Easy Cheesy Chicken Noodles

Easy Cheesy Chicken NoodlesPinit

Chicken Noodle Soup meets Mac n’ Cheese.

Have you ever asked yourself what that would be like?

I know someone who did ask herself that very question one night while getting ready for bed, because, I don’t know, she likes to think about food at night when she gets ready for bed, okay?

And less than 24 hours later that same someone had slurped every last noodle out of the cheesy pan. I’m serious. This girl means business.

Easy Cheesy Chicken Noodles

And that same night, that someone’s husband made her, MADE her, whip up a batch of this addictively good cookie dough for dessert because, I don’t know, they eat cookie dough for dessert, okay? He also forced her to eat 99% of the dough. All she could do for the next 5 hours was snuggle up on the couch and read the Hunger Games. He is sooo mean.

For the sake of her dignity, she shall remain nameless.

But there’s one last thing. She told me that she really, really wants you to experience the joy of slurping the last noodle out of the cheesy pan.

Like, really. Like, now.

Cheesy Chicken Noodles

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Easy Cheesy Chicken Noodles
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 2 cups chicken broth
  • ½ lb. egg noodles ("homestyle", thick and doughy)
  • ½ tablespoon cornstarch
  • 3 tablespoons cold water
  • 12 oz. cooked, shredded chicken breast
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 2 tablespoons milk
  • ½ cup shredded cheese (I used Cheddar and Monterrey Jack)
  • crumbled bacon or breadcrumbs for topping
  1. Saute garlic in a medium saucepan with a little bit of olive oil over medium heat until soft and fragrant. Add chicken broth and bring to a boil. Add noodles and cook for 8-10 minutes, or until noodles are just barely cooked.
  2. Dissolve the cornstarch in the cold water and add to the boiling noodles. Boil for about 1 minute and remove from heat. Add the chicken and stir to combine everything. Do not drain.
  3. Let noodles cool slightly - about 5 minutes - so that the broth will thicken into a sauce. Put pan back on low heat. Add butter, milk, and cheese and mix for about 3-4 minutes. Sprinkle with bacon or breadcrumbs and serve immediately.
Add an additional tablespoon or two of water/milk if the noodles have become too sticky after cooling. This will make it smooth and creamy again.


So anyways.

If I may, I really (seriously) (actually for real seriously) want to say thanks so much for reading my blog, sharing my food, and leaving comments for me. I love connecting with all of you almost as much I love gobbling this up for dinner! Or maybe it could be a tie.

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  1. I’m glad that girl, whoever she may be, thought of this because this combination is heaven on earth! 😉

  2. If I can’t eat this in the next 15 seconds I’m going to freak on someone.

  3. That has to be the ultimate in comfort food…

  4. I love how retro and easy this recipe is. I would love to cuddle up to a bowl of this on a cold, gloomy night.

  5. Gooood gravy YUM! It just may be dinner tonight!

  6. That girl is one smart lady! My mac n cheese loving husband will probably die of happiness if I make this. Keeping it in my back pocket 😉

    • My husband was definitely a fan. We reduced this from 4 servings to 2 servings because we just couldn’t contain our love of the noodles. :)

  7. Yes please!

  8. WOW! This looks amazing. I was just thinking about chocolate chip cookie dough in the shower this morning. Apparently, that is where I think about food:-) This and cookie dough. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me!

  9. yum! I want a bowl of this right now :-)

  10. Mmm…Mmm…Good! :)

  11. Hi,

    Just wanted you to know that while we visited your grandma and grandpa Mork in Phoenix, we had your raisen bran muffins! They were delicious! I got the recipe and will be making them soon! Thanks!


    • Oooh yummy, I was just thinking about those muffins! Glad to hear you guys had a fun time, even if the weather wasn’t the best…

  12. Oh this looks like perfect comfort food and I want to dig in.

    Your pictures are so crisp, clear and stunning….as usual :)

  13. This meal reminds me of the Lipton noodle packets I used to eat in college — in a good way!! I’ve always wanted to recreate it using REAL ingredients. This sounds awesome!

    • Ohh geez. I’ve reached a new low being compared to Lipton noodle packets. lol! :) Hopefully you find this version a little more exciting, even if it does remind you of noodle packets.

  14. oooooh i so want this like, 5 minutes ago!

  15. That looks like such a dangerously delicious recipe. Great pictures. They made my mouth water! YUM.

  16. Your photos are gorgeous!! And, I’m starving for this pasta.

  17. Oh my goodness—the cheesy chicken noodles look wonderful! Printed out the recipe–another one to try!

  18. I favorited this on foodgawker before I even read the recipe. Looks incredible!

  19. You had me at “easy.” And then you had my heart at “macaroni and cheese.” Pretty sure this dish will become a new staple in the SuperChef household. I love anything quick and easy that just happens to taste like I was slaving over a hot stove all evening. Thanks for the great recipe! I can’t wait to try it… like really really soon!

  20. Nice pan. :)

  21. With all the snow and cold weather here in Montana, I am craving an dish exactly like this!!! noodles + cheese + chicken = yum!

    • Tonight is the coldest night of winter so far in MN. WAHH! At least I have this in the fridge. Stay warm in Montana!!

  22. Oh, seriously. . . you had to add bacon. I can’t say no to that. It looks to die for. Cookie dough and Hunger Games sounds like heaven – I think I ate a half a bag of Hershey’s Kisses with one of those books too!!

  23. Wow! This sounds like the ultimate comfort food!

  24. on my yummers!!!!

  25. Love this dish & the Hunger Games… yessssssssssss!

  26. How tasty! Pinned it, printed it, and will make this weekend with the addition of some broccoli!

  27. These look so delicious and cheeeesy!

  28. This looks like dinner prefection! Absolutely love it.

  29. This recipe was great! I too found myself eating noodles right out of the pan…even after they were cold they were still delicious!!!

  30. I found this recipe before I even knew anything about this site. However, I’m glad I follow this recipe back to it’ origin because now I have bundles of recipes that I can try. I loved this recipe “Easy Cheesy Chicken Noodles” and my family did too. Let’s just say there was no second plates (sad moment for me; Greedy). Thank you for the great recipe and I look forward to taking on some more of these recipes and showing pictures of the finish product. You Are Awesome Thank You

  31. Making this for the 2nd time tonight…we love it! Thanks for (another!) great recipe.

    • Thanks for the comment Nancy! I was just looking through the archives the other day for some inspiration and I saw this one – I need to make it again soon! :)

  32. Going to try this for dinner tomorrow night. Going to add in 1/4 cup each of frozen corn and peas. Thanks for all your great recipes.

  33. Just stumbled upon your blog. You are hilarious and entertaining and your recipes look amazing!! I’m gathering ingredients right now to make this one. Thank you!!!

  34. I have a camper at the lake I am always looking for dinner options cooked on the stove ( lighting the oven in a camper is tricky). I take my twin grandsons, 9 yrs old, with me. One is very picky the other hates chicken. They both love this dish. They both asked for seconds. Thank u for this recipe. It was a hit! I’ve already made it twice

  35. Korin Guglielm says:

    I am just about to start making this for the first time. Is it okay to use the classic wide egg noodles that come in a bag? That’s all I could find at the grocery store. Thanks very much!

  36. penny lynn schierling says:

    This recipe is great comfort food. The recipe is awesome and addicting. My family loved it-even my picky daughter. Will be making regularly. thank you for sharing Penny

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