14 Best Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes

Sweet potatoes can really do it all. Roast them up for a salad, spiralize them for a bowl, blend them up for a milkshake, or bind them up for pizza crust. MAGIC. Here are our favorite sweet potato recipes!

14 Best Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes

Quinoa Sweet Potato Salad

Quinoa Sweet Potato Salad! A sheet-pan meal prep salad packed with roasted sweet potatoes, caramelizy onions, crisped chickpeas, fresh rosemary, and toasty maple walnuts.

quinoa, sweet potatoes, shallots, walnuts, chickpeas

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Creamy Spinach and Sweet Potato Noodles on a plate with a fork.

Creamy Spinach Sweet Potato Noodles
with Cashew Sauce

Creamy Spinach and Sweet Potato Noodles with Cashew Sauce – easy to make, adaptable, gluten free, vegan. Divine and delicious!

sweet potatoes, spinach, basil, cashews, garlic

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14 Best Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes

Autumn Glow Salad with Lemon Dressing

A MUST for healthy, glowy eating! Roasted cauliflower, sweet potato, grains, and apples. Vegetarian and vegan.

freekeh, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, apple, parsley, lemon

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Sunflower Salad in bowl with dressing.

Kitchen Sink Sunflower Salad

A veggie rainbow of Brussels sprouts, sweet potato, beans, cucumber, and kale, and then drenched in this creamy, clean-eating sunflower dressing! YUM.

sweet potato, Brussels sprouts, kale, cucumber, black beans, sunflower seeds, sunflower butter

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Sweet Potato Peanut Soup in bowls with crackers.

Spicy Peanut Soup with Sweet Potato + Kale

Okay, YUMMMM. Comforting and SUPER nutritious. Naturally vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free, ALL THE GOOD THINGS.

jalapeño, sweet potatoes, light coconut milk, peanuts, peanut butter, kale

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Sweet Potato Pizza Crust slice held by hand.

3 Ingredient Sweet Potato Crust

All you need is sweet potatoes, rolled oats, and an egg! SUPER easy hand-holdable healthy pizza crust.

sweet potato, oats, egg

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Healing Bowl with sweet potatoes, rice and arugula.

Healing Bowls with Turmeric Sweet Potatoes,
Poached Eggs, and Lemon Dressing

Turmeric sweet potatoes, brown rice, red quinoa, arugula, poached egg, lemon dressing.

sweet potatoes, garlic, turmeric, lemon juice, eggs, brown rice, greens

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Chicken and sweet potato meal prep bowls with broccoli.

Spicy Chicken and Sweet Potato Meal Prep Magic

This is seriously magic! Three big sheet pans + 45 minutes = healthy meals for a week with chicken, sweet potato, and broccoli.

chicken breasts, spicy seasoning mix, sweet potatoes, broccoli

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Autumn Glow Milkshake in jar with almond butter topping.

Autumn Glow Milkshake

A glow-worthy “milkshake” that is loaded with nutrients and tastes like ice cream. Awesome for breakfasts on the go.

sweet potato, cauliflower, almond milk, almond butter, honey

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14 Best Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes

Rockin’ 5 Ingredient Sweet Potato Turkey Chili

Just five basic ingredients for this delicious real food chili recipe! Sweet potatoes, black beans, turkey, onions, and spices.

ground turkey, sweet potatoes, black beans, garlic, onion

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Spicy Southwestern Salad in a bowl with avocado dressing.

Spicy Southwestern Salad with Avocado Dressing

This healthy Spicy Southwestern Salad recipe has roasted sweet potatoes, black beans, corn, lettuce, and creamy avocado dressing!

romaine lettuce, sweet potatoes, black beans, corn, Greek yogurt, avocado

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Mexican sweet potato skins on a plate.

Healthy Mexican Sweet Potato Skins

These healthy Mexican sweet potato skins are stuffed with a chipotle-sweet potato filling, black beans, corn, and topped with cheese.

sweet potatoes, corn, black beans, chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, cream cheese

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Sweet Potato Curry in a bowl with rice.

Creamy Thai Sweet Potato Curry

Creamy Thai Sweet Potato Curry – packed with nutrition! Our favorite easy, healthy, winter comfort food recipe.

sweet potatoes, spinach, curry paste, coconut milk, peanuts, cilantro

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Sesame Roasted Sweet Potatoes baked on a sheet pan.

30 Minute Sesame Roasted Sweet Potatoes

30-Minute Sesame Roasted Sweet Potatoes – healthy, vibrant, and super easy to make! Topped with tahini, sesame oil, cilantro, and sesame seeds.

sweet potatoes, cilantro, tahini, chili powder, sesame seeds

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