Harvest Wild Rice Skillet

Harvest Wild Rice Skillet: a 30-minute vegetarian dinner featuring the best foods of fall. 230 calories. | pinchofyum.com Har-vest.

Meaning (in my world) produce of the fall that makes you feel warm, fuzzy, and cozy, like crispy juicy apples and delicate buttery squash. And that’s exactly what we have going on here, with some onions and butter (always, you guys. always.), a handful of grated Provolone, and a hearty scoop of chewy, nutty, Minnesota-native wild rice to bring it all home. Represent.

Harvest Wild Rice Skillet: a 30-minute vegetarian dinner featuring the best foods of fall. 230 calories. | pinchofyum.com

Lately I’ve been hearing rumors that people don’t like squash.

If that’s true, then I am sharing this recipe in squash-loving vain. But I feel it deep down: some of you like squash too, right? I just feel it. Food vibes, people. Foooood vibes.

I am usually more of a pureed squash kinda person, like butternut squash soup, or butternut squash sauce for my mac and cheese, or kabocha squash creamified and currified as a base for lentils. But this time I gave my Blendtec a break. I decided to leave the squash in pieces this time because I recently found that sauteeing it with just the butter and the thyme is like something otherworldly. The flavors are unbeatable.

If you’re really lucky, you’ll get a little browning on the outside of the squash which is like winning the squash jackpot. On the particular day that I made this, I was

  1. in a hurry
  2. using up leftover wild rice
  3. finding a purpose for a random bag of frozen cubed squash

which is why I didn’t get lucky enough to have the nice browning on the squash. But if you use fresh squash, you will be that lucky and you’ll love it.

Harvest Wild Rice Skillet: a 30-minute vegetarian dinner featuring the best foods of fall. 230 calories. | pinchofyum.com

So the idea here is it’s a skillet so it’s just all these good things jiving together in the pan and then scooped into a bowl and eaten with a fork. It’s not really a soup or a casserole or anything like that… just a skillet. I know you get me.

Oh hey. One more thing. Bjork and I are vacationing in Montana for the next ten days with our best friends (weeeeeeeeeeeo!) and I’m looking forward to sharing some of the journey on Instagram in case you like that sorta looking-at-other-peoples-vacation-pictures thing like I do.

Also, if you yourself live in Montana, it’s only a matter of time before we’ll be neighbors because I’m moving here ASAP. Love. It.

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Harvest Wild Rice Skillet
Serves: 4
  • 1 small onion, minced
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 2 cups peeled, cubed butternut squash
  • ¼ teaspoon dried thyme (more to taste)
  • 2 cups cooked wild rice
  • 2 cups baby kale
  • 2 cups chopped (crispy juicy unpeeled) apples
  • 2 tablespoons cream, milk, or butter
  • ½ cup shredded Provolone cheese
  • salt to taste
  1. Saute the onion and butter in a large skillet over medium high heat until the onions are soft and translucent.
  2. Add the squash and thyme; saute for 5-8 minutes, until the squash is fork-tender but not mushy. Add the baby kale and wild rice and stir to combine. Add the cream, milk, or butter if the mixture needs a little moisture to help it all get groovy together.
  3. Add the apples last so they stay crispy. Add the cheese and stir a few times to get it melted into the ingredients.
I used quick cooking wild rice that was prepared in the rice cooker the day before Here's a post on how I peeled my kabocha squash in the Philippines - the same would apply for the butternut squash in this recipe. This would also be delish with a handful of toasted nuts. I am drooling as I type.

Nutrition Wild Rice Skillet

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  1. Who is spreading ill will about squash? These are the people who don’t like hummus too right? Well, more squash and hummus for those of us who know what is good!

  2. That looks so delicious. Love the pop of color from the squash. Yum!

  3. This looks so delicious!

  4. OK, this looks WONDERFUL… but, I can’t happen to notice the adorable dress you’re wearing! Very chic cook! :)

  5. Halle Graham says:

    This looks incredible!! I love squash and have actually been looking for a recipe to pair it with wild rice. Perfect!

  6. So my kind of meal! Squash and rice! YUMMY!! Oh and who could not like squash? It is may favorite!

  7. Hooray for wild rice season! Have you seen the new Food Network show Heartland Table? She’s in Minnesota and it looks amazing. I went last year when it was -10…yeah.

    • YES! And actually, she is the daughter of one of my co-workers! How funny, right?! I have yet to talk to my coworker about it (she’s retired now and is only in the building as a sub). My mom keeps telling me I need to watch the show and I keep reminding her we don’t have a TV. :) But I did see her in the Food Network magazine and was really excited to see a wild rice casserole. Yay MN!

  8. I mean, who ARE these people who don’t like squash?!! Ridic. Enjoy MT, I hear it is gorgeous!

  9. My husband is one of those squash haters (could have been a deal breaker)…..and I am a squash obsesser. This looks like it might be the perfect way to get him to eat my favorite fall veggie! Cover anything with cheese and it’s all good! Yummmm

  10. Yes, I love squash! And when the weather gets cold, butternut squash is all I ever want. This looks delicious and so easy — double win.

  11. *sheepishly raises hand* I’m one of those people who was never a huge fan of squash. BUT this recipe sounds yummy, and I am willing to try it. Now let’s see if I can get my fiancΓ© on board :-)

  12. I’m with you. I’m usually more of a fan of pureed squash as well. I have lots of squash right now, so i’ll give this a try! :) Thanks!

  13. People who don’t like squash are not my kind of people.
    I love this skillet dish- it reminds me of my many “use up the leftovers!” dishes that turn out wonderfully, randomly delicious. And I love me some chewy yum wild rice!

  14. The people who don’t like squash are the ones who haven’t tried it or haven’t tried it in the right way. This recipe is the perfect way to experience squash!

  15. Sounds totally yummy! We would really enjoy this “skillet”! :-)

  16. This looks really amazing! Wow, yummy!

    Love Katie

    I just recently tried one of Jamie Olivers 15min meals! please check it out! http://whatskatieupto.wordpress.com/

  17. Yummy! I am totally digging squash this fall more than any other, and I think following your blog has something to do with that :)

  18. Wow that looks amazing! Wonderful flavors :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  19. Wil rice is such a MN food and I have such fond memories of it. Love that you also put apple in this!

  20. The weather is JUST now starting to really change here and I cannot wait to make this skillet ‘o’ goodness. Have fun on your vacation girl! I can’t wait to follow along πŸ˜‰

  21. You can count me off the list of rumored squash haters – because I love squash. I do know that rumor is true though, because I know quite a few of those people who don’t like squash. Oh well, their loss I guess :) The squash with the apple sounds like the perfect fall combo and of course add a little provolone cheese and wild rice and it sounds like a great skillet dish.

  22. Lizabeth K says:

    You only dress nice when you’re cooking for photo shoots, right? Because my cooking “uniform” is sweats. Always. Even/especially slippers.

    I love squash and everything about this recipe. Can’t wait to make it! :)

    • Bahahaha – it was pure luck that I was wearing a real outfit. That’s one reason it’s good for me to be back teaching – I actually have to wear real clothes. I mean, come on, you came over this summer and saw what I was wearing at 10am. I cringe at the memory.

  23. I need more skillet meals in my life. Loving this!

  24. That looks wonderfully hearty, healthy and satisfying! Squash rocks in any way, shape or form :)

  25. This looks awesome! Will be trying it soon. I love squash. Who ever has said they don’t like squash just hasn’t it in a decent recipe. I admit roasted is my favorite but really its so versatile, and there is like a million varieties. It can be the star like in puree/soup (currently have some of that in my freezer), or be among a nice cast of characters inside a nice fall stew with root veggies, or in finely diced and sauteed in a breakfast hash. Have a great trip! :) Its so pretty up there.

  26. Ooooh love that this comes together so easily!

  27. This looks so good! Making it this weekend :) I can already tell it will be a hit.

  28. Jessica Ford says:

    This looks amazing! I love every squash, and I can’t wait to try this!!

  29. Squash is a favorite around our house. We had some pureed with coconut milk the other night and it was amazing. This recipe is going to happen very soon. Sounds delicious and it is so pretty too!

  30. Mmmm, squash. Rumor = false. Absolutely false. This looks so tasty! Have fun in Montana!

  31. Ok, so Super Yum!! If only I wasn’t banned from eating grains and cheese for the next 14 days. . . I’d totally be all over this. How would it be with Delicata squash do you think? I’ve yet to try that variety, but I can tell already we may be bffs, me and Delicata – no peeling = great squash for lazy cooks. . . .
    I went to school in Missoula. Yay Montana!! Two words: Gor Geous. πŸ˜‰
    Are you driving through North Idaho? That lovely little panhandle slice is where I grew up!

    • I don’t know if I’ve ever cooked with delicata. But basically squash is squash is delicious, so I’d go for it. :) We drove through Missoula yesterday! So fun!

  32. I heard about the earthquake in Cebu this morning and couldn’t help but think of you and the orphanage there. I hope all your friends in Cebu are accounted for and safe. I said a prayer for the folks there.

    • Thank you Jenny. I’ve been obsessively reading about it since I heard last night, it’s really heavy on my heart. All the kids at the shelter are safe but all of our “regular places” in Cebu have suffered a lot of damage, like our apartment, and it’s likely that many of the workers at CSC have had damage to their homes. It breaks my heart to think about the battle that it will be to clean up and rebuild, not to mention the lives lost. THank you thank you thank you for caring and praying!

  33. Hi Lindsay, I have been following your blog for a few weeks now and I wanted to say I love how helpful you are with your advice to new bloggers. Your recipes are amazing too, needless to add. I have some wild rice that’s been sitting in my cupboard and now I know exactly what I want to cook with it!

  34. Hey Lindsey! I was wondering how come you don’t water mark your pictures? Just curious :)

    • I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not I want to. I guess my biggest reason is that I don’t like the look of it. But I don’t know, with all the people who are “stealing” images these days I’ve definitely thought about it.

  35. Just made this for dinner…lovely! Every time I see one of your recipes come up on facebook, I just want to go and make it :)

  36. This looks and sounds amazing! I love the squash/apple combo, and we finally had our first real fall-ish day down in Georgia. So after seeing this post, I am so ready to start cooking fall-ish dishes… Specifically, this one. These ingredients are going on my shopping list.

  37. I wouldn’t mind going to work so much if I knew I could take a lunch break for this :)

  38. Can’t wait to try this one. I love squash but my hubby is one of those haters. His loss, all the more for me! Can’t wait to see your photos of Montana… <3 my home state!

  39. Thanks for this! I’ve been trying to find ideas for my leftover cubed squash–perfect!

  40. 1. Who cares about squash when you are ROCKING that gorgeous dress?!
    2. Frozen cubed squash… Does everyone else know that this exists? What a wonderful idea! I love squash, but triple-hate cutting it up. Where did you buy yours?

  41. I’m way behind the times, but I just made this for dinner with pork chops and it was amazing!

  42. This was fantastic! I had to veganize it for my allergies but still delicious. A nice mix of savory and sweet with the apples. I had a wild rice craving after visiting family in Wisconsin and this was perfect!

  43. My husband and kids are squash haters. They did not get that from me. I made this with a rutabaga and it was a hit.

  44. can’t wait to try this with the leftover wild rice & squash from the cellar. What are your thoughts on leaving out the cheese (allergic to whey). Nanc from western MN (four miles from ND)

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