Super Easy Crockpot Broccoli Cheese Soup

broccoli cheese soupPinit

I love when comfort food dinners magically appear in my Crockpot.

Magic broccoli cheese soup is the perfect thing that allows me to avoid the kitchen and yet find myself on the couch with a bowl of cheesy goodness watching cat videos. And I say cat videos is because we’ve already watched every pug video that exists on the internet.

That’s actually not a joke.

This deliciously easy scenario typically starts with me emailing Bjork at noon, begging him to put these five ingredients in the slow cooker, and responding to his 14 questions via Google chat about what medium sized florets look like.

broccoli cheese soup

Translation: you could probably make this blindfolded and with one hand tied behind your back. Chop, pour, and switch on, and jump back into whatever you were doing, like if you’re me, devouring every page of the Hunger Games. Which have completely overtaken my life, again. I’m currently plowing through the third one and I’m already making a plan for how I’m going to console myself when I’m done with it.

Maybe eat soup forever? That’s the best I can do right now.

broccoli cheese soup

Guess what’s awesome to eat? Creamy, thick, comforting soup, with pieces of yummy cheese-covered broccoli, and buttery bread dunked in it, and cheese melted into it, and then a little more of all of it.

broccoli cheese soup

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Super Easy Crockpot Broccoli Cheese Soup
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 6-8
  • 2-3 large heads of broccoli
  • 1 large onion, diced
  • 2 cans cream of chicken, potato, or mushroom soup, homemade version here
  • 1 can milk (just refill the empty soup can)
  • 2 12 ounce cans evaporated milk
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • cheddar cheese for topping
  1. Chop broccoli into bite-sized florets.
  2. Place soup, milk, evaporated milk, onion, and broccoli in a slow cooker. Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 6-8.
  3. Blend 3-4 cups of soup until broccoli has broken into small pieces, about 10 seconds. Add back to the pot and stir to combine. Season with salt and pepper and top with shredded cheese.

And now, watch and love.

Slow Cooker Broccoli Cheese Soup - Super easy and full of cheesy flavor |
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  1. Yum, I love broccoli-cheese soup! I’m eating your Asian chicken salad for lunch today – it’s so good.

  2. You got that right! So easy!! And so tasty looking :)

  3. This soup looks very satisfying! I love creamy, cheesy soups and broccoli and cheddar is definitely one of my favorites!

  4. Did you bring a slow cooker with you or was that a purchase? I’m curious. :)

  5. That could not be cuter. She definitely doesn’t miss one bit! And this soup – comfort at its best!

  6. After just eating a bowl of very boring chicken noodle soup with some questionable looking chicken chunks that I ate around, I have never wanted a huge bowl of broccoli cheese soup more. Totally making this. Like TOMORROW.

  7. I was like tho only kid ever who LOVED broccoli! LOL! Haven’t made a soup like this in ages, though. And it’s about TIME! Love that using the slow cooker keeps me out of a hot kitchen, I’m sure you do too. 😉

  8. This soup does sound amazingly easy! And who doesn’t love broccoli and cheese–they’re clearly a match made in heaven. :) Hooray!

  9. I just made a broccoli cheese soup this weekend but I have to try this easy slow cooker recipe. I don’t get to use my slow cooker enough!

  10. This is like the ultimate comfort food!

  11. this sounds incredible!! I will definitely have to make this a ton this winter.

  12. This looks sooooo yummy!

  13. yessss crockpot recipes are such winners!! delicious!!

  14. This looks delightful. I would love my husband to plop these ingredients in the crockpot while I was out!

  15. that video was too cute!!!! and the soup looks oh soooo good. lovin’ the pepper shaker!

  16. Just going to leave a little food/cat joke for ya.. :)

    How is cat food sold? Usually purr can

  17. How cute is she?! Love it! And this soup, definitely love this soup!

  18. I just wanted to share that I made this soup this week. I followed the recipe completely except that I stirred the cheese in at the end versus just leaving it on top. It was delicious and I’ll be sure to make it again. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Love the blog!

  19. I just put this in the crock pot for dinner! :) It’s already smelling so yummy!

  20. Hi,

    Is that two small (5 oz/147 ml) cans or two of the larger cans of evaporated milk?

    Looks yummy, and I’m about to make it!

  21. Hi Lindsay,
    I love reading your blog – for all its simple and quick recipes and about the wonderful things you are doing in the Philippines. This recipe looks extremely easy – its just that I do not have a crock-pot / slow cooker. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how to make this on a regular stove-top. Also, what is the best substitute for evaporated milk? Should I use heavy cream?
    Many thanks,

    • I would use something more like half and half instead of heavy cream. You could also use regular milk and thicken it a bit with regular cream.

  22. Delicious! Kid approved:)

  23. Traymeshia says:

    Im going to put this on shortly but whats a great substitite if you do not have evaporated milk?

  24. Am i the only one that my soup curdled? Only 3 hours on high so far and Yup..chunky..any suggestions?

  25. Oh, my. I need this on my table soon. What a delicious soup!

  26. My mom is in the hospital and very ill. She hadn’t been eating much. One night, after a surgery she was so hungry. I had seen the deli had broccoli cheese soup and she got so excited. When I got there to get her some, they had sold out. I wanted to cry. I found your recipe and surprised her with some last night. She ate so much! Thanks for such an easy tasty recipe that made my mom feel good!

  27. Jaclyn Beisman says:

    Hi! Just got a crock pot and this is my first recipe! It smells so good in my house now can’t wait to eat it!

  28. I’m definitely a few months late to this party, but I had to comment…last night, I was searching for an easy crockpot soup recipe to serve with the dinner I was making for friends, and yours was the second on my google search since I’ve been reading your blog like it’s going out of style lately.
    This soup blows my mind. 7 ingredients. About as many minutes. Tasty wonderful. Thanks!! Will for sure be making this again!

  29. Can I use frozen broccoli??

  30. Veronica says:

    I made this soup and Im not sure what i did wrong , but it kind of curdled? any ideas?

  31. Would it be weird to do 1 can of chicken soup 1 of mushroom?

  32. Made this today. Super easy & delicious! Thanks!

  33. I love this recipe so simple and it looks delicious! Quick question where did you get the formatting for your recipes? There so easy to read and understand.

  34. This was wonderful! I made it in the crockpot on a gloomy day, and it really hit the spot. I used a cream of potato soup and a cheddar cheese soup, then followed the rest of the recipe to the letter. Turned out wonderfully, and I will be making it again. Thanks :)

  35. Holy smokes, this was good! I’d been on the search for a low-maintenance broc-cheese soup, made it for dinner last night, and can’t stop on the leftovers. Used frozen broccoli florets, one can cream of chicken, one can cream of potato…pure fall soup heaven!

    • Did you add in the frozen broccoli at the beginning or towards the end?
      I want to make this but I always have frozen broccoli not fresh, haven’t seen another comment saying they’ve used the frozen broccoli yet

  36. It’s cold, grey and rainy outside today and I want soup. I think this is it. It looks heavenly.

  37. What size of the evaporated milk can I should use for this? Thanks.

  38. I have this soup in the Crockpot now! I found some cream of brocolli that I’m trying. Can’t wait to try it :)

  39. Janelle T says:

    Found this on pinterest and figured it worked well for this lovely rainy weather we’ve been having here in VA….. hoping it turns out well this evening! :-)

  40. I found this recipe on Pinterest, I am planning on making it for supper tonight. Hoping it turns out well, as I am going home on my lunch to throw it all in the Crockpot. :) Sounds yummy and hearty.

  41. Excellent recipe! For extra cheesy-ness I substituted the cream of chicken soup for condensed cheddar cheese soup. It was awesome and my new go-to recipe for broccoli cheese soup! Thank you!

  42. Hi!
    I want to make this soup this week, but I’m curious about the size of Evaporated Milk you used. I have 12oz cans, and was wondering if I should just use one or should I used two?

  43. sara wynn says:

    had to look this up after the praise on FB!! looks/sounds delicious! one quick question – the top of the recipe says it takes 4 minutes to cook – is that supposed to say 4 hours?! :)

  44. Hollie Baker says:

    I made this last night with 1 can of cream of chicken and 1 can of cream of potato. It ended up curdling! I’m not sure what I did differently. The only thing I changed was I used Almond Milk instead. Next time I think I’ll be using normal milk… and maybe some cheddar soup! It needs some more cheesy pizazz!

  45. I am trying to use things I already have in my pantry….I only have 1 can of the evaporated milk, what should I use instead??

  46. Does this freeze well? I want to make it but its just my husband and I so we can’t eat it all in one night.

    • I don’t usually freeze things with lots of vegetables or dairy, so I guess my initial reaction would be to NOT freeze it, but then again I freeze my creamy wild rice soup all the time and just thin it out with a little milk and that works fine. Sorry I can’t be more helpful!

  47. Hi! Just wondering what size cans of soup to use. Thanks!

  48. Whay do you mean on the l as t part adding more cups of soup then back in the pot? I put all the ingrediets in the crock pot and let it cook for 6 hours. That should be it right? Sorry for not understanding.

  49. This soup is great. However, it was thin and started to curdle towards the end (I followed the recipe exactly, and used 1 can of cheddar cheese soup and 1 can of cream of potato). I slowly added flour and it took care of both problems!
    Definitely recommend.

  50. Hi! Do you think this would work with fat free evaporated milk? Or any other suggestions for lightening it up? I’ve made it before and love it, but need to make these changes now. ..

  51. CollegeBudgetEater says:

    My crockpot savings keep finding themselves elsewhere. So… can a pressure cooker or rice cooker be substituted into this recipe’s paraphernalia? And, if so, how? I will love you almost as much has I loved that caramelized pink salmon, if that’s a yes. FYI, that was my first salmon and it was magical 😀

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