Raisin Bran Muffins

raisin bran muffins 1PinitRaise your hand if you love Raisin Bran!

Mmmk, not so much. Us normal people don’t care much for shrively grapes in our cereal.

But don’t mind if I do – I’m going to be a raisin hypocrite right now and tell you about how Raisin Bran changed my breakfast life – and I’m not talking about the cereal category. I’m talking about Raisin Bran in my mmmuffins.

Raisin Bran Muffins

Let’s talk raisins.

Those hard shrively grapes that we all know and don’t love and pick out of our cereal?  I don’t know how or why, but they become the most soft sweet nuggets of joy inside this pillowy bran muffin. It’s a total raisin makeover and I luv it.

And did I mention you can keep this batter in the refrigerator and make a fresh-baked muffin every morning of the week?  You’re welcome.

Just plop some of that batter into a mug or ramekin. Microwave it for about a minute, top it with butter and honey, impulsively make and eat another one, and then run out the door with honey on your face.

Not like that’s happened to me or anything.

Raisin Bran Muffins

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Raisin Bran Muffins
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 12
  • ½ cup oil
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 cups buttermilk (sub 1 cup milk and 1 cup plain yogurt)
  • 4 cups Raisin Bran cereal
  • 2 cups flour
  • 2 tsp. baking soda
  • 1 tsp. salt
  1. Mix in order and bake in muffin tin at 400 degrees for 12-20 minutes, depending on pan size. (My large muffin tin took about 18 minutes). Let cool at least 10 minutes. Top with butter and honey.
  2. Save leftover batter in the refrigerator. For individual servings, scoop into ramekin/mug and microwave for 1 minute.

It’s Monday. You deserve an inappropriately large muffin with butter and honey.

Make them and become a raisin hypocrite with me?

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  1. This is like cereal in muffin form – I love it! And I particularly love being able to microwave the leftovers, what a handy recipe.

  2. I will eat my cereal in muffin form any day! They look yum!

  3. I actually like raisin bran! I eat it dry as a snack :)

    I LOVE how you’ve used cereal to make muffins!

  4. I love that you used Raisin Bran in these muffins! I made muffins with crushed up cheerios once and they came out fabulously!
    PS – That first picture is absolutely amazing! You should submit it to Foodgawker!

  5. Great photos – I wondered about making muffins with Kashi cereal. This might be a good first attempt!

    • I have tried baking muffins with many “healthy” cereal varieties over the last few weeks, All Bran, Fiber One, etc. but nothing compares to this one! Let me know if you have any luck with the Kashi – sounds great!

      • I used cranberry almond cereal (basically sub cranberries for raisins and oat flakes for the bran flakes, throw in some flaked almonds for good measure) that I got from Costco that the kids won’t eat – delish!

      • Pam Peterson says:

        I just used Cascadian Farm organic raisin bran! Not quite as smooth as the regular brands but still so yummy!

  6. gorgeous photos!! i really love how delicious this looks:) thank you for sharing this.

  7. I once tried a recipe from the back of my raisin bran box (I may look young, but I’m secretly 75) that was for raisin bran oatmeal cookies. Why did that sound good to me? I’m not sure, because they turned out to be nasty and the raisins were ever harder than normal. It looks like I should have held out for these muffins. They’re just plain beautiful.

  8. I LOVE that first picture!!! It just makes me want to lick my computer :-)

  9. Mmmmm…these look fantastic! Bookmarking to make soon. I hate to admit it but I happen to like Raisin Bran too;-) Though I am brand loyal and will eat only Kellogg’s. Can’t wait to try these…thanks!

  10. YUMMM! Those photos are gorgeous and make me want to bite into one right now! I am now craving those hearty muffins – I can practically smell and taste them through the computer screen!

  11. Hi Lindsay,
    Sounds delicious. I didn’t know about keep the batter in the refrigerator.
    Thanks for stopping by. I loved your blog. I am sure I will spending more here.

  12. Love raisin bran! But only in the version with dried apples, dried bananas and nuts.

    These muffins look delicious. And keeping the batter in the fridge? Great idea!

  13. Wow! These look delicious! I’m sure that these would go REALLY well with Golden syrup drizzled on top! I have the recipe on my website… I want to make this!!!

  14. My favourite kind of muffin, forever and ever. Amen.

    Looks so delicious, especially with that spot of butter melting. Mmmm….

  15. Soo @ Little Miss Fitness says:

    These look amazing! I’ve been having pancakes for the last week because I love keeping the batter in the fridge and making them fresh every morning. Now it can be muffins! :)

  16. I love warm muffins smothered in butter!

  17. This is amazing! I actually do like Raisin Bran (perish the thought, haha), but I LOVE muffins. And I love that you included a way to make a single serving one from saved batter! I foresee many a pre-work breakfast in my future. :)

  18. I made these today for my infant twins. They loved ’em! I wrote about it in their blog: http://babieslovebakedgoods.blogspot.com/2011/10/bran-tastic-muffins.html.

    Thanks for a great recipe!

  19. Hmm… I wonder how this would be with Raisin Bran Crunch…

  20. i made these tonight but i only had one cup of plain raisin bran left but i had a whole box of crunch. They turned out great still. Im just wondering what the nutritional value looks like since i have been trying to watch what i am eating.

    next time i think i might throw some craisins in too!

    • I don’t know the nutritional value exactly, but I have reduced both the oil and the sugar and still had great results!

      • Made a batch for the first time tonight…awesome! I calculated it out that if you make 12 muffins from the batter they’re about 275-325 calories each depending on which substitutions you use. The big calorie kickers are the oil and sugar so if you’re looking to cut down on those try replacing half the oil with unsweetened applesauce and/or using some sugar substitute (which I personally dislike because the splenda baking mix gives a funny aftertaste). Also, you don’t really need to add the extra salt because Raisin Bran already has a good amount of sodium. Happy eating!

  21. I think the recipe should only have 1 tsp. baking soda. the muffins turned out really bitter. I have made a recipe similar to this in the past and I loved them. My family would not eat these. Pretty sure it’s too much soda.

  22. Virginia Groenewal says:

    Loved it! Added two tsp apple pie spice and sprinkled with confection sugar before serving. Yum yum!!

  23. Sheri Struk says:

    My mom used to make these when I was young and I was excited to find a recipe for them that was not from a cereal manufacturer. These were great! They were moist and, oh so good!

  24. that looks so easy and so good!

  25. I made these muffins with blueberry yogurt because we don’t have any regular yogurt. mmmmm!

  26. I love Raisin Bran! But then, I also love week-old bagels and very dried salami. Chewy things. What I don’t like are the miserable little dusty crumbs of cereal at the very bottom of the bag. So I am delighted with this recipe, to make luscious and wonderful those nasty little bits at the end.

  27. Wrote this recipe down – I’m excited to try it with some raisin brain I have open and that isn’t getting eaten, especially after making homemade granola! Thanks for the recipe!

  28. These muffins are moist, flavorful, and EASY to make. I now have a way of re-purposing a cereal that seems to lose its luster after the first couple of bowls.

    • Just made this at the request of my 17 year old son. He loves them and since he is always hungry, he can now just put the batter in an oversized mug, microwave, and have something healthy and delicious at a moment’s notice. this has been a lifesaver for me as he always wants to know “Is there any thing to eat?” not longer than a half hour after a meal.

  29. Oh my gosh I am so excited to try this recipe!!! I eat Raisin Bran for the fiber but I feel the amount of raisins in each box is overkill. Seriously…the regular Raisin Bran has too many raisins already…whose idea was it to do the double scoops?? I’m sitting there picking out the raisins and guess where they go? In the trash. Such a waste! Plus, every once in a while I’ll get a whole bunch of boxes of Raisin Bran for dirt cheap on a great sale along with my awesome coupons and then I end up with like 15 boxes of Raisin Bran in my pantry lol. This is a perfect way to use up some Raisin Bran that you can’t get to in time before they go stale. This is also perfect for me because I have braces and it is so hard to eat Raisin Bran because it hurts!! Thanks for sharing this recipe!! :)

  30. These muffins look really good and I can’t wait to try them! How long are you allowed to keep muffin batter in the fridge until they go bad? Thanks!

  31. Finally got around to making these – they were divine!!!! I want another one but will hold back until tomorrow morning….or maybe have one as an afternoon snack today :)

  32. Well, I gotta hand it to you. I didn’t think this recipe would turn out so well. It’ not only looks good, it tastes good. A great way to get rid of my daughter’s cereal since she moved out.

  33. I AM SO GLAD you tweeted about these Lindsay or else I would have missed them! My mom makes these muffins ALL of the time and I loved them when I was little. My friends must have thought I was an alien. Whatever. I need to bring these back to life. Can’t wait to make them :)

  34. Lindsay, I make a similar recipe (ala Nan) that makes a lot more batter. Since I hate washing muffin tins and/or losing precious muffin bits that cling to muffin liners, I now pour the batter into 2 greased 9×13 pans and make it as breakfast cake. I sprinkle the top with cinnamon sugar before baking and then brush melted butter on the top before serving. The kids eat huge pieces and it stays moist for days. Thanks for sharing your recipe. You are, as always, inspiring! :)

    • I think I have that recipe! Maybe. Jakky’s Cookbook is currently packed into a large cardboard box in my parent’s basement… but I’ll be thinking about it till the day I come home now. Is it the bran muffin recipe?

  35. This sounds like a great recipe ! Cant wait to try it : )

    Btw, I actually love raisin bran cereal… I often eat it right out of the box as a snack !

  36. I am planning on making these tonight as I am parent helper tomorrow for my daughters preschool. I need snack for 24 kids and 6 adults so I plan to double this. Do you think it will turn out fine as mini muffins?

  37. OK so I did double it and made minis and they are amazing. So moist and tasty and just the right but of crispy on the outside edges. I baked for 12 minutes. Thank you for the recipe.

  38. Hi Lindsay,
    After searching for a good bran muffin recipe to replace my store-bought fixation, I ran across your site.
    Yum is right! Exactly what we said when we first tasted them. I used half wheat flour and a six ounce blueberry yogurt cup and the balance in whole milk (lactose free). The oven was a bit hot so it took less time to cook then I expected, but still were delicious though dark.
    I think I’ll add raisins next time and check the muffins at around 10 minutes.

    Thanks again!

  39. Best Monday morning ever. Have my coffee by my side and my mug o’muffin in my hand. Sorry I couldn’t find the camera for pic becuase it’s just beautiful.

  40. Do you just use regular Raisin Bran or have you ever used Raisin Bran Crunch? Just wondering.

  41. I’ve been making these muffins for years and they are wonderful. The batter will actually keep for about 4 weeks in the fridge. It is so handy to have the batter ready. I use an ice cream scoop to put the batter in the muffin tin. I love your hint about making them in a mug in the microwave—never thought of that. AND I’m going to try the mini-muffins—never tried those before either. Thanks for the reminder of this old favorite!

    • Thanks Sandra! My best friend is the ultimate Raisin Bran Muffin maker so reading your comment is reminding me of good times eating these with her. :) Glad you enjoy them!

  42. I made these today for the first time, loved them,I did tweak it a little though, I added
    1 tbsp honey, 1tsp ea cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice, used 1/4 c sugar. And 1/2 splenda, made all 24 muffins, everyone loved them, these are for sure a keeper

  43. I made these wonderful easy Raisin Bran Muffins for the first time yesterday. I used paper cups and they stuck to the bottom so next time will use aluminum liner paper cups or grease the tins. Fill almost to the top. Baked for 17 minutes. The batter is very runny but don’t be alarmed.

    The recipe makes a lot more than 12. Refrigerated the rest and had fresh muffins for breakfast this morning. Made them in coffee cups in Micro as suggested. Batter thickened up over night. Next time I may add nuts or chocolate chips.

  44. Sherri Funk says:

    Do you know what I would have to change in the recipe to add canned pumpkin to this? I’m thinking just taking out the eggs and oil and subbing with 1 cup of pumpkin.

  45. I really liked this recipe! I used a cup of pumpkin yogurt and a cup of milk. Definitely a “make again” muffin. And the batter made 12 huge muffins and one small loaf. Lucky us!

  46. Hello… I am considering trying this recipe… I’d like to reduce the fat some… have you tried this recipe by using 1/4 cup of applesauce and 1/4 cup of oil (instead of doing 1/2 cup of oil). Thanks!

  47. Lindsay, these were a HIT with my husband and myself. Thank you very much!

  48. judy longcor says:

    How long can I keep the unused batter in the refrigerator?

    • Sandra Jones says:

      One of my cookbooks says that they will keep for 4 weeks in the refrigerator. I have kept them for three weeks and they were fine.

  49. These are WONDERFUL!! Not to sweet, moist, and just full of goodness. I made them this morning for breakfast and they are an instant hit. They can be enjoyed for lunch or a quilt free snack as well. Thanks for the recipe!

  50. Angie Jones says:

    Thanks for sharing your recipe! I’m stirring these up tonight. Just wondering…when you say “large muffin tin”, do you mean standard size, or jumbo? I was just gifted two 6-jumbo muffing tins and want to try them out using this batter.

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