrated our tenth anniversary just staying home, but the kids were with grandparents – it was still pretty awesome. Can’t wait to see what year 15 is. . . maybe we’ll camp out in the back yard or something! 😉

  2. I love drinking green things, and this sounds awesome!

  3. I agree, I love/hate green smoothies…. but yours looks like it might taste yummy. I will make this Monday, after the weekend… like you said.
    And I have been “seasoning” my baking sheets ever since your photography tip post… thanks!

  4. I really like both the white and wood backgrounds! I always love your photography though. After seeing your photo post from the other day, I used an old tarnished baking sheet and it turned out well, so thanks for the great ideas.

    As for Wisconsin Dells, I just looked it up and I’m a 26-year-old with no kids (and a case of baby fever that my husband is terrified of). Take me with you next time!!! :)

  5. I can’t get past the texture OJ most smoothie’s. My best friend swears by them but she has a Vitamix. Do maybe one day I’ll give them another go.

  6. I feel like you just spied on me, saw that I ate too much lately and should go for a much needed green smoothie :p

  7. Love the peachy, green smoothie!! Must make as a snack today. It just sounds so refreshing and delicious!

    I love the all white and the boards. Either way your photos looks amazing, Lindsey!

  8. 1. I enjoy the simplicity of the new look, especially when you lay out the ingredients symmetrically. (I adore symmetry!) Nevertheless, if you did this all the time, I’d feel like the site lacked something of “you” and the personal Lindsay flair that we all know and love.
    2. You got me hooked on greenish smoothies long ago and I crave them every day. Greenish = throw a handful or two of baby spinach into whatever smoothie I’m making :)
    3. You’re right on about frozen peaches, though we’ve got to be really careful about the brand. I love Aldi frozen fruit, but their frozen peaches can be less than ripe and pretty tasteless. I usually do a frozen-fresh combo with peaches, like you did.
    4. I remember the very first post you ever told me about, while gnawing on our Luna bars in the sweltering cafeteria and counting down the minutes to summer school dismissal… and it was a post about making a smoothie with the frozen bag of smoothie ingredients . So, today’s post makes me nostalgic, but also super, super proud of all you’ve accomplished since then!

  9. The photos look great! I love green smoothies and I usually can’t taste the green that’s in them.

    Have a great weekend.

  10. I totally want to try this. Just one more reason to move the Vitamix to the top of my want list!

  11. Heather says:

    No shame in vacationing in WI Dells! I love that town. My family used to go there most summers for a weekend, and I continued going through college with friends. I have since moved away from the Midwest but would love a weekend back in the Dells!

  12. I simply adore green smoothies – but I don’t think I’ve ever added fresh ginger to one before!
    The new photos look crisp – very clean!

  13. Hi Lindsay! I just had to let you know that as I was reading your post, I laughed out loud. At my desk. At work. In front of people.
    You are too funny!
    PS – I love the new background.

  14. I LOVE green smoothies!! I crave them in a maaajor way these days! And as for your photography, I like both your new backgrounds and old ones. The new ones are cool and professional and kind of heavenly-looking if you know what I mean. It’s like your smoothies have descended from the clouds and are floating all celestial-like on my screen, you know?! But I loved how your old backgrounds seemed to invite us into your warm and colorful life. You have such a knack for painting a picture without being kitschy or contrived. I think it just depends on the food and the season though. The heavenly clean look is kind of nice for the summer and for super versatile any-time recipes…but some things, like, say, Christmas cookies (teehee!) might warrant a warm fuzzy scene surrounding them?? But whatever you choose, yer fotos are consistently so lovely and I’ll always be a total POY fan fo sho! 😀

  15. i always put yogurt in green smoothies too…will have to try your non-yogurt version! seems a bit lighter and still filling. :)

  16. absolutely love the white background – fresh and crisp. I am always adding banana and yogurt to the smoothie but I need to try this version for a change.

  17. Never made a smoothie. I know, right! I need to get on that.
    I do like the white, crisp look for a background. Reminds me of this site… There is something about the homey feel of the wood though too. Whatever you do, your photos and words always pull me in.

  18. Peaches have been on my mind lately but never thought to put them in a smoothie. Done deal.

  19. Looks very healthy. I love green smoothies. I’ll be interested to see how the ginger tastes. I’ve never used ginger.

  20. Well, I’m a great proponent of yogurt in smoothies, but I think freezing peaches is a genius idea! This sounds super easy & delicious for breakfast.

  21. I love the white background! I’m a sucker for minimalist things though. The white does get a little blue and blown out, which isn’t ideal. I also love your scratched up boards. I would say its fine to go back and forth depending on what you’re shooting.

  22. I EAT plenty of greens (I prefer them raw), but I DRINK green only once a year–McDonald’s Shamrock Shake! (Haven’t actually had one in years, but I’ll try to remember the next time around.) I agree that your photography is awesome!

  23. I adore green smoothies. I usually add half an avocado to mine – makes it so creamy and delicious. Cacao powder is a nice addition too, especially if you’re using blueberries as your fruit. To be honest, I’m not crazy about the white background. It works in the photos where you lay out all your ingredients, but in the rest the background makes the food seem kinda impersonal and corporate – almost disembodied, if that makes any sense at all.

  24. I love the white. The photo becomes all about the food. I get distracted by the rugged boards. I always think, “Would I eat off that?”, but what do I know? As for the green stuff, I think I feel like you. If I close my eyes it is delicious. Great post, it made me smile.

  25. Love the green smoothies and I think the peach sounds like a great addition to the green routine. And YEY for Wisconsin Dells, I’ve been there MANY times in my life and it’s always fun even as an adult. In fact, I think I’ve been there more as an adult than as a kid. Great vacation choice :) Hope you guys had a great time!!

  26. Totally agree with everything! Question for ya….I’ve found that unless I drink the smoothie within like 5-7 minutes of blending, it starts separating and tastes AWFUL! Every run into this problem?

    Anywho…the kale-apple smoothie on my blog post here:

    is still my absolute favorite go-to green smoothie recipe! It’s SOOO tasty! Thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely try the peachy-gingery combo. =)

    • Yes, I especially notice that when I use ice. When it’s just fruit and a little yogurt I don’t notice it so much. Usually if that does happen I just stir it up and drink it anyways. :) And i just bought these little plastic Ball jars with lids that are perfect for keeping leftover smoothies fresh!

  27. Love this and I’ve been loving the new background! It makes the food pop out more.

  28. I would love for you to share and link up at my weekly TGIF Link Party if you haven’t already this week. Your favorite posts, most popular, recent or new! The party is open every Thursday night and closes Tuesday’s at midnight. Followed by (Not SO) Wordless Wednesday!
    I would be honored if you join us and follow to stay connected Have a wonderful week!
    Hugs, Cathy

  29. Lindsay – I’m kind of loving this striking white background in your photos. So different than the scratched up board (love that too), but it really highlights all that fresh produce that I know you’re surely loving to eat now that you’re home! I love everything about this smoothie!

    • Yes, I really have been loving the produce. And guess what? The other day I bought three amazing mangoes. I will always be loyal to Cebu mangoes first, but these were not a bad alternative!

  30. Green smoothies are awesome! I just made one with peaches and mango…so refreshing on these hot summer days!

  31. Love this smoothie idea! And love the new bright-white background!

    Aaaaaand I just have to tell you, I went to the Dells this spring with just my mom for a weekend and we went to the water park and did that Wizard Quest thing. So yeah — right there with you. 😉

  32. Yum! I love the peach and ginger combination for a fresh summer flavor! I just made ginger peach cookies and the flavors go so well together. Can’t wait to try the smoothie :)

  33. I love the new photo backgrounds and I LOVE that you’re slowly discovering the pleasures of a GOOD green smoothie. Just wait ’til you try mango and kale 😉

  34. I wonder if *balance* would work also in how you present your photos. The white background is very clean and makes your food photos pop, but I do miss your more homey, visually artistic pics. One idea would be to have the beautiful white photos in your body and at the very end, have a picture of your finished product on your rusty cookie sheet, or visa-versa.

    This smoothie sounds delightful. I enjoy frozen mixed berries to the green mix as well. : )

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your posts! Great work!!

  35. I like the new background – I have not been confident enough to use plain white because I worry about shadows and things showing up but seeing your photos here inspire me. Like most other people I think I would like to see both you other style and the white.
    I am trying very hard to like the idea of greens in a smoothie but I am not yet there. I love everything else in this though.

  36. I’ve always gone for bananas in my smoothies to add some thickness and creaminess – but I’m loving the idea of fresh or frozen peaches. I also like the new photos, especially the ingredient display – makes me want to go and make that smoothie right now!

  37. I make a similar but with appele, since peaches are expensive and rarely super ripe in Denmark

  38. Lovely & healthy smoothie!

  39. LOVE drinking green drinks!! My first ever ‘green’ drink was a peanut butter/banana/yogurt smoothie with a handful of spinach thrown in. I remember I was shocked that I couldn’t taste the spinach!! I’ve since transitioned to juicing–but because of nausea during pregnancy, I’ve started juicing and then adding the juice to a fruit smoothie to ‘hide’ the greens. Works so well!

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  41. Love the peaches idea! I’m very new-found your site yesterday and spent way too much time drooling, I mean reading. I have to say, I LOVE your wooden boards for photography. The white is super stark, more on the clinical side of the spectrum than the real simple end. Maybe a different angle? Can’t wait to read, and drool more!

  42. I have a love hate relationship with green smoothies. I’ve hade some really bad ones and some really good ones, and this one that tasted good for the first couple minutes and then turned really gross. Can’t wait to give this recipe a try. It sounds like a good one.

  43. Loving this recipe!!

  44. I always use non-fat plain yogurt in my morning smoothie. I started with green smoothies several months ago and now I really want one every day.
    after lots of experimenting, I’ve pretty much settled on spinach, berries, 1/4 avocado or 1/2 banana, yogurt, water and chia seeds although I’ve been looking at pumpkin smoothies for fall. I use the yogurt for the protein so if you don’t use yogurt do you have protein separately?

    • Sometimes yes, like the Greek yogurt and/or a little flax or even crushed nuts or high protein cereal (I like the texture). And then sometimes no. I don’t always need any other protein with it if it’s just a snack. :)

  45. This was so amazing. I am always scared to try putting green things in my smoothies. What a great recipe. It was perfect timing for us in MN because the stores of packed full of peaches. I would love more green smoothie recipes. Maybe some that had some avocado?

  46. Love your photos for the ingredients and also a simple and delicious recipe to boot! Although a little greek yogurt and organic banana here and there never hurts either lol.. I’ll be sharing this recipe on my website, and of course give credit where it’s due. Thanks Lindsay =)

  47. just made this with one frozen peach instead of two plus one fresh, no honey and it was AMAZING, very light and refreshing. Bet it would be good with all the ingredients too

  48. I am totally making this next week when I finish my Whole 30, I will need a quick breakfast on the mornings that I hit the gym and this looks yummy!!! P.s. I love the photos you take they are so beautiful…I am currently working on food photography and your pics are total inspiration! I will rate this recipe next monday after I make it!

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