Chopped Thai Salad with Sesame Garlic Dressing

Chopped Thai Salad with Sesame Garlic Dressing - a rainbow of power veggies including edamame, bell peppers, kale, spicy cashews, and cilantro tossed with a flavorful made-from-scratch Thai dressing. 390 calories. |

This salad. I could just cry.

Today is The Day of New Things for me, and an overwhelmingly yummy Chopped Thai Salad with Sesame Garlic Dressing is only appropriate to match the occasion. Remember when we talked about how I was going to leave my teaching job so that I could cook, photograph, and blog about food full time? Today is that first day. *happy screams*

In addition to today being the first day that I can wake up early for self-initiated work and enjoy a lunch date with a friend plus incorporate at least four built-in mango pineapple smoothie breaks into my day, today is also the first day that I’m using a computer with a retina display for my blogeristic work. Umm hello extreme lifelike chopped Thai salad two inches from my face. This is mostly awesome and also a little confusing, because now my mouth is craving some sesame garlic covered power veggies and spicy Thai lime and chili cashews before I’ve even finished my morning coffee. So what meal should I be on again?

By the way. You’ve had these Trader Joe’s Thai Lime and Chili Cashews, right?

Chopped Thai Salad with Sesame Garlic Dressing - colorful vegetables tossed with simple made-from-scratch Thai dressing and spicy Thai Lime and Chili Cashews. 390 calories. |

I found the half-eaten bag in that little side door compartment in my car after our road trip to Chicago and Indy last weekend (First Place for best road trip snack), and being a lover of spicy cashews and a hater of excess trash, I resurrected what was left of them into this chopped Thai salad. That might be a little gross orrr it might be ultra resourceful and s-m-a-r-t.

Reason #3 for The Day of New Things is that I’m learning how to chop loads of power rainbow veggies (❤) and type words on a keyboard and generally function with an epically puffy and awkward semi-permanent pointer finger bandage. That’s right friends, I am down to just nine functioning fingers after a small but actually MAJOR and dramatic lemon cutting incident that occurred just 30 minutes before the start of our outdoor summer party this weekend. Awe-some. Obviously I kept my cool and downplayed the whole thing and it wasn’t stressful for anyone at all. Promise.

Chopped Thai Salad with Sesame Garlic Dressing - a rainbow of power veggies including bell peppers, edmamae, spicy cashews, and kale tossed with a simple made-from-scratch Thai dressing. 390 calories. |

As I was making this salad, I pulled out the big knife, the one responsible for massacring one millimeter of my finger, and I hesitated. For just a half of a tiny second. I mean, CHOPPED Thai salad. The sharp knifery is very necessary, and if we’re being honest here, should I really be making a recipe that requires lots and lots and lots of chopping within 24 hours of the a big fat finger bandage incident?

Answer: Yes.

When Chopped Thai Salad with Sesame Garlic dressing calls your name, you set all else aside and you follow, fat finger bandage and all.

I think it’s actually good for healing or something.

Chopped Thai Salad with Sesame Garlic Dressing - a rainbow of power veggies tossed with a simple made-from-scratch Thai dressing. 390 calories. |

When you start making this salad you will notice that the cutting takes, um, a while. You will be annoyed with me and I will be okay with that. Perks of hiding behind a screen.

But in the end, I pinkie promise that you will be rewarded for your time spent chopping and slicing and shredding and peeling in the best possible food way. The flavors in the salad are like a little friendly fresh-summer-explosion in your mouth. Just phenomally delicious. It gives me happy food chills just thinking about it. And I have this core salad belief that texture is ev-er-y-thing. Even the most awkward and intimidating vegetables can become craveabley yummy when sliced or crushed or grated the right way.

You + knife + veggies. I see good things acomin.

Chopped Thai Salad with Sesame Garlic Dressing - a rainbow of power veggies tossed with a simple made-from-scratch Thai dressing. 390 calories. |

I have lots of favorite salads, which maybe dilutes the label of “favorite”, but this is an easy addition to my personal Favorite Salad Hall of Fame.

A quick recap of things I love about the Chopped Thai Salad:

  • no chicken or meat (sometimes I just get annoyed of cooking it, ya know? I think I’m one of those half-way vegetarians)
  • lots of veggies (kale carrots peppers cilantro edmame scallions cashews yummm)
  • lots of nutrition and filling food power (see veggie list and feel amazing)
  • the most zingy Thai sesame garlic dressing (soy honey lime garlic sesame oil lemongrass)

Chopped Thai Salad with Sesame Garlic Dressing: SO GOOD! A rainbow of power veggies with a flavorful homemade dressing. 390 calories. |


4.9 from 50 reviews
Chopped Thai Salad with Sesame Garlic Dressing
Serves: 6
For the dressing:
  • ⅓ cup canola oil
  • 3 cloves garlic, peeled
  • 3 tablespoons low sodium soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • 2 tablespoons white distilled vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 1 tablespoon sesame oil
  • 1 tablespoon lemongrass paste (ginger would also work)
  • a squeeze of lime juice
For the salad:
  • 16 ounces frozen shelled edamame
  • 5-6 cups baby kale
  • 3 large carrots
  • 2 bell peppers (1 red, 1 yellow)
  • 1 cup cilantro leaves
  • 3 green onions
  • ¾ cup cashews (if you can find them, Trader Joe's Thai Lime and Chili Cashews are the bomb)
  1. Puree all the dressing ingredients in a food processor until smooth. Taste and adjust to fit your preferences. Transfer to a dressing jar and rinse the food processor out for use later.
  2. Cook the edamame by boiling it for 3-5 minutes in a pot of boiling water. Drain and allow it to cool. Meanwhile, slice up the kale, carrots, peppers, cilantro leaves, and green onions into thin strips or shreds.
  3. Place the cooked edamame in the food processor and pulse 5 times to get a minced texture. Transfer to a bowl and repeat the same process for the cashews. Toss the kale, carrots, peppers, cilantro, green onions, edamame, and cashews together until well combined. Drizzle with the dressing, toss gently a few times, and serve immediately.
The salad will stay fresh longer if you store the dressing separately from the salad ingredients, tossing them together just before serving.

Agave nectar or sugar would work in place of the honey for vegans.

Those 3 cloves of garlic pack a spicy garlicky punch, so if you don't love garlic, use less.

Nutrition Thai Salad
Chopped Thai Salad with Sesame Garlic Dressing - a rainbow of power veggies including edamame, bell peppers, kale, spicy cashews, and cilantro tossed with a flavorful made-from-scratch Thai dressing. 390 calories.
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  1. Ah – hello! This Thai sesame/garlic salad looks so tempting and fresh – yum! Love the look of those cashews, and the extra time chopping/slicing makes the salad look so much more pretty/tasty too. Looks delicious Lindsay. This kom-kom knife is really handy too ( Best wishes! 😀

  2. This looks amazing! I actually think chopping is therapeutic in a spaced out kind of way. Of course chopping ones finger would take the zen mood back aways.

    • hahaha! If I wasn’t such a sloppy chopper then maybe it would be zen. I need some knife classes or something.

      • I so agree with you on the classes. I just happened to notice that my local Chef’s Kitchen store will be holding a summer knife class. Check out in you area, maybe we will both get lucky

  3. Congratulations, Lindsay! By the way, this salad looks amazing. Definitely gotta try it soon. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. :)

  4. I’m forever obsessed with Thai food and have recently been in love with chopped salads, too, so this is RIGHT up my alley. So beautiful, too!

    Congratulations on the new life move… hope you love it!! :)

  5. Suddenly craving this salad for lunch… oh my goodness! Looks delicious and sounds pretty simple to make! = )

  6. Congrats, Lindsay. I hope you enjoy being a food blogger full time more and more. You deserve all the best 😉
    This looks Ah-mazing. Love all the colour and flavours of this salad. Perfect for summer!

  7. UM wow!! My mouth is seriously watering just reading this recipe. Must try it ASAP!

  8. I’m just heading into work and decided to check out your post before leaving my place…your Thai salad pics made my tummy rumble *loud* :)

    I have a Vietnamese salad that I like to make, it made me think I need to cook me up some like…NOW! And your Thai salad too.

    You can never have to much salad. Never. Ever.

  9. Haha! Love how you take responsibility for the dilution of the word “favorite”. When you make such darn good food, it’s hard to use any other word! This salad looks amazing, as usual! Sorry about your finger :0(

  10. I sure hope your finger is better after the “massacre” – glad you were not deterred and gave us this salad – it looks phenomenal – not to mention that sesame garlic dressing with honey AND lemon grass paste is just pour-straight-into-your-mouth good!

  11. This looks so fresh and yummy! Congrats on the first day of your new job!!! Waking up early for something you love is the best!

  12. This sounds fantastic – I need to give it a try.

  13. This looks beautiful, Lindsay. I love how you always include homemade dressing recipes with your salads! Delicious!

  14. happy first day :) and im sold with this salad.

  15. I am only working with 9 fingers, too! I was slicing celery … when I went to the ER, the nurses were pretty impressed with how clean of a cut it was, they asked what brand of knife I was using! :)
    Happy first day to you!!! And this salad looks like a celebration in a bowl! What a perfect way to start off this chapter in your life! Pretty sure this will become a staple in my list of favorite salads!

  16. OOOOHHHH. Love the power veggies and Thai flavors. I had a mad mandolin slicing finger accident last week too. Hurt like mad and I wouldn’t look at it for two days because I was scared I would faint! I rinsed it, added neosporin and bandaged it without ever seeing it :) Pinned!

  17. This looks so amazing Lindsay!!
    Definite lye ant to make this and have a picnic!!

  18. This looks ah-mazing! I can’t wait to try it, especially the dressing! I love Thai food and need to find more recipes to make it at home. :)

  19. I am all about massive chopped salads. This is just how I like them. The problem is I hate chopping. I make myself do it because the end result is always so wonderful.

  20. Ahhh! This includes all of my favorite things! I have those thai chili & lime cashews in my kitchen cupboard right now, actually. I’ll probably be throwing this salad together very soon.

  21. I’m one of those halfway vegetarians too – part laziness, part thrifty. This is coming from a family where it’s not considered dinner if there’s no meat involved.
    I’m trying to make more salads this summer, so this looks like a winner. If it ever starts feeling like summer around here.

  22. This salad looks delicious! Congrats on our first day of full-time blogging! Sorry to hear about the finger. You have been a great inspiration and a huge help to me Lindsay!! Wow, just noticed I am the only dude to comment on this post… a little awkward. Keep up the great work..all the best!

    • Not awkward! There are a few guys who comment from time to time and I really appreciate having a variety of voices here!! Thanks Steve!

  23. Wow, how gorgeous is this!! Pinned

    Your first full day as a FT blogger, congrats! The finger…ouch!!! hope it’s healing well.

    The Trader Joe’s Thai Lime and Chili Cashews – cannot even buy them b/c I have NO self control and will eat them until my mouth is on fire and I have a stomach ache LOL

  24. Those Trader Joe cashews are one of my many serious serious addictions.

  25. I just cut off the tip of my thumb with my mandolin slicer! I was slicing radishes for lunch and the kids were distracting me – bad news. Best of luck in your healing. I don’t do salads too often because my husband doesn’t find them “satisfying,” but I think this one might do the job!

  26. Oh my goodness this salad looks amazing!!

  27. yeaaaaaaaah! happy first day of “new life”! so excited for you…and all the new recipes coming our way :)

  28. Congratulations on taking your blog full time! Your enthusiasm comes out through your pictures, this dish looks so vibrant and beautiful!

  29. OMG, I do LOVE salads too and have so many favorites. This one looks amazing! Colorful, beautiful, yum, yum, yum, I get so excited by gorgeous and brightly colored veges and this salad has a ton of them. I’ve never had the pleasure of the Trader Joe’s lime and chili cashews, however, one of my all time favorite snacks are ginger agave cashews from my local farmer’s market and I think they would work just perfectly here.

  30. Wow that looks scrumdiddlyumptious! Definitely a perfect salad for summer :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  31. This sounds sooooo good, but since my son is allergic to cashews (no peanuts or tree nuts in our house) can you recommend a substitute? Would sunflower seeds work? Thanks!

    • Yes! The main purpose of the cashews is the crunch (and some protein/fat to make a little more filling) so any kind of crunchy seeds would work. :)

  32. This salad looks beautiful and sounds delicious! Thanks for the recipe.

  33. The colors in this salad are off the charts (off the computer screen?)! What great photos. Congrats on getting through your first full-time blogger day, one finger down couldn’t even stop you 😉

  34. Umm, I LOVE this salad too!

  35. Looks AMAZINGLY good!!! A must try very soon. YUMMY!!! Thank you for sharing from

  36. Sometimes chopped salads just seem like so much work but when they look as amazing as yours it all seems worth it! I have been known to polish off a bag of those TJ’s cashews…trouble those are. I bet they are sensational in this salad!

  37. Hurray for blogging full-time!!! And swooning over this salad! And glad you didn’t chop your finger off. :)

  38. This looks amazing. And I’m allergic to soy and nuts, so this is literally death in a bowl. But it looks so good that I’m totally going to try it- with a soy sauce substitute and minus the edamame and cashews, of course. :)

  39. This salad looks amazing!

  40. Oh my word… this salad looks amazing (pinned!) I will be moving to part-time teaching next year…I have to say, I envy your decision to blog full time a bit (I do think I would miss the kids – most of the time) but oh how I love summer vacation. (My husband contends summer break is meant for the teachers, not the students :) Congrats to you, and thanks on the salad. Pinned!

  41. I’m sorry to hear about your finger. Bad blade vibes must be in the air. I had a little run-in withy Ninja blender blade while hand-washing it yesterday. (Weirdly enough, I was also impressed by how clean of a slice it made!)
    p.s. Lemongrass :)

  42. Sooooooo … you want to send some of those cashews to me in South Korea. Right? Right. Thought so. Oh, I miss my Trader Joes!

  43. You are too funny Lindsay, as I am drinking my coffee, I feel i am sitting with you listening to your chopping adventure! :)
    Chopping is not that bad for me, I do hate peeling… I have peeled half a nail of my pinkie while peeling a potato before… I thought I was going to faint! No joke.
    Awesome salad idea!! Need some lately!

  44. Sorry about your finger. I wasn’t a fan of chopping veggies when younger, but now I find it very therapeutic. I’ve tried one of your salad recipes before and will definitely try this one as well.

  45. where did you buy lemongrass paste (or did you make your own)?

  46. I just made this salad for lunch (skipped edamame) – I even went to TJs to get those cashews and I can vouch for how awesome it is!!! I didn’t think the dressing would be as good as it is.. I used ginger instead of lemongrass. One of my most fave salads ever.
    Loved it!

  47. Congratulations! I am dreaming of the day I can quit my job and blog full time….

    This Christmas I got a super sharp and amazing knife as a gift and subsequently cut off a good portion of my middle finger while chopping a beet. Luckily I didn’t faint and my finger (mostly) grew back. Still feels a little funny though. So your finger should be all good in the end 😉

    Enjoy being your own boss!

  48. GORGEOUS salad! And that sesame garlic dressing is seriously calling my name. YUM!

  49. I just made this salad and it is amazing!!

  50. Kiara Canjura says:

    Congratulations, Lindsay! I don’t know you but I’m genuinely happy for you. I wish you much success – which will be no problem with recipes like this. Mmm!

  51. Made this for dinner……so frikin good!!!!

  52. Yum! This looks so good. I saw it earlier today and had to come back so I could save it. I LOVE salads like this – to have around for lunches during the week especially. Aaaaand. . . Congratulations on the new phase of your life!

  53. Well, this looks wonderful and my mouth is already zinging. That said, I don’t think I’ve seen baby kale around. Do you think regular (grown-up, adult) kale would work as well?

  54. I just made this tonight, absolutely delicious. I could crave this salad. Thank you :-)

  55. What beautiful colours! I’m unfortunately quite clumsy with knives, but I’m sure the chopping is worth it. Yum!

  56. Heather says:

    Really tasty – I used wasabi/soy almonds instead of cashews based on what was available at my grocery. I also added celery for more crunch. Really, really good. It made a ton – I stored the non-dressed salad in the fridge and it was still perfect for lunch the following day. My co-workers were jealous (they spied me eating this as they headed out to pay ~$10 for inferior salads around the corner). I had dressing leftover and it’s delightful on a “normal” spring mix / chicken / tomatoes / cucumber / broccoli salad, too. Will make again.

  57. I am very excited to try this recipe. It has all of the ingredients that we love. I often make kale salads, but never thought to make it with cilantro and chop it finely. Thanks!

  58. I actually love the chopped up edamame part – never though to do that and maybe I can trick my husband into eating it if I do it that way!

    Looks delish – but don’t get mad at me if I put sriracha grilled shrimp on top of it 😀

  59. Renee Curtis says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Soooo amazing. My husband said it is 5 star recipe and he wants me to make it again. Woohoo! Getting the meat eating man to eat veggies is a big win :)

  60. This salad looks delicious. However, there is allot of fat. Is there a way to cut the fat in this salad?

    • The fat is coming from the nuts (cashews in my case) and oil in the dressing. So scale back on either of those and you’ll be cutting lots of the fat.

  61. Hi. This looks amazing and I can’t wait to try it. I was looking at the nutritionals and didn’t see a serving size and was wondering about that.

    And…CONGRATULATIONS on your new life adventure. That must be scary and exciting!

  62. This salad was a great way to end a beautiful first day of summer–so crunchy and refreshing. I even dealt with the cashews and liked them–go me! (I’m a nut hater from way back–it’s a texture thing.) Yet another winner from PoY. Seriously, there hasn’t been a single recipe we didn’t swoon over.

    Congrats on the move to full-time blogging and hope the finger’s feeling better (been there done that.)

  63. wendyworldly says:

    This does sound yummy and healthy. For those who hate chopping and aren’t worried about losing the therapeutic zen effect, why not use the food processor and save those fingers? All those blades are going to waste (I know I never used them with my first food processor but I plan to now).

  64. Stephanie says:

    You are 2 for 2: just tried this last night (w/ the TJ’s cashews of course), SO GOOD and definitely going to be a staple for packed lunches when I start my dietetic internship and grad school! We also made your lemon chicken for a dinner party a few weeks ago and that was a huge hit! I have my eye on those caramelized banana muffins next! Thanks :)

  65. Melissa says:

    I saw this on Pinterest today, and went ahead and made it. I think quite possibly my favorite salad ever. My only change was to replace the vinegar with lime and also add a bit of ginger. It is truly phenomenal, I see making this every week! Thank you! :)

  66. this looks so great Lindsay!! Best of luck with the changes, look forward to reading about them! x han

  67. This salad is simply amazing! The taste is awesome and it has everything I like. Great summer salad recipe, well worth the chopping. I went easy on the cashews and dressing for less fat. Thanks for sharing!

  68. Christina says:

    This looks all sorts of amazing.

  69. I have no idea how or where I came across this, but I could not stop dreaming of this salad. I went to Trader Joe’s today to get the cashews. How have I missed these all this time? I don’t know how I kept from devouring the entire bag before dinner. I just increased the amount of veggies so I can have leftovers throughout the week. I used red, yellow and orange bell peppers and orange, purple and white carrots. I did not mix in the edamame or cashews so we could add however much or little to our own bowls. I also added some cold grilled “chicken” on top of the salad. We are vegetarians, so I used Beyond Meat grilled “chicken” that I sauteed with chili powder and lime juice. As I was eating the salad, I already couldn’t wait to eat it again. I will be having this for lunch and dinner again tomorrow.

  70. I think Pinterest knows me well, because this was the first thing in my “new pin picks for you” email! God this looks so delicious. I love pretty much all thai food, but I haven’t been craving the curries now that it’s hot out. I can’t wait to try this! And isn’t working from home the best? Congrats and good luck on the big job change!

  71. Well, as I suspected, I couldn’t find baby kale, so I used a “baby kale, swiss chard and spinach mix” in a bag, and it worked just fine. This recipe is addictive. My husband objected to the cilantro, which I snuck in, so next time I’ll make it without it and and just mix it in for my own portions. The chopped edamame and nuts give it a wonderful texture. I loved this. Good luck with blogging full time!

  72. Christy N. says:

    I made this for a family gathering at the beach and everyone loved it. Thanks for the delicious recipe!

  73. This salad is soooo amazing. I’ve made it twice now. It’s wonderfully hearty. I made it for a party on Friday night and everyone was blown away. I added the juice of one lime and a tablespoon of white miso to the dressing and was not at all sorry. I also added purple cabbage the second time that I made it and it made the salad even more colorful and beautiful.
    I wish I could give this salad ten stars. It would deserve every last one.

  74. I made this tonight to procrastinate finishing my summer school paper and it was soooooooo amazing! I’ll be putting that dressing on everything from now on!

  75. Just made this for dinner tonight here in London & it was beautiful – thank you. My first healthy meal after a few weeks of travel/indulging, and a perfect reminder of why it’s good to be back on the bandwagon!

  76. Well, you certainly started your new “career” off on the right foot. This is on top of my “must make this” list.

  77. I’m a sucker for a good chopped salad. You had me at “When you start making this salad you will notice that the cutting takes, um, a while. You will be annoyed with me and I will be okay with that.”

    A good salad is worth suffering for!

  78. Oh wow, this looks and sounds divine! I’m a huge lover of all things salad, so this looks like my kind of thing! (Though I think I might take advantage of the thin-slicing blade of my food processor for this one! Less risk of massacring my digits 😛 ).
    I hope your finger gets well soon! Good luck living your dream! I hope I can do the same too some day :)
    Pixie x

  79. Just made this last night for my 4th of July guest!! Its was absolutely delicious. I will make this again and again. I think some people might think its too much work bc of all the chopping and slicing, and blending, but I thought it was definitely worth it. I gave it a little punch with some limes. :)
    Thanks Lindsey,
    You did it again. I only hope my blog one day can be 1/2 of what yours is like.

  80. Lindsay says:


    I came across this recipe on pintrest and made it tonight. I’m obsessed… I kind of hated all the chopping but it was totally worth it. We have some leftovers for lunch tomorrow and i cant wait :)

    Definitely stopping by your blog again for some more yummy recipes!!

  81. I made this recipe early in the week and kept the dressing on the side. It was great to have a yummy, healthy salad all ready for lunches on the go!

  82. I don’t usually make salads, but this one has me thinking about it. I love all the flavors…the sesame, the garlic, the cilantro..sigh I wish I could take a bit of this right now. I’m also going to have to look for the cashews the next time I’m at Trader Joe’s. They sound amazing!

  83. Hi,
    your salad looks delicious! However, I cannot eat soy, do you have any ideas for replacing the soy sauce and edamame?

  84. Dorothy says:

    I just printed this recipe. It looks and sounds amazing. I’m addicted to salads. (I usually do throw in some roasted chicken though for protein.) I may have to make this tonight. The chopping thing…I too chopped/sliced off the corner of my left index finger with my big santoku knife. My four year old daughter went and found a princess band aid for me, but we had to go to the emergency room where the doctor stitched the tip back on. Every time I pick up that knife, I think about that incident. My finger tip is still numb. Bad memory!

  85. Katherine says:

    I made this for the first time this week, and both my husband and I LOVED it! I think its the first salad that I’ve made that my husband raved about. I skipped the edamame and topped the salad with chili-dusted almonds from Whole Foods instead of cashews and it was absolutely scrumptious. I just started exploring your blog further because of this recipe, and I’m hooked! Thank you!

  86. Just had this salad for dinner for the first time. One word…yum. I added some bean sprouts and grape tomato for a little something extra. Next time I might experiment with a few drops of sriracha in the dressing.

    It’s always great to have another paleo option in the repertoire.

  87. This salad looks wonderful! I was just wondering where you can find baby kale? I’ve seen different types of kale but never that. Can I sub another type of kale? Would I need to do anything different?

    • Yes, you could just use regular kale. I usually just chop it really finely to make it easier to eat. And I get baby kale at my regular grocery store with the other bagged greens. Usually in the organic section.

  88. Ann Marie says:

    I am obsessed with this salad! The texture is wonderful. So delicious! My 11 year old daughter loved it, too. Thanks!

  89. Jennifer says:

    I’ve made this salad 3 times and it is yummy each time! Leftovers hold up well too which isn’t always the case with other lettuces. Thank you for this one!!!

  90. Healthy and Yummy? What more could anyone ask for.

  91. Made this today for a monthly pot luck, following the recipe to the letter. It was a huge success — very pretty and very flavorable. I got several grand compliments on it! I would agree with the author that it’s best to add the dressing right before eating.

  92. This sounds great! But could you substitute tahini in place of the sesame oil and lemongrass paste? I have sesame oil on hand, but not lemongrass paste and it doesn’t seem like something I would use very often to justify buying it. Or any other recommended substitutions? Thank you!

  93. I’ve been oohing & ahhhing over this recipe for months now. I finally made it today with my own baby kale picked from my garden. Can I just say, OMG! So good & I Swear I felt all the nutrients charging up my body as I ate it. I will definitely make this one on the reg. Thanks for sharing it!

  94. Made this for a gathering today and it was a hit, even among people who claimed they didn’t like kale. It was deeee-licious!!! And will become a regular recipe around my house. I’m sure your little students must miss having you as their teacher, but I’m sure glad to be able to benefit from your full time blogging and recipe development. Love your blog!!!

  95. Made this for a labor day picnic and it was a huge hit! Loved it!

  96. BEST salad EVER! Overshadows every other salad that is on the table…

  97. I just came across this and gave it a go….

    I am a chef and i have to say that the idea of the pulsed beans is great… I’m going to consider this precess when coming up with my next salad section in my new resto

    I have tried a few different styles of salad using other beans in the same way

    Also i have done the same with peas for my chicken and bacon salad

    I found that if you throw in a bit of mint with the edamame before pulsing give it a great kick of freshness

    Its great to come across posts like this, it just goes to show you never stop learning little hints and tips…..congratulations Lindsay

  98. Made this last night and even my husband, who is just starting to realize how good veggies can be, loved it!!! I seared some tuna to go with it and will be making this again!!!!

  99. Hiya. Jusy seconding a suggestion to get those cray cray blade attachments out for the food processor. Today, I successfully chopped lettuce that I squished up with coriander leaves (cilantro) and spring onions (scallions), julienned some capsicum, grated some carrots and a beetroot, sliced some radishes and scooped out cucumber and chopped up some peanuts. I was astonished at the success and ease (though without a dishwasher, I’ll always hate the dishes), the SPEED and the SAFETY! Incroyable. Try it, just use all of the blades for the mix of textures. I was so happy. No more £6 posh salads for me! Great recipe though, thanks!

  100. This looks really tempting, especially with the cashews! I think I’ll replace the honey with either maple syrup or agave though as I’m vegan.

  101. We just made this for dinner tonight – amazing! The store was out of lemongrass paste but had chopped lemongrass in a jar (in water). I threw a forkful in with the dressing and it was was fine. I also used Rice Wine Vinegar instead of the white vinegar.

    And, 0h my, these cashews are irresistible and a great addition the salad. (And outside of the salad. I need to put them under lock and key.) I love kale and always appreciate finding new ways to enjoy it.

    I’ve just discovered your blog and this was the first recipe I have tried. I look forward to checking out your other posts. Thank you for this great recipe.

  102. I just made this tonight. The chopping is not for the faint of heart…but boy was it worth it! A superb salad. The dressing was perfect (I used ginger because had it at home). So so so good!

  103. Really like your blog and love the salad but suggest that you check out the latest research regarding the use of canola oil. Not good for us. Coconut oil (which I used) is a healthier choice as is olive oil. Happy for you and hope you keep on blogging……

  104. Hi Lindsay,

    I have to say, I was initially skeptical that this salad would turn out as *amazing* as it did. “Really, kale?” I thought to myself as I hovered over the cutting board speed-chopping bitter leaves. How wrong I was! I prepared this for a Christmas potluck and everyone loved it, at least 10+ people explicitly mentioned how delicious it was.

    Thanks very much! I will definitely be looking at your other posts in the coming weeks!


  105. Lindsay,

    I’ve been following your blog for a few months now, but this was the first recipe I’ve tried. I just have to say WOW! As someone who actually likes chopping and prep work, I didn’t think it was too cumbersome. The colors looked beautiful in the bowl.

    While at Trader Joe’s for the cashews, I also grabbed toasted sesame oil for the dressing. That really made the dressing for me. I loved it!

    So thanks for a great first recipe. I look forward to trying many more. Cheers!

  106. Fantastic! I made tonight for supper as main course. I was expecting my husband to ask what was for dinner but he asked for more. He said it was the best salad, EVER! I loved it too! I added some mango – went well with the dressing. Thank you

  107. Ove added some avocafoand since I didnt find the TJ cashwes i added a sprinkle of chilli powder! Delicieux :)

  108. Thank you so much for this recipe! I made a big batch today plan on taking it for lunch at work this week– coworkers, prepare to be jealous! The dressing is INCREDIBLE and the colors in the salad are so gorgeous. The cashews and edamame add just the right amount of crunch. Not usually a cilantro fan, but it adds a really nice kick. My new go-to salad!

  109. Made this tonight and it was a HUGE hit with husband. I added a chicken breast for my husband (who is definitely NOT a vegetarian) and we both agreed that it was not needed. Super filling with the edamame and cashews. DELISH.

  110. I made this to have over the course of my work week and ho-lee-smokes it is good! Thanks for the recipe.

  111. Saw this on Pinterest and it was so pretty I HAD to make it. And I’m so glad I did!

    You could pour that dressing on cardboard and I’d chow down. It’s THAT good (I didn’t skimp on garlic or ginger).

    I love the chopped approach and all the veggies – it makes this salad a textural smorgasbord and that means I don’t get bored midway through the meal.

    Thanks for the recipe!

  112. Loved it! Made my own chili lime cashews (so good!) Had to stop myself from eating more than one serving. My adventurous 3 year old gave it a thumbs up as well :)

  113. I bet the chili lime almonds from Blue Diamond would work in place of cashews. In case you don’t like cashews…. This sounds amazing!!

  114. so totally delicious!!! Loved every single bite:) Thank you for such a great recipe

  115. What would you suggest in place of edamame? We try not to eat soy(The soy sauce will be ok!) Thanks!

  116. This salad was almost perfect! Love the salad part-would’t change a thing there but the only comment i would make is that I massaged my kale as i’ve read a lot about the change in taste and texture when you do that. Took a while but i would recommend that.

    My problem with this was the salad dressing. I followed your instructions but it is so overpoweringly garlic flavored. 3 cloves is way too much raw garlic… I would try again with less, or roast the garlic first to lessen the bitter taste.

    Honestly it was delicious but just way too much garlic leaves a bad aftertaste (and my coworkers are annoyed at me).

  117. This salad looks yum! Just wondering what, if any, other oils you think would work for the dressing other than canola. Thanks!

  118. wondering about the dressing as the ingredients don’t list lime….but somewhere is the description of the salad it mentions the dressing having lime. Can’t wait to eat this tomorrow for lunch….all my prep is done and waiting for me :)

  119. This is so delicious! I have made it repeatedly. Agree that 3 cloves of garlic was too much for my taste and so reduced to 2. And I use shredded carrots for convenience. Have to make again soon to try with lime in dressing now that you have modified.

  120. Mirtta Salonen says:

    Hi, great looking recipe, will try it for sure! Did you take the edamame beans out of their shells or did you process the whole thing? Thanks in advance!

  121. This salad was perfection! Added chicken left out the edamame. So good

  122. Sorry if the was already asked and I missed it in all the comments but would baby spinach be a good substitute texture-wise for baby kale. Not sure if I can find that where I live overseas. I’m worried about the edamame as well. I’m craving a good salad and this looks wonderful. I’ll come back to rate after I’ve made it. Your chicken tamale pie is an all-time favorite of mine. Thanks!

    • Yes, I think it would work just fine!

      • Finally made this and it is delicious! Even my veggie-phobe husband liked it. I used baby spinach because I couldn’t find any kale around here. And used ginger instead of lemongrass b/c I’m not sure I like lemongrass. I poured all the dressing on the salad and was kind of regretting it at the time but I think I liked the leftovers even more the next day. It was more like a slaw. I added a few squirts of Sriracha to the leftovers too. So good! I think next time I will add a little bit to the dressing for even more zing. And grilled chicken too. Will be a summer staple for us!

  123. I saw this salad on Pinterest and it’s on my meal plan this week because I had to go look for lemongrass paste.
    I personally am okay with eating meatless but my husband loves meat and I can see him asking me where the meat is when I serve this for dinner. Can you recommend a meat side to go with it from your blog, like chicken that has similar flavours?

    Thanks and beautiful photography too :)

  124. Dude.

    This has become my signature dish. I wish you could see the look on friends/family’s/co-worker’s face when I make them have a bite every time I make this (which is often). It’s like chew…chew…mike drop…walk off stage. Like, done. There’s nothing else to say.

    I like to add peanut butter to the sauce for a little thickness, and also I just like peanut butter in things, and some grated ginger for some wohoo!

    Thanks so much for this recipe. I have not loved a recipe this much in years. It’s up there with my Mom’s hand-written Monster Cookie recipe and Ina Garten’s Baked Risotto.


    • Erin how much peanut butter and ginger do you add. That is an excellent idea. I’m making this tomorrow and am SO excited to try it. Someone mentioned they added chicken so maybe I could just bake chicken breats and throw them in?

      • Hey Anna.

        I use about 1.5 tbs of peanut butter and 1 tbs of grated fresh ginger ( I like it a lil spicy). I found when I used regular peanut butter, like Kraft, it was a bit sweeter than I like, so I tried a natural peanut butter with no sugar next time, and it was perfect (for me)! Also a little chili flake in the dressing to heat things up.

        Chicken or salmon on top is an awesome addition too. Be prepared to be in a long-term relationship with this salad though, it’s that good!


        • Thanks so much Erin!
          Your comment had me at Ina Garten’s baked risotto because I’m a huge fan so I knew your suggestions would be great !
          I will try this salad tonight for dinner and post a review !

    • Love hearing that Erin! Thanks for the comment!

  125. I just made this last night and it was delish! I made a few subs based on what I had: I used coconut nectar instead of honey, almond butter instead of canola oil (I don’t use canola, I’m sure you could sub in any other nut butter, tahini, or olive oil instead), rice vinegar instead of white vinegar, and I only had about a cup’s worth of edamame to throw in. I happened to have a 5 oz clamshell of baby kale in the fridge and for me this made enough for 2 lunch salads plus a small dinner salad. Definitely a new favorite recipe!

  126. I made this salad and just added sliced chicken on top. I didn’t have cashews but I added peanuts and the salad was amazing. Thanks Erin for your tips because I also added a pinch of finger and some PB. My husband and I devoured it and we kept going back for more. We eat salads very often for dinner and my husband said “This is the best salad I have ever had!” So we are hooked :) can’t wait to try your other salad recipes.

  127. All I’ve been able to think about since dinner last night is how much I love this salad. :) The dressing is amazing and the proportions/flavors are perfect. As both a dietitian and a picky eater, I approve. :)

  128. Tanya Reader says:

    This looks really delicious. Maybe I’m dim, but the recipe doesn’t state what to do with the veggies. For example, are the carrots chopped or julienned or something else? The picture gives an idea, but it would be helpful to be more specific on that step. Thank you.

    • Hi Tanya! You can do whatever you want with them. :) But I like to just slice or peel or chop. A spiralizer would be great for this actually if you like the long skinny shape.

  129. This recipe is amazing! With a lot of the salads I meal prep for work, my meat-loving side still craves more. With this recipe? Not so much. It’s so good and filling. I had leftovers so I brought out the rice paper and made salad rolls with this and some chopped up avocado. They had to be some of the best I have ever had and my friends are convinced I am a cooking genius. Life-changing.

    Thank you so much for the recipe! :)

  130. As a vegetarian, I have prepared many salads over the years. This recipe is one of the best ever. Thank you!!!

  131. Love this salad!!! The nutritional information… Is that just for one serving?

  132. I made this, I too am avoiding soy, I used frozen lima beans in place of edamame and coconut aminos in place of soy sauce. It was fantastic!

  133. Jennifer says:

    Made this tonight, and everyone loved it! Thank you so much! I even had the Trader Joe Cashews hidden away in the pantry!

  134. Annie Williams says:

    Oh my goodness, yum! Lots of prep work, but oh so worth it. I could drink the dressing, I think I’m gonna call it “crack dressing”.

  135. This was really, really good. I used a food processor which made all that chopping fairly easy. It was on the menu for a small mother’s day lunch gathering then I took the rest to bonfire dinner on the beach. I’ll definitely make it again. Thinking right now that I’ll make another batch of the dressing for tonight’s regular salad.

  136. Easily one of my favourite salads of all time. That dressing is everything. And the texture. SO GOOD.

  137. This salad was soooo delicious. I couldn’t get the Trade Joe’s cashews nuts but found some honey and chili cashew nuts which had the sweet and spicy flavor.

  138. beautiful food photos! And this is right up my alley! I’m vegan and it looks perfect! Thank you for posting! So glad I found your site!

  139. Bellasmile2 says:

    I made this for our family Easter. HUGE hit! It’s one of my favorites … And my families too. Thank you for sharing this delicious salad recipe.

  140. Hi, do you put the shells of the edamame through the processor or do you take them out before?

  141. Sharice says:

    Made this last night and it was AWESOME! My only change is I didn’t have Kale, so I used a spring mix/spinach combo instead. And, oh yes, that dressing was incredible. While I was eating this salad last night, I remembered making your Super Simple Jerk Chicken a few months ago and I thought the flavors of these two recipes would go well together. Well, tonight I decided to go ahead and whip up some Jerk chicken to go with the leftover salad, and they complemented each other so well! I’m glad I tried them together. My husband and I both loved it and we’ll definitely make again :)

  142. PEGGY ANN HERROD says:

    I’m trying to think of a great substitute for the canola oil. Way too much fat I think.

    • Use olive oil…it is a heart healthy fat, the kind we need in our diets. Also add less dressing overall because a little goes a long way with the punch it has to it.

  143. Sounds delish, but you lost me at canola oil! Obviously I can sub another oil, but I hate to see folks use it in otherwise lovely recipes.

  144. I made this tonight. DELICIOUS!!! I added some toasted sesame seeds and a few cold soba noodles to beef it up a bit for the hubby, but even without those additions it would have been amazing. Thanks for the great recipe. It’s a keeper!

  145. Best. Salad. EVER!!! I could eat this Monday-Friday every week for lunch! The dressing is to die for. So glad this popped up on my Pinterest feed.

  146. This salad is so delicious and pretty to look at! I brought it to the office for lunch today and my coworkers were all so impressed. Now I just need a bigger salad bowl for mixing all of it – the volume of the dry undressed salad itself is a force to be reckoned with.

  147. Linda Childress says:

    I usually do not post on any sites but I have to make an exception today. I put together your recipe for the chopped Thai Salad w/garlic dressing…………….may I say AMAZING! I never quite understood how Kale has gotten to be so popular. I did try it…once. Didn’t care for it at all. In this recipe I hardly recognized the green stuff :) Instead of slicing everything in strips, I used my salad bowl that has chopping attachments which made the process much easier. The dressing was outstanding as well. I feel so healthy I think I’ll go do a push-up :) Thank you for your lovely recipes and web site.

  148. Tubig S. Lasang says:

    lovely recipe & prose! before i try this, is there a substitute for the white distilled vinegar pls? thanks.

  149. Made this salad tonight – DELISH!

    A few modifications that I made: I used BOTH fresh Ginger and fresh Lemongrass. I actually got the Lemongrass from my garden; planted earlier this year from a small Trader Joe’s herb plant. Lemongrass grows like a weed! Instead of Canola Oil, I used Grapeseed Oil (also from TJs)

    I wish you the very best with your food blog endeavors; I can’t wait to find another recipe on your site for next’s weeks meal plan!

  150. Can you use ginger powder instead of the lemongrass paste? I don’t have lemongrass paste.

  151. what is lemongrass paste?

  152. Hi Lindsay,

    I found your salad on Pinterest about a year ago and it is my absolute favourite salad of all! I’ve made it for dinner parties and every single person has raved about it…
    I make it with rapeseed oil instead of canola and use unsalted cashews instead of your flavoured kind (I did search, but nothing similar here in the UK!)…
    My only question is: you write above that this recipe serves 6 and each serving is about 257g and 399 calories… I don’t weigh the end product, but you’re saying it would weigh 1.5kg in total??? I make a nice bowl of it, but I easily eat it (all by myself!) over a couple of days (I pack it for work)… Please don’t tell me I’ve just devoured2,394 calories in my bid to be healthy?! :(
    Could there be a miscalculation somewhere?
    Have a great day

    PS even if it were a 2,000 calorie bowl, I’d still make it and eat it… maybe spreading it out over 3 days instead of 2!

    • Hi, Hiba! Glad you like the salad! :) The nutrition facts are all correct – the full recipe will have about 2400 calories, with each (approx 1 cup) serving having 400 calories. If you were to eat this over 3 days by yourself, you’d be getting about 800 calories per day. Hope that helps!

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