Berry Green Smoothie


Truth: I drink green smoothies.

Truth: Bjork gets bugged out by green smoothies.  I pretend that he’s immature and usually give a mini-lecture about the health benefits of green smoothies, which usually ends with him eating a whole box of Marshmallow Mateys in one sitting.  1) Why can’t healthy green smoothies be rainbow colored, or sparkly, or covered with candy?  2) Pass me the Mateys.

BEST Truth: Green smoothies don’t have to be sewage-green!

Wait, that makes me sound like an idiot, but it’s actually genius.  Because when you put berries in the blender with your green smoothie, it turns blue and purple and pretty, and it covers up the greenness.


Is there really anything better than a weekend spent in the sun with friends and family stuffing my face with Tijuanna Hot Dogs and Smores Bars?  No. There’s not.

That’s why the runner up for the best thing ever award is drinking something desserty and cute to take away that super cute morning-after-salty-foods look.

Something that does not look like garbage in a glass.



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Berry Green Smoothie
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2
  • 3 small bananas
  • ½ cup milk
  • 1-2 handfuls of spinach
  • 1 cup frozen berries (blueberries, blackberries, etc.)
  • ½ cup bran cereal such as All Bran original
  • 1-2 tablespoons sweetener (sugar, honey, Truvia, agave, etc.)
  • ice cubes (optional)
  1. Blend bananas and milk until smooth. Add spinach and blend on a high setting until most of the spinach has been broken down into small pieces. Add the frozen berries and blend until the smoothie mixture is all one color.
  2. Add the bran and sweetener; blend until desired consistency. Add ice cubes and blend again until smooth (optional - I usually don't).
I like to blend it well for several minutes so it's mostly smooth, but there is still some crunch and texture from the bran.

Don’t fear the green!

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  1. This sounds delightful! Love this combo of flavours!

  2. Valerie at The Year of Living Healthfully says:

    I have seen lots of green smoothies and was turned off by the color although intrigued by the nutrition. I am wondering if you can really taste the spinach. Does it taste like a liquid salad? Thanks for the recipe.

    • To me, you can’t taste the spinach. It tastes like a regular smoothie, and without the green color, you don’t even notice the spinach! :)

  3. I have to admit, I get freaked out my green smoothies too, even though I know in my head they taste good. Berries save everything! Love the pictures :)

  4. The green thing kind of disturbs me too. But I can’t even find fresh spinach where I live and I’ve tried using frozen in smoothies and no… that’s just not going to happen again. This smoothie has the prettiest color I’ve ever seen in a smoothie so maybe spinach isn’t all that bad. :)

    • Frozen spinach does not sound good… I think that was a good decision to stay away!!

      • I’ve never tried it, but my boyfriend swears by using frozen spinach in his smoothies! He can’t tell the difference between fresh/frozen and says it makes the texture better because you don’t even end up having to use ice. But I’m not sure I trust him!! Haha.

        • Interesting! I’ve never had a good experience with frozen spinach – even in savory dishes – so I might be biased. But if he swears by it… I might have to jump back on that train!

          • I’ve never used store bought frozen spinach, but I usually process and freeze my own fresh stuff so there’s no waste. I can’t tell the difference in my smoothies.

            I can’t wait to try this with the crunchy stuff and extra bananas. Thanks!

  5. Great color! I love my green smoothies but the color always freaks my hubby out too. At least they usually taste good even when they look like sludge, haha. Your smoothie looks and sounds delicious :)

  6. It’s so hot today I could use a pitcher of this! Looks wonderful :) Also, I lived for 3 years in Guam so if you have any questions about the PI I’d be happy to help!

    • How cool! What were you doing in Guam??

      • my hub is a helo pilot for the Navy so we had a 3 year tour there, it was such an adventure! One of my good friends out there would go to Manila with her church to work with an orphanage there. Best of luck to you!

  7. Love the addition of bran cereal – could drink this as a breakfast! Just yesterday I threw a handful of spinach leaves into Mr 3’s Berry Smoothie and he didn’t notice it, (and drank TWO cups!) so yes – the bright berry colors hides the nutritious greens perfectly!

  8. Those smoothies look great for this hot weekend! I love green smoothies. I never think about adding cereal, but I do add oatmeal. Yummy!

  9. This looks delicious to me! Healthy is an added benefit. Great picture.

  10. S.P.I.N.A.C.H?? In a smoothie?? With fruit??? I is skeptical over here….HOWEVER if you promise it will give me muskells in the right places I will try it. Since it’s not green. And if I can add coffee to it…..cuz I yam what I yam!

  11. This is exactly the recipe I need after a weekend filled with bacon, blueberry muffins, and monster trail mix. Green smoothies are delicious!

  12. Jen @ Jen's Favorite Cookies says:

    Don’t berries just make everything better?!

  13. Color me impressed. My “green smoothies” are always some weird shade of brown. I do love them, n0netheless.

  14. The only way I can sneak greens into a smoothie for my husband is if I mask them with color like you have :) Love it!

  15. I love Marshmallow Mateys!! Haha. But the smoothie looks good too!

  16. This cracks me up…I love putting various veggies in my smoothies, but it’s true that sometimes they come out looking very unappealing. Great recipe – love the cereal for added flavor, texture and nutrition!

  17. Yummy….can never get enough greens or berries. Super foods!

  18. Yum! This looks like beet puree!

  19. What a delicious smoothie! So like I’ve done the last week. Is highly recommended

  20. Looks lovely — however, is the bran necessary? All I have on hand is Kashi and Cheerios!

  21. I have always been a little freaked out by “green smoothies” but this one REALLY sounds like one I would like to try and I think my 7 year old daughter would LOVE it…….I will try it and be back to tell you the results LOL

  22. I made this tonight for my dinner as I had a very large lunch today. I substituted kale for the spinach as I didn’t have any spinach. This came out really thick for me, but still very good. I can definitely leave out the agave the next time. My blueberries and bananas had enough sweetness to hold me over.

    Thank you for such a great smoothie recipe!

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