Chopped Thai Chicken Salad

Chopped Thai Chicken Salad

A salad. Say what? Yes, a salad.

This is like the 2nd salad I’ve made in the last year. The Philippines is out to get me in the salad department. Conventional wisdom says: it’s hot, make a salad. But reality says, where are the bags of pre-washed baby spinach? and what is this mysterious green thing called again, and how do you peel it? and where is my salad spinner when I need it? and how can I get the fan to blow on ME without blowing my lettuce everywhere? and we’re out of bleach again? Yep. Sound the alarms. I hate it as much as you do, but we eat bleached raw vegetables. We stopped bleaching for a while, I got sick from, uh, something, and we went back to following the bleaching orders.

Chopped Thai Chicken Salad

For those of you who are curious, bleaching vegetables is a pain in the butt. I get out these two big bowls – one filled with filtered water + 1 tiny spoonful of bleach, and one filled with filtered water for rinsing. Then we soak the vegetables in the bleach water, rinse them, and this is my most blah part: we dry them. The paper towels get all sticky and fall apart all over the vegetables and by this time any kind of minimal effort I’ve put into my hair is gone and my shirt is soaked through with sweat.


Chopped Thai Chicken Salad

PS. Those are calamansis, the cutest and most deliciously sweet and tart citrus fruits native to the Philippines. Think mini-lime, but fresher tasting. I don’t know how that’s possible, but it is.

But bleaching. Good news for me! If we cook the vegetables, we don’t have to bleach them. Remember the millions of {cooked} vegetable curries I’ve made this year? Ahhh. It’s all making sense now.

Don’t be afraid – this isn’t cooked. I went to all that bleaching trouble just for a big crunchy bowl of this:

Thai Chicken Salad

And it was worth it.

Because when I’m calm and rational, I can remember how much I actually love salads and how it might actually be kind of awesome to eat a cold meal for once in my life.

Chopped Thai Chicken Salad

And this chopped Thai chicken salad was a sweet reunion after all the time away from my beloved fresh green crunchy foods. And by beloved I mean… sort of beloved. Does anyone else have these mixed feelings?

The flavors in this thing just rocked my face off. Lime, peanuts, cilantro, carrots, green onions, vinegar, green papaya, soy sauce, chili pepper, garlic, oiyyyy! It’s all so darn good, the perfect combination of tangy and creamy and super-fresh-crunchy.

Thai Chicken Salad

I wanted this to be a “chopped” salad because I am a big fan of extremely textured foods. The chopped cabbage and grated carrots and green papaya give the perfect base for the “chopped” vibe and are a heckofalot healthier than my current go-to crunchy food, the potato chip. Then the chicken, those crunchy lil’ peanuts (mine were accidentally garlic flavored and SO perfect for this), and the fresh green cilantro and green onions come in and get the party started. Fresh party, coming right up.

Chopped Thai Chicken Salad

I used a green papaya in this because that tangy, spicy, acidic punch of this incredible fruit is just mesmerizing. Except then I picked out a green papaya that wasn’t green, because I don’t know how to pick underripe fruits well? that was still tangy, but yellow.

And then you saw the picture and wondered if I had put cheddar cheese in this salad.

Nope. Thaaat’s a papaya.

On the topic of green papaya, I’m sorry to say that nothing is going to give you the same amount of tangy spiciness as a green papaya except maybe a green mango, and if you don’t have access to green papayas then you probably don’t access to green mango, either. So the best option for you non-tropical friends would just be any crunchy vegetable that you like. I’m thinking raw cucumber, raw zucchini or more cabbage or carrots. The taste will be a little less zingy, but the other vegetables and dressing alone are enough to be totally addicting.

So, yeah.

Thai Chicken Salad

Ready, set, crunchalicious.

4.9 from 45 reviews
Chopped Thai Chicken Salad
Serves: 4-6
  • 2 boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • 1 small head green or white cabbage (2 cups shredded)
  • 1 large carrot (1½ cups shredded)
  • 1 green papaya (1½ cups shredded)
  • ½ cup fresh cilantro
  • ½ cup green onions
  • ½ cup chopped peanuts
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 3 bird's eye chili peppers (sub ½ teaspoon minced hot pepper)
  • 2 tablespoons soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice
  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • ½ teaspoon fish sauce
  • ¼ cup peanut butter
  • ¼ cup water
  1. Bring a large pot of water to boil. Add the chicken breasts, cover, and cook for 15-20 minutes. When the chicken is done, remove from heat, drain water, let cool, and shred with two forks.
  2. Chop the cabbage into very thin pieces, like it would be for coleslaw. I did this by rolling up several leaves together and making thin vertical slices across the roll and then chopping them once horizontally. Peel and grate the carrots. Cut off the skin, remove the seeds, and grate the papaya. Roughly chop the cilantro and green onions. Toss the chicken and vegetables in a large bowl and keep chilled.
  3. Mince the garlic and chili peppers. Place garlic and peppers in a small mixing bowl with the soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, lime juice, oil, and fish sauce. Whisk until smooth. Add the peanut butter and water and whisk again until smooth and creamy.
  4. Toss the salad with the dressing. Add the crushed peanuts. Serve chilled. Leftovers can be stored in the fridge for up to one day. For best results, keep the leftover salad and dressing separate until ready to serve.
Nutrition information is for 6 servings.


Nutrition for Thai Salad


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  1. Ashley - baker by nature says:

    This salad looks phenomenal! Loving all the unique flavors you added – salad perfection!

  2. Delicious! Wow bleaching sounds like a pain in the a$$!

    • Jessica Mikolash says:

      Just posting here, as this comment is near top. Tap water contains chlorine. Chlorine is bleach. Just wash bagged precut & all produce. People have found insects, live frogs & other goodies in the packages of fresh veggies. A salad spinner helps for drying & if can’t find it use a tea towel & swing it over the tub. :)

  3. I, for one, am very grateful that you went to the trouble of bleaching your veggies because this salad looks totally up my street.

    • Katherine says:

      LOL! We washed our veggies while we were in Honduras on a mission trip. Now I kinda get nostalgic when I smell bleach!

  4. This salad looks delicious – you might have even convinced me to go through the painful bleaching process to make it here in Guatemala too. (and you described it so well – the drying part is the worst!)

  5. oh this looks lovely! I can’t imagine the work it must take to make this for you, but I will think of you this week when I whip up one of these salads! YUM.

  6. This sounds and looks delish! I love a crunchy Thai salad! And chopping it makes it even more fun to eat! Enjoy the tropics while we are getting yet another snow storm. You picked a good winter to be gone :)

  7. Oh wow, I had no idea you had to bleach veggies. It’s ok, it’s safe. Chemicals are only toxic in large quantities. The dose is your poison. (I work with chemicals daily). Just wanted to put your mind at ease.
    Well, when you get back to the states, I know the first thing you’ll be making! Are you living without A/C too? Because I’ve found after living abroad, the thing is to completely cut yourself off from A/C. Even if you have the chance for a minute, refuse. Your body adjusts.

    Anyway, gorgeous salad!

    • You may want to edit out/rephrase that chemicals statement to not mislead people. (I’d be afraid to work with you in a lab or similar otherwise!). Rather, every chemical can be toxic/lethal in the right dose within a defined duration (acute vs.chronic)…NOT chemicals are toxiconly* in “large quantities!” Say, even possibly true with drinking MASSIVE amounts of water (can displace sodium…not to freak out others! OD has happened, but is RARE!)…but TTX, anthrax, etc.? Yeah, specks or a pinch can “off” ya!

      On a positive note (to the author)-this recipe looks great, with a nice blend of textures and flavors! (‘Like the papaya idea too!) Just for my sake, I’m going to try to sub’ peanuts/PB for a tad healthier opt w/almond slivers & almond butter + add cucumbers! Thanks! ;D

      • Debra McDonald says:

        Hi Versa, Thanks for your comments about this Thai chicken salad recipe that I found on pinterest. I was wondering if you tried this recipe using the almond butter and almonds instead of peanut butter. I’d like to try it but almond butter at about $10 a pound makes it risky to substitute and find out it wasn’t a good substitute! with the miles and miles of dead nut trees in California due to cutting the farmers’ water off, we won’t have nuts at all soon. Sure would appreciate your response! this looks like a great recipe that I’d love to try. Thanks, Again!

        • Hi, Debra! I think using almond butter and almonds would definitely be a safe substitute here. Obviously the taste will be a bit different, but the texture and overall salad should come together close to the original.

        • Debra McDonald says:

          OOOOOOOO!!!!!!BABY! I took the risk and I substituted the freshly ground almond butter for the peanuts. It is smashingly delish! I also used Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (which is a non fermented, non-GMO vegetable protein from soy beans and purified water. It has only about 160 mg. of sodium in comparison to the 539 mg. in other soy sauce products! and just as flavorful). I also used Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar and Ahuacatlan avocado oil. Delicious AND nutritious… can’t get better than that! For me the most important qualification for a 5 star recipe is that it must first be nutritious! It’s easy to make things taste good. The challenge is to make the dish healthy AND taste good! lol. Thank you, Pinchofyum! you rock!

      • Sounded good until the bleach, give me a break!

  8. When you said bleach salad, my first thought was “Huh, must be a new hipster-healthyblogger technique”. Thankfully (for the rest of us) it’s not! So much effort you put into this dish and it looks so beautifully simple.

  9. This salad looks like it was worth the work. You truly made me appreciate how convenient our food here in the US is.

    I’m totally craving this!!

  10. This salad looks amazing! I have been on a bit of a salad kick recently and I will definitely be making this one soon. I also now appreciate the luxury of raw veggies much more after hearing your bleaching story. Yikes!

    I can imagine putting this peanut dressing on more than just this salad, it sounds incredible.

  11. Well I love this salad. Thai is my favorite. So happy you took the time to bleach your veggies! What a serious pain. I can not believe you have to put bleach on you food!! Crazy!

  12. This salad looks so delish & refeshing on a HOT day (just snowed this weekend in
    Chicago. Ugh!). I love love peanut sauce & asian inspired dishes. Thanks for the recipe!

  13. Greetings from Grenada! Salad looks great! Going to try it out today…

  14. Forgot to mention that, I feel ya’ with the heat…it’s been super hot on the island lately! :)

  15. Wow – this salad looks SO tasty! :)

    And I can’t imagine how much work that must be to bleach everything. Definitely brings a new appreciation to fresh salads and produce over here. Looks like all of the work was worth it for this yummy recipe though!

  16. oh my god – i love the idea of salad and have been looking for green papaya here – no luck yet:( I cant imagine all the trouble you have to go through to make but im sure eat bite will be worth it

  17. I love papaya but woud’ve never thought of using it in a chicken salad. It looks absolutely beautiful and delicious

  18. I absolutely love salads for lunch. I tend to throw all sorts of crazy things into the mix but never have I tried adding fresh fruit. I love peanut sauces as well.

    Quick question about the dressing, think I could leave out the fish sauce or do you have suggestions for a vegan substitute flavor-wise?

  19. Growing up in the Phils, I don’t have any idea what bleaching is. :p Anyway, this Thai salad when cooked (and adding rice sticks noodles) actually turns into ‘Pancit’ when cooked. :) you probably already know that. :)

  20. I really like those Thai salads with green papaya or mango (minus the salted dried mini shrimps in them)!
    Your salad looks so refreshing, but too bad you have to go through all the bleaching mess.

  21. The mere sight of this salad has my taste buds going crazy. I love these flavors and can’t wait to make this!

  22. YUM! I’ve been on a huge chicken salad kick lately. The flavors in this one look amazing!

  23. I so glad you did go through all that trouble this salad looks amazing. I love calamansis, I can find them in chinatown (here in Honolulu) and I got some to experiment with a while ago and I loved them, then I had to search the internet to find out what they were. I can’t wait to try this recipe.

  24. This salad looks SO GOOD! I love all those ingredients. :)

  25. I’m pretty sure I would be afraid of poisoning myself if I had to bleach my food!!

  26. I don’t think I’d eat raw veggies either, wow that is a lot of work! Makes this salad all the more impressive!

  27. Ok, it sounds like this bleaching thing was totally worth it for you guys!! I love salads and don’t make them nearly as much as I should. My favorite restaurant in Baltimore has a peanut thai salmon salad almost just like this. holy heavens, it is SO good. And I can imagine this being amazing too my friend!! A must try. You have me craving salads! So, thank you πŸ˜‰

  28. I want in on this crunchalicious fresh party. YUM. :)

  29. Mmm, thai chicken in a salad- delish! Its great to have a recipe for a cooked veggie salad to mix it up. I eat salads almost every day for lunch and it can get kind of blah sometimes- especially if its a little chilly outside! This one looks so colourful, healthy, and heartwarming.

  30. I hate wasting paper towels so if I don’t pull out my salad spinner I have dish towels that I use only for drying lettuce. Another thing that works really well, especially for larger amounts, is a clean pillow case. Just dump your stuff in and give it a good whip around. You might need more than one depending on how much water you leave on your veg and of course how much veg you have to dry. Just a thought.

  31. Sigh. Bleaching vegetables. Such an unromantic reality for food bloggers living in the tropics. When we were back in the States in December I ate approximately 3423 leafy green salads. THIS definitely looks worth the effort though – there’s nothing like the fresh crunchiness of green papaya! Although, I’m suspicious that they’re only green for 2 seconds off the tree – mine are always slightly orange by the time I cut into them too.

  32. LOVE all these flavors! Im always looking for new salads!

  33. I have to say, this totally looks worth all of the trouble! Also, I want to try calamansis! They’re adorable :)

  34. SHUT THE DOOR! OK, first, thank you for going through the hassle to share this with us. Second, I have calamansi juice in my fridge right now. No, seriously, I do. Third, just scrapped plans for tomorrow night’s dinner and I am making a double batch of this. All of those flavors are my favorites and with a quick substitution of tamari for the soy, I have a gluten-free dinner my entire family will chow on. Thank you Thank you! (We will be asking to share this one!)

  35. Wow Lindsay that is some serious effort to go to for a salad! I have the same feelings as you. I’m not a big fan of the green stuff unless it has lots of other hearty things with it like chicken and peanuts. Yum.

  36. I just started reading your blog and I love it! I think Saturday I spend an hour just clicking around. I attempt to blog, but have failed for right now. Maybe this summer I’ll try to get into the habit again. I especially like your blog because I’m a teacher and lived a 1 1/2 in Thailand with my husband. I’ll put this salad on this next week’s dinner menu! Thanks for sharing!

  37. I keep saying I hate salads and then I see things like this… ugh! Must try this

  38. A comment (or request) regarding the instructions in your recipes. Since things like chicken breasts, cabbages and chile peppers vary sooooooo much in size, it would be helpful to provide the intended measured quantity (for example, “1 small head of cabbage, about 4 cups shredded) just so your readers know more precisely what you have in mind. Also, for things that are a bit out of the mainstream, like a birds eye chile or a green papaya, it would be helpful to show a photo so we can know what to look for at the local store, as well as have a sense of the size of the portion. Thanks!

    • Thanks for the feedback Tim. I often get a little too comfortable with my own “loose” recipe writing and it’s a good reminder be as detailed as possible for people who would like more exact amounts. :) In this case, if you’re still wondering, the bird’s eye chilis are actually pictured. You can see them in the little bowl at the top of the overhead shot. Thanks again!

  39. This is totally my kind of salad. Great flavors, Lindsay!

  40. I don’t often get excited over salad, so congratulations you have me hooked! This chicken salad looks to die for πŸ˜€

  41. This looks so so good! I can’t wait to try this out.

  42. Beautiful! I think I can actually taste the photos!!

  43. This recipe looks amazing! It shall be dinner tomorrow for our family here in Argentina.

    We are spoiled; we’ve never had to go through the bleaching vegetables routine here. Sounds like such a pain.

    We’re also from Minnesota, have a Pug (used to be 2) and moved to South America 4 years ago. Greeting and salutations from the other side of the world!

    • Ahhh that makes me so happy on so many levels! :) Did you bring your pug with you to South America? Thanks for the comment!

      • Thanks for the reply, Lindsay!

        Yes, we brought both Pugs with us, but sadly our 12 year-old-male, Pablo, died last June. Our female, Paloma, will be 11 next week and misses her Pug buddy so much. Luckily we have two little girls to keep her company.

        Keep up the great blog. I love what you do!

  44. That salad looks so good!!! Sadly, finding tropical fruits in Iowa is almost impossible. I will get creative because that salad looks too good to pass up :) Thanks for going thru all of the trouble to bleach your food for us!!!

  45. Yum, this salad looks amazing! Kudos to you for all your work in prepping those veggies.

  46. Bleach?? As in real bleach product, seriously??

  47. I made this recipe last night and it was soooo good! The dressing was perfect and while my 5 year old thought it was overall too crunchy for her, my husband and I devoured it. Can’t wait for the leftovers for lunch!!

    One suggestion about your website options:
    Is there a way you can create an option to print your recipes with a photo? I love to “print” them and save to my Google Drive account, but being a visual person, I prefer to have a photo of the recipe included. Many won’t need it, but for those of us who do, it would be an ever-so-helpful option.

  48. I made this for dinner last night and it was a HUGE hit. Fortunately I made a double batch because everyone wanted it for lunch today! Thank you!! This made it to our Repeater List.

  49. I think I would die if it took me that much work to make a salad. But I’m so glad YOU made it, looks so yummy! And crunchy. Making asap!

  50. I REALLY don’t like papaya, do you think mango would work in its place? This looks amazing.

  51. I could get instantly hooked on this salad!

  52. This looks delicious! Can’t wait to try it.

  53. I guess misery DOES love company, because I loved hearing someone else explain fresh-vegetable complications elsewhere in the world. Sometimes I wonder how so little gets done in a day and then I remember that a lot of things take three times as long!

    Nice to be reminded I’m not imagining it :)

  54. Found this recipe as recommendation on Iowa Girl Eats and Brown Eyed Baker. I made sure to get everything at the store today. We just finished this meal and it was delicious! My 5 and 3 year old ate a deconstructed version and gobbled up cabbage and cilantro! Who knew! Even my husband went back for seconds and kept saying “this is REALLY good!” This will be in regular rotation on our menu this spring and summer.

  55. Just in time for spring – looks great! Reminds me of a Thai Crunch salad that I love over here in the States!

  56. Lindsay,
    I made this for dinner tonight and it was a big hit with my family. Everyone ate huge plates of it and then didn’t feel bad because it was so healthy! The mix of textures and favors were fabulous. I’m looking forward to trying your other salads soon!

  57. Best recipe I’ve made all year! This ROCKED! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  58. just made this with a few swaps: I swapped the papaya for mangoes and the birds eye chili peppers for half a jalapeno pepper. AMAZING. Love your recipes!

  59. christina says:

    That looks and sounds amazing. One thing though. I’m jealous of your Cebu City cilantro. I’m from SoCal, but I’m currently in the ‘pines, too, up in Tarlac, and I have never seen cilantro here. Boo. It would be interesting to try this with the green papaya. I’ve only ever had it cooked in that green papaya and chicken dish.

    I have not had to bleach veggies here, and I’ve been totally fine. What in the world?

    • Yes! I love that you call it the ‘pines. We call it that all the time. :) So sorry about the cilantro! Have you tried asking for “wansoy”? That’s what they call it here in Cebu. I don’t know about the bleaching – everyone tells us to do it but we have friends who don’t and they’re fine. Since I got sick, we decided to stick with it, just to be safe. :)

  60. What could I do for the salad dressing if I dont have fish sauce and dont like hot peppers?

  61. Linda Muse says:

    I just saw this on Pinterest and am going to include it in this weeks menu. It looks so good! I live on the coast of Ecuador so I think I can get just about everything for it. Your calamansis look like our ‘lemons’ so I think it will turn out just fine. Can’t wait!

  62. SO YUMMY! I was reading this recipe and regretting that we were going to have leftovers tonight and then my husband called from the produce department of the grocery store. Score!

    Only made a few substitutions. I live in Wisconsin, USA, so no green tropical fruit. I used apples instead, so they were tangy and crunchy. Not a bad way to go! I also substituted fish sauce for more soy and sriracha for the peppers, and coleslaw mix for the cabbage and carrots. I was thankful that the recipe is so forgiving – it turned out awesome!

    Thanks for the great dinner and the great blog – I followed a link here from Pinterest, but I can tell I’m going to be a regular reader! πŸ˜€

  63. Heather says:

    AWESOME SALAD!!!!!!! found it on pinterest….

    If you use the cole slaw mix, I added 3 cups and it was perfect. YUM !!!!!

  64. Pat Teilh says:

    This is the absolute best Thai chicken salad I’ve ever eaten. The dressing is superb. I am going to double the recipe for our Mother’s Day picnic on Saturday. Thank you for this recipe.

  65. Bleaching vegetables…that is truly something I’ve never heard of before. Are they 100% safe to eat after that??? Just curious. Salad looks amazing!!!

    • Yes, we just use a tiny bit in a big bowl of water, and then double or triple rinse them in regular water. It’s just to kill harmful bacteria from yucky stuff that could be in the soil.

  66. Hey! Just an alternative to bleaching. We mix around 2 large cups of vinegar with around 2 liters of water and put the salad veggies in it and have them soak in the mixture for half an hour. Then rinse all veggies 2-3 times with regular water. It’s a more organic alternative to bleaching, hope it works for you as well. Will try the salad today, looks amazing :)

  67. I’ve read that you can treat veggies by spritzing them first with white vinegar and then with hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide neutralizes the vinegar (smell and taste) and the chemical reaction breaks it down to oxygen and water. It has the same germ-killing powers as bleach but it’s safer personally and environmentally.

    It looks delicious – can’t wait to try it!

  68. Rebecca says:

    Lindsay, I’ve made this salad approximately 4 times within the past 2 weeks. It tastes incredible and is stupid-easy to modify. It makes lunch about 100x more exciting…win.

  69. I’m new to your blog and just stumbled across this recipe…. it was one of those things I saw on Pinterest and thought “omg, I must have that IMMEDIATELY” so I promptly went to the store for the ingredients. All I can say is THANK YOU. This chicken salad has changed my life. I will eat if for every meal from now into eternity. It’s THAT good. Definitely a new follower here :) Cheers!

  70. Loved this recipe! I made it for dinner the other night after having saved it on pinterest for probably a month or so. My husband and mother-in-law loved it too. She even asked for the recipe! I will definitely be making this again in the near future. Thank you.
    I left out the chiles and did mango instead of papaya (I’m not a big papaya fan). Maybe in the future I’ll try it with the chiles for some extra spice.

  71. I ran into your blog looking for recipes and was overwhelmed by your commentary on life in the Philippines. We have lived in the Philippines for 20 years but are in Indiana at the moment, and I’m missing the green mangos and calamansi! (I squeezed lime juice onto my salad yesterday and it just wasn’t the same!)
    Are you still in Cebu? We live just outside of Manila – crazy how much I miss it already!
    Oh, BTW – the salad looks wonderful – I’m trying it today!

  72. BarbaraMSD says:

    I had to adapt this a bit to what I had on hand (no papaya, sadly, so I added in celery and red bell pepper for color, and since I had no peanuts on hand I used chunky peanut butter instead of smooth) but it was still awesome. Delicious, spicy and crunchy. Yum! Thanks!

  73. Brianna says:

    I made a vegetarian version of this salad and it was DELICIOUS! Substituted the real chicken with the Morningstar chick’n strips and left the fish sauce out of the dressing. It came out perfect! So yummy- thanks!

  74. I made this tonight and it was AMAZING! I left out fish sauce and cilantro. I used a bag of cole slaw shreds for the cabbage. I used the least ripe mango I could find in the store instead of green papaya because I could not even find papaya at all. Oh and I used a stevia sweetener. This is more of a bowl full of yum than a pinch of yum. :)

  75. Laura Dennison says:

    Made this for dinner tonight and it was amazing!!! I’m so glad I found your blog.

  76. Lindsay, everyone in my house loved this, from age eight to sixty-two! I went really heavy on the cabbage, light on the chicken, and totally forgot the vinegar… and the family still gobbled it up. I’ve got leftovers for tomorrow and I’m thinking of adding capellini noodles and/or bean sprouts, sautΓ©ing firm tofu, and making a new batch of dressing.

  77. Beth Adams says:

    Tried this last night! Absolutely addictive!

  78. michelle says:

    So..I just stumbled upon this and it looks soooo good. BUT…I have a peanut allergy. Obviously I can leave out the peanuts, and I know this is one of the main flavors..but what can I use in place of it in the dressing.. afraid it will be too watery without the thickness of the peanut butter. Any suggestions?


    • Almond butter? Sunflower seed butter? Any kind of creamy nut butter would work. Unless you’re allergic to nuts…?

      • Pls tell me what can I substitute peanut butter with.? I don’t want to use any other nut butter too. Can’t wait to try

        • Hm, well you need the fats from the nut butter to keep it moist. My mom does her granola with all canola oil, so I guess you could try replacing it with the oil but I’d maybe start with 2/3 cup total and see how it looks.

  79. Christina says:

    I just made this for lunch and it is soooo good. Thank you!

  80. katie bell says:

    This just became one of my top 5 favorite recipes. I’ve been sharing it with everyone. We added thai basil and a 1/2 cup of romaine. We also used rotisserie chicken.

  81. i’ve been scouring your site for lunch ideas to bring to work– bingo! incredibly detailed photos too! thanks so much.

  82. Oh wow. I made this last week because I was craving Thai and my husband kept saying we needed more veggies, so I decided to make us both happy. I am so glad I did. This salad is so good we went back for seconds and were really glad it made far more than we thought it was going to – leftovers! I’m going to try much harder to find green papaya this time (I used cucumbers last time) and as soon as I find 3 other salads to the level of this one, I am so featuring it on my blog – if you don’t mind, of course. πŸ˜‰ Keep ’em coming.

  83. Made this salad for lunch today…absolutely phenomenal ! Love loved it…thank you!

  84. I am eager to try your delicious-sounding recipe. But the reason I am posting here right now is to alert you that someone has stolen your photo and posted it to their blog. It is being promulgated around pinterest.

    Your recipe is not there, but it is definitely your salad bowl photo. I suppose this is done to drive traffic to their web sites?? Sorry…I wish there was something more I could do to such thieves, but as it is all I know to do is delete it from my boards.

    • Thank you! My email address is lindsay at pinchofyum dot com if you want to send me the name/pinterest account. Usually I email people and ask them to remove it. :) Thank for looking out for me, Lynda! It happens all too often, unfortunately!

  85. wow this was sooo good. skipped the papaya and added cucumbers as suggested. It was so crunchy and yummy! I’m not a big fan of cilantro so I’ll probably skip it next time. But this will become a regular meal in my house!

  86. I made this last night :O I can understand why you went to so much effort bleaching you veggies to create this little beauty is was so so yummy.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  87. I made this for dinner last night and it was delicious! I must admit it took me some time to prep it all since I doubled the recipe and was making sure the measurements were correct, but it was well worth it! My son was watching me and when he smelled the fish sauce for the dressing and then saw me added the peanut butter, he was a bit skeptical, but when he tasted it he was pleasantly surprised. I served him a nice hefty portion, and while eating it he announced in amazement on how good it tasted – he had a second helping! My husband really liked it too! I will definitely make this again…it was cruncylicious!!!

  88. I made this for dinner tonight and both my husband and I agree that it was delicious! It will definitely become a regular in our house!

  89. I can not express to you how much I Love this recipe!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

  90. Hi what can I use instead of sugar ? Im doing a every strict diet ? thank you Donna

  91. Hi, if you have access to white vinegar it works equally as well to kill “the bad stuff” on your fruits and veggies. That’s what we use here in Ecuador. This salad looks delicious. Thanks for sharing! :)

  92. This is fantastic!!!! I used Coconut Vinegar and it was soooooooooooooooo good! Thank you!!!

  93. Is there any substitute for peanut butter, for someone allergic to nuts?

  94. Roanna Black says:

    This salad looks great. I grew up in the Philippines. I lived there for 7 years. We always cleaned our vegetables in white vinegar to kill the germs and what not. As far as I know that worked for us… we never got terribly sick or anything. :)

  95. This salad is so tasty that we have made it for dinner two nights in a row! Well done, and thank you for sharing it.

  96. Sounds great – will be trying it. The limes you featured looked similar to key limes, which I love!

    Lindsay – you should really try white distilled vinegar and water instead of bleach – much better for you and easier. Use 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water – you could even put it in a spray bottle to use it. Then just rinse a few times. Seriously, I use vinegar for cleaning all the time – works great and is a wonderful disinfectant!

  97. Amazing – just finished this for dinner tonight. Thank you so much for the recipe.

  98. I live in Indonesia, and most of my cooking consists of substituting ingredients for the more limited ingredients I can buy here. It was so fun to come across this salad, which highlights ingredients easy and fresh to buy here! As soon as I saw it, I hopped on my scooter and went to our local fruit stand to get a green papaya (I always have calamanis on hand). This was so, so yummy! It’ll definitely be a mainstay. I will say that next time I’ll go with a “mangga muda” (young/green mango), as the green papaya was just kind of blah. Definitely not tangy. Maybe Indonesian papayas are a different breed? For people without access to either, I’d totally recommend a chopped green apple sprinkled on top at the end. Green apples + peanut butter = yum, and plenty of tang. Thanks again!

  99. Chopped salad is so good, and this version looks fabulous!!!

  100. What are bird’s eye chilis?

  101. I Looove this salad- especially the dressing! Thank you for the inspiration. I had to make a few adjustments, (because I was texting in the supermarket and forgot a few ingredients, namely cilantro, peanuts). So I added toasted almond slivers and parsley, and I had roasted jalapenos for hte lieu of… it was still fabulous! ZI used cocnut oil for the oil and a few drops of sesame il for the nutty taste. I am definitely adding it to the summer rotation, as we tend to meat a lot of salads. Its so fresh! Also, used Npaa cabbage…yum!

  102. SO I love your blog and your recipes. I have been eyeing this recipe for a while now. I finally made it tonight and I definitely ate 4/6 of the bowl. Several hours later, I’m still pretty full but it was totally worth it. I also told my husband it was supposed to serve 4-6 people and he emphatically replied “Noooo, that can’t be.” Mark it as a win for you – you truly have a talent and we’re glad you share it!

  103. Brianna Lane says:

    I’m looking forward to making this recipe this weekend, at my in-laws. Have you tried making the dressing before hand?

    I don’t want to take all of the ingredients down just for the dressing.

    • I’m sure it would still be great! Make the dressing ahead and just keep it in a jar in the fridge. That’s how we store leftovers for this salad since you don’t want to store it with the dressing already on it. :)

  104. PeggySue says:

    I guess I’m old but I’ve seen people here in the US bleach veggies and fruits too. We used pure clean Original Clorox bleach veeeeery diluted….which is hard to find nowadays due to the he type washers. Now, we use apple cider vinegar in water or washes that you can buy in our local grocery stores that contain GSE (grapefruit seed extract). It actually removes some of the bitter and kills bacteria that makes the produce go bad. I keep my produce way beyond normal shelf life that way. We used to wash Poke Weed in bleach water before boiling off the poison several times to make it digestible.

  105. Frank&Jolanda says:

    Made this salad tonight, only substituted the papaya by an unripe mango and the cabbage by kohlrabi. Simply because we didn’t have papaya and cabbage in stock. The texture and taste of our substitutes comes close to the original…so no problems there.
    The dressing….the dressing….wow….it’s so delicious!!!!!!
    Thai (inspired) dressings are always so yummy: salty, sweet, tangy, spicy….all at the same time!
    Thanks for the recipy! :)

    Culinary Greetings from the Netherlands!

  106. This salad is very good. I featured this post on my blog’s facebook and twitter page.

  107. Brianna Lane says:

    Made this salad, doubled the salad, tripled the dressing. Family loved it!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!

  108. Well we just made this tonight. We didn’t have any cabbage, but my husbands organically grown heirloom lettuces, bok choy, and other greens are overrunning our fridge. So we chopped those all up and use those instead we also added rice noodles since we didn’t have a green papaya. It was AWESOME! My husband loved it so much he says he can’t wait to eat more tomorrow for lunch and neither can I.

  109. Shaundi says:

    THIS IS THE BEST SALAD YOU WILL EVER HAVE. I am eating it right now. UNBELIEVABLE! The textures, colors, flavors… perfection. Also I love that I had most things in my kitchen already (with the exception of fish sauce which I omitted). All I had to buy were a few of the fresh ingredients – easy and cheap! And it’s extremely healthy, more bonus points. Seriously people. I’m 21 in college and can make this. So can you. And you won’t be sorry!!! :)

  110. I’m in love with this blog and so far two of the three recipes I’ve tried have been great. This one I am afraid was OK. It really did not have much flavor. I added some curry and hot sesame oil which helped a bit.

  111. I made this yesterday and my husband and I both loved it! I added some extra cabbage just because I had it prepped… The two of us housed the leftovers for lunch today and agreed it was just as amazing as last night! We aren’t fans of “lettuce-y” salads so this was perfect!

  112. Hi! So I loved this salad, as did the rest of my family! My question is about the green papaya: yours was orangish- you even referenced hoe it looked like cheddar cheese. I was delighted to find one on base here in South Korea…but mine was white! I even googled how to shred it (I ended up using food processor) and the chef on YouTube’s looked exactly like mine. So is it supposed to be orangish or white. We could not tell a difference flavor or texture wise with having it and not having it (we had both).

    • Yes, it should technically be a whitish color. Mine was not quite green but also not quite ripe, so somewhere in between. The green ones have a spicy, tangy, acidic taste while the ripe ones are sweet. :)

  113. Love, love, love this recipe, Lindsay. I’ve made it several times. Mind if I share it on my blog with full credit and a live link to yours?

  114. Just made this for dinner and YUM!! The dressing (and everything else) is delicious!! Thanks for a new favorite recipe!! :)

  115. This was AMAZING! I made it for dinner tonight and my husband and I loved it! I added a mixture of baby kale, spinach, and swiss chard to the green cabbage and carrots, as well as, shredded red cabbage. It gave the salad so much color. I also used an under ripe mango instead of papaya because I could not find any. Finally, I used sriracha in the dressing because I had no chile peppers. I may have added more than recommended, but it gave the salad a nice kick. I will most definitely being putting this on my salad rotation. Thank you for the recipe!

  116. Yum! I have made it to take to work this week. Its amazing. Thanks for sharing this recipe πŸ˜€

  117. Simple and delicious!! Thanks for a lovely recipe

  118. While I am fortunate to live in an area with an abundance of certified organic farms I seem be able to avoid the bleach water, however, I do frequently do a vinegar/water bath and rinse. That takes care of just about anything that might be icky and seems to make more sense than exposing my family to the chlorine in water that I already run through a filter before using in food.

  119. This salad is amazing!! This is the second time I’ve made it now and yuuuuummm!! I only added one small red chili and it is spicy enough for us. I also omitted the papaya because I couldn’t get any.

  120. This salad is the bomb! Made it MANY times. I crave it:) Matter a fact, I want it now!

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