Homemade Cream of Chicken Soup

Guess what? Today is a good day to make your own cream of chicken soup.

condensed soup

And just to clarify, by cream of chicken soup, I do mean the goopy gloppy condensed stuff that usually comes in a can and is magically useful in all sorts of down-home comforting casseroles, soups, and hot dishes.

First things first. I have no problem occasionally using the canned condensed soup nor do I pass any judgment on others who use it. I promise you that this is not my soapbox food issue or anything. It’s more like if I had to choose, I would choose to have it homemade because everything is better homemade, right? Except Fruity Pebbles. Those would be too hard to make.

But there’s something nice about feeling like you’re using milk and flour and chicken broth in a recipe instead of an unnaturally jiggly mystery substance, yeah? And you read that correctly: milk and flour and chicken broth is just about all you need to make this yourself. It’s so easy. SO easy.

condensed soup

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Homemade Cream of Chicken Soup
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 3 cups
Makes the equivalent of about 2 cans of condensed cream of chicken soup.
  • 2½ cups chicken broth (I used 2 cans)
  • 1½ cups milk
  • ¾ cup flour
  • 1 tablespoon seasoning mix (or on your own, ½ tsp. onion powder, ½ tsp. garlic powder, ½ tsp. black pepper, 1 tsp. salt, ½ tsp. parsley, etc)
  1. Combine the chicken broth and ½ cup of the milk in a large saucepan. Bring to a low boil.
  2. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, whisk the flour and seasonings into the remaining 1 cup milk until a smooth, thick mixture forms.
  3. Pour the flour and milk mixture into the saucepan with the broth mixture over low heat and stir continuously, whisking as the mixture simmers. Continue to simmer and stir/whisk until the mixture is smooth and thick, 5-10 minutes. The mixture will thicken a bit as it cools.
The seasoning possibilities are really open-ended. I change the spices I use every time I make this depending on what I'm going to use the soup for. The texture can get lumpy really quickly so I suggest keeping the heat as low as possible and whisking continuously for a more smooth consistency.


So here’s the really exciting thing → I made this because I needed it for a down-home comforting Minnesota winter night casserole with chicken and brown rice that you’re going to be seeing later this week. Did I mention the word comforting?

Make this and keep it at the ready. Casserole coming right up.

PS. What’s your take on freezing this?

Homemade Cream of Chicken Condensed Soup - so easy and much better than store bought | pinchofyum.com
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  1. I’m so glad you shared this- what a great idea. What are your thoughts on making a large batch and freezing it for when recipes call for “can of condensed soup?”

    • From what I’ve read, it works to freeze it! Seems like the consistency might get a little weird as it thaws, but it wouldn’t really matter if you were just using it in a recipe. I haven’t tried it myself though. :)

      • I’ve made and frozen this a number of times and had great success. I portion it out into snack sized ziplocks and pull them out whenever I need them. Depending on what recipe I’m using it for I sometimes even just pop in the frozen cube.

        • Would this recipe be for cream of chicken soup in its unconstituted form, or ready to use?
          Thank you in advance for your response:)

      • I like to put cinnamon on toast, with a little butter and some sugar, and cook it until it is nice and warm. My Grandma taught this special recipe to me. I’m thinking about getting a patten and selling the recipe in CookBook. What do you think?

        • Nikki Benson says:

          Everyone knows how to make cinna-sugar toast. Hate to burst your bubble but that has been around for many, many years.

  2. This sounds great, but I am a little confused on the instructions. Do you combine the broth and the milk or do you only bring the broth to a low boil so that you can add the milk to the flour/seasoning mixture. Thanks! Love finding these kitchen staples!

    • The milk should be divided, so 1/2 cup is added with the broth and then the rest is whisked with the flour.

      • Thanks!! My brain couldn’t process this for some reason. Really excited to try this out.

        • I had it worded confusingly, that’s why. :) I went back and changed the wording. I always rely on my commenters to help me be more clear in my instructions!

        • Miss Amy what I want to tell you take the recipe step by step for you to get it.

          • Okay, cream of chicken soup homemade. Not to burst a bubble, but this is a classic white sauce, albeit flavored. Look at Betty Crocker’s cookbooks. White sauce works for this recipe, sausage gravy, cream of potato soup. Just change up the seasonings…You can adjust thickening with milk or broth. Checking this recipe tonite as I see nothing wrong with it :)

      • Would this recipe be equivalent the condensed version like out of the can or the reconstituted version after you add that extra milk to the store bought kind?

    • im pretty sure that you just mix the seasonings together with the flower then add it to the milk and broth once it has come to a boil then reduce heat mix it in and keep whisking

  3. Thank you for sharing this! I hate all of the “processy” (you know what I mean. ;)) ingredients in canned soups. I love simple recipes for pantry staples that can be swapped out for a homemade version!

  4. Melanie O says:

    I love this! Since I’m lactose interlorant, those cream of whatever soups don’t sit well with my tummy. This I can make with lactose free milk! Have you tried making a mushroom flavored one, to be cream of mushroom?

  5. Holy moly this is easy! I never would have thought to do this, awesome! I CANNOT wait for your chicken and rice casserole recipe. In fact, I have some MN grown wild rice sitting in my cupboard right now :)

  6. Love this!!!

  7. Wow that looks tasty!…looks pretty simple too!

  8. This looks great – I never used canned foods so this would be a great substitution. It would also work great as a roux to make a creamy chicken vegetable soup.

    You *could* freeze this – but because of the milk it would separate and curdle a bit when defrosted, so I wouldn’t really recommend freezing in large batches. Freeze a small batch & try it out. One thing you could possibly try to make it freezer friendly is to subsitute dried or condensed milk.

    Looking forward to your chicken/rice casserole recipe!

    • Just for people who might use the milk suggestion- *dont* use condensed milk. I’m pretty sure she meant evaporated milk 😉

    • Milk doesn’t curdle after being frozen (you may be confusing it with cream). It is stable to freeze – hence all the people who freeze milk – and is made extra stable by being cooked with flour. The soup may separate slightly on thawing, but a quick whisk will make it perfect again.

  9. I am all for making homemade versions of things that are unnaturally jiggly when they’re store bought. P.S. What IS your soapbox food issue?! I want to know!

  10. Casseroles rejoice! Every one of my grandma’s secret dinner recipes calls for a can of cream of chicken soup (thanks for not judging). I can only imagine how much better they would be with HOMEMADE soup!

  11. Hmm! I have never made cream of chicken at home (although there is definitely plenty of plain old chicken broth happening). I think freezing it could work out okay, but I’m interested to see if anyone has tried it too! Or maybe it’d be better to just make an entire casserole or two and freeze them for future application. :)

  12. Perfect! We have a few favorite quick recipes that call for condensed soup, and though I don’t have a huge problem with it personally, it seems that the greater food community frowns upon it (which is understandable). It can take the “home-made” feel out of the recipe. But now I can make it myself and still claim that the whole dish is home-made from scratch :-)

  13. Love this! I just made some cream of mushroom soup and couldn’t believe how easy and tasty it was. I actually wanted to eat the soup, not just add it to a casserole. :) So excited to have another alternative to condensed soups!

  14. Thank you for creating this recipe. I will make this for sure. I really try not to use processed foods except for chicken broth. I tell myself this story that if I use my chicken to make broth I somehow just took all the flavor out the chicken and it’s in the broth. Yes, I know I have to work on that. LOL

    • Hi Lisa,
      I know it’s been awhile since you posted, but I have a friend with the exact same thoughts! What I told her (and what I do) is to roast the chicken like you would normally, have a nice dinner with it, remove all the meat from the chicken (save for leftovers or another recipe) then make the stock from the carcass.

  15. I love how simple this is! We eat a lot of soup in my household so I always like trying new ones out. I am pinning this to use later! Thanks.

  16. Brilliant. I knew there had to be a way to make this kind of thing at home. I finally just stopped buying but I do miss some dishes using cream soups. Love it!

  17. You’re so smart to make your own cream of chicken soup! Who would have thought it would just be three ingredients, love it!
    I’m not sure it would freeze well though. Most cream soups tend to separate in the freezer into a watery mess, not the same consistency at all. Maybe this is different though, not sure.

  18. I bet this will become a new Flanagan family favorite! (Guess what tonight’s dinner is… You betcha, we’re having condensed canned cream of chicken soup over noodles… Good old’ Minnesota comfort food… All white/cream colored, except for the dried parsley flakes.)

  19. Sounds like it would freeze fine but the bigger question is – how did you find Swanson’s broth in the Philippines? :-)

  20. I make a casserole (often) that calls for cream of chicken soup and I’ve always used canned. I’m going to try your homemade soup next time. The casserole is a favourite around here and I’m willing to bet that with your homemade soup it is going to be in even bigger demand.
    Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  21. I don’t like canned cream of chicken soup so this recipe is a keeper! It looks so easy. Thanks!

  22. I made this last night and it was amazing! So much better than canned. Thank you!

  23. Why is a Minnesotan using the word casserole?

  24. Hi Lindsay! This recipe makes my day! I have a casserole recipe that I’ve wanted to “clean up” and it includes a can of cream of chicken soup. I had no idea how to get around that. Now, I can make my own! Thanks so much!

  25. I’m not much of a canned condensed soup person either so this here is just perfect!

  26. Sounds delicious to me! And so easy…

    I’d totally freeze it! I’m not shy of the freezer.

  27. This looks super yummy & super easy! :) Great idea. Definitely will make this and freeze some for some of those “comfort winter meals” coming up in the next few months.

  28. Any idea how to make this for cream of mushroom or cream of celery?? Love this idea INSTEAD of the uber questionable canned stuff! Thanks!

  29. We have on with a dairy allergy so do you think substituting plain soy would be okay. Would be so nice to have him eat what we are all eating and making home made cream of chicken with soy would allow him to eat some of our favorite yummy casseroles.

    • I think you could use soy? Let me know if it works for you!

      • I had the same question, except for substitutions for the milk AND the flour… wonder if rice or soy milk, and gluten-free flour would work as substitutions?? That might be pushing it a bit far, but MAN it would be nice to have “cream of” soup!

        • It’s worth a try! I don’t know enough of about the flour to say for sure but I’m sure the milk would be fine.

          • I bet cornstarch would do the trick…

          • Really glad to find this! Almond Milk (unsweetened/unflavored) works well in baking – wonder if it would work well here, too? There are several gluten-free flours/mixes available in stores now – so grateful (sister with celiac). If using cornstarch in place of flour for thickeners I’ve read/heard to use only half the amount of flour called for in the recipe.

        • Dairy issue here too. Made a similar recipe (started with a rue(sp?) and didn’t use all the flour) with almond milk tonight and it works fine. If you use rice milk start out with less as it doesn’t seems to thicken as well. Soy would work as well. If you use coconut milk you will get a coconut flavor that doesn’t always go with everything.

  30. Freezing this should be easy. When we go to New England we buy Legal Seafoods clam chowder. They package it for air travel to CA. We seal the chowder in meal-size portions and thaw it when we’re ready. We thaw it in the fridge and heat it at low power in the microwave so we don’t have to worry about burning, etc.
    Regarding dairy allergies. We have this in my family too and deal with it by using 100% lactose free milk. If that’s not possible, we always carry Lactaid. I couldn’t eat the chowder without it. Good luck!

  31. How much does this make? Is it equal to one can?

  32. Found this recipe yesterday, Make it last night. This is a very simple and Very good Cream of chicken, which I added carrots and celery. Just used little Sea Salt and Pepper. Very Good. I am having my mommy over tonight to have some :)

    Thank for the recipe
    God Bless
    Mike T

  33. looks like this makes 2 cans worth, can this recipe be halved? I have a few recipes that only call for 1 can of soup.

  34. Could I make it with broth made from either boiled chicken, or chicken boiullon cubes, I’m snowed in and I always use cream of chicken in chicken and dumplings?

  35. Just made this and it’s amazing!! I was a bit unsure since there wasn’t the butter that most cream soup substitute recipes call for but this is delicious! Thanks for sharing. :)

  36. Hi..just wondering what I did wrong..I followed all the instructions but mine came out watery…please help..how can I fix it…make it creamy? :(

  37. Amanda Dunne says:

    Ive made chicken soup before using the same recipe but cooking out the flour in butter first making a roux ..I tried it this today .I could detect a slightly floury taste. I left it on simmer for more than the required amount of time.. but it seems the flour didnt cook out… any suggestions ??

  38. I have celiac disease so buying the canned cream soups is not an option for me. I’m making this right now with corn starch instead of the flour. It smells delicious! Thank you!

  39. Shelley says:

    THANK YOU. I used to love the canned soups but ever since becoming an avid ingredient reader I just can’t do it. I don’t mind spending a few extra minutes to actually know what’s in the food and there’s the added benefit of no waste from the cans and paper. Sure, people are trying to avoid wheat but thankfully we only have some digestive issues in the family and no allergies but might also try some other flours or corn starch as the last reader suggested. But at least I know what kind of flour goes in. Thanks again for taking the time for conceiving and posting this!

  40. Great recipe! Used this the base for a ‘ clean’-er mexican chicken dip for cinco de mayo. Thanks!

  41. Any thoughts on canning it rather than freezing it? I’ve checked a few places and can’t find instructions on canning a cream-based soup… maybe you shouldn’t, I don’t know. I was just curious. I’ve had terrible luck freezing milk-based products (especially soups). Excited to try it regardless, though!

    • I’ve never canned anything (gulp) in my life so I wouldn’t be the person to ask. A quick google search seems to say that it doesn’t work well with homemade condensed soups, but again, I’ve never tried it. :) Good luck! Let me know if you are able to make it work for you!

    • I have tried to can this recipe – it didn’t work! I put it into 4 pint size jars, and they exploded in my cupboard. If you can’t freeze them, then how can you store them, or do you need to use them immediately?

      • As you experienced, you cannot can this recipe. You shouldn’t can anything with flour or a thickener in it.

        Someone else mentioned success with freezing and I will be trying that. I haven’t tried it yet though to give a first hand account. But definitely no canning.

  42. So, just to be clear, this is the same as 2 cans of CONDENSED soup? So, if I wasn’t using it in a casserole, I would need to add water or what?

    • It’s probably best used in condensed form as a base for other dishes like casseroles, but if you wanted to eat it plain it would be a good idea to add water (like you said) and maybe some chicken or other things to make it more interesting. :)

  43. This is such a life saving recipe! I just did a post on a dairy-free spin off of your recipe (crediting back to your site of course!). When you get a chance, I would love for you to check it out.


  44. Gluten free for past 18 yrs. I really missed this soup until today….thanks.
    PS I used cornstarch and half rotisserie chicken half fresh….woo hoo….I’m a happy camper!

  45. My Recipe: Chicken broth (home made) frozen peas and carrots, 1/2 rotisserie chicken cubes, 1/2 raw cubes. Quinoa for some body fresh onions and Garlic for flavor…..salt and pepper to taste…..rocked my world tonight….I will make the same and thicken it more for Sheppard’s pie :-O

  46. Wow! Not only was this WAY better than the canned “stuff” that I normally buy, but it is sooooo good. I used this in the Chicken Pie recipe that I make, and it was AmAzInG!!!

    Here is the Chicken Pie recipe I used:


  47. CookingMama says:

    This recipe is fantastic!!! Thank you SO much!! I too do not like those canned cream of whatever soups and this fit the bill perfectly!! I boiled some chicken breast and used the broth from that…then used skim milk and it turned out SOOOO good and much better for us than the canned stuff! This recipe is a keeper for sure!! I can see using this in alot of our recipes!
    Just awesome!! Thank you!!!

    • Thanks! Glad to hear it!

      • CookingMama says:

        I just had to come back and say thank you again for this recipe!
        I made a double batch last night…the first batch was incorporating it into a homemade chicken and dumpling recipe and it turned out awesome!!

        Tonight I used this soup recipe as a sub for the canned cream of whatever for a brocolli, mushroom and chicken casserole! It looks and smells fantastic!! This is truly a great recipe!

  48. Becky Miller says:

    Can you do it without milk?

  49. I like this recipe because I can use all organic ingredients!

  50. Thank you!!! I can tweak this to meet our allergy needs. Dealing with food allergies forces you to think outside the canned/boxed items that seem to be used in a ton of recipes.

  51. You just changed my cooking world! Such a simple recipe too! Every time I open a can a cream of whatever soup I cringe at all the ingredients. You have liberated my family’s meals! The chicken which is now comfortably resting in this creamy delight thanks you as do the dumplings.

  52. Thanks for posting this healthier version – I can’t wait to make it!! Some people have asked about making their own chicken broth, instead of using a pre-made, packaged version. Just keep in mind that if you are using a store-bought chicken, they are almost always injected with a solution to keep them moist when cooking, so you could still be getting some unwanted chemicals, unless of course you are using an organic chicken, or one of your own ‘home-raised’ chickens.

  53. This is great! Thanks! Here in the Caribbean it’s sometimes hard to find cream of chicken soup, and even when you do it’s pricey. What a perfect solution! :)

  54. You saved my bacon tonight! Turns out the delish salmon I purchased from the store was moldy! Yikes all I had thawed too. So I thought about raiding the pantry for chicken pot pie, but no cream of whatever soup. PANIC! Then I googled it and came up with several recipes that took hours and no less than 20 ingredients – that I didn’t have on hand! I was so happy to come across yours. I actually had this stuff and it tastes good with no funky chemicals or preservatives. Thank you for saving my hiney. I am subscribing now to this awesome blog. ~M

  55. Thank you for sharing. I’ve been looking for cream of chicken soup without soy in it as I cannot have soy. I’ve looked in health food store also. So I thought I would see how difficult it would be make it. This is very easy and taste way much better than canned.

    Hint: the flour mixture was getting lumpy so I used my hand blender in the pan and it made nice and smooth and creamy.

  56. I just tried this and all I taste is flour. I don’t know why I didn’t have to same results as previous commenters who seemed to love it! I made it exactly as written. I used low fat milk…could that be the problem? It didn’t say to only use whole milk. I’ll have to add lots of grated cheese to try and salvage this because I need it for my chicken pot pie for tonights dinner!

    • CookingMama says:

      Hi there! I just saw your comment, so just wanted to respond. I have used skim milk and it turned out fantastic everytime. Did you simmer long enough to cook the flour? Don’t give up! Once you figure it out, it is fantastic!

      • Thanks Cooking Mama…yes, I even simmered it a little longer than 10 minutes. I saved it by adding about a palmful of grated parm and about 1/2 cup mild shredded cheddar. I still tasted the flour but it was less strong because of the cheese.

    • I had the same result using whole milk and homemade broth. The curry and thyme (no parsley) added a different flavor. Any suggestions for decreasing the flour taste and still keep it thick.

    • I used this recipe for chicken pot pie yesterday it turned our really good. I made extra cream of chicken and froze it. I pulled it out and put in a crockpot with chicken and mixed vegi’s and let it cook on low for a few hours. It turned better than I have imagine. Better than any pot pie I have ever had!

  57. Thanks for the recipe! I’ve never made cream of chicken before, but figured it was something like a white sauce + boullion or broth. Mine had sweet rice flour to make it gluten-free, and it froze beautifully for later use in casserole.

  58. This is a great way to be able to make gluten-free cream of chicken soup! My husband missed being able to have his favorite meal- chicken divan- and this worked perfectly for that along with gluten-free bread crumbs. He was so excited to have his favorite meal again and I’m excited to be able to make other casserole dishes as well!

  59. This sounds great! I am a bit confused though…the recipe says 2 1/2 cups broth, but you say you just use 2 cans. I use swanson broth, and 1 of their cans equals almost 2 cups. Which measurement should i follow?thanks!

    • 1 of their cans is closer to 1 1/2 cups, I think, so I must have just used a little more on that particular day (like 3 total cups instead of 2 1/2). But I would suggest that you follow the measurement for 2 1/2 cups. :) I guess it depends, too, on what you want to use it for. Less broth will obviously make it thicker, so you can kind of adjust it how you like.

  60. wow!!! So happy I found this post!!! best “cream of” soup ever!! used it to make chicken pot pie.. the family was very happy! Thanks again!!

  61. Is this tasty to serve as soup and not just put in a casserole? My daughter would eat canned cream of chicken soup everyday and I have nothing against it on occasion but not as often as she would like so I wanted a healthier alternative! Thank you!!

  62. This sounds amazing! I’m trying it out this week to make some creamy chicken noodle soup. What seasonings do you suggest I use for this batch?

  63. I decided to make it even more homemade. I took out all the chicken breasts in my freezer
    I wasn’t going to use (don’t like white meat) and put in a pot with celery, onion, carrots, bay leaf, salt, pepper and water and let it rip for about an hour and made my own chicken broth. Talking about being tastier!! And effortless. Now I have some really tasty cream of chicken soup and no trips to the store!

  64. Thank you!!! This was soooo easy…easier than expected!! And the taste was delicious and free of junk chemicals!!!

  65. Thank you for this recipe. I live overseas and cannot find the canned stuff. Very excited to try this.

  66. I really like homemade ingredients rather than a can that has been sitting on a shelf for who knows how long. I have recently started canning homemade foods and was wondering if it was possible to can this soup? I know you have to careful with meat and other foods but didn’t know how well this receipe would can so I can make larger batches to save.

  67. I love making my own “cream of” soups! My favorite stroganoff recipe calls for cream of mushroom soup and when I finally got around to looking up how to make a homemade substitute imagine how silly I felt when I pulled up a recipe and found it was the EXACT same as my grandmother’s “white sauce” recipe! Talk about a duh moment! Haha. Anyway, I will never, ever, ever buy condensed cream of soups again…bleh!

  68. I like to add sliced leeks to this to make chicken and leek soup.

  69. I am wondering if I could double/triple etc. and process this recipe to store on my shelf instead of the freezer. What do you think? Anyone try this? Any suggestions?

  70. if you are going to freeze and reuse this you might want to add a little milk apon reheating

  71. I followed the directions to the “T” and I got
    Elmers and I don’t mean Fudd.

  72. I’ve only tried canned cream of mushroom soup which was kinda gross. So cream of anything in a can does not appeal. But since I needed cream of chicken soup for a chowder, I was excited to find your ridiculously simple recipe. I used homemade chicken stock and followed the instructions exactly and I have to say, this was – lick the spoon and then dip again and repeat – delicious. I’ll definitely be making a soup based off this. Thank you so much!

  73. Stephanie says:

    This consistency worked out perfectly! I made a double recipe so I could freeze half for future use. Thank you for posting!

  74. Judith Long says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for this recipe. My husband is on an incredibly low sodium diet and I will be able to use this, just eliminating the salt. Will add some Mrs. Dash. He would love to eat some cream soups again and this gives me my base.

  75. Just made this and I really like it, thank you! No more cans for me :)

  76. The worst soup I ever made. It turned out like a white sauce and way to thick. I added more milk, more broth and it was still too thick. Are you sure the flour measurements were right?

    • It is not meant to be eaten on its own as a soup, but normally is used in recipes as a creamy binding ingredient; were you planning to use it that way or planning to eat it plain?

  77. FINALLY!! I’m allergic to MSG and usually shy away from anything with cream of MSG soup. Now I can finally try a few of these recipes everyone raves about. I’m going to get a few batches of this canned for later. THANK YOU!!

  78. I love how easy this recipe comes together! I’m low on freezer space so could this be made ahead and canned? And would it have to be pressure canned or could it be water-bath canned? I didn’t happen to see anything in the comments about it so forgive me if it was already answered. Thank you!

  79. Evelyn Eaton says:

    Thanks for the post, Lindsay. I don’t like using canned soup because of the salt content so I’m intrigued with your homemade version. My question is, to use the homemade version in a casserole that calls for a can of soup, do you reduce the amount of liquid in order for the casserole not to be too runny?

  80. Shelley says:

    Thank you so much for this! I am making chicken pot pie tonight and I really wanted to make my own soup to go with it. YUM YUM!

  81. Darla Harker says:

    I just found this today and am so grateful. Not sure why I’ve never thought of making my own. The cans are always out of stock it seems. I needed 3 cans for a recipe about to go into the oven and was out. I’m so excited to have this to use. And of course it tastes way better homemade. This recipe made the amount I needed for the 3 cans too.

  82. I see that some folks have made this gluten free using cornstarch. Does anyone know if I would use the same amount of cornstarch as flour (just swapping them out)? Or do you think I would be better off using a gluten free baking mix? Not much experience with this and hoping for a good outcome. Thanks!

  83. Eefje Meesters says:

    Here in the Netherlands, we don’t have cream of chicken soup. I got a recipe via facebook witch i want to make, but no cream of chickensoup here, this is how i found you!
    It was quite a challenge, since i had to first convert your recipe to the metric system and then halve it, when i found out i only bought 1 can of broth! (Silly me!) I now have 500 ml of cream of chicken soup cooling on the counter. I have no idea how it should taste, smell or even look like, so i hope i did it right! Now i just have to wait and see how my dorito chicken casserole ipwill turn out! Thank you for your recipes!

  84. Chelsea says:

    When i made this everything was going fine. Smelled great! but when i added the flour mixture into it, some of the soup turned into like a gross jello-ish substance. I tested out the soup and i found that all i could taste was flour. I dont know if i did anything wrong but i just didnt enjoy it.

    • It’s not meant to be eaten plain; it’s supposed to be a replacement for canned condensed cream of chicken soup since they are used in casseroles and stuff. Hope you weren’t eating it plain – sorry for the confusion!

  85. HELP! I was so excited to be able to make my own cream of chicken and it was perfect until after I added it to chicken in the crockpot. 4 hours later it looks like broth again instead of the wonderful thick creamy soup it was when I put it in there. Any ideas? Any suggestions on how to fix it?

    • Did you add anything else in there with the chicken and the soup? Could there be moisture from the chicken that is making the soup more runny?

  86. I just made this with unsweetened almond milk. Turned out great. Plan on using half in a 3 cheese florentine chicken pasta casserole and the rest I will freeze.

  87. How will this recipe be tweeked if I just wanted to make 2 cups of this soup?

  88. Hello! I loved reading about your No Sugar plan the past few months! So awesome. My husband and I have gone through seasons of giving it up but it’s always hard when it sneaks back in to get rid of it again… especially since I love baking. ANYWAYS, I also came across this soup this week and am interested in canning it ( so I don’t have to preserve in my God-awful freezer that burns everything and makes it taste like poison within a week). Do you know much about canning and what I would have to do to make sure it stays good on the shelf at room temperature?

  89. Thank you so much for posting this! I am lactose intolerant(just happened in the past couple of years) and I have been avoiding recipes I love due to the soup issue! I have tried other homemade recipes with no luck! Can’t wait to try yours out…probably tonight! Thanks again

  90. What kind of milk do you generally use when making this? Whenever I find a recipe that calls for milk, I try switching it out for almond milk instead. So I guess I’m just curious if you have ever made it with almond milk, and what the end result was!

    sounds great and I can’t wait to make this at home, thanks for sharing!

    • I responded early in the comments section that I had tried this recipe with unsweetened almond milk and it was terrific. It didn’t freeze well though. When I defrosted it, I had to blend with a stick blender.

  91. Thank you for posting this recipe. Cream of chicken soup is one of my favorite foods. I finally got the nerve to try to make my own and used your recipe as my guide. I used some chopped Spanish onion and minced garlic and kept it on low in the crockpot for a few hours. Delicious. I am quite pleased and grateful.

  92. I have a recipe that calls for two cans condensed cream of chicken plus two cans of water. Would I need to add water if I use this recipe instead of the canned stuff?

    • Yes, this is meant to be just like the stuff that comes in the can so if a recipe calls for the condensed soup with water, then you should still add the water to this as well.

      • This was so good I couldn’t stop eating it!! I must have eaten a half a cup before I actually got it into my crock pot for my chicken and dumpling recipe. Thanks for sharing. I will never buy the canned stuff again!!

  93. So excited to find this. I have new onset food allergies and canned soups contain a lot of the things I’m allergic to (soy). I’m also allergic to nuts, peanuts and peas. I’m lactose intolerant and trying to avoid gluten as well (I know, it’s crazy)
    We make some killer green chile chicken enchiladas, but it uses cream of chicken soup. Now I think I can make this work with some lactose free milk and cornstarch!

  94. I added leftover mashed potatoes and used half and half instead of milk. Yummy!

  95. Lesli Jenkins says:

    I am so thrilled to find a recipe for this that doesn’t have a ton of ingredients. I don’t cook much (I’m more of a baker) but when I do it’s usually because we don’t have a lot on hand to begin with, so these type of recipes are fabulous.

  96. Thank you!! This was easy to make and I can’t wait to make it in a large batch to freeze.

  97. What a recipe!!!!!super easy and yummy….made it today and my children loved it….thanks to you

  98. I just made this recipe this morning. It’s perfect!!! Thanks :)

  99. Thank you – terrific recipe and great job with your SEO getting it ranked so high for “cream of chicken soup” search on Google. :)

  100. I love this recipe I used lactose free milk and gluten free flour which works great just use more broth I didn’t exactly measure as I had to add after adding flour mixture I did it until I got consistency I liked

  101. Found your recipe when looking for a low salt alternative to Cream of Chicken Soup alternative. So happy with the results ! Will never go back to canned condensed soup. Made it with low salt broth and whole wheat flour (it was all I had, gave it a nutty taste). Perfection !! Added sauteed onions, water, uncooked rice,and chicken and threw it in the oven and had the best casserole for dinner !!

  102. I know this post is about a hundred years old in blog-years, but I thought I’d add my two cents re: freezing. It works perfectly fine. I make a double or triple batch and, because my youngest has a cow’s milk allergy, I use either almond milk or sheep milk. I portion it 12 oz at a time, since that’s the standard volume of a canned condensed soup, and freeze it in glass jars. It does break apart as it thaws (all my white sauces do) but I just put it in a small saucepan for 5 minutes and mix it with a fork and it smoothes right out. Works so well. I use this recipe all the time–thanks!

  103. This is fantastic! Soups out of a can dont agree with me anymore,as I have become very sensative to certain ingredients. Thank you for sharing this. If you also add a teaspoon of organic chicken soup base to this it almost replicates the canned stuff. Thanks again!

  104. Thanks for the recipe. A lot of my recipes call for a can of the soup but because of Celiacs and food allergies I can’t eat the canned version. Now I can make a gluten/dairy free version to make my recipes with.

  105. Thank you sooo much! I never imagined it would be this easy!

    I live in Korea, and American soul food is nigh impossible to find here. I haven’t had a taste of home in years, and I’ve been dying for some chicken and dumplings. With this recipe I have found hope! haha

  106. Love, Love, love this!!!!!! I have tried others but this turned out the best!!!!! I had home made chicken broth and then just added spices that I had. It took no time. Thank you so much for the recipe. Love non processed foods! I wish I had fresh herbs, next time.

  107. Nikki Benson says:

    I made this today and my fiancé and I love it!!! I didn’t have any broth so I used my favorite loose bullion dissolved in water and it worked wonderfully! I also added lots of fresh ground pepper and a pinch of sugar, celery salt, German poultry seasoning, and Tony Chacheres Cajun seasoning. It is wonderful. I’m going to make a big batch later in the week and freeze it. Thank you so much for this! It is so economical and delicious and I love that I can flavor it however I want!!

  108. Ashley Garrett says:

    This is the BEST recipe for homemade cream of chicken soup. Ive tried so many different recipes and it always turns out too runny or not enough flavor but this one is spot on !!! Making this for the 2nd time tonight. I hate using the store bought. Just the look and smell of it makes me sick!! Thanks for a great recipe!

  109. Just made this and added to my rice casserole. Usually when a recipe calls for a can of cream of chicken soup you usually add milk. With this it already seems a bit thinner than just a straight can of soup. Does anyone thin it out more with milk when adding to a recipe. I assume it’s probably personal choice. Great recipe!

  110. michael steinke says:

    What are your thoughts about boiling raw chicken and using that broth instead of the can or box kind?

  111. I just listened to your interview on SPI! I was browsing pintrest looking for a chicken pot pie base and found this. It made amazing pie, even my husband has commented twice on how good it is – which is all you!

    Great cream of chicken base, great interview, great brand.

  112. Arianna Pimentel Leon says:

    I had no idea! I used Knorr buoillion for a lack of canned broth and love this more than all canned cream of chicken soup for the base of chicken and rice bakes. I heard you meet Sally! I am so jealous (she didn’t come close enough to Tulsa). I turn to her for all things desert but have recently stumbled on your blog.

  113. This is not cream of chicken soup. It’s basic gravy is what it is. Still can be used like that and you can water it down and eat thickened chicken broth as soup if you desire . But this is gravy, un-scalded and with minimal fat. In fact, it’s so basic is has meat at all in it. even my white chicken gravy has SOME meat in it.

    here is the deal, if you cook this down thick you can use it for chicken broth flavored glue. it’s flour and water and whatever you want to flavor your glue with.

    it is funny though because it is a better than nothing substitute for cream of chicken in a recipe .
    here is what is real funny, canned cream of anything soup is basic. Its water ” whatever they are claiming it is they creamed” could be chicken, mushrooms, brocoli, etc.. Modified Cornstarch, soybean oil, wheat fluor ( bleached snow white no doubt, salt, some cream “( to make the title legit) DRIED WHEY <– oh yummy.. LOL and here is the KICKER Monosodium Glutamate ! YUP the stuff that is horrible for you? Meat Tenderizer, remember that? then also yeast extract Soy protein concentrate , natural flavors <– whatever broth of what they creamed for you I guess, mysteries wetness, i don't know what autolyzed yeast extract but it;s listed separately from regular yeast extract so it must be super awesome hu? LOL I think its possible they are talking about Veggimite , and whey protein concentrate.

    weird hu? pretty fancy gravy i'd say.

    You know if you want to really make cream of chicken soup you can ( say afteryou bake or roast a chicken, boil the carcass, take all the bones out and any weird knuckles and odd parts you don't want in there, and then use that mixture for your broth, it will have meat in it and be much better. You could add anything you want and if you don't like flour you can thicken it with a little corn starch whipped into a couple of cups milk or cream and slowly stir it in while the post warm,

    Just saying.

  114. Thank you for posting this easy, and more wholesome, version of canned cream of chicken soup. It’s kind of a roux, in reverse– but so much easier. No, it doesn’t pack a ton of flavor, but this is perfect for adding to casserole recipes that lists “cream of chicken” soup. This will be my fast “go to” solution, since I don’t stock canned soups of any kind in my pantry.

  115. I live on an island, no canned anything, so I’m really looking forward to making this recipe and it goes with so many others. Thank you thank you.

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