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Red Chile Tostadas with Eggs

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We’re making Red Chile Tostadas with Eggs! We’re talking creamy, crunchy, drippy, and tangy – the absolute perfect flavor combination.

This is a brand new recipe that’s part of our Spring 2023 SOS Series – in other words, EASY recipes! View our full collection of SOS recipes here.

In This Post: Everything You Need For Red Chile Tostadas

OKAY! Okay, okay!

These tostadas are just my favorite thing on the planet Earth right now. These guys are crispy, drippy, savory, salty, and all-around just in your face in the best kind of way.

Here’s what’s happening:

  • a crispy fried corn tortilla
  • a layer of refried black beans
  • a fried egg cooked in red chile enchilada sauce
  • a cheddar cheese crispy edge around the egg
  • a little tangle of pickled red onion on top
  • cilantro

The combination of flavors and textures is unmatched, plus so many of these things can be made ahead or store-bought (the enchilada sauce, the refried beans, the tostada if you want). It is my perfect food combination: something creamy, something crunchy, something tangy, and something drippy and messy to really make you feel alive.

I have eaten (slash, continue to eat) these for ANY meal of the day, which is another reason why I love them. They are breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner all in one cute, crunchy little package.

I hope you love these as much as I do – and if you do, these cauliflower tostadas with queso are your next stop!

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Close-up of red chile tostadas on a plate with eggs.
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A picture of Red Chile Tostadas with Eggs

Red Chile Tostadas with Eggs

  • Author: Lindsay
  • Total Time: 20 minutes
  • Yield: 6 tostadas 1x


We’re making Red Chile Tostadas with Eggs! We’re talking creamy, crunchy, drippy, and tangy – the absolute perfect flavor combination. 


Units Scale


  • 6 corn tortillas
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup avocado oil or vegetable oil for frying
  • one 14-ounce can refried beans
  • 1 cup red enchilada sauce (I’ve been loving this Siete Foods Red Enchilada Sauce lately!)
  • 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 6 eggs

Other Optional Extras:


  1. Make the Pickled Onions (optional): Slice a red onion very thinly (I use a mandoline for this). Transfer to a jar and add white vinegar. Fill the rest of the jar with water and add a pinch of both salt and sugar. Shake and place in the fridge – they’ll be ready to go within 30-60 minutes, and can stay in the fridge for 1-3 days.*
  2. Fry the tortillas: Heat the oil over medium heat (I use a cast iron for this). When the oil is hot, fry the tortillas for a minute or two on each side until golden and crispy. Transfer to a paper towel lined plate to absorb excess oil; sprinkle with salt.
  3. Fry the eggs: Wipe the pan clean. Return to medium heat. Add a few tablespoons of enchilada sauce to the pan, making a little pool of sauce for each egg. The sauce may sizzle, so wear an apron! Crack the eggs directly into the center of each pool of sauce;  2 eggs is the most I can fit in my pan at one time. Cook until the whites are completely set, 4-5 minutes. The sauce will caramelize a bit around the edges (so good). Sprinkle a bit of cheddar cheese around the edges of the eggs for the last few minutes to get a crisped, cheesy edge on your egg.
  4. Assemble tostadas: When the eggs are done, layer your tostadas: crispy tortilla, refried black beans, fried egg. Sprinkle with salt, cilantro, pickled onion, and/or chunks of avocado. SO so good!


*If you want to keep the pickled onions in the fridge for longer than 1-3 days, just boil your water first! I always make them in a scramble so I never do any boiling, which is why they shouldn’t be kept as long for food safety reasons. But we go through them quickly, so it works perfectly for us!

The tortillas need to fry quickly in order to get crispy, so make sure your oil is nice and hot when you put them in the pan! It shouldn’t take more than 3-4 minutes to fry them. I’ve also found that using corn tortillas out of the refrigerator makes them chewy instead of crispy, so I’d recommend using room temperature tortillas.

I never heat up my refried black beans because the other elements are warm and it all just works for me as-is! But if you want, you can microwave your beans or heat them on the stove.

  • Cook Time: 20 minutes
  • Category: Dinner
  • Method: Pan-Fry
  • Cuisine: Mexican-Inspired

Keywords: tostada, red chile enchilada sauce, egg

Can You Use Pre-Made Tostadas?

Yes! That would be a huge time saver and very convenient which is what this series is all about!

That said, it’s hard to beat the taste and texture of a freshly fried corn tortilla, so that’s what I usually do!

Can You Bake Tostadas?

I find that they get too chewy (not crispy, but chewy and hard to eat) when baked, so I don’t recommend it.

How Do You Make This Ahead / What Do You Do with Leftovers?

This works really well to prep ahead in segments – just to assemble until right before you eat it.

The tortillas will stay crispy and yummy for a day or so after frying (obviously best coming off the pan, but still delicious a couple hours later). And the beans, sauce, and pickled onions keep in the fridge!

When I’m ready to make one of these, I just pull out all my individual items, fry my egg up, and assemble!

How Can You Make This Dairy-Free?

Just skip the cheddar cheese edge on the egg!

Do You Have To Use “Red Chile Enchilada Sauce”?

Frontera’s red chile enchilada sauce was one of my all-time favorite shortcut products – we’ve used it in multiple recipes like the beans and greens tacos, and the red chile chicken tacos. But unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to find now – they may have discontinued it!

Instead, I’ve been using the Siete Foods Red Enchilada Sauce (affiliate link) and it’s great! Highly recommend.

What Kind Of Pan Works Best For This Recipe?

I normally use my cast iron to fry the tortillas, and my Caraway nonstick (affiliate link) for the eggs.

But if you want to make these all in one pan, I’ve also used both types of pan for everything start to finish. You have options!

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  1. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Just a warning. I went to go add the sauce to my cart and read the most recent reviews and it sounds like there was either a bad batch or they changed the recipe because everyone is saying how terrible it is now.

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      Wow, thanks for the heads-up!! Just saw the Target reviews so I’ll be buying a different brand to be safe. I usually shop at a Kroger banner, their most recent reviews are 2 years old….

  2. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I made this for lunch today since my husband wanted nothing to do with it! (I know… I feel sorry for him too!) It was absolutely delicious!!! I had everything on hand except for the tortillas so I put a handful of broken tortilla chips on my plate with some refried beans on top. It worked really well! I’m planning to have this for lunch all week so that I can use up my Frontera red chili enchilada sauce 😁
    This is way more than a “Pinch of Yum”!!! 😋❤️‍🔥

  3. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I want to admit off the bat that I riffed on this recipe HARD using stuff I had on-hand. If I was going to say anything other than “it is awesome” I would roll my eyes at me so hard for writing this, but it is awesome.

    I did not have corn tortillas so I used a cook and serve flour tortilla. The tortilla did not get crunchy but I was ok with that. I also didn’t have any beans in my house (I KNOW!) so I just used some avocado that I sprinkled with some Chile lime salt. I used green salsa in place of the red enchilada sauce and just kind of made a well in it to crack my egg since the salsa was pretty thick. I DID do the crispy cheese edge (yum! And I’m not usually a cheesy egg person) and topped it with pickled onions which I basically always have in my fridge and some baby mixed greens that I just needed to use up.

    So, yes, I changed the recipe A LOT, but it was still awesome and made for a quick and easy lunch for one. I look forward to trying this more as written, though I would still see myself using a green salsa in place of the enchilada sauce, but that’s just a personal preference thing.

  4. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I only had eggs, tortillas, cheese and your homemade enchilada sauce from a previous recipe and I have never had a better lunch. I did have some trouble with the sauce burning to the pan before the eggs were cooked- too hot maybe?

  5. Pinch of Yum Logo

    This was great and came together so quickly and easily! I used refried pinto beans because that is what we keep on hand, and it was delish!

  6. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Thank you for sharing this recipe, will definitely try it and will share my reviews.
    If you want to enjoy Indian home made healthy meals, visit App Good Food website and check further details.

  7. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Delicious! Husband LOVED this and is now obsessed with cooking eggs in the red sauce. So many good flavors here. Thank you!

  8. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Yum! I’ve been craving something along the lines of huevos rancheros and this fit the bill perfectly. This will definitely go in the rotation for when i need something easy but flavorful. Oh – and the sauce does indeed splatter, so make sure to move your decorative tea towels off your oven handle before starting!

  9. Pinch of Yum Logo

    This definitely requires mis en place! Everything comes together pretty quick and it was a bit of a mess. Before I cooked the eggs I put the refried beans on the tostadas because I knew I was going to be to nervous watching the eggs and figuring it out. The flavors were perfection for our palate and it was very pretty to look at. I can only see myself getting better at it as I continue to make it. SO GOOD!

  10. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Wow. I knew I would love this recipe since it includes pretty much all my fav foods. I had all the items on hand since they are always in my house, making this a true SOS for me. I was scared to fry the tortilla so I did a very small amount of oil and the texture just cannot be beat. I would eat this for every meal. I cannot wait to make it again. Thanks!!

  11. Pinch of Yum Logo

    These are insanely delicious and easy to make, too! In a surprising win, both kids (ages 4 and 8) asked for seconds. Will definitely be making these again soon! Thanks for a great recipe!

  12. Pinch of Yum Logo

    This was so good! Used refried black beans and green chili sauce – both a favorite of ours. Came together quickly- loved it!

  13. Pinch of Yum Logo

    These are so delicious. Thanks for another tasty recipe. I loved the pickled onions and cilantro.

  14. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Real nice – will definitely make these again. Loved that they are gluten free (I have celiac). Made my own enchilada sauce. Egg whites were a little “runny” while cooking and kinda melded into the sauce. BUT, this didn’t detract – just not what I expected. I can’t wait to have them again . The beans really make it.

  15. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Just made this tonight for Cinco De Mayo and added Aji Verde on top. OH MY GOODNESS!!! My husband, son and I are in heaven!! That was incredible! Pinch of Yum for the win always!!

  16. Pinch of Yum Logo

    OMG – these tostadas were so good!! All the flavors go so well together! Mist have the cilantro and picked onions on top. We will definitely be making these again 😊

  17. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Just as amazing as the video promised!! Tastes a lot like chilaquiles, just in a tidier format! Super easy and tasty and really just such a delight! We’ve made these 4-5x in 2 wks —it’s so easy that even my husband can make it!

  18. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Wow! Made this for breakfast and loved it so much I obviously had to turn around and whip it up again for lunch 🙂 I was surprised how quickly the egg cooked both times, too. With shakshuka, I feel like I’m standing there forever waiting for the egg to set, but not with this!

  19. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Nice recipe. Will make again. Though I might just heat up the enchilada sauce and spoon over beans – a bit messy cooking the eggs over them. Sauce dried up. Also brushed corn tortillas with a bit of oil, pooped in air fryer and within minutes crisped to perfection. Thanks for a great recipe.

  20. Pinch of Yum Logo

    So fun to make and so incredible delicious! Messy and fun to eat. Can’t wait to make these over and over again. Would be super fun for brunch as well!