Mexican Polenta Pie

So I didn't even know it was the Superbowl yesterday. These things happen when you live... far away. Do you think Beyonce likes Mexican Polenta Pie? ... Read More →

Hoisin Pork with Rice Noodles

Throw it all together and call it dinner? Alrighty then, I will. You know this kinda thing, I know you do. Is it even a recipe? Meh. Who cares. It's classic craving food that's easily adaptable depending on whatever you have on hand. Which, if you're ... Read More →

Favorite Lentil Recipes

You know those awesomely long and totally overwhelming posts that have one million recipe links? This is not going to be one of them. This is just a love letter to lentils. With a few links. ... Read More →

White Chicken Chili

It rained and I made white chicken chili. It went a little something like this: Did you love those rain shots? Bjork did all of those as I was slurping up his bowl of soup. Yep. Rainy days are fun. Ok, let's you and me have a chat about ... Read More →

Chicken Tamale Pie, Version 2

Imagine this please. you + 1 airfare to Miami two nights at Canyon Ranch Oceanfront Resort $500 dining and spa credit One more thing. FOR FREEEEE. ... Read More →

Spicy-Sweet Squash Bowl

There is about to be a party in your mouth. Toasted pecans, fresh spinach, cool cilantro, brown sugar, curry, cinnamon, and white bean hummus.  What in the world are you supposed to call all that amazingness? Spicy-Sweet Quinoa Squash Bowl, according to ... Read More →

Japanese Halloween

Juicy Pork. Crispy Panko. Stunning pottery. Warm miso soup. And the featured dish: Tonkatsu. Can your in-laws cook like this? Now if only it could run in the family. ... Read More →

Mango Chicken Salad

P90X. Have you heard of it? No? Come to this house and you will hear about it. Possibly every other sentence this week has started with “P90X…” And now’s the part where I smirk and tell you that it’s not actually me that’s doing the P90X exercise ... Read More →