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WordPress Plugins and Tools

You’ve got the bones of your site going but when you really want to shine it up and make it super slick and user-friendly, these are our fave tools to do just that. There are plugins to easily generate nutrition info for your recipes, compress your photos for faster loading while still looking delicious and amazing, tools to help make your site easy to search, and more. It’s a win-win for yourself and your audience!

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links. I use all of the products listed below and recommend them because they are companies that I have found helpful and trustworthy.

Tasty Recipes logo

Tasty Recipes

Kinda hard to have a food blog without recipes so Tasty Recipes to the rescue! It is a WordPress plugin that makes entering recipes super easy and it helps readers find our recipes on both Pinterest and Google. Bonus alert  – our sister site WP Tasty makes, sells, and supports this plugin – as well as Tasty Links and Tasty Pins, which you can peep below!

Tasty Pins logo

Tasty Pins

We eat with our eyes first…is that the saying?? Either way, beautiful food photos are key so the Tasty Pins plugin helps us optimize our images for Pinterest. We can add a Pinterest description to our images, easily add a long pin to a post, and disable pinning on any images that we don’t love for Pinterest.

Nutrifox logo


Nutrifox is the handy little nutrition label generator we use for all our recipes. It works hand-in-hand with Tasty Recipes – you just enter all your ingredients and copy and paste a simple code into the recipe card and voila! Label generated.

Tasty Links

Ah, the tedium of linking amiright?! This is the WordPress plugin we use to make linking more efficient – especially when it comes to affiliate links. All we need to do is type in a word, and it will add an affiliate link to it anywhere on the blog. Such a breeze!

Yoast logo.

Yoast SEO

SEO is absolutely clutch and so Yoast is one of the most essential plugins we use here at POY. It helps ensure that we’re checking all the right boxes for recipes, and that they’re optimized for Google and social media in an easy-to-use format. Yes please and thank you.

Akismet logo.


Goodbye bots and trolls, goodbyyye! Nobody likes spam and Akismet is like a comment guard, making sure that no spamming comments get through to your site. Bam.

AdThrive logo.


Ads gotta ad and so we utilize AdThrive on Pinch of Yum for everything from setting them up to managing ad income. The customer service is also top-notch and they help us ensure we’re optimizing our ad traffic.

Cloudflare logo.


More than just a mysterious kinda cool name, Cloudflare helps keep things running smoothly and keeps the site safe from not-so-nice, malicious activity.

Coschedule logo.


We are a small (and mighty!) team here at Pinch of Yum, with a lot of creatives on board. We really value a bit of good organization so we don’t all run away in different directions, frolicking in fields of separate ideas (ok we’ve lost this metaphor, see?!). Anyway, we use CoSchedule to keep us on track as our editorial calendar, as a way to publish to different social channels, and for sharing projects with the team.

One Signal logo.


OneSignal makes it easy peasy for users to opt-in to browser notifications for new recipes (yum!), seasonal content (yay!), and to introduce new readers to Pinch of Yum content (hiiii!).

Pretty Links logo.

We love using Pretty Links to make a long, jumbly link into a…well…a pretty link. You see what we did there. It makes things a total breeze for social media, email, and redirects.

Shortpixel logo.


We turn to ShortPixel for help compressing and optimizing our images. With optimized images, webpages load faster while keeping crisp, delicious-looking pictures on Pinch of Yum for you to scroll through.

Public post preview screenshot.

Public Post Preview

Any anxious pre-publishers out there? Hi yes, it is us. Public Post Preview makes everything super easy for letting folks outside our team preview a post before it goes live. It’s especially handy in our partnerships so a brand can take a peek at how we’re going to make their product shine before hitting publish.

OptinMonster logo.


We use OptinMonster primarily for exit intent pop-ups – for example, when you are about to exit Pinch of Yum, a very friendly pop-up (not a monster, despite the name) will appear to kindly ask if you want to receive the best of the best content through our curated email series (hint: you do).

Ninja Forms logo.

Ninja Forms

Nobody likes to be left hanging, so when a reader drops us a note through our contact form or a brand wants to get in touch, we use Ninja Forms to send back an automated response. This plugin makes things super simple and lets the user know we’ll be following up soon. Yay for no accidental ghosting!

Slickstream logo.


We use Slickstream to help readers search for, discover, and engage with Pinch of Yum content. You’ll see cutie little heart icons in the bottom corner of the screen and embedded Instagram stories into posts – that’s all thanks to this shiny, dare we say slick, little plugin!

Jetpack logo.


Jetpack is a beautiful buffet of everything you need. It keeps Pinch of Yum safe and secure, helps with design, and lets readers have a great experience through faster load times. And seriously, who doesn’t love faster load times?

VaultPress logo.


We have more than 1000 (!!) posts and pages on Pinch of Yum and we would cry big tears if we lost anything. That’s where VaultPress has been incredibly handy. If we were to lose anything on the site, VaultPress helps us recover any losses and get back up and running.