Super Easy Coconut French Toast Bake

Super Easy Coconut French Toast Bake - perfect for a pretty brunch!  | pinchofyum.comThis post is sponsored by King’s Hawaiian. Because yummy sweet bread makes Super Easy Coconut Baked French Toast a thing-o-beauty. Check out their first ever commercial here to see people go pupule (crayyyzee!) for this bread.

Hello springy brunch goodness!

Let me rephrase that – hello springy brunch goodness that comes together with five simple ingredients! Whoa yes. I’m serious. Pretty and fluffy and lightly sweet, topped with crunchy sugar because GLITTERY.

This one screams I love you, food and I love you, Mom. And how appropriately timed because Mother’s Day! It’s soon!

Super Easy Coconut French Toast Bake - perfect for a pretty brunch!  |

Mother’s Day is one of those holidays where I look forward to going to a homey place and eating a great meal because my mom is awesome, but then I remember that me and Dad and sibs are supposed to be the ones making the great meal. Yups. And it’s Saturday night and I are T-9 hours until brunch.

Why does this always happen to me? As a youngin, I always thought I was that thing called organized. But as and adult I can see that my real thing is actually called scrambling for event preparation.

Super Easy Coconut French Toast Bake - perfect for a pretty brunch!  |

But see, this is why I love simple recipes for entertaining. Even if you’re more of a thoughtful, well-prepared, non-scrambler (teach me your ways, oh genius one) we could all use a little more time on whatever-Day morning to do a little more of a lot of things.

For example, snuggly family lovey time. This is what people with babies and dogs do, right? #perfectlife

Also a good choice – reading one more chapter in your book. Maybe a nice little morning jog around the lake. Or, I mean, a walk would probably be okay too, since it’s a holiday and everything. And/or relaxing for fifteen extra minutes on the patio in the sleet. Wait though sleet. Why is it sleeting in May? I’m ALMOST missing the Philippines heat wave oppression almost. Al-most.
Super Easy Coconut French Toast Bake - perfect for a pretty brunch!  |

Okay, a little food talk now.

This is how it all goes together. Lightly sweet and very delicious King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls are torn into bite-sized pieces –> coconut milk and vanilla and eggs are whisked together into a creamy yummy base –> the whole thing is poured together in a dish, baked, and topped with fruit for color and turbinado sugar for sparkle. One two three pretty brunch dish on your table like magic!

Super Easy Coconut French Toast Bake - perfect for a pretty brunch!  |

And now you can mentally file this photo slice under Simple Pretty Brunch and Hungry 3pm Afternoon Snack, because that’s how it went down at my house this weekend!

If you all have some creative ideas for telling your moms that you love them on Mother’s Day, I would not complain if you shared them. Gifts, food, fun things to do together… tell me all of it. And maybe you can help me leave my scrambling ways behind. Doubtful, but maybe.

Super Easy Coconut French Toast Bake - perfect for a pretty brunch!  |

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Super Easy Coconut French Toast Bake
Serves: 12
For the Coconut French Toast
Optional Extras for Topping
  • turbinado sugar
  • sliced bananas
  • sliced strawberries
  • flaked coconut
  • maple syrup
  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Tear the bread into bite-sized pieces. Arrange evenly in a greased 9x13 baking dish,
  2. Whisk the coconut milk, milk, eggs, and vanilla in a large bowl. Pour the milk mixture over the bread, covering all pieces. Bake for 40-45 minutes, keeping an eye on the top and covering with foil if it starts to burn. When finished, the french toast bake will be puffy and firm (shouldn't jiggle when you shake it back and forth).
  3. Optional: After everything is fully baked, top with turbinado sugar and banana slices and return to the oven uncovered for a few minutes until golden brown. Remove and let stand for 15 minutes. Top with strawberry slices for a big color pop! Pritty.
When it's fully baked, it will be very puffy. After it rests, it will probably lose some of its puffiness and will settle to a level similar to what you see pictured.

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  1. French toast bakes are my fav! I never thought of using Kings Hawaiian Dinner Rolls – Genius! And, the glittery topping? YES! Pretty food is good food.
    My momma is in a different country…so I’ll eat her portion! So not complaining.
    Pinning! :)

  2. Looks like French Toast meets bread pudding!! And I love the idea of using coconut milk vs regular milk. Looks awesome! I’m in!

  3. Looks fantabulous.

    The glittery sugar on top is what makes it sparkle with pizzaz!

    I’ll forward this to my husband, maybe he’ll get his mom to make it for me or something….just a little joke =)

  4. Those rolls are one of my greatest weaknesses! They are the only bread my family will accept for our leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches, and I am all over turning it into a coconutty, fruity, sparkly brunch bake!

  5. This looks so good and is such a beautiful dish! Can’t wait to try. Perfect for Mother’s Day!

  6. Oh man, I really wish I was having this for breakfast… heck, even lunch! Looks absolutely amazing! I love your antique spatula – adorable.

    • Such a funny story – my in-laws actually gave me a bunch of old antique silverware and serving utensils for my birthday to use in my food photos! :) Apparently they belonged to one of Bjork’s relatives a long time ago and have jst been sitting around for many years. They will get good use here!

  7. This recipe sounds amazing and simple–two definite perks for mother’s day of course–but the possible variations are making my head spin! Imagine using CINNAMON BREAD, or even some delicious nut bread?! Bookmarked this recipe, thanks so much! – a clean eating bento blog. Japanese or Asian-inspired!

  8. Yum tum – this looks divine! French toast is always such a treat anyway, that this looks out of this world! Yet another triumph for A Pinch of Yum

  9. Kings Hawaiian, coconut, strawberries and bananas may just be the best thing ever! I would love a slice to start the day!

  10. Have never made a french toast bake before, is such a good idea! Love the thought of all the fruit and coconut together :-)

  11. Love this recipe. Thank you.

  12. We do indulge in french toasts, once in a while. This would be nice to serve to guests when we do a brunch.

  13. I have never baked anything like this before, this would be a really nice treat for my family on the week-end. Thanks!

  14. That looks amazing!! (And easy to replicate.) Thanks for the recipe!!

  15. Looks amazing! Can this be put together the night before and then baked in the morning?

  16. Looks tasty! If only my husband would eat french toast.
    I don’t really have tips for Mother’s Day prep. This year I kept it “simple” by flying with my 11 month old to visit her. Present enough, I say.

  17. i want to host a brunch party just because i want to make this….

  18. French toast and coconut. Together. How did I not think of this? Sounds delicious. x

  19. Wow, this combo sounds so delish!

  20. I’m defiantly making this for my mother’s day brunch! Everyone is going to love it. Thanks for the great recipe. Pinned!

  21. This looks totally scrumptious and perfect for upcoming mothers day!

  22. Wow what delicious recipe with so few ingredients. I haven’t worked with coconut milk much but I bet it gives this dish just the twist it needs :)

  23. This looks so decadent and comforting, send some my way! But really though, you did a beautiful job, what a perfect Mother’s Day treat!

  24. Oh man, this is almost worth forgetting my diet for…
    (Yeah right, like that diet stood a chance. HA!)
    I think I need some of this in my life. Yep :)

  25. King’s Hawaiian is the best! This french toast bake looks soooo good, I love the addition of coconut and sprinkle of turbinado sugar on top!

  26. I made a baked-french toast on Christmas day for my mother-in-law and she loved it! It’s a great idea for mothers and mothers-in-law alike! Great recipe! Thanks for sharing — I love the sugar sparkles :-)

  27. Next time I eat gluten it mighhhhtttt just be for this (if it’s not for pizza).

  28. This looks awesome – I’ll have to try baking it this weekend. King’s Hawaiian Bread is such a childhood memory for me (ate it almost day for breakfast) and would be a nice throwback for Mother’s Day :)

  29. Hooray for quick and easy recipes that look super pretty and impressive! Seriously, that turbinado sugar is the cutest touch ever. I need to buy some to make all of my baked goodies look adorable — and pronto! King’s Hawaiian was my favorite bread growing up. Our Methodist church served it at communion, and all of us youngsters always clambered for the extras after the service. So yum!

    As for Mother’s Day, sometimes we took my mom out for brunch, but the paste couple of years we’ve been “making” her one at home. AKA Dad scrambles eggs and cooks bacon, I make a fruit salad, and my brother cooks crΓͺpes. (Yes, my brother. The guy we sent off to college only knowing how to make a PB&H[oney] sandwich and boil water for pasta. And now he’s got all of the fancy cooking skills!)

  30. I love everything about this! Cheers to beautiful breakfasts to celebrate beautiful moms. :) Pinned!

  31. This recipe looks great. I think I am going to try this with my daughter, who is ten and just getting started in the kitchen. What do you think?

  32. Holy yumminess! I need a big pan of this. I haven’t had French toast in ages. This is like go big or go home French toast.

  33. This looks amazing! I love how you used hawaiian rolls and coconut milk πŸ˜€

  34. I’ve made bread and butter pudding like this a million times but I’ve never used coconut milk before, such a good idea! Bet this tastes gorgeous!

    • It was one of those last minute recipe changes that I made when I happened to see my coconut milk sitting there… I thought, gosh, why have I never tried that before? It was such a nice delicate coconut flavor. I loved it!

  35. nutritional value would be nice

  36. This seriously sounds amazing.

  37. My 5 year old is basically obsessed with King’s Hawaiian rolls. I buy a little pack of them weekly & surprise him with lunch box sandwiches made with them.
    Anyhow, this looks ridiculously amazing SO I shall be making it ASAP!

  38. Your photos are killing me! The strawberries are so beautiful in that picture! All I want now is french toast!

  39. This is on my list to make for mother’s day brunch! Sounds fantastic.

  40. Lovely! This looks super yum. :)

  41. jennifer says:

    This was a complete fail in our kitchen. Boo! It looked so good. After double the time in the oven it still wasn’t done. Kind of disappointed. I was very surprised as all of the many other things I have baked/cooked from your site have turned out awesomely. Such is life, ya can’t win them all.

    • Shoot! So sorry to hear that – sounds like a few other people have needed to bake a few minutes longer as well so I’ll adjust the time.

  42. I made this for Mother’s Day this morning and it was a huge hit. Everyone loved the presentation and the taste was out-of-this-world incredible. Even though it wasn’t really that healthy, it felt “healthy” because it was so light and fresh-tasting. My mom loved that it had coconut milk, and the Hawaiian rolls and fruit added the perfect amount of sweetness without any extra sugar.

    I ended up having to cook it for about 10 minutes more than the recipe (not a surprise since I live in high altitude) but somewhere in that time span, it went from fluffy and amazing to pancake-level flatness. I’m not sure if it was because I disturbed it when I checked it, or if I should have added another egg (I cut the recipe in half, so I used 3). My mom suggested that I could lower the cooking temperature and baked it for longer.

    Despite the fact that it was flat, we devoured it and left almost no remains. Thanks for helping me make something special for my ma!

    • Oh bummer! Mine fluffed up quite a bit and then deflated a little bit to what you see in the picture, but I’d feel sad if yours was pancake flat! I wish I knew why! Thanks for trying it and I’m glad you were still able to enjoy it!

  43. We made this yesterday while camping. Subbed light brown sugar for the Raw..It was AMAZING! Thanks for the recipe. It’s definitely going into the rotation. I think I will add some pecans at the end as well!

  44. Oh yes! Sunday brunch is at my house this week. Yum!

  45. Oh mama.

    Hawaiian bread baked French toast.

    This is life-changing and earth-shattering for me.

    This recipe is probably going to knock me right off my gluten-free pedestal.

    And hubby loves Hawaiian bread, too.

    Oh man, I need to buy Hawaiian bread.

    I think I’m going to make this with blueberries instead.


    And Hawaiian bread.

    Sweet and delicate Hawaiian bread.

    Did you notice that this recipe contains Hawaiian bread?

  46. Once again, great post and such a good read. I was so surprised to get to the end of the post and find it was you again. We have a French toast bake every Christmas for breakfast. I used to make cinnamon rolls, but I invite the whole fam and making cinnamon rolls for 30 people on Christmas Eve is not so much fun. This seems like a great variation. Thanks!

  47. I made this for Father’s Day. It was super easy and yummy. I think I could’ve cooked it a bit longer though. The bananas looked like mushrooms after they cooked but were still tasty!

  48. Can you make this the night before? I would like to try it this weekend.

  49. Can you prepare this the night before and bake it in the morning?

  50. Oh. My. Gosh! How can something so simple be so amazing?! Even my picky eater cleaned his plate. :-) I made it plain and topped only with maple syrup. Divine! Can’t wait for the leftovers!!!

  51. We don’t have this bread in Australia. What would be a close substitute?

    • I think just regular sliced white bread would work, or even better if you can get more of a homemade loaf from a bakery so it’s less smooshy and little more sturdy.

  52. I’m in Canada and don’t have these Hawaiian rolls that you rave about. Would Filipino pandesal be a good equivalent? I’m sure you’ve this while you were in the Philippines!

    Love your site- your recipes are awesome. Made your ancho chilli the other night and it was a big hit! I’ll definitely be making it more often!

  53. The recipe sounds great but trying to watch the calories. Any ideas for healthier alternatives to Hawaiian bread?

  54. Chaya Merrill says:

    Hi, what a beautiful website! Thanks for sharing these lovely recipes. The presentation of this dish was stunning and it was super easy to throw together. I did find the dish bland. I would suggest adding some cinnamon, a touch of salt, and maybe a few squirts of agave to the mixture. Also, cook it a bit longer than you think – it tastes better when less “jiggly”…I threw mine back in the oven after 45 minutes for an additional 10 minutes and then it was properly set.

    Loved the bananas and strawberries…and, the glitter, on top!

  55. can you please tell me what size can for the coconut milk?

  56. How many calories per serving is this?

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