Sticky Bourbon Chicken with Rice

Sticky Bourbon Chicken with Rice - simple ingredients, extremely easy prep, WOWZA good. |


That? That’s my life right there. That sticky bourbon chicken with rice on a blue plate/bowl basically sums it all up. No further comment. See it and believe it.

Mardi Gras? Um, didn’t even know it was, like, now. Or yesterday. When was it again? This bourbon sauce has me all in a tizzy. As fun and coordinated and themey as it might seem with the timing of Mardi Gras and me making bourbon chicken, the real me is more of an I-ate-it-at-Leeann-Chins-and-it-totally-surprised-me-with-yum-and-now-I-need-to-make-it-at-home kind of a cook. And oh, by the way, Mardi Gras. It was probably meant to be anyways.

The number one thing I love about this recipe? Spending about five minutes of hands on time and eventually walking out to the table with a gorgeously saucy golden platter of chicken, like so.

Sticky Bourbon Chicken with Rice - simple ingredients, extremely easy prep, WOWZA good. |

Like as if it’s fancy or something. Er, I don’t make chicken a lot – maybe that’s not even fancy looking. Don’t tell me.

But seriously, the five minute thing? You do have to have a tiny bit of planning ahead because it marinates the night before, but just try to find something as delicious and as simple to prepare that has a fun name like sticky bourbon chicken. With rice.

Speaking of rice, what the heck. It’s tasting so good lately. For most of my life I have been one of those girls who said the dumbest thing: “I don’t like rice”. UM WHAT. That’s a) weird, and b) annoying. Maybe the Philippines is finally breaking through to my food soul, or maybe the loooong drizzle of oil and thick sprinkle of salt is helping. But thankfully I’m over that non-rice-liking weirdness now, and when I smell the fragrant basmati cooking away in that little red rice cooker, I get extremely food happy.

Plus rice is basically your sponge for the sticky sweet bourbon soy garlic brown sugar-y sauce, so how can you not love it?  Treat yourself right. Sticky Bourbon Chicken with Rice now.

Sticky Bourbon Chicken with Rice - simple ingredients, extremely easy prep, WOWZA good. |

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Sticky Bourbon Chicken with Rice
Serves: 6
  • 1½ lbs. chicken thighs (I used boneless skinless - delish!)
  • ½ cup low sodium soy sauce
  • ¼ cup oil
  • ¼ cup vinegar
  • ¼ cup bourbon
  • ¼ cup brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon crushed or sliced ginger (fresh, not dried)
  • 4 cloves crushed garlic
  • 4-5 green onions, cut into thirds or sliced
  • 1 cup uncooked basmati rice
  1. THE NIGHT BEFORE: Combine the soy sauce, oil, vinegar, bourbon, and brown sugar in a bowl. Whisk until combined. Place the chicken in a baking dish (a casserole pan or something with high sides) with lid and pour the sauce over the chicken. Toss in the ginger, garlic, and half of the green onions. Cover and marinate overnight (or for as many hours as you have before baking).
  2. THE DAY OF: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Uncover the chicken and bake directly in the marinade for 45 minutes, basting the chicken with the sauce periodically and/or turning the pieces upside down to get them baking in the sauce on both sides. Cook the rice according to package directions.
  3. When the chicken is done, turn the oven temperature to broil and bake for an additional 5-10 minutes to get a nice, browned exterior on the chicken. Remove and serve whole or cut, with extra sauce and scallions, over the rice.
Nutrition facts are for the chicken and rice with most but not all of the sauce. I was pretty generous with my saucing and still had some sauce left in the pan.

Nutrition facts include the rice.

bourbon chicken nutrition

Sticky Bourbon Chicken with Rice - simple ingredients, extremely easy prep, WOWZA good. |
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  1. Oh my goodness! Yes, that does look mighty fine. How can anyone say no this chicken, especially when bourbon is involved?

  2. Bourbon chicken is an absolute yum fest. Especially when it’s homemade and sticky and includes sauce soaked rice and only 5 minutes of hands on time! What? Is that even a real sentence.
    So much goodness.

  3. I’m totally with you on the rice! I always thought of it as a lame alternative to pasta, but now I kind of love it. This chicken looks so good!

  4. That looks delicious and fancy in the same time!

  5. 5 minute hands on time is pretty much the only way to go when it comes to making chicken! this recipe is definitely a must make =) YUM!

  6. Sticky sauce, sticky chicken, and soon to be my sticky fingers digging right in! You may want to avert your eyes…

  7. This is one meal that I know the whole family will enjoy!

  8. That looks like it has a really, really favorable effort-to-yum ratio :)

    Going on my list for this weekend for sure! I’m always looking for ways to use boneless, skinless chicken thighs.

  9. I’ve never ate bourbon chicken before, but I think I need to try it 😉 I love easy chicken recipes and too often I fall back on the same tried & true recipes. Time to change it up! Thanks Lindsey (and gorgeous pictures! I want to eat it off the screen!)

  10. Wha? Only 5 minutes? I’m all for it. This is going on next week’s menu.

  11. Oh I know this will be a hit! Love the photos they make me want to reach through the screen and devour the dish :)

  12. My goodness Lindsay everything about this dish is right up my alley. Making this asap!

  13. This looks amazing!!!!

  14. Wow-this looks incredible! I love that the hands on time is only 5 minutes, this is definitely going on my ‘to-make’ list!

  15. Hi. Is this recipe slow cookerable? I made that word up. But, the question still stands.

  16. This is my kind of food. Seriously.

  17. I think I just drooled on my keyboard. This looks so insanely good!

  18. This. Looks. Awesome. (DROOL).

  19. My goodness, could that chicken look any more appetizing? I totally forgot about Mardi Gras too (we call it Pancake Day in the UK!) and there wasn’t a pancake in sight at our house. Oh well, next year!

  20. This looks fantastic! Question: does it matter what type of vinegar? White wine vinegar, white balsamic vinegar, just good ‘ole Heinz white vinegar? Thanks!

  21. This looks waaaay too delicious!! I’m definitely trying this on the weekend!!
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  22. Ok, every time I see bourbon chicken I think of the mall and the little men walking around with trays full of the stuff for you to try. Of course, I always do because its delicious! Now I can make it at home! YUM! Love this and the pics are da bomb!

  23. Oh geez. This looks…well…you know. AWESOME. I started making Hawaiian Shoyu Chicken a while back and the recipe is quite similar to this. SO easy and delicious I can hardly stand it. Lovely as always! -Rachael

  24. This looks amazing and I can’t wait to make it. Even more, to eat it. I do have one question – What type of vinegar?

  25. Ahhhh please don’t mention Leann Chin unless you plan on same day shipping some to the east coast. True life–I have a reminder in my phone to go there on my next visit back home to MN. Cream cheese puffs haunt my dreams.

  26. We’ll be trying this soon… We love chicken thighs and Asian flavors, so this “hits the mark!” BTW, I’ve always been oblivious to Mardi Gras but I love cooking with bourbon! Thanks, Lindsey!

  27. Ohhh my, can I have some please??!!

  28. I may or may not have eaten copious amounts of rice with french fries for lunch today. So there’s that. Also, I wish I could eat copious amounts of this for lunch tomorrow (and the day after that, and the day after that, ….) Pinned!

  29. Danngggg what an incredible recipe with a ton of awesome flavors. Cannot wait to try :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  30. Yes! It’s printing now and will be stuck on the bulletin board because I am going to make this. I will report back to you. :) Looks good!

  31. Lord Love a Duck (or chicken in this case)! That looks scrumptious. Since I’ve started Paleo, I think I’ll see if I can convert it. Lindsay your gorgeous photos make me droll!! And I’m learning sooooo much from the Food Blogger Pro course!!

  32. Oops! I was drooling so much I forgot how to spell the word!!

  33. I am from Louisiana and can tell you that this is perfect for Mardi Gras (which was Tuesday). All you need is a side of king cake! That’s what you should make next!

  34. I am making this tonight ! Will report back. I’m curious how you determine the nutritional stats? Do you use some sort of app for that?

  35. This looks amazing! What a great combination. This will be our next Sunday chicken.

  36. Oh my goodness. You had me at 5 minute prep. Or bourbon. Or “I love rice”. Basically, the whole time. Bookmarking this one! – and boneless, skinless chicken thighs? *love* 😉

  37. Love that this recipe is a make ahead. I don’t cook with liquor much, but this looks right up my alley :)

  38. Been making this recipe for 5+ years after a friend made it for a Mardi Gras party. Her trick was to put on the grill after cooking to crisp, give grill marks and a great flavor. Also made a second batch of sauce and after chicken was done, chunked and return to sauce. It is very good!

    • Delicious! I did shred some of the meat after the photos because I thought it would freeze better. Also, grilling sounds amazing right about now. Winter has got us locked inside but I love me some grill!

  39. Oh gosh, this looks like my kind of meal…

  40. That is just calling my name! I had stomach flu and I was a little of but I think I am cured because I do feel like eat that chicken while during 4 days I was disgusted by food!
    Must try real soon!

  41. Bourbon chicken was one of my favorite thing to buy at the mall food court. Yours look much tastier and healthier. I better try this recipe when I get bourbon. Thanks!

  42. Looks yummy! I’ve always wondered what it was like to live in a non-Mardi Gras place. People this far south tend to escape during the week and go elsewhere… I have to admit it’s a little intense.

  43. Clicked over from Shutterbean’s I Love lists! She said it best “you had me at bourbon.” Can’t wait to try this :)

  44. I’m not a huge rice fan either, and it drives my guy insane. After potatoes and sourdough bread, it’s his carb of choice, but I’d much rather sneak another slice of cake or warm melty chocolate chip cookie instead… But anyway. That gorgeous sticky sauce looks amazing! Definitely worth scooping out a small serving of rice to make sure I wouldn’t miss a single drop. :)

  45. Honestly, I had no idea there were so many amazing recipes out there using bourbon until I started a blog called “Bourbon and Brown Sugar.” Yum! Can’t wait to try this one:) And can I take a moment to thank you for your amazing photography book and all the tips you share on this site? I have learned so much from you two, and I’m very grateful…

  46. WOW! I just made this and let the chicken marinate overnight and this was amazing. Thank you for posting this!

  47. This right here is exactly what I’ve been looking for recently. I’m starting to try to make meal plans, so this is *definitely* going on next week’s plan!

    Do you think it could do without the ginger, though? My boyfriend is a gingerphobe.

    • Yes but no! :) The fresh ginger is sooo good.

      • I suppose I could try to hide the ginger from him. He’s observant though, so it may be a losing battle. XD

        • I knew a truly excellent chef who couldn’t abide fresh ginger. For me, no matter how hard I’ve tried, fresh cilantro almost sends me out of the kitchen. A friend with the same tendency agrees with me that it belongs in the plant family that includes vile stinkweed, which grows on the Canadian prairies. But we digress….

          • Haha! I like cilantro, but in moderation. My boyfriend likes to just lump the cilantro into guac and I just can’t take that. I think his dislike of ginger stems from a particularly bad encounter with some candied ginger his dad brought home once.

  48. Yum! Sign me up for a big bowl of this deliciousness!

  49. An amazing meal…my tummy is still hoggishly overfull. I do want to notn the shortage of men in your comments (Chickens! Pun shamelessly intended). At the same time, I noted that you have to specify fresh ginger. OMG, there’s no substitute. The same is true of beautiful fresh garlic. I’ve been known to visibly toss little cans of “garlic salt” out of friends’ spice racks, delivering a rope of fresh stuff the next day.

  50. This sounds great! Can you make it without the bourbon?

    • Wait, Lindsay! I just realized this was you :-) Fun to see your blog!

      • Oh my gosh! Took me a minute, I think because of your different last name… then I got it! :) How are you?! Still in MN? Small world! And yes, you could do it without the bourbon but I do think it adds a lot of depth that you wouldn’t get otherwise. Not that it would be bad, just not the same. Hope you are well! Thanks for stopping by! :)

    • I didn’t have bourbon, so I googled and found that you can sub vanilla extract for bourbon. Hope this helps. :)

  51. What?! I’m so glad that you have jumped on the rice wagon. Being Korean, I had no choice. Rice is my life ;). And you’re absolutely right. It’s basically a sponge for anything and everything. While I grew up eating white rice, the health-consious me is making it scarier and scarier, as my husband describes it. Hello, purple rice. This chicken dish sounds marvelous! I’ve never cooked with bourbon before. Can’t wait to try!

  52. I Tried this last week, it was good, totally enjoyed it. Thanks Linsay

  53. Did you say 5 minutes? If I weren’t already convinced by the Bourbon, I was with the prep time.

    I make chicken a lot so I can confidently say that your chicken looked fancy. Beautiful! Can’t wait to try this!!!

  54. Okay, I want to make this tomorrow, but I have no bourbon and I will be snowed in – how can I make this work without it??? Rum?

  55. I love bourbon chicken, make it all the time,…. your recipe looks delicious! :-) It’s a bit different than mine so I printed your post to give it a try!

    check out my Hot Fudge Cake post
    Michael :-)

  56. This is the recipe in which everything went wrong and, somehow, still turned out just right… Just a few drops of white vinegar left for the recipe, only ground ginger in the cupboard, accidentally bought bone-in chicken thighs (so I had to touch raw chicken and yank the slimy skin off in chunks), ran out of soy sauce, had only dried minced onions instead of green onions… and the list of mishaps continues… and my family raved about it! :) I can’t wait to try it again, and do it right!

  57. Hi,

    I made this and it was amazing! The flavor is just fantastic. One question – my sauce did not get very sticky – is there something i am not doing? thanks!

  58. This is AWESOME! I could have sat down and just drank the sauce! I will definitely be making this again. I used Cider Vinegar instead of plain and I will reduce the sugar just a bit (Plus I used succanat instead of brown as I follow a clean eating life style) but this is definitely a keeper! Can’t rate this one high enough. You could use the sauce on beef, too.

  59. charlotte says:

    Just curious would I need to adapt the time of cooking or anything else for using chicken breasts instead?

    • I used boneless skinless chicken breasts as well–next time, I’ll cut the cooking time back by about 5 minutes, is the only adjustment. Were just a bit dry.

  60. Really looking forward to making this, your recipes have never steered me wrong! I was wondering if you could recommend a substitute for bourbon? I’m in Canada and apparently we don’t get the mini bottles of any bourbon here, and I’m not sure I want to buy a large one.


  61. jennifer says:

    I’ve made this 3 times already, and have another batch waiting in the freezer! It is SO good! The last time I made it, I threw in broccoli florets with the chicken for the last few minutes, and that was a nice addition.

    Thanks for the great recipe! I’ll be making this many more times, I’m sure! I want to try adding a serrano in the mix next time. 😉


  62. Stephanie says:

    Made this delicious recipe tonight!! My husband loved it, we have leftovers and every now and then I catch him going in to the kitchen and picking at those leftovers. Have you ever tried making a reduction out of the sauce or thickening it a little??

  63. Margaret says:

    Ummm….this was ahhhh-mazing. I mean, amazing. And easy, which is what makes it extra amazing. I used to be one of those people who thought I only liked chicken “from restaurants”. As an adult I realize this is because my mom was really bad at cooking chicken (sorry, Mom). I have since realized that I can enjoy a home-cooked chicken meal…but THIS is home-cooked chicken masquerading as restaurant quality chicken. We added some frozen broccoli to the mix (also easy)…and I will admit that we used leftover basmati rice from our Indian take-out earlier in the week. So there was just a touch of restaurant in there, but I don’t think it would have mattered. The chicken was moist and delicious and the sauce would make cardboard taste pretty good. Thank you Lindsay, for making me feel like a culinary genius for at least one night (even though I know it was 95% you).

  64. Thanks for a wonderful recipe! This scored a 5 on our home food ratings scale, meaning “make every week”. Delicious! :)

  65. Wow! Just finished and all I have to say is DELICIOUS!!! Will definitely be making this again. Thanks for the fantastic recipe!

  66. Hi Lindsay,

    I made your bourbon chicken for lunch today and it tasted great! But I ran into a few issues…

    I made the maranade, the only subsitution I made was some Honey Kentucky Liquor (google told it would be okay) instead of bourbon. I marinated the theighs overnight, then I put them on a baking sheet and put them into the oven at 350, the sauce ran off them a bit but I didnt think anything of it. It was collecting and burning in the corners so I tried to scrape it out. I re-suaced the chicken at 15 mins in and flipped it, then at 30 mins in it looked pretty done and I resuaced it again. I set my oven to broil and literally not even 3 minutes later I had plumes of smoke coming out of my oven and all the smoke detectors went off.

    The chicken still tasted good, but didnt have that thick coat yours does in the photo. Also I dont understand how when I cooked it like less then half the time you suggest it still got way overburnt and the suace was burning all over the pan (I had to throw it out). I really loved this chicken and want to make it again, do you have any idea of what I can do to improve this? Im not very experienced in cooking so my troubleshooting skills for this are getting me nowhere and I was hoping you might have some ideas.


    • Hi Lauren, it is actually supposed to stay in a pan with high sides (the same pan you marinate it in, ideally) so all the sauce stays in the pan as it bakes. I’ll have to double check the directions to make sure that’s clear.

  67. Brigitte says:

    I just made this and the flavor is really good, but it didn’t turn out exactly how I expected it to based off the pictures. My chicken didn’t brown at all, and I left it under the broiler for 12 minutes. My chicken also didn’t get sticky. I followed the recipe exactly. I think next time, I’ll try honey instead of brown sugar and add a bit of cornstarch to thicken the sauce a little.

  68. David Medsker says:

    Made this tonight, and it was a big hit with the family (no leftovers, which is always a good sign). Tried a slow cooker version of bourbon chicken before this, and it was disappointing, so thank you for pointing us in the right direction. :)

  69. Hello – made your chicken and it was delicious. Mine didn’t come out sticky though, so not sure what I did wrong. I used and measured all of the ingredients on the recipe. The marinade came up about 3/4 the way up on the thighs in the pan. Maybe I should have used a larger pan so that the marinade could reduce more?

  70. This dish looks awesome! It looks like the skin was removed… Is that your preference or would it come out better with skin removed…?

    • I just bought skinless chicken thighs and those worked well for me – we don’t usually love eating the skin but it usually does help add some moisture and juiciness… so either way is doable! :)

  71. Yum! I LOVE bourbonchicken. I’m definitely making this recipe. I don’t always have bourbon in the house. Is it possible to substitute the bourbon? We do have Honey Whiskey in the house from time to time…

  72. So I made this last week, absolutely WONDERFUL!! I’ve noticed though a few comments stating the same thing I ran into…the sauce not getting thick! Well I made the recipe exactly as stated, but after the 45 mins sauce was still runny, so I poured the sauce into a skillet & REDUCED it! BEST IDEA EVER! Turned out EXACTLY like the pic! And it was so yummy! Thanks for the recipe! My 2nd batch is marinating in the fridge as I type

  73. I was so psyched to make this – as I”ve had Bourbon chicken before at a restaurant. Plus is was so easy to put together. I was having company last night for dinner and decided to try it. So I doubled the recipe – including the marinating sauce (marinated about 7 hrs). Problem was – the sauce didn’t thicken up or cook down and glaze over the chicken. So not sticky at all. Used skinless/boneless thighs and also some chicken breast tenders. I used Cidar vinegar – as it didn’t specify? It was in a 10 x 13 glass pan – 3inch sides. Sauce almost covered the chicken. It tasted ok – but thinking maybe had too much chicken and sauce in that one pan? Learned to NEVER brave a new recipe on company (although they did say it tasted good). LOL – pretty obvious. But thinking with all the rave reviews – the problem was me. Going to try it again – only make exactly as is.

  74. I was super excited to make this! Flavor was good and followed recipe exactly however mine didn’t thicken up and get to be sticky consistency either. Not sure what I did wrong. Open for any suggestions.

  75. What kind of vinegar do you use? And has anyone ever used chicken breasts?

  76. Wow….it’s simply to cook but so tasty! I hope to try it very soon ❤(っ^▿^)

  77. Stephanie says:

    I loved the recipe but my husband wasn’t crazy about it because the sauce wasn’t sticky or thick. I followed the recipe and used Apple Cider Vinegar – do you think that was the issue? Do you use regular white vinegar to get the thicker consistency? Or have any other tips?

    Flavor was still great and will make again!

  78. I made this for dinner last night and served it to company. I used chicken breasts cut into thirds but otherwise followed the recipe to the letter. Everyone loved it and cleaned their plates. I don’t think the time in the oven is enough to thicken the all the marinade. Perhaps next time I might try reducing the sauce after the chicken is cooked or I might try using a larger baking dish so the marinade spreads out more. I expect the leftovers will taste even better today. Overall, easy and delicious.

  79. Really wanna make this meal but am having a hard time translating ( i live in ireland) so far i have translated bourbon to “jack Daniels” and havnt been able to find white vinegar anywhere, so please help me. is there anything i can subsitute white vinegar for?? and also we dont have broil settings on our ovens across the pond so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as this meal looks delicious

    • Distilled vinegar! just “plain” vinegar! Does that help?

      • And broil is basically the hottest setting on the oven, where just the top gets hot so that the food will get browned.

      • We have distilled malt vinegar,I appreciate you writing back as I’m aware this isn’t a cooking class :) we don’t have broil settings on the oven in Ireland so I guess I can just wing it

        • Just go for high heat to get the browning and some “stickyness” to the chicken. :) Good luck!

          • just thought id update you as to how it went, made it just there and was pretty damn nice..i substituted white vinegar for cider vinegar like other people did and to get the “browing” i just grilled both sides and i think it did the job. loved the sauce on the rice i hoovered it up!! will definitely be making this again :) if only your measurements weren’t in cups 😛 thanks again for the help!

          • Thanks Jason! Glad to hear that!

  80. This is a great recipe – very easy and excellent taste! I’ve made it two times, and it’s definitely better when made with thigh meat. Using dark meat allowed me to cook the sauce longer & let it reduce, rather than adding cornstarch.

  81. Melissa Britton says:

    This is terrible! I’m sorry but this BARELY taste like bourbon chicken. I followed the recipe exact and it turned out very oily and vinegary, it over powered everything else. I have read your recipe over and over to see if I missed something and the only thing I can guess is that since you didn’t specify a certain oil and vinegar that I used the wrong ones! It barely had any sweetness to it either. Highly disappointed for the wasted time and money and the let down to my daughter!

  82. Amy Toarmina says:

    Hi, thank you for the great recipe. I didn’t have white vinegar, so I used rice wine vinegar. Also I used split chicken breasts. Marinaded the chicken overnight and put on the grill. I served it with yellow zatarans rice. Super yummy. I used Buffalo Trace bourbon. Thanks again. I will make thus again and again!

  83. I had everything planned for making this after seeing it at a different site. When it came time to cook dinner last night, I couldn’t find the original site. So a little google search and I found your blog. I didn’t have green onions, the original site didn’t call for it. I also didn’t know I was supposed to let it marinate overnight. So I improvised. I sliced onions and spread them all over the chicken before pouring the sauce on it. Then at the end, I thickened the sauce and poured it back over the chicken for an additional 15 minutes in the oven. Then I prayed that I didn’t completely ruin the dish.

    The result? A wonderful sticky, yummy, family loved it, picky daughter gobbled it up, delight! I cannot wait to do this again, only I will let it marinate this time. LOL I signed up for your blog so I can get the rest of your recipes and I cannot wait to try them. My entire family gave 2 thumbs up. Thank you!!

  84. Just finished making this, and it was a hit! Chicken was flavorful, tender and sticky – as advertised! I served with basmati rice cooked with lemon juice and coconut milk with some fresh chopped cucumber for crunch. Thanks for sharing!

  85. Oh YUM! I’m so happy to see a recipe that includes Basmati rice, instead of jasmine or just plain ol’ standard grocery store white rice. I am not a fan of standard American rice, but Basmati rice bring a whole new, wonderful meaning to the word ‘rice’. It is absolute HEAVEN! I know this is a seriously dumb question, but I don’t drink alcohol, and I have zero use for a bottle of bourbon, we don’t have liquor in our home at all. Is there anything that can be used in its place? I really love bourbon chicken, and I’d love to try this one! Thanks for posting! :)

    • Great question, Jenne! We obviously used bourbon in our recipe tests, but from what I read you could try this: Substitute one part vanilla extract plus two parts water for each tablespoon of bourbon. Let us know how it works out!

  86. Antonette Taylor says:

    When you say 1/4 bourbon do you mean alcohol? I’m totally clueless because I have no experience cooking with alcohol.

    • Hi, Antonette! This recipe does call for 1/4 cup real bourbon (alcohol). It is pretty simple to use in this recipe, but if you are looking for an alternative you could try substituting one part vanilla extract plus two parts water for each tablespoon of bourbon. Enjoy!

  87. Can this recipe be made up to the marinating step and frozen to be cooked later?

    • Good question! We never tried doing that, but I think it would work. Make sure to take the meat and marinade out of the freezer the night before you want to cook it so it has time to thaw in the fridge.

  88. can this recipe be adjusted for the slow cooker?

  89. Ethan Wilson says:

    Basmati? No, you upgrade your life right now to Jasmine Rice.

  90. Hi Lindsay/Kristen/Team –

    (I LOVE your site, btw)

    – Talk to me about not doing a cornstarch slurry w/ this. Do you think it would thicken up the sauce and give it a little glisten?
    – Do we have a feeling on vinegar here? Dry white wine is a go and great, but would sherry or champagne make any kind of impact?
    – Adding dark soy sauce? Yes? no :( Do you have thoughts? How about a little Xin Shao wine?

    So sorry if you’ve addressed any of the above previously (or above! ha) there are so many great comments it was daunting to read them all! You have a very awesome, and deservedly so, fan base :)


    • I’ll have Lindsay get back to you, Drew! :)

    • Elizabeth says:

      Hi Lindsay,
      Made this, with a few tweaks, for dinner tonight! I had a lot of leftover chicken from a rotisserie chicken I got a few days ago, so I doubled your recipe for the sauce, sautéed some broccoli and onions, dumped the chopped chicken in in with those and then topped with the slightly reduced from boiling (and thickened with cornstarch) sauce. DEFINITELY a winner with me and my husband, though next time I’ll bring down the ginger amount and add some water chestnuts. Thanks so much for your great jumping off point!!


  91. Bourbon Chicken Recipe says:

    Indeed thanks for providing necessary information about bourbon chicken. I really appreciate to u,all are such a good information.Thanks……

  92. I’m not a alcohol drinker or buyer, so what is your bourbon prefrence? I can’t wait to try this recipe out with my family!

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