Double Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies

Hey you! I made you something.

Double Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies

How do you like my rickety old baking pan? My warped, blackened, scratched, baking pan that has been beaten to shreds by that mean ol’ Filipino oven?

You guys. I generally treat my kitchen gear with care. But one round of untimed oven-roasted squash was all it took to blacken this girl’s entire surface, throw her in the trash, and then dig her back out of the trash when I remembered that she is my only baking pan here.

Could I drive to the store and buy a new one? Well…

Don’t ask me stuff like that.

Double Chocolate Cake Mix Cookie Dough

And now here we are today, just me and the world’s most beat-up piece of kitchen metal, makin’ cookies together in the world’s hottest kitchen, six jumbo cookies at a time. With you. And I wouldn’t have it any other way, except I would take an air conditioner in the kitchen and I wouldn’t mind a larger baking pan. But other than that.

I made these on a whim on yet another random hot night and fell in completely love. Fudgy like a brownie, soft like a cookie, and extra large. Loaded with white chocolate chips and completely saturated with rich chocolate flavor. Oh. My.

I adore them.

Double Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies

And suddenly it’s the next night and there I am, just me and my beat-up pan, making the exact same cookies all over again, with extra white chocolate chips, recipe doubled because these are just begging to be eaten by and with friends.

Are cookies not the world’s best sharing food?

They just are.

Double Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies

Then there’s the whole cake mix thing. How and why people make cookies with a cake mix is a mystery to me, but I just did it and I’m now forever a believer. Of course, not for ALL cookies. Some things are non-negotiable.

But for these deep dark chewy soft chocolate heaven cookies, yes. I’ll do it and I’ll be happy about it. And you’ll be really happy about it too, when they come out of your oven in about 5 minutes.

Double Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies

Happiness = jumbo fudgy double chocolate cookies.

And I am happy.

Double Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies

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Double Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies
  • ½ cup butter
  • 1 egg
  • 1 packet instant coffee dissolved in 2 tablespoons water
  • 1 tablespoons oil
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 box chocolate cake mix
  • 1 ½ cup chocolate chips
  • 1 ½ cup white chocolate chips
  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Beat the butter until smooth. Add the egg and beat again until incorporated. Add the coffee, oil, and vanilla and beat until combined.
  3. Add the cake mix in batches and beat slowly after each addition until just combined.
  4. Stir in the chocolate chips and white chocolate chips. Roll into balls and place on a baking sheet a few inches apart. Bake for 7-10 minutes, until the tops are just set (not wet-looking anymore), the cookies are evenly flattened, and they are starting to get cracks in them. If the cookies are done, they should come off the pan relatively easily with a spatula. If the cookies are not holding together, you probably need to bake them a little longer. Remove from the baking sheet and let cool for a few minutes before serving.
My Filipino oven does not allow me the luxury of exact temperatures (!!), so once again I am giving it my best guess in terms of time and temperature. The timing on this one is kind of important to get that soft, chewy texture, so make sure to look for the signs of doneness (flattened out, slightly cracked tops, cookie holding together, etc.) to get it right for your oven. ☺


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  1. These look great for “on a whim!” :)

  2. Gotta love a good chocolate cake mix cookie – foolproof and delish every time. But yours look especially awesome! Love the white and dark choc chips you added!

  3. I love your beat up baking pan – I know a lot of food bloggers who would pay a lot of money for that kind of prop 😉

    The photos in this post are awesome too Lindsay, these cookies look so good!

    • Here’s the sad thing… I think it’s even too bent for pictures! But I’m planning to try at least. Maybe I can flatten it back out or something. I’ve always wanted to try pics with a charred pan, so hopefully I can get it to work!

  4. They have similar cake mixes over there? Or can you buy the American stuff at absurd prices?

    These look amazing! I’d love to make them but making my own cake mix hasn’t really worked out and I can’t bring myself to pay $8 for some cake mix that costs $1 in the US. Big fat beautiful cookies. Yum!

    • I think it was Betty Crocker! And I can’t remember how much but I would not have paid 8 dollars! I only spend that (and more) on my rare and precious pecans. :)

  5. these cookies look delic…and note I am jealous of you wearing shorts. brrr…getting cold here.

  6. I generally shy away from cake mixes, but these look so good, I definitely need to give it a chance. Also, you baking pan looks like every piece of equipment I owned prior to getting married. As long as the cookies taste good, why replace it?

  7. Oh my, this looks like Chocolate Heaven!

  8. Those definitely look like happiness to me!

  9. These look great and I love the look of the pan!

  10. Gorgeous. Sometimes you just need a cake mix cookie. These are amazing!

  11. This looks and sounds like the most addictive cookie recipe! That old baking sheet is still doing it’s job, I can see! :)

  12. I think I’m gonna sub the white chocolate chips for peanut butter chips!!! I can’t wait to try them!

  13. Those look incredibley perfectly chocolatey and fudgey. Like so good I need them today.

    I like a “used” looking pan but if it bothers you try putting a paste of baking soda and vinegar on it and let it sit for 30 minutes… It usually takes the black right off 😉

  14. Love the inclusion of your well used baking sheet! Totally adds a sense of reality to the photo series..

  15. I follow your blog now for while and I really like this cookie. If it was not so late (Germany 23:00), I’d try them. Would you mind to tell me how much is a packet and a box?
    And i want to tell you, that i really like your kind of fotography. Really well done.

  16. These cookies look amazinggggg!!!!! Outstanding pics as always!!!

  17. My cookie sheets look just like that! I’m convinced they make better cookies!

  18. Those cookies look wonderful. You pictures are always fantastic.

  19. oh geeze louise look how freakin perfect these cookies are. just when i try to swear off cake mix, i see incredible PERFECT cookies just like this. Swear off cake mix in favor of made-from-scratch? i must be silly bc these are the prettiests, hugest, most perf chocolate cookies i’ve seen in awhile!! and i bake ALOT of cookies!! :)

    LOVE your baking pan! I kinda wish I had one all scratched up like that :)

  20. Um, wow. I think i found my next cookie recipe to make :)

  21. I just made these and I cannot express how DELICIOUS they are! Seriously, LOVE LOVE LOVE them and they are perfect because I am meeting a good friend tomorrow and she LOVES chocolate! Wow! I did find that I needed to cook them a bit closer to 10-12 minutes in my oven. They are so super moist!

  22. These look delicious! Loving your photography/lighting tonight!

  23. And just as I told myself I wasn’t going to be doing dessert for awhile these little babies popped up in my email. Thanks I guess? :)

  24. Do you have to use the coffee–I am not a coffee person.
    But these really look good!

  25. Wow, those look incredible!

  26. Sometimes I make cake mix cookies too. And for some reason people are always super impressed with them. But it’s true, they are pretty delicious.

  27. Well, we used to be friends… But then you used white “chocolate” in a recipe. Sigh. So sad. :(

  28. I’m so in love with these cookies! Who could ever turn down double chocolatey goodness? Oh and btw, I’m totally loving the old baking pan. It gives off such a rustic, vintage look!

  29. They are cookies of happiness! Delicious!

  30. Aww yeah! These sound awesome!

  31. These look awesome. I’d probably eat them all and get sick, without regretting it.

    We have a baking pan that warps in the heat of the oven and makes an incredibly loud noise. Imagine knowing your cookies are ready by hearing a big BANG!

  32. Oh those look great. And yes, cookies are the best food to share in the world. YUM!!!

  33. Big time yumminess in these cookies…not a big fan of white chocolate but there is always milk chocolate right? beautiful photos!!

  34. Wow I love how these cookies look, so chunky and goeey… I just saw them of foodgawker and had to check them out. Cake mix on cookies? Wow, I have never come across that :-) What does the cake mix do to these cookies? Maybe it gives them a sort of a cake consistency? please do tell. If I find a healthy cake mix and may go ahead and make them :-)

  35. Didn’t even notice the condition of the cookie sheet until you pointed it out, because I was soooo distracted by the cookies. And then I didn’t care because COOKIES.

  36. Just baked these this weekend and they are gone already. Fabulous!

  37. Your pictures make me drool!! Great blog. I am not sure about using cake mix in cookies but welll I guess I could try it if it makes cookies that look like THAT! You have created like chocolate heaven. (ppsst I have a couple of pans in my kitchen that look like that – procrastination in getting them replaced)

  38. Donna Howard says:

    Finally going to make these today, but am confused on what a ‘packet of coffee’ is? any ideas for translating into teaspoons, etc.?? Just not sure I’ve ever seen a packet, but having said that, I’m not a coffee person!! Thanks for all your good recipes!!

  39. If you feel the desire to get it sparkly shiny again, try using a mixture of dawn/water/oxi-clean powder (there should be generic versions out there) or just dawn + hydrogen peroxide.

    I had a similar baking sheet that is all shiny and new now.

  40. These look fantastic! I’m not sure of what you mean by a packet of coffee. What kind or how much (regular or instant) could I use?

  41. I’m curious how many cookies one recipe makes? I’m thinking of making these for a cookie exchange!

  42. my own baking sheets
    are battered and bruised too

    and i have no excuse
    for not going to buy new ones

    everything i make on them
    turns out just lovely

    so why mess with perfection?

    thanks for the recipe

    going to try it with
    mint chocolate baking pieces


  43. I absolutely love, love, love the main photo! The rest of the photos are beautiful too. Just so plain simple and so beautiful! Lots to learn from you guys.

  44. Made these and are AWESOME

  45. These look to DIE for! So chewy and yummy :)

  46. Just took these out of the oven…my boys grabbed them before they cooled! Absolutely yummy!

  47. These were pretty dang good. I put too much coffee but that was my bad.

  48. Great recipe! Nice and chewy and chocolaty. …. You must try! 8 minutes was perfect for me….

  49. I’m not a coffee drinker, so I’m wondering if I can make these without it. Your blog is killing me with deliciousness!!!

    • Yes, but the coffee hardly gives any “coffee flavor” – it just makes the chocolate more rich and deep. One of my coworkers tried it and loved it even as a non coffee drinker.

  50. woodee1981 says:

    Hi Lindsay! Kumusta? :) i’ve been a big Fan our your blog and Recipes! been actually baking them and it’s always a blast to my family and friends who gets to eat it. :) Do i really need to use a cake mix for this that comes from a box? Coz right now it’s so difficult to buy supplies in the city. :( Can i just use a cake mix recipe from scratch instead?

    By the way, I am really Grateful for the person that you are, coming here in the Philippines to teach and help. I wish you can visit Tacloban City ( the city badly ruined by typhoon Yolanda ) the next time you’re in the Phil. I would love to meet you in person. :)


  51. Made these this morning…amazing! I am a scratch baker, so it takes a lot for a cake mix to impress me. I used espresso powder in place of instant coffee and an extra tsp of Mexican vanilla. The family is very happy! Thanks for the great recipe.

  52. Thank you so much for this recipe! I made these just now with triple chocolate fudge cake mix, 1 cup of semi sweet chips, 1 cup of butter scotch chips, and an extra table spoon of espresso and they’re TO DIE FOR! I can’t wait until my family gets home so we can share these after dinner! I just wanted to stop by and thank you for sharing! I’ve been itching to get that cake mix out of my cabinet!

  53. Elise Porter says:

    About how many cookies does this recipe yield?

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