Our Team

You’d be surprised how much goes on behind the scenes of a food blog. There’s lots (and lots) of emails, recipe development, video production, social media scheduling, and more.

Our team helps keep it all running smoothly.

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Lindsay is the voice, author, and creator behind Pinch of Yum. She develops recipes and writes content for the blog and on Instagram. The little blog that started as her casual hobby for nights and weekends while working as a teacher has now grown into a full-fledged business. She lives in Minnesota with her husband Bjork, dog Sage, and daughter Solvi.


Bjork is the chief tech consultant / business advisor / taste tester at Pinch of Yum. Day-to-day, you’ll mostly see him around Food Blogger Pro, WP Tasty, and Nutrifox, as well as hosting the Food Blogger Pro podcast. Bjork is also husband to Lindsay, dad to Solvi, and lives in Minnesota with their dog Sage. He can usually be found with a coffee in hand.


Jenna is the Communications Manager at Pinch of Yum. She manages much of the day-to-day communication with readers and brands – on and off the blog. You can find her answering recipe questions on posts, helping readers with ebook purchases, coordinating partnership details with brands, and other various behind-the-scenes projects. Jenna lives in Minnesota with her husband.


Abby is the Social Media Manager at Pinch of Yum. She develops our social media strategy, develops content for posts, and tracks all our analytics/reporting. She also works alongside our teams at Food Blogger Pro, WP Tasty, and Nutrifox to share fun, inspiring content and connect with members and customers. A blogger herself, Abby is the author and creator of Heart of a Baker.


Emily is the video specialist at Pinch of Yum. She develops, films, and edits all of our recipe videos that you see here on the blog and on Instagram. She also works alongside our Food Blogger Pro team as our resident video expert, answering questions on the forum and live Q&As. Emily hails from northwest Ohio and also writes, photographs, and manages her blog, Jelly Toast.


Sage is our furry coworker and official POY team mascot. She likes treats, naps at the studio, and is just the absolute best. You can learn more about Sage here.

If you have a question or want to get in touch with anyone on our team, contact us here!