Simple Homemade Tomato Soup

Simple Homemade Tomato Soup

Hallooooo, March! And hallo, last month of soup weather. Right? RIGHT? Although, let's be honest - I would not be sad if I ended up eating this for 12 out of 12 months of the year. This homemade tomato soup could love me all year long. I based this ... Read More →

Mushroom Poblano Posole Verde

Mushroom Poblano Posole Verde

First of all, my mouth is in love. With rich sauteed mushrooms and poblano peppers cooked with tomatillo salsa, broth, soft white hominy, a handful of nutty, chewy bulgur for extra texture and depth, and cilantro and lime to finisheroff. It's got a zing of ... Read More →

Smoked Salmon Chowder - potatoes and onions, butter and white wine, and that yummy smoked salmon. | #salmon #chowder

Smoked Salmon Chowder

You guys. Smoked salmon chowder. With smoked salmon, like the fish. The pink one. But it's smoky and rustic and making me feel all moutainy and wild. WHO AM I RIGHT NOW. Mmk well, for starters, I am right here and now a vacationer in Seattle after ... Read More →

30 Minute Ancho Turkey Chili

30 Minute Spicy Ancho Turkey Chili

So here's the deal: I'm obsessed with this chili. It's hearty, zippy, and feel-good with Tex-Mex toppings that make my head spin in the best possible chili-loving way. And I know say this almost all of the time about 99% of the foods that I make and eat, so ... Read More →

Creamy Potato Kale Soup

Creamy Potato Kale Soup

This soup be like yummaayyyy. You can expect to see many-a-more bowl o' Creamy Potato Kale Soup around our house in the next 10 or so years. Bjork (moderate liker of vegetables) and I (major liker of vegetables) both declared this a new favorite. For him, ... Read More →

Jalapeño Lime Chicken Soup - so many bright, fresh flavors in this quick and easy recipe. |

Jalapeño Lime Chicken Soup

Aaand we're back in business. I did a ton of cooking over this nice little holiday break, you know, the one where your kids and I get to stay home and never change out of their pajamas for two weeks because there's no school? I'm only half sorry that I ... Read More →

Crockpot Queso Chicken Chili with Roasted Corn and Jalapeño - loaded with veggies, super flavorful, perfect for chip dippin'. |

Queso Crockpot Chicken Chili with Roasted Corn and Jalapeño

Howdy hey! It's Monday and I have a load of Queso Crockpot Chicken Chili with Roasted Corn and Jalapeño leftovers waiting for me in the fridge, brought to my by a weekend of relaxing. I think we've already talked about this (Crockpot Chicken Wild Rice ... Read More →

Crockpot Chicken Wild Rice Soup - cozy homemade soup with hardly any prep. |

Crockpot Chicken Wild Rice Soup

I adore this soup. It's not really a secret because a) I'm from Minnesota, the homeland of things like creamy delicious Wild Rice Soup, b) I've only posted it at least seventeen other times on the blog, and c) WILD RICE. So this time the thing that makes ... Read More →

Crockpot Sweet Potato Lentils

Crockpot Sweet Potato Lentils

How about I throw some things in the crockpot and make a recipe with it? Sounds about right these days. By the way, what is this recipe? I know. It's a little obscure. It's soup meets stew meets dhal meets can't spend more than 5 minutes making dinner. But ... Read More →


Healthy Jalapeño Sweet Potato Chicken Chili

You know those times where stuff just works? This is one of those times. I did not really know where I was headed when I started making this chili other than that I had a vision of something semi-spicy that could compliment that bag of blue corn + flax ... Read More →

Chicken Wild Rice Soup

Chicken Bacon Wild Rice Soup

This morning I got out of bed around 5am. Less because I was up ambitiously early and more because I never really fell asleep. I walked outside and sat on the edge of our second floor apartment in my pajamas. It was still mostly dark and already hot. ... Read More →


Homemade Cream of Chicken Soup

Guess what? Today is a good day to make your own cream of chicken soup. And just to clarify, by cream of chicken soup, I do mean the goopy gloppy condensed stuff that usually comes in a can and is magically useful in all sorts of down-home comforting ... Read More →


White Chicken Chili

It rained and I made white chicken chili. It went a little something like this: Did you love those rain shots? Bjork did all of those as I was slurping up his bowl of soup. Yep. Rainy days are fun. Ok, let's you and me have a chat about ... Read More →

broccoli cheese soup

Super Easy Crockpot Broccoli Cheese Soup

I love when comfort food dinners magically appear in my Crockpot. Magic broccoli cheese soup is the perfect thing that allows me to avoid the kitchen and yet find myself on the couch with a bowl of cheesy goodness watching cat videos. And I say cat videos ... Read More →

Squash Soup

Simple & Creamy Squash Soup

You guys, I'm stuck on squash. Maybe it reminds me of home, even though I don't eat it at home. At all, ever. But for some reason squash is one my favorite vegetables to make here in the Philippines. And now you know the truth about this schnazzy tropical ... Read More →

Chicken Bacon Wild Rice Soup

Chicken Bacon Wild Rice Soup

I asked, you answered. And when the first six people in a row answer creamy soup, you gotta give 'em creamy soup. ... Read More →

Spicy Sausage Posole

Spicy Sausage Posole

Hi, my name is Lindsay. ... Read More →

Curry Roasted Red Pepper and Eggplant Soup

Curry Roasted Red Pepper and Eggplant Soup

I think I overdid it on the Halloween candy. ... Read More →

Smoky White Bean Chili with Pork

Smoky White Bean Chili with Pork

The happiest day of my week was the day I made this chili.  It was spicy, creamy, and busting at the seams with flavor! And I think it seemed extra wonderful because it came on the heels of fourth grade read aloud during which I counted not two, not three, ... Read More →

Smoky Paprika Croutons Recipe

Smoky Paprika Croutons

It started as soup. Potato Leek Soup with bacon and homemade croutons, to be more specific. But what it really became was Smoky Paprika Croutons with Potato Leek Soup. I decided I would double the soup recipe, since it only made 4 servings and there are a ... Read More →


Creamy Tomato-Balsamic Soup

Never underestimate the power of warm soup, soft bread, and melted cheese. Specifically the bread and cheese part. But as much as I would love to dedicate this entire post to bread and cheese, I must move on to the only thing I actually made here. ... Read More →

Creamy Root Vegetable Stew Thumbnail

Creamy Root Vegetable Stew

What a beautiful sight. At least, to me it is. Creamy, thick, slightly cheesy (ok, maybe really cheesy), and a tad spicy makes for a perfect vegetarian winter stew. The only mistake I made in this recipe was not buying all my root vegetables at the ... Read More →